JAPW Seasons Beatings 12/13/2003

Written by: Bob Colling

Jersey All Pro Wrestling presents Seasons Beatings
From: Rahway, NJ

Opening Contest: JAPW Light Heavyweight Champion Azrieal vs. Insane Dragon: Dragon has a head scissors on Azrieal at the start of the match but that doesn’t last long before the champ reaches the ropes. Dragon counters a head scissors attempt by dropping to his knees and planting Azrieal to the mat. Azrieal kept his legs around Dragon’s neck to hit the move anyway moments later. Dragon kicks Azrieal three times on the apron and hit a springboard leg drop across the middle rope. They trade kicks and chops until Dragon knocks Azrieal down. However, Azrieal quickly came back with a German suplex. Azrieal takes his shirt off and chokes Dragon with it. Azrieal hit a fisherman suplex followed by a brain buster for a two count. Dragon counters a backdrop attempt by hitting a backflip kicking Azrieal right under the chin. Dragon connects with a couple snap suplexs before putting Azireal on the top rope and hit a superplex. Azrieal tosses Dragon overhead into the corner to counter a suplex attempt. Azireal hit a springboard flipping ace crusher. Dragon has a double under hook and sat down hitting a modified DDT for a near fall. Dragon attempted a reverse hurricanrana but that gets messed up pretty badly. Azireal catches a springboard attempt and hit a fisherman bomb for the win. (**1/2. It was a little sloppy during times, but the action was decent for what it was and was competitive so it made for an entertaining match to start the show.)

Dan Maff comes out to cut a promo but it is rather difficult to hear him. Maff is pissed because at the 6th Anniversary Show he lost the JAPW Heavyweight Championship to Jerry Lawler because of Mick Foley being the handpicked official for the match.

Second Contest: The H Effect (Deranged & Dixie) vs. The Shaolin Wrecking Crew (MAGIC & Suba) in a number one contenders match: It’s a rather short match and mostly a squash for the Wrecking Crew as they won following a power bomb on Dixie.

Third Contest: The Nelson Brothers (Matt Nelson & Troy Nelson) vs. Corvis Fear & Rush Margera: I’ve never heard of this guys, aside from Corvis Fear and that’s very, very little of him. This is the debut of the Nelson Brothers in JAPW. They are dressed like amateur wrestlers and look very plain. Fear got the win for his team following a frog splash on Troy. After the match, the Solution come running down and attack the winners of the match.

Backstage, Eddie Thomas tells Crazy Ivan is nuts and believes in equality. Ivan is a complete racist and drops the n-word quite often.

Fourth Contest: JAPW Television Champion Crazy Ivan vs. Eddie Thomas: It’s maybe a five minute match between two local guys. Ivan is a controversial character no doubt about it. Jay Lethal comes out and whacks Ivan with a steel chair allowing Thomas to get the rollup and victory.

Fifth Contest: The Skyscrapers (Mega & Slugger) vs. The Next Generation: Next Generation are mega Star Wars geeks and they are promptly beaten up by Mega and Slugger. Ariel gets driven down to the canvas with a full nelson slam. The referee was taken out, as well. There wasn’t a pin fall or anything, just destruction. Santa Claus came into ring and is attacked the Skyscrapers.

Sixth Contest: Derek Wylde vs. Jay Lethal in a number one contenders match: They shake hands to start the match. They do a test of strength with neither man getting a long amount of time with the advantage. They trade a few pin attempts and there is a standoff which the fans show appreciation for. Wylde hit a running hurricanrana sending Lethal to the corner but doesn’t followup with the advantage. Wylde continues with a kick to the head but Lethal powers out at two on the cover attempt. Wylde comes off the ropes to hit a spinning heel kick but Lethal again kicks out at two. Wylde yanks Lethal down by his head to stop Lethal from fighting back. Wylde gets a near fall following a spinning back elbow. Lethal misses a splash in the corner and Wylde attempts a moonsault but Lethal got both feet up to block the move. Lethal drives Derek down with a back breaker followed by a back suplex. Lethal takes Derek over with a snap suplex for a near fall. Jay plants Wylde with a power bomb for a two count and puts a cobra clutch on Wylde. Wylde breaks free and dropkicks Lethal after getting out of the hold. Wylde goes to the top but Lethal stops Wylde hitting a dragon suplex off the top rope! Wylde rolls to the floor to avoid any kind of pin but Lethal hasn’t gotten up. Lethal was going to hit a suicide dive but Wylde got up close to the ring, so Jay settled for chops and sent Derek into the railing.

