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AAW Homecoming 2017 3/17/2017

Written by: Bob Colling

AAW Homecoming 2017
Date: 3/17/2017
From: Berwyn, IL

Chuck Taylor and Trent kick off the event saying that they were told they were going to get a shot at the AAW Tag Team Championships but that’s not the case. Instead, they will be facing Dave and Jake Crist in a tournament match to crown tag champions tonight. They are looking for gold on St. Patricks Day.

Opening Contest: 0I4K (Dave & Jake Crist) vs. Best Friends (Trent & Chuck Taylor): Trent and Dave kick off the tag match. Dave gets out of a go-behind and controls Trent’s arm briefly. Trent gets out a head scissors and has a headlock but that doesn’t last long. Trent reaches the ropes to break a head scissors. Taylor tags in and here comes Jake, as well. Chuck gets a head scissors on Jake to get control of the match. Jake gets out of the hold and gets a head lock on Taylor. Chuck scoop slams Jake and hit a standing moonsault for a two count. Taylor slams Jake and Trent delivers a boot scrape after teasing a splash or something. Taylor hits a slow motion senton from the apron into the ring. Trent power slams Jake and goes for a standing moonsault but Dave enters and cheap shots Trent from behind. Dave tags in and chokes Trent in the corner for a few moments. Trent goes flipping into the corner and stumbles out getting met with a clothesline from Dave. Trent nearly wins with a rollup but Dave kicks out and regains control tagging in Jake. Dave comes off the top hitting a denton on Trent while being held by Jake in a hunched position. Jake gets a two count on a suplex. Dave keeps Trent in the corner with a shoulder ram and Jake delivers a leaping kick to the face.

Trent stumbles out and is met with a super kick but Dave only gets a two count. Dave sends Trent into the corner but misses a clothesline. Trent plants Dave with a tornado DDT. Chuck and Jake get tagged in with Chuck cleaning house. Taylor comes off the middle rope to dropkick Jake but Dave cuts him off with a right hand. Chuck avoids Dave in the corner and sends Jake overhead into Dave in the corner. Taylor hits the Falcon Arrow but Jake kicks out at two. Taylor hits the Eat Defeat on Jake but runs into a super kick. Everyone throws super kicks and ace crushers. Chuck hits a standing Slice Bread on Dave and a lifting ace crusher by Trent on Jake for a two count. Dave puts Chuck on the top rope while Trent hammers on Jake on the apron. Chuck tosses Dave off but Jake comes over and Trent hit a German suplex off the top but Jake landed on his feet. Chuck gets knocked off the top to the floor. Crist Brothers hit a tombstone/top rope kick combo for the win. (**1/4. I guess the whole super kick thing is kind of played out to me and this wasn’t even a Young Bucks match. It started off slow, but the action did pick up and the action was solid enough. The crowd was into it, which is good, too. I didn’t think it was a amazing or overly memorable.)

Backstage, Zema Ion cuts a promo about his success as of late in AAW. He has momentum and is taking on Drew Galloway tonight. It’s a big match but he is always prepared for any challenge that comes his way.

Backstage, AAW Heritage Champion ACH cuts a promo asking if Marty thinks he is afraid of his opponent tonight. Well, he isn’t afraid because he fears no man. He only fears being someone different. ACH takes a jab at ROH saying they don’t let him cut too many promos. He’s gonna buy some sneakers after the match.

Second Contest: Homicide vs. Abyss: Homicide ducks Abyss attempt to attack before the bell. Homicide gets a few rights in and avoids Abyss in the corner. Homicide comes off the middle rope with a dropkick sending Abyss to the floor. Homicide goes for a suicide dive but Abyss whacks him with a chair from the floor. Abyss sends a few chairs into the ring and goes back to working over Homicide on the outside. Homicide chokes Abyss a few times on the floor and delivers several chops. Abyss knocks Homicide off the railing with right hands. Abyss sends Homicide into the guard railing back first and then side first. Homicide whips the railing into the midsection of Abyss, but Abyss sends Homicide into the railing again. Abyss goes under the ring and has a bag of thumbtacks. Abyss pours the tacks onto the canvas and signals for the choke slam. Homicide low blows Abyss and has a fork! Abyss is begging off in the corner but Homicide drives the fork into the groin area of Abyss! Homicide uses the fork on the arm of Abyss tearing into his skin and throat. Homicide goes to the top rope but Abyss catches Homicide with a choke slam instead. Abyss goes for the cover but Homicide kicks out at two. Homicide throws the tacks at Abyss and connects with an ace crusher but the manager for Abyss, JT Davidson, gets on the apron to distract the referee. Homicide brings JT Davidson into the ring but Abyss has Homicide looking for a choke slam. Homicide hits the ace crusher onto the tacks, but Davidson pulls the referee out. Homicide attempts a tornado DDT but Abyss tosses Homicide away. Abyss finishes Homicide off with the Black Hole Slam. (**. The interference stuff was alright, I suppose. This would have been an independent dream match ten years earlier. The appeal of Abyss for me no longer exists. It wasn’t overly violent as they were hyping this up as a blood feud between two stables. In that regard, it was disappointing.)

