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SMW TV 1/28/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Sevierville, TN

1.) The Gangstas defeated The Wolfman & Tommy Pitner
2.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Buddy Landell defeated SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy to retain the title
3.) Eddie Gilbert & Unabomb co-won a Royal Rumble

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Bob Armstrong says we have double header coming on February 25th and February 26th. Sunday Bloody Sunday II will be taking place on the 26th. Jim Ross brings up the comments with the Gangstas. Backstage after last weeks episode, Steve Armstrong had a busted knee and Bob says that the Gangstas will pay the price for what they did. Jim Cornette came over and said that he will help out anyone going after the Gangstas. Armstrong will give Cornette one favor and choose wisely. Scott Armstrong cut a promo from his home and says that the Gangstas put his brother in the hospital. Scott has a piece of business to take care of and wants Tracy Smothers as his partner. Scott went into Steve’s closet and got the Wild Eyed Southern Boys jacket and wants to team with Smothers. We hear from Tracy Smothers who says he will be Scott’s partner because he is like family. Bob Armstrong believes that the Southern Boys will take care of the Gangstas when they meet in the ring.

2.) The Gangstas are interviewed following their victory. They will be battling Tracy Smothers and Scott Armstrong. Jack is pissed that Jim Cornette is with the Armstrong Brothers and tells the Heavenly Bodies to bring it on. They are on a mission to end Cornette.

3.) Chris Candido is interviewed by Jim Ross. Candido is aggravated because he has a match with Boo Bradley coming up that will have the loser being forced to eat dog food. Boo Bradley comes out and attacks Candido from behind. Boo Bradley says he’s going to shove dog food down Candido’s throat.

4.) Landell attacks White Boy while he was shaking hands with old ladies in the front row. Landell taunts the fans and lays the SMW Heavyweight Championship in the middle of the ring. White Boy plants Landell with a DDT onto the championship! White Boy hammers away on Landell and drops him with a big boot. White Boy plants Landell with a side slam and drops a knee. White Boy pummels Landell with right hands on the canvas. White Boy drops Landell with a big boot and drops an elbow. White Boy continues to hammer away on Landell. White Boy hip tosses Landell out of the corner. White Boy power slams Landell and drops an elbow. White Boy proceeds to lock in the figure four but can’t get a submission on Buddy. Buddy gets brass knuckles out of his tights and decks White Boy with it to win the match. (*1/2. It’s a big win for Landell and gives the feud even more purpose. White Boy did a few of Buddy’s moves and lost. The action isn’t great, but it serves its purpose.)

5.) Unabomb ends up cleaning the ring when he arrives and of course Ricky Morton is the next entrant. Unabomb power slams Morton but is met with a low blow. Morton puts a sleeper on Unabomb. Here comes Eddie Gilbert and tosses powder into Morton’s eyes. Gilbert easily tosses Morton over the top to the floor. Unabomb and Gilbert win the match and share the $10,000.

6.) Eddie Gilbert and Unabomb are interviewed at the end of the program. Gilbert says he had to beat fourteen other guys in order to win the match despite being the last entrant. Eddie doesn’t trust anyone and says nobody in the business likes him. Gilbert claims Morton tried to throw powder into his eyes. Gilbert is playing his role so well it’s nuts. He thinks someone is coming at him, but there is nobody there. Gilbert mentions he had Sting and Rick Steiner when they first started and now he has Unabomb.

Final Thoughts:
Another enjoyable episode as the company continues to progress along very nicely.

Thanks for reading.

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