SMW TV 7/2/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Loudon, TN

1.) Rock N’ Roll Express defeated Joe Cazana & Chris Hamrick
2.) Bruiser Bedlam defeated Larry Santo
3.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Tracy Smothers defeated Killer Kyle to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Tammy Fytch, Brian Lee and Chris Candido attack Bambi at ringside during the Rock N’ Roll Express’s match. Candido and Lee enter the ring and attack the Express with hairspray and leave them laying in the ring. Fytch has scissors and cuts some of Morton’s hair off. The Armstrong Brothers run into the ring to make the save but it’s a little too late.

2.) Lance Storm and Chris Jericho are interviewed regarding the penalty box match with Well Dunn during Summer Blast. Storm says they are going to start breaking the rules. Jericho basically goes over the rules of the match and says he doesn’t mind having to go to the penalty rules.

3.) Jim Cornette shared some pre-tape comments regarding his group FITE. Cornette is at a factory with Bruiser Bedlam and Killer Kyle. Cornette shows off what his men Bedlam and Kyle can perform to scare Tracy Smothers and anyone else, apparently.

4.) Jim Cornette, Bruiser Bedlam and Killer Kyle are interviewed in the arena. Cornette is confident that Bedlam will be taking care of Smothers. Cornette is going to rule SMW.

5.) Dirty White Boy is interviewed regarding his feud with SMW Heavyweight Champion Jake Roberts. White Boy knows that Roberts is confused because Roberts is now the mouse and he is the cat. He says that Dirty White Girl is doing a lot better and he almost has his self-esteem back. White Boy hypes up the cage match with Roberts at Summer Blast saying that Roberts can’t escape their showdown with the help of his Japanese buddy. He is going to pull Jake’s soul out of his body and stomp on it.

6.) Jim Cornette tells James Atkins that his work papers aren’t in order and tells him to leave the ring and go on strike. Atkins leaves since Killer Kyle is out there and replaces Atkins for the title match.

7.) Smothers decks Kyle with a right hand in the corner but doesn’t quickly followup with the advantage. Kyle charges again but is sent through the middle rope to the floor. Kyle stops Smothers with a quick power slam. The referee is distracted to allow Cornette to deliver a tennis racket shot to Smothers throat. Kyle sends Smothers chest first into the corner. Smothers has a sunset flip on Kyle but the referee is distracted again. Cornette continues to distract the referee was Smothers had pin attempts. Tracy clubs away on Kyle in the corner with strikes but misses a clothesline and Kyle hits one of his own. Kyle knee lifts Smothers in the midsection. Smothers comes off the ropes and pins Kyle with a rollup. After the match, Bruiser Bedlam enters the ring and attacks Smothers. Kyle prevents anyone from entering the ring and Cornette gets a few tennis racket shots on Smothers. The Armstrong Brothers, Chris Candido and Brian Lee run out to brawl as well. Bob Armstrong enters the ring and attacks Bedlam, Kyle and Cornette. Bob is stopped by Bedlam and Cornette hits Bob with his tennis racket several times. Cornette knocks Bob out with a set of brass knuckles. Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson enter the ring and clean house to make the save. They get stopped by Lee and Candido though. Bob comes back with a baseball bat and whacks the heels with the bat. (1/2*. The match sucked but that aftermath was fun.)

8.) Les Thatcher enters the ring to interview the good guys to close the show. Bob Armstrong is bleeding and says that they are forming the people’s union to combat Jim Cornette’s union. It’s basically the Armstrong Army. Bob announces that he is stepping down as commissioner and is putting himself back in the ring.

Final Thoughts:
Well, Cornette has gotten what he has wanted since forever, so I’m not sure where that story can go now. They hit the main angles her as we are at Summer Blast weekend. I’d imagine next week will be similar since it’s the last week that was taped prior to the big event.

Thanks for reading.

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