Backstage, Shane Strickland cuts a promo. It took awhile for Strickland to get into AAW. In his debut, he will wrestling AR Fox tonight. Strickland thanks AR Fox for inviting him to AAW to get his win in his debut.

Third Contest: Zema Ion vs. Drew Galloway: Ion wastes no time taking Galloway down with a head scissors while Galloway was kneeling in the corner. Ion fakes out a dive to the floor as Galloway walked away. Ion still hits a suicide dive through the turnbuckles! Ion climbs the entrance display, which is not stable, and takes Galloway out with a cross body. Ion rolls Galloway into the ring and hit a slingshot splash followed by a springboard moonsault, but Galloway got his knees up. Galloway casually tosses Ion across the ring a couple of time and Ion rolls to the floor. Galloway continues to work over Ion on the floor with a chop to the chest. Galloway hits a one arm suplex in the ring to show how easily he can toss Ion around the ring. They trade shots with Galloway knocking Ion silly with a headbutt. Ion stops Galloway with an elbow, but Galloway quickly comes back with a reverse Alabama Slam for a two count. Galloway works over Ion with a clothesline and chops in the corner. Ion ducks a clothesline and hits a neck breaker to get momentum. Ion flips back into the ring from the apron clotheslining Galloway but Drew doesn’t go down. Galloway does go down but pops up and big boots Ion. Ion avoids a big boot and hits a twisting cross body off the middle rope. Ion stops Galloway with a jaw breaker and plants Galloway with a tornado DDT for a two count.

Ion baseball slides to the floor but Galloway chops him and tosses Ion into the guard railing. Ion sidesteps Galloway and Drew goes into the railing. Ion jumps over the railing but is caught by Galloway and Drew tosses Ion into the wall! Galloway tosses Ion into the ring and Ion struggles to pull himself up. Ion kicks Galloway a couple of times to knock Drew down. Galloway counters a rolling thunder ace crusher with a short piledriver for a near fall. Galloway puts Ion on the top rope and plants Ion with a backpack driver to the canvas but Ion still kicks out. Ion struggles to his feet in the corner and avoids Galloway in the corner. Galloway avoids the rolling thunder DDT and plants Ion with a twisting Future Shock for the win. (***1/4. I really enjoyed the action between these two as it surprised me with how well it went. Galloway comes across like an absolute star and Ion played the underdog role very well. The right guy went over but Ion has to have earned some respect for his heart in this match where he was outsized quite a bit.)

Drew Galloway gets interviewed by Marty DeRosa and puts over Zema Ion for their first match they’ve ever had. Galloway shakes hands with Ion who departs the ring and heads backstage. Galloway says that he picks and chooses which companies he works for. He is going to continue to come to AAW because the company is “bloody awesome.” Galloway has earned his spot in wrestling. He wants a shot at the AAW Heavyweight Championship and it would mean the world to him.

Backstage, Penta El Zero M cuts a promo which luckily has subtitles. He returns to AAW to capture a championship because he is Penta El Zero M.

Fourth Contest: AR Fox vs. Shane Strickland: They both go for a few kicks but neither man can hit one and they pop up at the same time leading to a standoff. Strickland head scissors Fox, but Strickland misses a dropkick. Fox kicks Strickland and springboards off the ropes but Strickland counters with a cross arm breaker. Fox fights back with a chin breaker followed by a neck breaker for a two count. Fox goes to apron but gets kicked off by Strickland. Strickland comes off the ropes but misses a dive to the floor, though he manages to land on his feet. Strickland kicks Fox on the floor. Fox plants Strickland with a DDT in the ring but only manages a near fall. Fox knee lifts Strickland followed by a twisting suplex for a near fall. Fox clotheslines Strickland in the corner followed by a dropkick. Fox continues with an ace crusher for a two count. Fox runs into a back elbow in the corner and Strickland avoids a German by ramming Fox into the corner. Strickland kicks Fox in the corner knocking AR down in the corner. Strickland drives Fox down with an over the shoulder back breaker for a two count. Strickland flapjacks Fox followed by an ace crusher and a running kick for a two count.

