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SMW TV 1/14/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

: 1/14/1995
From: Sevierville, TN

1.) Boo Bradley defeated Scott McKeever
2.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Buddy Landell defeated George South
3.) Eddie Gilbert defeated SMW Tag Team Champion Ricky Morton

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Cactus Jack and Boo Bradley have paperwork saying that Bradley is sane proving that Chris Candido was wrong about Bradley. Boo is a functional human being who had been taken advantaged of by Candido. Cactus says that Bradley must squash Candido and Tammy Fytch. Bradley remembers being fed dog food and kept in a box by Candido. Boo isn’t going to be treated like that anymore. They walk off together.

2.) Confrontation with Jim Ross is next. This week it’s between Jim Cornette and Bob Armstrong. Cornette reminds everyone what the Gangstas did to him at Christmas Chaos. After some highlights of the event, we get pre-tape comments from the Heavenly Bodies. Jimmy Del Ray says he is sweating and Tom Pritchard thinks that Del Ray has Saturday Night Fever. They are looking to come back on January 28th to get revenge on the Gangstas. They’ve signed the contracts and now it’s up to Bob Armstrong to allow it. Back to the ring, Cornette is talking until the Gangstas come to the ring and confront Cornette. New Jack isn’t afraid of the Heavenly Bodies. He notes that the Rock N’ Roll Express aren’t in the ring and have no loyalty to Cornette. Jack and Mustafa circle Cornette until Bob Armstrong and Steve Armstrong enter to make the save. Cornette knows that Bob sees him as a coward and a jerk. Cornette to can relate to Armstrong and what Armstrong went through in his feud with Cornette over the years in SMW. Cornette asks Armstrong to reinstate the Heavenly Bodies so they can get revenge on the Gangstas. Bob Armstrong grants the request.

3.) Buddy Landell is interviewed following his victory. He will be wrestling Tracy Smothers and Dirty White Boy on January 28th. The match with Smothers is a number one contenders match. Landell says he isn’t normal man and will compete in two matches. Buddy says that White Boy might not even be the champion when he fights White Boy on the 28th.

4.) After a video highlighting Jerry Lawler, SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy is interviewed. White Boy puts Lawler over for being where he is in the sport. White Boy says that Lawler is coming to his backyard and he doesn’t share his bone. He is getting tired of Landell’s loudmouth and he’s going to kick his ass on the 28th, too.

5.) Chris Candido is interviewed by Jim Ross. Candido says that Boo Bradley has been crying and thus Tammy Fytch can’t come to the ring with him anymore. He is happy about what he did to the cat at Christmas Chaos. They show the murder of the cat a handful of times. Candido is going to do to Bradley what he did to the cat.

6.) Eddie Gilbert comes out and is interviewed by Jim Ross making his debut. Gilbert didn’t know he was going to be in SMW. Gilbert is in SMW because not too long ago the company honored legends in the business. He mentions Ron Wright, Don Wright and numerous other people. Gilbert says the lowest thing they did was when they overlooked his father Tommy Gilbert. Then what got really under his skin was when they gave certificate to Ricky Morton’s father. Gilbert is pissed and wants a plaque for his father. Ricky Morton comes over and shoves Gilbert. Morton says it is no more mister nice guy. Morton challenges Gilbert to a match right now. Gilbert accepts and that will be the main event.

7.) Morton shoulder blocks Gilbert at the start and Eddie already begs off in the corner. Gilbert returns the favor with a shoulder block but Morton takes Gilbert over with a hip toss and arm drag. Gilbert rakes Morton’s eyes and drops Ricky with a right hand. Morton fights back with strikes but Gilbert plants Morton with a power slam for a near fall. Gilbert yanks Morton down by his hair to keep a sleeper on Ricky. Gilbert drives Morton down with a swinging neck breaker to counter a backdrop attempt. Morton counters a DDT to backdrop Gilbert. Morton atomic drops Gilbert followed by a clothesline. Morton knocks Gilbert over the top to the floor. Gilbert hits a splash from the apron and puts his feet on the ropes to pin Morton. (*. They never got out of first gear and it’s just a way to introduce Gilbert to the SMW fan base and give him momentum.)

8.) Eddie Gilbert cuts a promo about beating Morton with the Thez Press and of course Robert Gibson came out. Gilbert won the match fair and square and taunts Morton. “Now they’re going to try and beat me up.” Morton and Gibson make their way over to the interview area. Gilbert challenges them to a tag match with him choosing a partner for the match.

Final Thoughts:
I can get behind the Heavenly Bodies returning to the company for a match with the Gangstas, and I like that Eddie Gilbert is in the company, even though it would be a very short run. It was a good episode overall as they promoted all the major angles.

Thanks for reading.

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