SMW TV 1/21/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Sevierville, TN

1.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Buddy Landell defeated Tommy Pitner
2.) Boo Bradley defeated NWA Heavyweight Champion Chris Candido by disqualification
3.) New Jack fought Steve Armstrong to a no contest
4.) SMW Tag Team Champions Rock N’ Roll Express defeated Eddie Gilbert & Unabomb by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Buddy Landell is interviewed following his squash victory. Landell says that actors have other people promoting for them and that’s what his agent is doing. Buddy is going to be special timekeeper for the match between Dirty White Boy and Jerry Lawler on January 28th. Landell says he is White Boy’s worst nightmare.

2.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy is interviewed after another video on Jerry Lawler is aired. White Boy doesn’t even know if Landell can keep time. If you want a TV series then you go to the WWF, but if thou want to fight you come to SMW. White Boy warns Landell that if he gets involved in his match with Lawler than they will start their match right then and there.

3.) Cactus Jack is looking for Boo Bradley in the woods. Cactus has something to give Boo Bradley. Cactus gives Boo a pair of his tights which have been with him for his most brutal matches. Boo knows he can do it because he has the fans and the spirit of Boots behind him. Boo says that Candido will be in the longest night of his life.

4.) Chris Candido cut a promo calling Bradley a moron and has a can of dog food, which is what Bradley is only good enough to eat.

5.) Bradley quickly enters the ring and clotheslines Candido in the corner. Boo is wearing Cactus Jack’s tight sunder his shorts. Candido bails to the floor to avoid Bradley’s onslaught of offense. Boo decks Candido on the outside with a few right hands and sends Candido into the ring post shoulder first. Candido stomps on Bradley back in the ring and works over Boo in the corner but Boo no sells it. Bradley drops Candido with a right hand but Candido battles back with a clothesline. Boo comes charging out of the corner to nail Candido with a clothesline and hits a side slam. Boo drops an elbow and chokes Candido for a few moments. Boo knocks the referee down and checks on the referee after the accidental shove. Tammy Fytch comes out dressed like an old lady and sprays hairspray into Boo’s face allowing Candido to get the three count. The referee gets up and realizes what happened reversing the decision to give the match to Bradley. After the match, Candido opens up a can of dog food and shoves the dog food into Boo’s face. (*1/4. Again, it’s just angle advancement and there’s nothing wrong with that. I enjoyed the angle advancement but the match wasn’t all that good.)

6.) Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies shared some pre-tape comments. Jim Cornette remembers what the Gangstas did to him but now he has his men by his side to settle the score. He recalls the Gangstas making controversies in the business. Cornette say this isn’t 400 years ago and to basically get over what slavery was all about. Cornette has a bulletin saying that there were some white people who don’t like black people and that’s just the reality. Cornette says that the average citizen watching people getting arrested for rape and robbery on television. Cornette says we see Al Sharpton get someone else to pay his salary by believing his nonsense. Cornette doesn’t believe New Jack cares about his people, but rather just cares about himself. Jim says that the Gangstas will get in the ring and they’ll remember all the times they used a nightstick on Cornete. They are coming to the Coliseum to get revenge on the Gangstas.

7.) Confrontation this week is with Bob Armstrong and the Gangstas. New Jack has one question and that is why is Bob Armstrong doing Jim Cornetee favors considering they were trying to kill each other since the start of SMW. Armstrong hasn’t fined the Gangstas for anything they’ve done. Armstrong calls them assholes as for the reason he doesn’t like them and has nothing to do with their skin color. Jack will show Armstrong just how bad they can be. Armstrong tells them to kiss his grits before walking off.

8.) Jim Cornette comes out before the New Jack and Steve Armstrong match. He says that Mustafa and D’Lo Brown aren’t allowed at ringside for the match. Steve puts a sleeper on Brown and is attacked by the Gangstas. Jim Cornette enters the ring with his tennis racket but he gets knocked down. Mustafa hit Cornette with his own tennis racket. Bob Armstrong runs into the ring with a baseball bat to make the save.

9.) Backstage, Eddie Gilbert is asked about his mystery partner for tonight. Gilbert has someone in store for the Rock N’ Roll Express and SMW. He doesn’t say who but he is excited about it.

10.) Gilbert is brings out his partner Unabomb as his mystery partner. The man is dressed similar to Sid Vicious gimmick Lord Humongous. He would go on to be better known as Kane in the WWF. He’s one of the biggest guys to ever compete in SMW.

11.) Gilbert and Morton kick off the match with Gilbert deciding to tag out to Unabomb. Unabomb shoves Morton down to the canvas and taunts the fans. Unabomb drops Morton with a shoulder block but doesn’t follow up quickly. Gibson tags in and they knock Unabomb to the floor with a double dropkick. Unabomb quickly gets to his feet and returns to the match like it was nothing. Unabomb catches Gibson but Morton dropkicks Gibson onto Unabomb for a two count. Unabomb powers out of both men trying to pin him. Gilbert is upset and yells at the referee for allowing the double teaming. Gilbert decides to tag in to try his luck with Gibson. Gibson punches Unabomb on the apron and all four men get in the ring but they don’t brawl. Morton has a rollup on Gilbert but Unabomb enters to clothesline Morton from behind. Morton gets double teamed by Unabomb and Gilbert. Gilbert rams Morton into the corner but misses a spear and hits the ring post. Gibson enters and cleans house with strikes and kicks Gilbert to the floor. Gilbert pulls down the top rope and Gibson crashes to the floor causing a disqualification. After the match, Morton is left in the ring and is worked over by Gilbert and Unabomb. Gibson tosses a chair into the ring and saves his partner. (*. They didn’t do much here at all and I thought Unabomb could have had a better introduction in terms of domination in the ring against Morton and Gibson. I didn’t get a sense that Gilbert and Unabomb should be taken anything serious, honestly.)

Final Thoughts:
The debut of Unabomb was a disappointment in terms of delivery. The feud between Gangstas and Jim Cornette is still heated and the best thing on the show currently. They promoted all the feuds for the Knoxville show, and the SMW programming is doing well currently.

Thanks for reading.

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