Fox backdrops Strickland to the apron where Strickland kicks Fox to the midsection. Fox hits a springboard ace crusher as Strickland rolled into the ring. They begin to trade a series of strikes and kicks. Fox kicks Strickland but Strickland hits an ace crusher on Fox! Strickland can’t go for the cover as Fox went to the floor. Fox pulls Strickland to the floor and lays him over the railing and apron. Strickland could easily move, but Fox hit a moonsault off the ring post onto Strickland on the floor. Strickland blocks a swanton by getting his knees up. Fox kicks Strickland in the corner and gets crotched on the top. Strickland hits a DDT out of the corner and a brain buster! Strickland goes to the top hitting a double stomp but Fox kicks out! Strickland knees Fox in the face but Fox nearly wins with a rollup. Fox counters a springboard ace crusher with a cross arm breaker. Fox nearly wins with a rollup causing Strickland to release the hold. Strickland kicks Fox but Fox hits a Spanish Fly followed by a 450 splash for the win. (***1/4. A good bout between these two guys providing some good high spots and overall solid action. Seems like the fans were behind Strickland and I’d imagine a return for him.)

Backstage, Besties In The World are interviewed regarding the tag title tournament. They think they should be the AAW Tag Team Champions and they never got a rematch. Fitchett disagrees with Vega saying they need to win the titles the right way.

Fifth Contest: AAW Heritage Champion ACH vs. Penta el Zero M: Penta starts off with several kicks to ACH’s leg. ACH dropkicks Penta to get control but Penta flips him off. ACH grabs his finger and says that’s a bad word in America. ACH plays to the crowd but Penta hits a sling blade twice. ACH goes to the floor and kicks Penta to avoid a dive to the floor. ACH goes to the top rope but gets kicked in midair. They both attempt round kicks and they are knocked down at the same time. Penta leg kicks ACH several times and ACH comes back with chops each time. ACH rips Penta’s shirt and decides to low blow him instead. ACH hits a discus clothesline and a running clothesline to get the match in his control. ACH is playing to the crowd and getting booed. ACH slaps Penta’s face before delivering more chops and they trade slaps to the face. ACH stops that with a kick to Penta’s face. Penta counters a handspring attempt by dropkicks ACH. ACH stops Penta with a Codebreaker but Penta comes right back with a Backstabber. Penta chops ACH in the corner and plays to the crowd. Penta clotheslines ACH in the corner but ACH comes back with a German suplex for a near fall. ACH spikes Penta with a Canadian Destroyer! Penta doesn’t really sell it. So, ACH hits the move a second time for a near fall.

ACH tries for a brain buster on the apron but Pent counters with a package piledriver on the apron! Penta goes to the top and hits a double stomp but ACH kicks out at two. ACH super kicks Penta and a discus punch. ACH plants Penta with a package piledriver but Penta kicks out. ACH heads to the top rope missing a 450 splash. Penta low blows ACH and hits the Package Piledriver for the win. (***. It’s a fine match and they got the crowd to pop for a lot of stuff. I guess I just get annoyed with the kick outs they had here. I mean, they are just casually using Canadian Destroyers and Package Piledrivers for near falls. Half the time, they don’t even sell the spot. It’s good for flashy wrestling if that’s your thing.) After the match Penta tries to break ACH’s arm, but ACH breaks free and rolls to the floor after they had shook hands.

Backstage, Trevor Lee believes he should still be the AAW Tag Team Champions on his own. It’s not his fault that Andrew Everett and Jack Evans fell off easily. He’s going to fight his way up the single ranks. Lee doesn’t care about anything.