Lethal does end up taking Wylde out with a suicide dive. Wylde gets on the apron and takes a charging Lethal over the ropes with a hurricanrana. Derek takes Lethal out with a corkscrew dive to the floor! Wylde springboards into the ring and nearly pins Lethal following a spinning heel kick. Lethal clotheslines Wylde and nearly wins the match. Lethal is annoyed with the referee for the match not being finished. Lethal counters a wheelbarrow with a full nelson suplex to win the match. (**3/4. A fine match that had some good high spots. Lethal going over makes the most sense since he is a JAPW boy. The full nelson off the top got the crowd really into the match as they all seemingly stood up in amazement. A solid undercard match and glad that Ivan didn’t involved considering he got screwed over earlier.)

A video of Slyck Wagner Brown and April Hunter working out is shown but the Christopher Street Connection entered the room and they are honored to work with Slyck. They really like his pecks. Brown and Hunter have no idea what that was all about.

Seventh Contest: JAPW Tag Team Champions April Hunter & Slyck Wagner Brown vs. The Christopher Street Connection (Buff-E & Mace): The challengers don’t want Hunter but rather they want Brown in the ring. Now that Brown is in the ring they can’t decide who should start the match. Brown makes the decision for them by working over Mace with chops and a dropkick. Brown continues to chop Mace in the corner and an overhead belly to belly suplex. Brown backdrops Buff-E to the floor and the challengers regroup on the outside. Mace humps the backside of Slyck on a go-behind which continues the theme of comedy for the match. Mace spanks Slyck after taking him down to the canvas and tags in Buff. Buff kisses Slyck’s forehead as Mace had a chin lock. Slyck is trapped in the corner and met with kicks to the groin. Slyck comes out of the corner with a clothesline and a leg lariat. Mace takes Slyck over with an exploder suplex but only manages a near fall. Buff grabs Slyck by his groin and slams Slyck down to the canvas by his groin. Brown takes Mace over with a German suplex. Hunter tags in as does Buff but Hunter cleans house with power slams. Hunter takes Mace down with a head scissors and decks Buff with a forearm shot. Brown and Hunter double team Buff hitting a double team moonsault for a near fall. Buff and Mace hit a side slam/elbow drop combo. Jailbait, the CSC manager enters and grinds on Hunter. Brown gets in the ring and wants her to do the same but she isn’t interested in men. Hunter is disgusted with Slyck for wanting her to do that. Mace and Buff make out right in front of them and they get met with clotheslines. Hunter hit a block buster and Brown hit a Samoan Drop for the win. (*1/2. It was mostly a comedy match which is fine for what it was.) After the match, Dan Maff and the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels enter the ring to attack Brown and Hunter. Brown gets handcuffed to the middle rope and is stomped. Hunter is triple teamed while Brown can’t do anything. Brown will be facing Maff at the joint ROH/JAPW show next month. Maff plants Hunter with the Burning Hammer.

