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SMW TV 7/23/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Warrensville, NC

1.) SMW Tag Team Champion Chris Candido defeated Scott Studd to win the vacant SMW Beat The Champ TV Championship
2.) The Gangstas defeated Anthony Michaels & Chris Hamrick
3.) Lance Storm & Chris Jericho defeated Brian Logan & Steve Skyfire

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) During the opening match, Cornette and Bruiser Bedlam are at ringside on strike. Candido wins the vacant SMW Beat the Champ TV Championship in a quick match following a superplex.

2.) Jim Cornette is pissed that they will have to wrestle against a guy who attempted murder. Cornette doesn’t get the chance to continue to speak as Thatcher cuts him off. Thatcher returns for a longer interview as if Cornette needed more time. Cornette wouldn’t have signed the contract had he known what was going on. Bob Armstrong, Tracy Smothers and Ron Wright come out to run them off from their strike. Smothers says their union is going to get rid of FITE. Wright threatens Cornette to stay out of the ring and allow the six men to do their business.

3.) This is one of the moments I’ve been looking forward to. The debut of the Gangstas consisting of New Jack and Mustafa along with a group of security guys. It’s the first and only African American stable to be in SMW. It’s especially interesting considering I’ve never once seen an African American fan in the crowd. The referee makes sure to check New Jack and Mustafa, which isn’t normally done so that’s an added stereotype. The Gangstas won following a top rope splash, though Jack slipped and hit more of a diving head butt.

4.) The Gangstas are interviewed to introduce themselves. Jack says that thirty years ago they would have been hung for what they just did. They are going to be the SMW Tag Team Champions. Jack blames the tobacco spit for slipping on the top rope. Jack says he doesn’t like anyone in the crowd he only likes Mustafa. Jack’s idea of violence is lighting someone on fire. Jack gives OJ Simpson a shoutout for having there be two less people to deal with.

5.) Chris Jericho and Lance Storm cut a promo about giving the Heavenly Bodies a welcome home party and they aren’t going to like it, buddy.

6.) The 7/30 TV show is a review of what’s been going on so original content doesn’t return until August 6th.

Final Thoughts:
I’m digging the Gangstas as it’s controversial and fits the region very well to get heat from the crowd. New Jack is a great promo already and I’m looking forward to what they do in SMW moving forward.

Thanks for reading.

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