WWE RAW 5/13/2002

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Entertainment presents RAW
From: Toronto, CA

Opening Contest: Brock Lesnar vs. The Hardy Boys in a handicap match: Jeff attacks Lesnar from behind but is quickly rammed into the corner and Lesnar quickly has the advantage. Jeff dropkicks the knee of Lesnar and follows up with strikes and a leaping forearm shot. Lesnar plants Jeff with a power slam. Jeff gets out of another slam attempt with a dropkick to the leg and Matt comes off the top with an axe handle. Matt works over the leg of Lesnar in the corner but is kicked away. Brock hits an overhead belly to belly suplex a couple of times on Matt. Matt sends Lesnar chest first into the corner and Jeff tags in to try his luck. They botch a jaw breaker two times before Jeff hit the move. Jeff hits the Poetry in Motion. Lesnar comes out of the corner and is met with a double flapjack. Hardy Boys go to the top to hit a big splash and leg drop but Paul Heyman pulls the referee out to cause a disqualification to give the Hardy Boys the win. (*1/2. The finish sucks a little bit, and the botch moves really show that Lesnar isn’t quite ready for a major role, but his monster push isn’t about to stop.) After the match, Lesnar tries to destroy Jeff but is instead met with a Twist of Fate by Matt and Jeff hits the Swanton Bomb to end the segment. Paul Heyman gets on the microphone and challenges the Hardy Boys to a rematch at Judgment Day. It won’t be a handicap match because Paul Heyman will be the partner for Lesnar.

Backstage, Ric Flair explains to Big Show and X-Pac why he fired Scott Hall with the reason being that Hall was a failure. Flair reveals that Kevin Nash is recovering from bicep surgery and there will be a new member for the New World Order tonight and the man doesn’t even know he is the next member.

Ric Flair makes his way down to the ring for a promo which starts off with Flair ripping on the Toronto Maple Leafs saying he is 15 times better than that franchise. He continues by saying that he has a real enforcer in comparison to Ty Domi. Flair says he tried to be friends with Austin but was greeted with stunners and Austin made his life miserable. Flair proceeds to book himself in a WWE Undisputed Championship match against Hulk Hogan.

Earlier in the day, Eddie Guerrero talked to Shawn Stasiak suggesting that Stasiak is smoking weed or something. Stasiak challenged Guerrero to a match and that’s how we got the next match.

Second Contest: WWE Intercontinental Champion Eddie Guerrero vs. Shawn Stasiak in a non-title match: Rob Van Dam came out to watch the match. Stasiak clotheslines Guerrero followed by an elbow drop for a two count. Stasiak drops Guerrero with a gut wrench slam for a two count. Guerrero dropkicks the knee of Stasiak and gets a few stomps in. Guerrero plants Staisak with a brain buster and heads to the top rope hitting the frog splash for the victory. After the match, RVD enters the ring and nails Guerrero with a spinning heel kick and sends the champ to the floor. Eddie Guerrero gets on the microphone and wants Van Dam to come back into the ring. Guerrero claims that he is going to show who has the better frog splash and who is the better wrestler. Van Dam responds by doing his arm taunt. (DUD. Just a squash and a way to advance the RVD/Guerrero stuff before the pay per view.)

Backstage, Steve Austin says that Flair doesn’t deserve the title match and that both Flair and Big Show will pay at Judgment Day.

A video of Tommy Dreamer doing disgusting things is aired. Dreamer brushed his dogs teeth with a toothbrush and put it in his mouth. Dreamer sprayed deodorant on his tongue and shaved it, too. Dreamer also drank toilet water in the segment.

Third Contest: Terri vs. Molly: WWE European Champion William Regal was on commentary for the match for some reason. Terri actually hit a top rope hurricanrana but couldn’t get a three count on the cover attempt. Molly would win the match with an inside cradle. After the match, Molly sends Terri to the floor and taunts the fans. Regal enters the ring and says it would be his honor to escort her up the ramp, which she gladly accepts.

Fourth Contest: WWE Undisputed Champion Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair in a no disqualification match: Flair runs into a shoulder block a couple of times as the fans are heavily behind Hogan. Hogan tosses Flair across the ring and Flair bails to the floor to regroup where he grabs a steel chair but the referee takes it away from him. Flair shoves the referee but gets shoved back. Flair works over Hogan in the corner with chops but Hogan isn’t hurt. Hogan fights back with strikes in the corner. Flair does a face plant as Hogan is playing to the crowd. Flair is sent into the corner but doesn’t manage the flip very well. Hogan stops Flair on the top and press slams Flair to the canvas. Flair stops Hogan with a low blow. Flair works over Hogan with chops which have impact on Hogan. Flair kicks Hogan on the canvas and sends the champ to the floor. On the floor, Hogan blocks being sent into the ring post and chops Flair against the railing. Hogan backdrops Flair back in the ring but Flair stops Hogan with an eye rake.

Flair tries to get a pin fall but only gets a two count. Hogan locks in the figure four but isn’t able to get a submission. Hogan brings Flair into the ring with a vertical suplex from the apron into the ring for a two count. Hogan no sells a chop and begins to Hulk Up. Hogan big boots Flair and hits the leg drop but X-PAc enters to prevent the pin. Big Show enters to get his hands on Hogan but Bradshaw is out and clotheslines Big Show over the top to the floor. Flair is stomping on the knee of Hogan but Steve Austin runs in and hits the Stunner on Flair to give Hogan the victory after a second leg drop. (*3/4. Well, the run-ins were annoying and I didn’t think that needed to happen. There wasn’t much rule breaking going on here and the action as rather dull to me.)