Sixth Contest: Besties In The World (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett) vs. Scarlet & Graves (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz): Wentz and Fitchett kicks off the contest. Wentz delivers a few kicks and nearly wins in the opening minute of the match. Fitchett hits a leg lariat, dropkick and a standing moonsault for a two count. Vega tags himself in and Fitchett doesn’t seem to appreciate that. Xavier tags himself in and takes Vega over with a head scissors and several arm drags. Xavier dropkicks Vega into the corner but gets backdropped to the apron. Xavier dropkicks Vega in the corner and Wentz hits a bronco buster. Xavier goes for a suplex but Vega blocks the attempt and Xavier hits him with a few strikes. Vega mule kicks Xavier and calls for his partner to knee Xavier, but he doesn’t do it. They begin to bicker. Vega low blows Xavier while the referee was distracted. Vega elbows Xavier over the neck and delivers a chop. Fitchett tags back in and slams Xavier followed by a knee drop. Vega tags back in and works over the arm of Xavier. Vega kicks Xavier in the face continues to beat on Xavier with strikes. Xavier tries to make the tag out but gets stopped quickly. Fitchett tags in but Xavier is able to break free to hit a Pele kick. Wentz gets the hot tag and cleans house on the Besties with strikes and knees. Wentz drop toe holds Fitchett into Vega on the canvas.

Wentz hits a shooting star press on both men for a two count. Fitchett super kicks Wentz and Vega hit a senton on Xavier. Xavier gets caught in the corner and the Besties hit a sunset flip power bomb out of the corner for a two count. Xavier is met with a double super kick but pops his shoulder up at two. Wentz kicks Fitchett and Vega gets met with a kick and a double stomp but kicks out at two. Wentz gets dropkicked off the middle rope. Xavier gets dropped a crossed Vega’s knee and a kick from Fitchett but Wentz made the save. Wentz hammers away on the Besties and goes for a handspring but is met with a double dropkick to the face. Fitchett stops Xavier with a Pele Kick. Fitchett hits a hurricanrana but Xavier lands on his feet. Wentz takes Fitchett out in the corner. Vega suffers a swanton/pedigree combo and that’s good for a three count. (***. A solid match between two teams that I haven’t seen much of prior to this. They were rather non-stop with the action and just through a lot of stuff out there.)

Marty DeRosa comes out to interview Wentz and Xavier. They have been looking forward to win the tag team championships. JT Davidson comes out and wants DeRosa to talk to him. Davidson puts over the team for making it to the finals of the tournament. He doesn’t believe they have guts. JT doesn’t think they should wait for AAW Epic but rather the match should just happened tonight. They agree to the match.

Seventh Contest: 0I4K (Dave & Jake Crist) vs. Scarlet & Graves (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) for the vacant AAW Tag Team Championships: The Crist Brothers attack from behind and Wentz gets power bombed. Xavier is planted with a tombstone and they finish off Xavier with a tombstone/double stomp for the win. The fans didn’t like that.

Backstage, AAW Heavyweight Champion Sami Callihan is interviewed but he tells Mary DeRosa to shut up. Callihan has beaten all their favorite wrestlers. Sami says he is a fighting champion and sometimes he has to call his own shots. He was the one who made the match and the match tonight is six years in the making. Tonight, he fights Low Ki and he isn’t afraid of Low Ki. He isn’t the kid that got knocked out by Low Ki anymore. He is the baddest and nastiest wrestler going today. Sami has relived the image of Ki knocking him out thousands of times. Tonight the what ifs come to an end. Tonight, Low Ki will be begging for his life. Sami is going to be a legend and is going to hold the AAW Heavyweight Champion for however long he wants to be.

Eighth Contest: Rey Fenix vs. Trevor Lee: Fenix goes tot eh middle rope to pose but Lee hit a release German suplex off the middle rope! Lee kicks Fenix from the apron and hits a dead lift German suplex for a two count. Lee keeps control over Fenix with a stomp on the face. Lee taunts the fans sending Fenix into the corner but Fenix avoids him. Fenix sends Lee face first into the turnbuckle and hit a double stomp for a two count. Fenix delivers a few kicks to the chest of Lee. Fenix comes off the ropes looking for a hurricanrana but Lee lands on his feet. They both go for clotheslines but neither man goes down. Fenix kicks Lee to get control of the match. Fenix gets pulled to the floor and Lee comes off the ropes but super man punches Fenix on a springboard attempt. They are on the floor where Lee is working over Fenix with uppercuts. Lee rolls Fenix into the ring but only gets a near fall. Lee drops Fenix throat first across the top rope. Lee moons the fans for saying,“Fuck TNA” and gets a two count on Fenix. Lee tosses Fenix throat first across the middle rope. Fenix stops Lee with a few kicks knocking Lee to the floor. Fenix goes to the top missing a double stomp on the apron. Fenix kicks Lee’s leg causing Lee to fall off the apron. Fenix kicks Lee in the crowd and hits a cross body off the top into the crowd on Lee! Lee struggles in the ring and went for a superman punch but Fenix hits a hurricanrana instead for a near fall. Fenix goes to the top but Lee gets his knees up. Fenix super kicks Lee but Lee nearly wins with a rollup. Lee stops Fenix with a leaping double stomp only managing a near fall. Fenix gets out of a brain buster and kicks Lee. Lee nearly wins with a flipping fallaway slam. Fenix plants Lee with a reverse hurricanrana and a Canadian Destroyer is good enough for three. (**1/2. Aside from two spots, I wasn’t all that into this match. A lot of these guys are using the same moves which kind of takes away from them in the long run. I mean, didn’t someone earlier kick out of two Canadian Destroyers and Lee loses after one? I’d like to check out more of Fenix against a better opponent.)

