SMW TV 1/7/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Princeton, WV

1.) Cactus Jack defeated Bruiser Bedlam by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Jim Ross, Les Thatcher and SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Buddy Landell start the show. Landell says his agent bought this airtime tonight so he can do whatever he wants. He wants to talk about beating the ass on SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy on Christmas night in Knoxville, Tennessee. We see footage of Christmas Chaos and the match Landell is referring to.

2.) Landell scoop slams White Boy and taunts the fans before going for a figure four but White Boy countered with a rollup for a near fall. Landell rebounds and manages to get the hold on a second attempt. White Boy quickly reached the ropes to break the hold, though. White Boy comes off the ropes and plants Landell with a DDT. White Boy put the figure four on Landell but there is a quick rope break. Landell gets up and has a chain but misses a right hand. White Boy uses the chain and knocks Landell out with it causing him to lose by disqualification. That’s kind of a weak finish, but it continues the feud and saves Buddy from jobbing to warrant a rematch between the two.

3.) Buddy Landell says that Dirty White Boy doesn’t want to give him a title shot on January 28th and would rather defend against Jerry Lawler. Buddy doesn’t blame him there and would do the same thing. When Jim Ross mentions that Dirty White Boy will be joining them, Landell suddenly has to leave but will be back later.

4.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy is interviewed by Jim Ross. However, we first get comments from Jerry Lawler. Lawler says that he heard White Boy was homeless and he lives at the Knoxville Coliseum. He doesn’t blame White Boy for being homeless considering the homes in the area. Lawler thinks the fans are dumb to be behind White Boy. Lawler says that Memphis the best city in Tennessee and they are well educated compared to Knoxville. Lawler is going to be there on January 28th for one reason and that’s to win the SMW Heavyweight Championship. Lawler is going to get his revenge on White Boy by winning the championship. He will bring the gold back to Memphis.

Back to Dirty White Boy with Jim Ross. White Boy wonders if Lawler is man enough to walk into his backyard to come for the gold. White Boy talks about Buddy Landell and how he tried to smother him to death. White Boy went to the promoters and will wrestle both Landell and Lawler on January 28th. The match with Landell will be a lights out match but is also non-title.

5.) Cactus comes off the ropes and collides with Bedlam but neither man drops. Bedlam gets a headlock on Jack and runs over Cactus with a shoulder block after coming off the ropes. Bedlam dumps Cactus to the floor and rams him face first into a chair. They return to the ring where Bedlam gets the advantage after sending Cactus into the corner head first. Jack stops Bedlam with a flurry of forearms and jumps onto Bedlam’s back while he was across the middle rope. Cactus gets a steel chair and whacks Bedlam over the back right in front of the referee. Bedlam has the chair and whacks Cactus over the back for payback. Bedlam drops Cactus with a clothesline. Cactus charges out of the corner and is slammed by Bedlam. Jack stops Bedlam in the corner by biting his forehead. Bedlam knocks Jack out with something on his fist but Brian Lee comes into the ring and tells the referee about the brass knuckles. The referee finds them and Jack wins by disqualification. (*. A lame finish and the action was mostly just brawling, which is fine to make the match go by faster.)

6.) We see footage from Christmas Chaos involving the falls count anywhere tag match. Cactus Jack teamed with Tracy Smothers instead of Brian Lee, who couldn’t make it due to transportation issues. Boo Bradley misses a top rope splash landing on Candido. This caused Candido to be pinned. Candido yells at Bradley for messing up the match. The fans are chanting for Boo. Candido slaps Boo a few times but Bradely decks Candido! Candido nails Bradley with a chain from behind as Tammy has the bag with Boo’s cat in it. Tammy leaves the ringside area with the cat. Boo Bradley leaves the ring and follows them.

Candido returned to the ringside area with the bag that has the cat. Bradley has Candido in the ring and the fans are heavily behind Bradley. Boo slams Candido but gets sprayed by hairspray. Candido has the bag in the ring and goes to the top rope. Candido hit a top rope leg drop onto the cat, essentially killing the cat. Boo consoles the bag with the cat. Boo tosses the referee away. Cactus Jack came to the ring and they embraced.

7.) Chris Candido and Tammy Fytch cut a promo saying that Fytch has been suspended. Candido will have to compete in the ring against Boo Bradley. Candido got rid of the cat and Bradley because they smelled bad and made their house a mess. Candido suggests that Boo start crying about what he is going to do to him.

8.) Boo Bradley and Cactus Jack are at a gravesite for Boots, the cat. Cactus Jack talks about Boo getting his hands on Candido. Boo says he isn’t a friend to Chris Candido anymore and he is an enemy. Boo says that Candido won’t like him when he is angry.

9.) Coming in January there will be a Rumble Rules match throughout the month. Buddy Landell says he isn’t competing in the match. Each man puts a $250 fee and then it’s basically the Royal Rumble but instead of a title shot it’s all for money.

10.) Footage form Christmas Chaos highlighting the SMW Tag Team Championship match between the Gangstas and the Rock N’ Roll Express is aired. Gibson and New Jack collided in the ring while Morton brawled with Mustafa. Jack hits Gibson with the slapjack but Jim Cornette got on the apron and was decked by Jack. Morton hits Jack with the tennis racket. Gibson has the cover and pins Jack to win the titles! After the match, the Gangstas attack the Express. Gibson is put in the tree of woe while Morton gets stomped on. Jim Cornette wants the Gangstas to hold Morton so he can use the tennis racket. Cornette whacks the Gangstas with the racket. Cornette gets beaten down rather quickly, but the fans popped big for that swerve. Cornette has been busted wide open. They hit Cornette on his right knee with the tennis racket and slapjack. Gibson and Morton are sent out of the ring. Here comes Cactus Jack and the Dirty White Boy to make the save finally.

11.) The Rock N’ Roll Express are interviewed backstage about Jim Cornette and they say Cornette can manage them whenever they battle the Gangstas.

12.) A bloody Jim Cornette is limping and pissed saying he needs a telephone. We go back to his home where Corentte is stitched up and on his couch. Cornette says he wanted to get back at the Gangstas. He says the Rock N’ Roll Express owed him something and could hold something over their head for helping them win the titles. Cornette was starting to a get a grin when the Gangstas attacked the Rock N’ Roll Express. The fans started to yell for Cornette to help the Express and that caused his ego to take over and make the save. He kicked Gangstas butt for twenty-two seconds and then his ego went out the window and was viciously attacked by New Jack and Mustafa. When he to picked up off the canvas, the fans cheered him. When he hates someone he hates someone forever and he hates the Gangstas. Cornette made a call to the Heavenly Bodies and they said they’d come down to come to Cornette’s rescue. Cornette says they’ll be there January 28th. However, the Bodies are still banned from SMW. Cornette wants to have a talk with Bob Armstrong next week and wants the Bodies allowed back in SMW.

Final Thoughts:
An enjoyable program as we got caught up with everything that occurred at Christmas Chaos. Looks like the early part of ’95 should be some fun continuation from the end of ’94.

Thanks for reading.

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