Backstage, Ric Flair is pissed about getting screwed over and thus makes Bradshaw wrestle Big Show and X-Pac in a handicap match. He also books Steve Austin in a lumberjack match against the mystery NWO member.

Fifth Contest: WWE Women’s Champion Jazz & WWE Hardcore Champion Steven Richards vs. Trish Stratus & Bubba Dudley: All four start on the floor until Stratus sends Jazz into the ring to hit a clothesline in the corner and hammers away on Jazz in the corner. Richards misses a splash and hits Jazz on accident. Bubba splashes both champions and Jazz falls onto the groin of Richards. Trish struggles with getting a trash can into the ring so she settles for the lid. Trish whacks Jazz over the head with a trash can. Bubba works over Richards with an elbow strike. Bubba has a hockey stick and whacks a stop sign against the groin of Richards. Bubba hits a Bubba Bomb but Justin Credible enters and super kicks Richards. Crash Holly hits Richards with the lid but Credible uses a fire extinguisher. Jazz is tagged in and Richards runs away. Jazz flips Stratus into the ring and lifts Stratus into the air with a chicken wing before dropping her on her face. Moments later, Stratus hits the springboard bulldog and wins the match and title! (*1/2. The hardcore aspect of the match brought some entertainment, but the title change felt a little flat considering Trish had been chasing after Jazz for a little while now.) After the match, Stratus decks Jazz and calls for Bubba to get the table. Bubba puts Jazz away with a top rope power bomb through the table.

Backstage, The Undertaker refuses to answer any questions made by Coach about Hogan destroying his bike.

Backstage, Goldust is singing a song about lumberjacks and we see Booker T dressed up as one but leaves angry about it.

Sixth Contest: Big Show & X-Pac vs. Bradshaw in a handicap match: Pac and Bradshaw kick off the match with Bradshaw tossing Pac around until Big Show enters the match. Bradshaw runs the ropes and gets kicked by Pac from the apron allowing Show to deliver an elbow shot. Pac tags in but Bradshaw hits a snap power slam for a two count. Bradshaw backdrops Pac and gets a two count on a cover attempt. Bradshaw is double teamed in the corner but fights out of the corner. Show sends Bradshaw into the ring steps on the floor. Show scoop slams Bradshaw followed by an elbow drop. Bradshaw is stuck in the corner as Pac delivers a spin kick followed by a quick leg drop for a two count. Bradshaw fights back knocking Show off the apron and catches Pac in midair from the top hitting a fallaway slam. Bradshaw sent for the Clothesline From Hell but Show whacks Bradshaw with a steel chair from the floor. Show drives Bradshaw down to the mat with a choke slam. Show picks Bradshaw up for a second one and connects with that as well. Pac wants the tag and enters to get the pin. (*1/2. Well, at least Bradshaw put up a good fight to the point where it is kind of hard to take the NWO as a legit top heel stable, but whatever.)

Backstage, Hulk Hogan is attacked by the Undertaker with a tire iron from behind. Taker ties Hogan to his bike and drags the WWE Undisputed Champion around!

Main Event: Steve Austin vs. Booker T in a lumberjack match: Austin fights off the lumberjacks until Show, Pac and Flair get control and roll Austin into the ring. Flair reveals his mystery opponent, which is Booker T. Booker is the newest member of the NWO as he works over Austin in the corner with several strikes and stomps in the corner. Booker hits a leaping side kick to keep Austin on the canvas. Austin avoids a spin kick and hammers away on Booker followed by a spine buster. Big Bossman pulls Austin to the floor but is clotheslined over the railing into the crowd and the same for Raven. Lesnar is a lumberjack and rams Austin back first into the ring post and apron. Austin is sent back into the ring and Booker is confident he has this now. Booker delivers another standing spin kick but Austin kicks out at two on the cover. Austin ducks a clothesline and attempts the Stunner but has to avoid a clothesline. Booker runs into a spine buster.

Show pulls down the top rope and Austin falls over to the floor. Austin fights off Flair, Pac and Show. Austin is sent back into the ring where Booker hits a scissors kick. Booker does the spinarooni and is promptly met with a clothesline. Booker regains control with a strike and nearly wins. Booker dumps Austin to the floor where the heels beat on Austin. Austin low blows Booker and knocks William Regal along with other heels off the apron. X-Pac holds Austin but Booker misses and knocks Pac off the apron. Regal is met with a Stunner. Austin pins Booker with a rollup.(*1/4. Well, that was damn awful for a main event and pretty predictable. I don’t understand why Booker would be inserted in the NWO since he was getting over with Goldust. This didn’t seem like a productive segment.) After the match, Arn Anderson attacks Austin from behind and Big Show hits a choke slam! Big Show delivers a few elbow drops onto Austin. Show choke slams Austin to leave Stone Cole laying. Flair and the NWO are standing tall to end RAW six days away from Judgment Day.

Final Thoughts:
The wrestling was pretty lackluster this week to be quite honest. It came across as if they were really lazy with their promoting of the feuds for the pay per view and it didn’t do anything for me to get excited for the RAW side at the pay per view.

Thanks for reading.

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