Backstage, Low Ki cuts a promo about Sami Callihan not learning his lesson after six years. Ki says his clients have paid him to do a job and he’s here to collect. This time, he’s going to collect by winning the AAW Heavyweight Championship. Business is about to pickup.

Ninth Contest: Kyle O’Reilly vs. Zack Sabre Jr.: They start off with a mat wrestling focus with neither man able to get any long lasting control. Sabre takes O’Reilly down to the canvas but O’Reilly gets the back only for Sabre to break free quickly. Sabre controls the left arm of O’Reilly and has a head scissors on Kyle briefly. O’Reilly breaks free and looks for a cross arm breaker but Sabre counters with a knee bar. They break away and have a standoff. Sabre has a double chicken wing on O’Reilly but Kyle breaks free and has the same hold on Sabre. They are countering the double chicken wing several times. O’Reilly misses a kick but delivers a kick to the legs. Sabre nearly wins with a rollup and O’Reilly nearly wins with one as well and kicks Sabre in the chest. O’Reilly knees Sabre in the midsection and tries to control the left arm. O’Reilly keeps Sabre on the canvas and delivers a few shots. Sabre controls O’Reilly by twisting his legs while O’Reilly was between them. Sabre uppercuts O’Reilly and takes him down to the mat with a head scissors. O’Reilly manages to reach the ropes to break the hold. Sabre dropkicks O’Reilly after a snap mare. Sabre blocks a kick and goes for a STF on the mat.

Sabre has O’Reilly all tangled up but O’Reilly reaches the ropes quickly. O’Reilly and Sabre trade shots a few times. They trade forearms until Sabre delivers a kick to the arm. O’Reilly stops Sabre with a boot to the arm. O’Reilly kicks Sabre several more times followed by a leg sweep. O’Reilly forearms Sabre in the corner followed by a suplex. O’Reilly has a leg lock on Sabre but isn’t able to get a submission. Sabre appears to have a knee bar on O’Reilly but they both reach the ropes to break the holds. O’Reilly knee lifts Sabre and gets out of a sleeper with a side suplex for a two count. O’Reilly goes for the cross arm breaker again. O’Reilly rolls through and gets an ankle lock but Sabre reaches the ropes quickly. O’Reilly knee lifts Sabre’s leg and Sabre puts an octopus on O’Reilly! O’Reilly gets out of the hold and has the ankle lock on Sabre. Sabre gets out of that as well. O’Reilly gets out of a bridge but Sabre gets a triangle choke locked in and delivers a few elbow shots. O’Reilly almost passes out but stands up and plants Sabre with a brain buster! O’Reilly has a choke hold on Sabre but lets go to deliver a kick. They trade a couple of suplexs and Sabre nails O’Reilly with a kick. O’Reilly goes for a side suplex but Sabre has a choke and settles for an octopus stretch which forces O’Reilly to submit. (***1/2. The reversals were excellent and it’s more traditional wrestling, I’d say. I enjoyed the match even after a slow start that didn’t hold my interest. They worked well with each other and I kind of like the sudden submission because it fit the match for sure.)

Backstage, Rey Fenix is interviewed. He’ll be wrestling John Morrison on April 8th. Fenix says he is the king and he is waiting for Morrison. He has respect for Morrison. Fenix wants a belt too to go along with Penta’s win earlier in the night. “I don’t forget.” which was directed towards Sami Callihan.

