SMW TV 7/9/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Warrensville, NC

1.) Scott & Steve Armstrong defeated Chris Hamrick & Steve Skyfire
2.) Rock N’ Roll Express defeated The Masked Infernos
3.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Tracy Smothers defeated Brian Lee to retain the tile

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) It’s announced that the Thrillseekers had been attacked in a parking lot recently and the Heavenly Bodies will be back in SMW for one week. Mind you, they had lost a loser leaves SMW cage match in April. So, that stipulation lasted all of four months or so.

2.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy comes out and is interviewed. White Boy won the belt from Jake Roberts during Summer Blast. Fun fact, the title change never happened since Jake Roberts no-showed his appearances. White Boy defends the title against Terry Gordy on August 5th and the next night he squares off against Dick Slater. He is looking forward to both bouts.

3.) Scott and Steve Armstrong are interviewed about being bummed out about not teaming with Bob Armstrong at Night of Legends. Their goals are still to be the SMW Tag Team Champions. They admit perhaps their father being commissioner has held them back but after August 5th they are going to make sure the gold comes around their waist.

4.) Les Thatcher interviews Tracy Smothers and Bob Armstrong. They talk about their six man tag match on August 5th. Bob wanted a coward waves the flag match but first we hear from Jim Cornette. Cornette is happy that Armstrong has resigned as commissioner. Cornette put some clauses into the contract if there are two six man tag team matches. The following night, Cornette wants a Texas death match. The only way to win that match is to beat your opponents so badly that they can’t get up after a thirty count. Armstrong reveals Ron Wright as being the guy who will be in their corner to wave the flag. Wright says that he isn’t going to wave the flag under any circumstances. He’s going to put in concrete so it’s impossible to wave the flag anyway. Bob reveals that Road Warrior Hawk is their mystery man and we see Jim Cornette freaking out backstage. Cornette comes down to ringside and is having a temper tantrum saying that Armstrong can’t do that.

5.) A video package highlighting the hair vs. hair match being setup last week between the Express and the team of Lee and Candido. Lee and Candido argued abut their hair. Tammy signed the contract and didn’t read the fine print. Morton revealed later in the show that he would shave his head but if Lee and Candido loss then Tammy would have to shave her head.

6.) Rock N’ Roll Express are interviewed regarding the hair match. Morton says on August 6th it’s either going to be their best match or their worst one. They have a title match on August 5th and Tammy is going to be handcuffed to Ricky Gibson. They are excited about their title opportunity.

7.) A video showing Jim Cornette interrupting Lance Storm and Chris Jericho last week during a ceremony. Cornette got his face shoved into the cake and flipped to the floor. We also see video footage of Storm and Jericho getting attacked by two masked wrestlers. Cornette and the masked guys drive off following the attack. We hear from Jericho and Storm who say they know it was the Heavenly Bodies who attacked them. Jericho says they beat them up real good but they are still alive and kicking.

8.) Tammy Fytch and the SMW Tag Team Champions Brian Lee and Chris Candido are interviewed regarding the hair vs. hair match on August 6th. Fytch thinks the entire world has something against her and she doesn’t understand why. Tammy says she is trying to get out of the contracts. She is setting up a fund for people to donate money to help her so she doesn’t need to spend her shopping money. They don’t put the address on the screen and Tammy leaves angry.

9.) Smothers decks Lee with a leaping forearm shot and gets a near fall in the opening moments of the match. Lee gets control with strikes in the corner and attempts a slam but the referee is gets knocked down on accident. Candido gets in the ring and attacks Smothers until the Express come in and dropkick Lee allowing Smothers to get the win. That was hardly a match and I’m not going to rate it. Smothers retires as champion, by the way.

10.) Jim Cornette and Bruiser Bedlam are interviewed to end the show. Cornette is pissed that Road Warrior Hawk is coming to SMW. Cornette says that the whole union will go on strike if Hawk is allowed to compete.

Final Thoughts:
It would appear that one of the shows is missing in July, but this week summed up what may have been missed. Every source I went to has this as 7/9 and it appears there wasn’t a 7/16 show or something of that nature. Anyway, I like the direction SMW is going in as they head towards Fire on the Mountain.

Thanks for reading.

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