The Match #5: Konnan Vs. Jake Roberts In AAA ’94










At the first ever TripleMania event on April 30th, 1993, Jake Roberts appeared in the front row to watch the show acting as if he were just a fan. Well, that lasted until the main event where Roberts distracted Konnan long enough to cause Konnan to be counted out and thus lost a best two out of three falls career vs. hair match against rival Cien Caras. As a result, Konnan was forced to retire. However, that retirement lasted four months due to Konnan being able to convince officials to reinstate him due to how he lost the match thanks to Roberts involvement.

They’d meet in a six ma tag best two out of three falls match in August of ’93, which saw Roberts pin Konnan to win both falls. Their first singles match didn’t occur until March 12th, 1994 inside a steel cage, which Konnan won by escaping the cage, but the issue between the men wasn’t resolved.

Not until the second TripleMania event, which took place on May 27th, 1994. Both men put their hair on the line.

Roberts has the Warlord, Art Barr and Eddy Guerrero in his corner for the match as they have been on his side during the feud with Konnan. Roberts attacks before the bell stomping on Konnan. Jake works over Konnan in the corner with elbow strikes. Konnan fights back with a couple of scoop slams and a bulldog. Roberts backdrops Konnan to the floor in the corner but Warlord quickly tosses Konnan back into the ring. Roberts drops Konnan with a short arm clothesline. Jake attempts a DDT but Konnan hangs onto the top rope and leaps off the top to clothesline Jake for a three count to win the first fall rather quickly. Roberts can’t believe it and is begging the referee that it didn’t happen, but luckily for Jake there is another fall, at least.


Konnan controls Roberts on the mat with a back elbow shot and takes Jake down to the canvas. Warlord gets on the apron and drops down when Konnan gets close managing to break the hold and handcuffs Konnan around the middle rope allowing Roberts to beat on Konnan. Warlord gets a few cheap shots in while the referee is distracted. Warlord tosses a midget wrestler out of the ring and attacks Konnan’s friends on the floor. Warlord whacks Konnan over the back with a steel chair. Oddly enough, with Roberts laying on the mat, the referee counts for a pin despite Konnan still being handcuffed to the ropes. I didn’t know that was a thing in Mexico. Konnan is busted open it looks like and breaks free from the handcuffs to attack Roberts with a flurry of strikes. Warlord gets in the ring but gets knocked down with a clothesline.

I think Konnan hit Roberts with a weapon causing Roberts to get busted open as well and Roberts stagers around in the middle of the ring before hitting an atomic drop. Warlord comes off the ropes and clotheslines Roberts on accident. That miscommunication allows Konnan to pin Roberts and thus, Roberts must shave his head.

Well, for a blowoff match to the feud this has to be seen as a major disappointment. The segment of Konnan being handcuffed to the ropes really prevented The fans were red hot for it and thats an indication to how well the angle was playing out. Roberts was really not at the level he was at when he was working in the WWF and having him in control hindered the match. That probably explains the involvement of the Warlord until the finish of the match. The only thing memorable about the match is that it resulted in Jake Roberts having to shave his head. *

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