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Top Ten Memorable Moments: Scott Hall’s Career


Ten of the most memorable moments in the career of Scott Hall/Razor Ramon… Are they same on your list?

For myself, I’m going primarily on his run in wrestling from 1992 onwards. Lets be real, his WCW run in ’91 was, well, bad and I’ve never watched his AWA stuff, though his team with Hennig has gotten some praise amongst the people I mentioned this idea to. By the way, this is being written in the order in which it occurred in his career, not in terms of worst to best. So, here we go.

You Ain’t So Macho, Macho
Ramon’s first feud upon entering the WWF was right at the top of the WWF by attacking Randy Savage not only verbally but physically costing Savage the WWF World Championship. These two never had a decisive finish on television, but their interaction was entertaining and the promo work is solid between the two. I’d say Ramon was one of the first legitimate guys to enter the new era of the WWF and to be a believable star when the WWF really needed it following several top names leaving (Hogan, Sid, Warrior).


Making 1-2-3 Kid A Star In One Night
May 17th, 1993 edition of RAW is remembered for the classic match between Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels for the WWF Intercontinental Championship. However, earlier in the show Razor Ramon had a squash match against a young kid known as the Lightning Kid. Well, that squash turned into the biggest victory of the Lightning Kid’s career and one of the greatest underdog characters was created in one night. This is an excellent example of Ramon making a star and not damaging himself whatsoever.

Razor Gets Gold Around His Waist
October 11th, 1993 edition of RAW saw Razor Ramon defeat Rick Martel to win his first WWF Intercontinental Championship. I recall watching the match on a Coliseum Video release and thought it was a really good match. Razor went from a despised heel to a beloved, yet cocky, good guy. Razor might be one of the first examples of a bad guy… being cool. It’s the last job by Martel that effectively solidified Ramon in the WWF as being a top player.


Revolutionary Ladder Matches With Shawn Michaels
Without question, the ladder match with Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania X is one of the best ladder matches to ever happen. Sorry, Bret Hart, but Michaels did it better. The action is great and the closing moments are nicely done for Ramon to retain the title. However, their match at SummerSlam ’95 doesn’t seem to get the same credit and it should. They went into the match with the restriction that the ladder couldn’t be used as a weapon. Despite that restriction, they stole the show at SummerSlam ’95.

“You Know Who I Am, But You Don’t Know Why I Am Here”
May 27th, 1996 on WCW Nitro, the man formerly known as Razor Ramon arrived on WCW television shocking fans, announcers and wrestlers themselves. He would go on to declare war against WCW and warned us all that he had more coming with him. He was the beginning of the New World Order angle, which carried the company for several years.


Drunk Scott Hall
With the positives comes a negative when WCW decided it was a genius idea to take advantage of Hall’s real-life issues. Hall has a long storied issue with alcohol abuse and in late 1998, an angle was developed to shed light on that situation. Hall would “vomit” on television and act like a drunk in a truly embarrassing moment for not only Hall and WCW, but for fans watching the program.

ZAP! There Goes The Streak
Starrcade ’98 saw Kevin Nash dethrone Goldberg of not only the WCW World Championship, but also of his undefeated streak. That wouldn’t have happened had Hall not showed up under a security disguise and zapped Goldberg with a taser. It led to a brief feud between Hall and Goldberg, but the visual of Hall zapping Goldberg and casually leaving afterward is a top moment for his WCW career.

Bad Guy Goes To The Extreme
November 2000, Hall made his debut in Extreme Championship Wrestling which saw Hall battle his friend Justin Credible, which he won. However, during the brief two-day tenure, Hall put over Big Sal of FBI fame in a two minute squash. Seeing a huge star like Hall in ECW was awesome, I must say.

NWO Revival
In 2002, Vince McMahon wanted to ruin his own company and brought back the New World Order. For five months it was great to see Hall in a company that he probably never should have left for his own personal health. He had a WrestleMania match with Austin, and was soon let go for personal health issues.

HOF Induction
To see a man who has dealt with so much and prevailed with the help of DDP, Jake Roberts and the WWE. Watching his Hall of Fame speech is a great moment and a well deserved moment for someone who had a great impact on me in an entertaining sense. The quote “Bad times don’t last, but bad guys do.” Perfectly sums of Scott Hall.


What are some memorable moments that weren’t highlighted here? If you’re an AWA fan, what are some great moments from that era? Or, how about TNA? Leave your thoughts below.

Thanks for reading.

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