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OVW TV 1/26/2002

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Louisville, KY

1.) Bull Buchanan defeated Steve Bradley
2.) Prototype defeated Mr. California
3.) Sean O’Haire defeated David Flair
4.) Big Bad John fought Red Dog to a no contest
5.) Damaja & Doug Basham defeated OVW Southern Tag Team Champions Nick Dinsmore & Rob Conway by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Buchanan picks up the victory over Bradley following a top rope leg drop to start the program. The action went just under seven minutes and it was mostly Bull in control.

2.) Prototype cuts a promo with Kenny Bolin about Mr. California. Prototype says he is the greatest thing to ever come out of California. Prototype will send Mr. California back with a beating he’ll never forget.

3.) This is the debut of Mr. California. However, it’s actually Rico under a mask and Prototype is aware of this bailing to the floor. Rico tosses Prototype into the ring from the apron and decks Prototype with an elbow shot. Rico gets a two count following a running kick to the chest. Rico spin kicks Prototype in the corner and delivers a leaping kick to the head for a near fall. Rico takes Prototype over with a suplex and has Bolin on the apron decking him with a right hand. Prototype whacks Rico with a briefcase from the floor but can’t put him away. Prototype gets another two count with a snap suplex. Prototype continues to get near falls but can’t put Rico away. Rico nearly wins with a small package but Prototype drives Rico down to the mat face first. Prototype continues with a side slam but can’t keep Rico down on the cover. Prototype connects with a clothesline but doesn’t go for a cover. Rico stops Prototype with an STO. Rico kicks Prototype and hit a sit out slam. Rico runs into a boot but hits a standing spin kick. Prototype low blows Rico while Bolin distracted the referee and gets the win. (**. Everyone knew it was Rico, who had lost a loser leaves OVW match. The action didn’t set the world on fire, but it was decent.) After the match, Rico attacks both men and destroys Bolin’s briefcase.

4.) Robert Briscoe, the referee involved in Bull/Trash match last week. Briscoe says he is not a glory hog and just does his job. He says that Ramsey wouldn’t listen to him and he dropped Ramsey with a right hand after being shoved. Briscoe will not apologize to Ramsey.

5.) O’Haire takes care of Flair by hitting an F5, which I don’t believe had been used by anyone and even Jim Cornette didn’t know what to call it. I wonder if they gave Brock Lesnar that finisher after seeing it used here?

6.) Dog hits a middle rope shoulder block to knock John down to the canvas. Dog takes John over with an overhead suplex. Dog scoop slams John and hits a falling head butt. Dog misses a middle rope diving head butt. John plants Dog with a spine buster but only gets a near fall. John continues to work over Dog hitting a running knee lift for a near fall. Dog ducks a clothesline to take John down with a cross body. Dog drops John with a few right hands and clothesline. Dog power slams John and goes to run the ropes but Johnny Spade trips him. Shelton Benjamin has Spade and John goes to the floor to attack Benjamin. The match gets thrown out as Payne and Damien attack Dog in the ring. Damien has Dog’s chain and chokes him with it. Dog is thrown over the top rope and is hung over the ropes. Nidia leaves her seat and tackles Synn. Nidia slams Swail. Benjamin runs everyone off with a steel chair.

7.) Red Dog and Shelton Benjamin are interviewed. Benjamin has come up with an idea so that Damien and Payne can’t run. Dog wants them in a double dog collar match next week.

8.) OVW Owner Danny Davis share some comments regarding the issues between Doug Basham and OVW. Davis doesn’t agree with Cornette to give Basham a tag title match but won’t overrule him. Davis is sick of Basham and says that Basham won’t get any piece of OVW. Davis promises that Basham will never own one cent of OVW as long as he is breathing.

9.) Doug Basham can pick any Revolution member to be his partner, but comes out to the ring by himself with Queen Victoria. Basham reveals the newest member of the Revolution as being… Damaja! Oh snap… I thought Damaja didn’t need anyone and now is part of a heel stable. Jim Cornette comes into the ring and confronts Damaja. Cornette can’t believe Damaja would join forces with Basham after everything he has done in OVW. Damaja grabs the microphone and says he’s listened to everyone and it’s gotten him nothing. From now on, Damaja is sticking with Basham. When Basham promised Damaja half his 25% when he gets control of OVW.

10.) All four men are brawling in the ring with Damaja attacking Dinsmore from behind to legally start the match. Dinsmore hits a leaping forearm and attempted a German but Damaja got free and tagged in Basham. Conway tags in and hammers away on Basham with his partner. Damaja and Basham both get taken down with double hip tosses. Conway takes Basham down with a swinging neck breaker. Basham tags in Damaja and they deck Conway with forearms for a near fall. Conway works over Damaja with a flurry of right hands. Dinsmore tags in but gets stopped by an eye rake and Basham tags in but is met with an elbow shot. Dinsmore is sent to the floor where Damaja gets a few shots in and sends Dinsmore into the ring post face first. Basham is hammering away on Dinsmore and he has been busted open. Damaja enters to plant Dinsmore with a double flapjack and Conway gets knocked off the apron. Dinsmore takes Basham down with the Crossface but Damaja made the save. Dinsmore gets worked over in the corner by the challengers. Damaja splashes Dinsmore in the corner and attempted Brain Damage but Dinsmore counters with a German suplex! Damaja struggles to his feet and tags in Basham. Conway gets the tag as well and cleans house with right hands. Conway backdrops Basham and delivers a clothesline to the floor.

Conway plants Basham with a DDT but Damaja made the save on the cover. Victoria gives Basham a chain but Conway backdrops Basham. Conway has the chain and decks Basham with it to cause a disqualification. After the match, Conway decks the referee and knocks Damaja with the chain too. Big Bad John and Johnny Spade run into the ring to attack the tag champions. Security tries to get in the ring but they are all beaten down by the Revolution. Jim Cornette enters the ring and attacks Basham but is decked by Damaja. Damaja plants Cornette with the Brain Damage! (***. A good match and an absolute great aftermath. They are giving Damaja and Basham some great heat in the feud with the tag champs and Cornette. I think this is a great angle entertaining.)

Final Thoughts:
The main event and aftermath saved the show from being a boring one for me. The angle is going along nicely and seems to have a lot of steam attached to it. The double dog collar match next week is hopefully going to be violent to accommodate the feuds violence.

Thanks for reading.


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