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SMW TV 2/4/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Knoxville, TN

There weren’t any original TV exclusive matches

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) It looks like most of this show is going to be highlights from the Saturday Night Fever super card and various promos. So, lets see what happened.

2.) In Knoxville, Tracy Smothers was working over Buddy Landell when brass knuckles popped out. The referee and Smothers were distracted by the knuckles and that allowed Buddy to hit Smothers with a chain he had hid in his towel to win the match. Buddy is the number one contender to the SMW Heavyweight Championship.

3.) In Morrisville, The Gangstas and Tracy Smothers are the final three men in a rumble match. Smothers avoided a splash off the top by New Jack and decks Mustafa. Mustafa is eliminated leaving it down to Smothers and New Jack. Smothers manages to toss Jack over the top to the floor to win $5,000. After the match Mustafa entered the ring and attacked Smothers along with New Jack. Eventually, Scott Armstrong ran into the ring and made the save for Smothers attacking the Gangstas. Smothers recovered and hit dropkicks as well. Here comes D’Lo Brown to help the Gangstas regain control of the attack. The ring bell only sounds when the heels are in control.

4.) The Gangstas cut a promo saying they don’t care who they are in the ring with they are on a mission. Jack says they will show why they are as bad as they are. Jack doesn’t care who Jim Cornette or Bob Armstrong bring to the ring. They are going to put everyone down, including SMW.

5.) Chris Candido is interviewed regarding Boo Bradley and their dog collar match coming up. Candido thinks that SMW is trying to murder him with a dog collar match. Candido is afraid of being choked and blowing up all over Knoxville. Candido is going to finish Bradley off once and for all at Sunday Bloody Sunday II.

6.) Jim Cornette is interviewed regarding the Gangstas and their match with the Heavenly Bodies. We see footage of the brawl between the Heavenly Bodies and the Gangstas in Knoxville. There is also footage of the two teams brawling backstage thanks to a wrestlers friend having a camera. They are just brawling around backstage with weapons and basic strikes. They brawled into the parking lot and into the street as well. The Gangstas ran away from the fight. Back to Cornette with the Heavenly Bodies saying that the Gangstas were running over tag teams in the company because they didn’t know how to cheat like the Heavenly Bodies. Jim Cornette says that New Jack will always throw out the card that he thinks Cornette is a racist, which isn’t the case whatsoever. Cornette says that people are coming after New Jack because he is a disgrace to his own people and is a jerk. Apparently, it will be a street fight between the Heavenly Bodies and New Jack on February 27th. The next night, it will be a six man tag match at Sunday Bloody Sunday II. Cornette isn’t an idiot and isn’t going over his head.

7.) We see footage of a battle royal in Knoxville where Ricky Morton dropkicked Unabomb over the top to the floor. Unabomb didn’t handle the elimination very well and dropped Morton with a power bomb. Unabomb uses sandpaper on Morton’s face. Lawler is holding the referee by his legs and rammed the referee groin first into the ring post! Robert Gibson runs in and makes the save but it’s far too late.

8.) SMW Tag Team Champions Rock N’ Roll Express were interviewed backstage after the show. Morton isn’t going to cry over spilled milk. Morton says they aren’t going to stop fighting and they will find out what they are all about.

9.) Unabomb cuts a promo saying that Morton is invited into his world of ugly. Any partner of his that can’t hang with him will be left behind by him.

10.) Footage of the match between Jerry Lawler and SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy at Saturday Night Fever is shown. White Boy hit a Bucksnort Blast and had the pin on Lawler, but Buddy Landell rang the bell saying the time had expired but the referee says that Buddy is incorrect. Buddy is fired as timekeeper. This distraction allows Lawler to attack Whtie Boy. The referee gets knocked off the apron and White Boy hit a DDT but Landell enters and attacks White Boy with a piledriver. Lawler is put on top and Lawler gets the pin on White Boy to win the SMW Heavyweight Championship. After the match, Landell wanted his lights out match with White Boy to take place right now. White Boy managed to get a victory with a rollup on Landell. That’s embarrassing for Buddy who couldn’t defeat a weakened White Boy. After that match, Buddy hit a DDT on White Boy and walked out of the ring.

11.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lawler is interviewed about his victory to become champion. Lawler says that this is the first time that SMW has had a champion they could be proud of. Lawler points at the middle of the championship that has a crown on it and believes the belt was designed for him. Lawler is sick of Les Thatcher and the Dirty White Boy saying hat he doesn’t deserve the championship. Jerry is offended that Thatcher would say he had assistance in winning the championship. Lawler is going to give the fans of Knoxville tips on how to be like the people in Memphis.

12.) Buddy Landell is interviewed by Les Thatcher. SMW Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lawler defends against Dirty White Boy next month and the winner of that match will meet Landell. Buddy is pissed and says he helped Lawler and he is champion because of him. Buddy is going to make everyones lives miserable until he wins the SMW Heavyweight Championship.

Final Thoughts:
It’s interesting that they put the belt on Lawler since he is full-time with the WWF. I’d imagine that’s a short-lived run. A lot of the feuds are just continuing on and there wasn’t any conclusion this month. Luckily, I feel the super cards are rather strong and the repetitive matches aren’t hurting the shows.

Thanks for reading.

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