OVW TV 1/19/2002

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Louisville, KY

1.) OVW Heavyweight Champion Leviathan defeated D’Lo Brown to retain the title
2.) OVW Southern Tag Team Champions Nick Dinsmore & Rob Conway defeated Chris Michaels & Sean Casey to retain the titles
3.) Prototype defeated Randy Orton
4.) Trailer Park Trash defeated Bull Buchanan

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) D’Lo Brown gets a microphone and says he ran Mark Henry’s ass out of OVW and he is undefeated in OVW. Brown says he is going to be the next OVW Heavyweight Champion and Leviathan will be the next member of the Sky High Hall of Fame.

2.) Leviathan saves Synn from an attack and drops Brown with a high knee strike. Leviathan plants Brown with a spine buster. Leviathan attempts the Demon Bomb but Brown gets out of it with a jaw breaker and chop blocks the champs knee. Brown leg drops Leviathan’s knee a few times and focuses his attack on the left knee. Brown scoop slams Leviathan and goes back to the knee. Leviathan gets out of the hold but Brown dropkicks the injured knee to keep control followed by a scoop slam. Brown slips on a springboard moonsault but still hits it for a near fall. Brown plants Leviathan with the Sky High but Leviathan kicks out at two. Leviathan no sells right hands and delivers a few clotheslines. Brown comes off the ropes and the champ hits a backdrop. Leviathan drives Brown down with a full nelson slam but only gets a two count on the cover attempt. Brown avoids Leviathan in the corner and slams the champ down. Brown waits on the middle rope but is speared in midair! Leviathan finishes Brown off with the Demon Bomb. (***. I wasn’t expecting to like this very much, but this was a solid title defense and really competitive. It was a good match.)

3.) Jim Cornette interviews Randy Orton, who was recovering from a shoulder injury for the past six weeks. Cornette says that Orton will be starting full-time on the WWF roster very soon. Orton talks about his history of coming to OVW two years ago and not knowing anything about the business. He had to come back one last time to thank everyone for their help and support. Prototype comes out to cut off Orton’s interview. Prototype can’t believe that Orton has a ticket to the WWF. Prototype has asked for weeks for a shot, for a title shot and got nothing. Prototype doesn’t care if Orton is a third generation wrestler and says he has a plan. Prototype challenges Orton to a singles match to get some respect. Orton agrees to the match. “I suggest you join the army because you’re going to have to be… all you can be.” Yeah, don’t do that again, Orton.

4.) Dinsmore and Conway hit top rope elbow drops on opposite corners to retain the titles. Conway seriously went halfway across the ring to hit his, which was impressive. Casey and Michaels essentially no sell the spot and attack the champs after the match. Damaja comes into the ring with a steel chair to make the save. Of course, Damaja takes out the champs with chair shots over the head.

5.) Jim Cornette interviews Synn, Damien, and Payne in the ring regarding Shelton Benjamin and Red Dog. Synn turns her attention to Nidia in the front row and calls her a slut. Nidia won Tough Enough and says that they don’t need Nidia’s help. Synn says she has heard that Nidia can hold plenty in that mouth. Nidia gets up from her seat but gets stopped by officials before entering the ring or doing anything. Payne says it’s good that Nidia leaves so she doesn’t lose her corner on the street. Payne says they’d like to skin Shelton Benjamin and tie Red Dog to the bumper of a truck and drive him down the street. Shelton Benjamin and Red Dog storm the ring and this leads to a brawl between the two teams. Benjamin and Dog stand tall after knocking Payne and Damien to the floor. I like Benjamin and Dog, but they can’t cut promos.

6.) Ray Ramsey a referee in OVW explains his actions for disqualifying Benjamin and Dog last week. Ramsey tells another referee to stay out of his matches.

7.) This is the farewell match for Orton in OVW. They shove each other until Orton drops Prototype with a clothesline and a backdrop. Prototype rolls to the floor to regroup. On the floor, Orton decks Kenny Bolin and tosses Prototype back into the ring. Prototype stops Orton with a jaw breaker but misses a right hand. Orton hits a middle rope cross body for a near fall. Prototype drops Orton gut first onto the canvas. Prototype sends Orton to the floor where Bolin gets a few cheap shots in. Prototype stops Orton with a knee lift to the midsection. Orton avoids Prototype charging the corner but get sent into the ring post. Orton fights back managing to plant Prototype with a DDT. They both stagger to their feet and Orton runs over Prototype with clotheslines followed by a dropkick for a two count. Orton drives Prototype down with a neck breaker before heading to the top rope. Orton misses a top rope cross body. Prototype this a twisting side slam and wins the match. (**1/4. It’s an average but they worked fine for what it was. Prototype is on the rise in the ranks of OVW and the victory makes sense considering Orton is moving up to the main roster.)

8.) Doug Basham and Queen Victoris enter the ring where Jim Cornette confronts Basham. Basham wants to give Cornette a preview of what they’ll be getting on their doorstep tomorrow morning. Basham gives Cornette a piece of paper to read. Basham has filed a civil suit against Cornette and Danny Davis personally. Basham wonders how much that will cost them both financially. Basham wants to make a deal with Cornette. He will save them $10,000 a piece as long as any two members of the Revolution getting a title shot against the OVW Southern Tag Team Championships next week. Basham wants an answer right now. Cornette has confidence in Conway and Dinsmore that they will win next week. So, the match is set for next week. Basham says it has been pleasure to do business and goes for a handshake but Cornette storms off.

9.) Flash is handcuffed to the ring post for the main event to be fought fairly. Trash hammers away on Bull at the start of the match. Trash avoids a leg drop and big boots Bull in the corner to hit a bulldog for a two count. Trash plants Bull with a DDT after avoiding a DDT. Trash misses a top rope leg drop attempt. Bull drives Trash down with a back breaker but only gets a near fall. Trash comes off the ropes but is met with a big boot. Bull drops Trash with a right hand but only gets a near fall. There are technical difficulties so we miss a few moments. Trash almost wins with an inside cradle. Trash knocks Bull down with a few leaping forearm shots. Bull has brass knuckles and nails Trash with them but Robert Briscoe comes out to tell Ramsey about the knuckles. Ramsey gets decked and Briscoe counts the fall for Trash on a rollup. Bull plants Briscoe with a choke slam. Flash can’t do anything because he’s locked up. Bull spikes Trash with a piledriver. Flash gets free and pummels Bull with right hands to close the program. (1/2*. It was more of an angle advancement for the issue involving the referees than the guys involved in the match. The fans didn’t care much for it, and I don’t blame them. It was a lackluster way to end the show.)

Final Thoughts:
A decent episode as the opener was pretty good and the angle advancement for Damaja continues to deliver. Doug Basham is doing a good job in his heel role. Cornette needs credit for his ability to give people numerous feuds at once and keeping the main guys interesting.

Thanks for reading.

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