OVW TV 1/12/2002

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Louisville, KY

1.) OVW Heavyweight Champion Leviathan defeated Scotty Sabre in a non-title match
2.) David Flair defeated Damaja by disqualification
3.) Damien & Payne defeated Shelton Benjamin & Red Dog by disqualification
4.) The Prototype defeated Mark Jindrak
5.) OVW Southern Tag Team Champions Ron Conway & Nick Dinsmore defeated Big Bad John & Johnny Spade to retain the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Scotty Sabre says that a year ago Leviathan cost him his developmental contract by injuring his back and he will get his revenge tonight.

2.) Leviathan uses his size to knocks Sabre down with shoulder blocks and catches Sabre on a cross body attempt hitting a back breaker instead. Scotty nearly pins the champ with a twisting cross body for a near fall. Leviathan plants Sabre with a spine buster to put an end to his offense. Leviathan tosses Sabre across the ring by his neck. Leviathan takes a charging Sabre out with a clothesline but misses an elbow drop. Sabre dropkicks the champ and comes off the middle rope with a bulldog. Sabre misses a top rope moonsault. Leviathan takes Sabre out with a Demon Bomb for the win. (*1/4. Essentially an extended squash, though I was surprised by Sabre actually getting offense.)

3.) Damaja comes out at and says it is about time he makes some of Vince McMahon’s money and is going to start by kicking David Flair’s punk ass. Naturally, at the start Flair takes Damaja over with a few arm drags. Damaja cheap shots Flair as he went for a handshake and Flair hit a flapjack. Damaja drops Flair throat first across the top rope and stomps on Flair in the corner. Damaja slams Flair out of the corner for a two count. Damaja chokes Flair on the canvas and delivers an elbow drop. Damaja hits the sit out choke spine buster but rolls to the floor. Damaja has a steel chair and proceeds to slam Flair on the chair. The referee messed up moving the chair and Flair still hit the chair. Damaja takes out the referee and security with the move called Brain Damage, which was the sit out spine buster.

4.) Doug Basham comes out and apparently is looking at things he will improve when he owns 25% of the company, according to Jim Cornette.

5.) Dog and Benjamin waste no time brawling with Payne and Damien to start the tag match. Dog nails Payne with a crawling head butt and legally starts the match with Damien. Benjamin nails Payne with a clothesline off the top literally all the way across the ring. Payne gets a boot from Synn and nails Dog with it but Benjamin makes the save. Dog is double teamed in the corner by Damien and Payne. Payne drives Dog down with a power slam but only manages a two count. Damien nails Dog with a clothesline and Payne gets tagged in. Dog plants both men with a DDT and all three men are down. Dog is able to make the tag to Benjamin, who hammers away on the opponents. Benjamin super kicks Payne but Damien makes the save on the cover attempt. The referee gets knocked to the floor while Dog and Benjamin hit super kicks. Dog power slams Damien and gets the win. (*. Basic match and I enjoy the team of Dog and Benjamin) After the match, the original referee who got fined last week reverses the decision saying that the match ends in disqualification giving the match to Damien and Payne. Synn blinds Benjamin with a spray. Damien and Payne attack their opponents until Flash and Trailer Park Trash run to the ring to make the save.

6.) Jim Cornette interviews the Bolin Service. Kenny Bolin says that Sean O’Haire and Mr. Black are on the right track now. O’Haire says that if Mr. Black screws up then he will kick Black’s ass. Black chimes in saying he promised not to break Sean’s neck as long as he stayed out of his way. They shove each other until the Prototype appears and says he has the most important match against Leviathan tomorrow night in a non-title match. When he wins the gold, he’s going to need O’Haire and Black to have his back. Prototype says that Sean O’Haire is huge but has a disease that he is dumb. Prototype wants O’Haire to watch what he does to improve. Prototype turns his attention to Mr. Black and insults his weight. Prototype says that Mr. Black needs to lose some weight and notes that he and O’Haire are in great shape. Regardless, he is going to need both of them when he is the champion.

7.) Prototype is taken down by a hip toss and dropkick by Jindrak to start the match. Jindrak almost gets a win with a DDT. Prototype drives Jindrak face first into the canvas. Prototype avoids a dropkick and Jindrak crashes to the canvas. Prototype gets another two count with a back suplex. Jindrak takes Prototype down with a side Russian leg sweep. Jindrak drops Prototype with a few left hands and a tilt a whirl side slam for a two count. Jindrak avoids a right hand and almost get a pin with a rollup. Jindrak hits a chicken wing across his knee but Prototype hits a twisting side slam for the win. (**. It was a fast match but they didn’t slow down and kept the action consistent.)

8.) Flash and Trailer Park Trash cut a promo saying they both want a piece of Bull Buchanan. Trailer Park Trash will battle Bull next week on TV. We will find out who the bad dog in the ring is next week.

9.) Conway starts wrestling with his sunglasses on knocking Spade down with a shoulder block. Dinsmore tags in and briefly controls Spade before tagging Conway. Spade knocks Conway into the corner but Conway fights back on John with strikes and Spade accidentally splashes John in the corner. John takes Spade out with a shoulder block and the champs hit a double suplex on John. Dinsmore knocks Spade off the apron and John attempted a back suplex but Dinsmore counters only for Spade to hit Dinsmore and John hit a spine buster to maintain control. Spade enters the ring and double teams Dinsmore briefly. John works over Dinsmore with basic strikes for a near fall. Spade gets out of a rollup and chops Dinsmore a few times. Spade drives Dinsmore down with a running bulldog for a near fall. Spade is sent into the corner chest first but collides with Dinsmore. Conway tags in and so does John. Conway knocks John down with an elbow strike and a shoulder block. Conway plants Spade with a DDT for a two count. Conway nearly pins Spade with a cross body as all four men are in the ring. Conway blocks a super kick from Spade. Queen Victoria accidentally knocks Spade out with a clipboard and Conway pins Spade. After the match, Dinsmore knocks Basham off the apron but Basham gets in the ring and hammers away on Conway and Dinsmore. Basham knocks the referee out with a right hand. Damaja is at ringside and is just watching the beating with a smile. (*1/2. These matches are really to fast to tell a story or being anything of substance. However, the ending was effective in advancing Damaja and his hatred for his former friends while still being on his own and not joining the attack.)

Final Thoughts:
Prototype (John Cena) is a star and so above everyone else it’s not even funny. Doug Basham is a good heel and has a great look with Victoria by his side. This week was mostly angle development and the interest in Damaja is there to see how he goes about his feud with Conway and Dinsmore. An average week of television for OVW this week, I’d say.

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