WCW Worldwide 7/25/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Worldwide
From: Augusta, GA

1.) Van Hammer defeated Joe Cruz
2.) WCW World Champion Vader defeated Mike Thor & Sonny Trout
3.) WCW World Tag Team Champions Steve Williams & Terry Gordy defeated The Italian Stallion & Johnny Rich
4.) Ron Simmons defeated Bobby Eaton
5.) Dan Spivey defeated Randy Starr
6.) WCW United States Champion Rick Rude defeated Nikita Koloff by disqualification to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) We see footage from WCW Pro where Greg Valentine had a confrontation with Dustin Rhodes. Valentine continually insulted Dusty Rhodes and it led to a brawl with Dustin around ringside. It appeared that Valentine injured Dustin’s knee during the brawl.

2.) Jesse Ventura conducted an interview with the new WCW World Champion Vader and Harley Race. Ventura forgot the Great American Bash name and called it the Blast. Race puts over Vader as the greatest talent on Earth since he dethroned Sting easily at the pay per view. Vader chimes in and asks where Sting is at. Vader says that Sting makes him sick with his blonde hair and blue eyes. Vader has one thing left to take and that is Sting’s pride.

3.) Koloff works over Rude at the start hitting a backdrop and sends Rude head first into the corner. Rude stumbles around and is sent to the floor. Koloff rams Rude head first onto the apron but they return to the ring quickly to continue the match legally. Koloff scoop slams Rude and continues to control Rude locking in a bear hug. Rude breaks free with a strike to the eyes. Koloff soon returns the favor and clubs away on Rude. Koloff plants Rude with a Samoan Drop. Koloff heads to the middle rope but misses a dive and crashes to the canvas. Rude comes off the middle rope to strike Koloff over the back. Rude knee lifts Koloff and taunts the fans by moving his hips around. Koloff gets to his feet with Rude on his shoulders hitting an electric chair slam! Rude stops Koloff with a big boot in the corner and plants Koloff with a piledriver. Rude covers Koloff but only manages a near fall. Koloff fights back but Rude stops him with an eye rake. Rude takes Koloff over with a vertical suplex.

Rude continues to work over Koloff with right hands but Nikita begins to no sell them and fights back with rights of his own sending Rude into the corner hammering away on the champ with body shots. Koloff drives Rude face first into the canvas. Madusa distracts Koloff on the apron but Rude can’t take advantage of that. Koloff tosses Rude over the top to the floor causing the disqualification. They brawl outside the ring and they make their way backstage where several officials and wrestlers try to separate them but they keep brawling to end the program. (**. There was some good energy for this match, while the action wasn’t exceptionally great or anything. I liked the brawling after the match which sells the feud as two guys who really despise each other. So, I thought that segment helped their feud and the viewing experience here.)

Final Thoughts:
A decent episode this week as the feud between Koloff and Rude was advanced. I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing those guys again for the title, and even a longer match. Vader as the champ looks promising and Sting chasing after the title should be fun, as well.

Thanks for reading.

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