Eighth Contest: JAPW Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lawler vs. Dan Maff vs. Shane Douglas: Lawler suggests to Maff that they team up to take on Douglas. Douglas tries to recruit Maff to take out Lawler. Maff is confused about what to do. Lawler avoids both Maff and Douglas who then shove each other because they couldn’t get their hands on Lawler. Lawler punches Douglas and Maff out of the corner to avoid being double teamed. Lawler drops both men with more jabs causing the heels to get frustrated. Douglas works over Maff hitting a forearm shot while Lawler just waits in the corner. Lawler rams Douglas into Maff in the corner and takes Douglas over with a snap mare for a near fall. Lawler hit a running bulldog on Maff out of the corner but Douglas made the save on the cover. Douglas scoop slams Lawler but misses an elbow drop. Lawler decks Douglas to the floor where Lawler sends Douglas into the railing back first. Maff works over Lawler with strikes dropping the champ to the canvas. Maff backdrops Lawler followed by a falling head butt for a two count. Douglas stomps on Maff knocking him to the floor. Douglas goes back to working over Lawler. Lawler counters a backdrop attempt by planting Douglas with a piledriver but Maff broke up the pin attempt. Lawler kicks Maff and goes for the piledriver spiking Maff but Douglas breaks up the cover.

Lawler gets double teamed taken down with a double vertical suplex. Douglas tries to sneak a pin but Maff broke up the cover. Lawler gets double teamed while struggling to get to his feet in the corner. Lawler hit stunners on Douglas and Maff, which weren’t great looking. Lawler hammers away on Douglas but Maff decks Lawler with brass knuckles leading to Maff pinning Lawler to regain the title! (*1/2. They kept this pretty basic and it didn’t deliver much entertainment. I was interested in this since it was a TNA guy involved in a match with a WWE guy, but it wasn’t very good. Maff gets a huge victory and gives more purpose for his match with Slyck next month.) After the match, Lawler and Douglas brawl on the floor briefly.

Main Event: Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles:They have a standoff after neither man can get a clear advantage. Styles takes Daniels down to the canvas with a wrist lock but that doesn’t last as Daniels gets a hammerlock only for AJ to counter with one of his own. They have another standoff after a series of counters. They are keeping the action on the mat with several counters. AJ controls Daniels with a head scissors on the canvas. Styles nails Daniels with a dropkick but struggles to followup. Styles arm drags Daniels and gets a two count. AJ takes Daniels over with a snap suplex for a near fall. Styles clotheslines Daniels over the top to the floor. Daniels stops Styles on the floor with a few strikes and rams AJ into the apron. Styles leaps over the railing and super kicks Daniels! AJ gets a two count in the ring. Daniels stops AJ with a big boot followed by a neck breaker. Daniels plants Styles with a neck breaker for another two count. Daniels takes Styles down to the canvas working on his neck. Daniels drives his knee onto Styles and hit a rolling neck snap for a near fall. Daniels nails Styles with a forearm shot and yanks AJ down by his hair. Styles surprises Daniels with a kip up hurricanrana. Daniels quickly comes back with an STO and a vertical suplex. Daniels drops AJ across the top rope followed by a flatliner locking in a submission but can’t make Styles submit.

Daniels clotheslines AJ but can’t get a three count. Daniels hits a spinning sit out suplex for a two count. Styles nails Daniels with a discus clothesline. Styles clotheslines Daniels and delivers a back breaker and gut buster. Styles goes for the springboard reverse DDT but Daniels catches him. Styles reverses a DDT to hit a reverse DDT for a near fall. Styles spikes Daniels with a brain buster for a near fall. Daniels drives Styles down with a slam and signals for the Best Moonsault Ever which Daniels hits but only gets a two count! Daniels attempted the Angel Wings and hits it for another near fall. Daniels headbutts Styles several times before crashing to his knees. Styles drops Daniels with a leaping kick. They both struggle to their feet trading right hands until Daniels takes Styles down with a backslide. Styles goes for the Styles Clash but Daniels counters with a hurricanrana for a near fall. AJ locks in a cross arm breaker but Daniels isn’t going to give in. Daniels goes for the Angels Wings but Styles counters and plants Daniels with the Styles Clash for the win. (***. A fine match between these two, though nowhere near the level of what they’ve done in other companies.)

Final Thoughts:
There is some decent action, but for the most part I’d say it’s a disappointing show. I like that Maff has the championship again and he got a big victory. The triple threat for the heavyweight title was a disappointment, but interesting for the men involved. Anyway, not a great way to end ’03 for JAPW.

Thanks for reading.

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