Main Event: AAW Heavyweight Champion Sami Callihan vs. Low Ki: Ki appears in the ring while the lights were out and took out Jake and Dave Crist. Ki dropkicks Callihan into the corner and goes to the top rope quickly. Ki looks for the double stomp but Callihan gets pulled to the floor. Ki hits a baseball slide dropkick to send Sami into the guard railing. Ki works over Sami with several strikes on the floor. Sami tries to leave through the crowd but Ki grabs him. Callihan comes back with a suicide dive under the middle rope and Ki ends up landing awkwardly across the railing. Sami takes a few moments to taunt the fans. Callihan continues to work over Ki on the floor sending Ki into the railing. Callihan sends Ki chest first into the railing and Sami continues to taunt the fans. Sami delivers a big boot to maintain the advantage over Ki. Sami runs around the ring but Ki has moved and Ki ends up dropkicking Sami hard into the railing. Ki sends Sami into the railing back first again. Ki drives Sami face first into the canvas and they finally return to the ring to continue the match legally. Ki chokes Sami and delivers a few stomps. Ki drops Sami with a headbutt. Ki knocks Sami to the floor with a headbutt of his own. Sami blocks a baseball slide dropkick but trapping Ki in the apron and delivers a few shots. Sami continues to work over Ki with chops before bringing the action back into the ring. Sami delivers a kick to the face to keep Ki on the canvas. Sami sends Ki into the corner delivering a forearm shot knocking Ki to the apron.

Callihan pulls Ki up from his arm and that sends Ki neck first into the middle rope. Sami cuts Ki off with a forearm shot. Sami tries to remove the tie of Ki which isn’t not a clip on tie, folks. Sami goes to the floor and grabs some toe to tie Ki to the top rope. Ki tries to break free but isn’t able to. Sami has a steel chair and Ki tells him to do it, which Sami does a few times to knock Ki down. Ki has broken free from the tape and decks Callihan upon his request, but Sami thought he was still taped to the top rope. Ki avoids a few strikes and kicks Sami to the canvas. Sami stomps Ki seemingly right on the face. Ki hits the double stomp on Sami! Ki hits a running forearm in the corner and pummels Sami with a few elbows. Ki bites the jaw of Sami trying to rip his jaw. Sami rolls to the floor and they are saying that Sami dislocated his jaw. Sami heads to the backstage area but then turns around and decides to continue. Sami gets back in the ring and is chopped by Ki. Sami returns the chop and they begin to trade some more chops.

Sami drops Ki face first across the top turnbuckle and connects with a big boot to the face but Ki kicks out at two. Sami goes for a power bomb but Ki trees for a hurricanrana. Sami counters with the Stretch Muffler but Ki gets a rollup for a two count. Ki kicks Sami but misses a second kick. Ki gets out of a rollup and has the dragon sleeper on Sami! Sami is close to tapping out but here comes Abyss and he grabs Ki by the throat attempting a choke slam. Ki gets out of it and dropkicks Abyss into Sami in the corner. Ki goes to the top rope but has JT Davidson stopping him. Sami throws powder into Ki’s eyes and Abyss hits a twisting choke slam. Sami goes for the cover and wins the match. (**1/2. This is the first singles match for Low Ki that I’ve seen in many years. He is clearly lost a step or two in-ring. It’s an average match but a disappointing one to the close the show. Nobody likes a cheap finish and that’s what we kind of got here. The relied a lot on brawling outside the ring and didn’t stand out from anything else that happened on the show.)

AAW Heritage Champion Penta will be defending against AR Fox on April 8th.

ACH isn’t all that disappointed in losing the championship. ACH will be wrestling Shane Strickland on April 8th in a first time ever match.

JT Davidson cuts a promo with his men having the gold in AAW having both the Tag Team Championships and Heavyweight Championship. Plus, Abyss destroyed Homicide earlier in the night. They have a clean sweep tonight. Sami thinks his jaw is still out of place and is talking funking. Abyss proceeds to realign Sami’s jaw. Sami says it shouldn’t be a surprise that they won. Angelico and Jack Evans will be coming to AAW on April 8th to challenge for the AAW Tag Team Championships. Sami doesn’t care who they bring to challenge for his AAW Heavyweight Championship.

Final Thoughts:
Overall, I enjoyed the show since there was plenty of entertaining matches. It just annoys me that everyone does the same spots over and over again. AAW is a strong independent wrestling company and use top names in the business. I also like the presentation their DVD releases have. I’ll get around to checking out more AAW in the future.

Thanks for reading.

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