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JAPW 10th Anniversary Show 10/27/2007

Written by: Bob Colling

Jersey All Pro Wrestling presents 10th Anniversary Show
From: Rahway, NJ

Opening Contest: Matt Cross vs. Sal Rinauro vs. Seth Delay vs. Joker vs. Bandido Jr. vs. B-Boy in a six way elimination match: B-Boy gets jumped by a few members of BLKOUT who are at ringside with Joker. Boy got a chair and tossed it at them to get them away from ringside. Rinauro takes Delay down at the start of the match but Delay gets a head scissors on Sal. Sal gets out of the head scissors and controls the arm of Delay but they trade holds on the canvas. Delay nearly pins Sal with a nice looking sunset flip and they trade pin attempts. Boy tags in as does Bandido Jr who takes Boy over with a head scissors. Boy decks Bandido with a forearm and Cross tags in to take on Joker. Joker knee lifts Cross in the midsection and head scissors Cross to the floor. Delay takes Joker out with a somersault dive over the top to the floor. Sal takes Delay and Joker out with a springboard dive to the floor. Bandido tries to take Boy out but misses and Boy hit a power bomb on the outside instead! Cross takes everyone out with a slingshot twisting cross body. Sal plants Boy with a delayed vertical suplex for a two count. Boy plants Sal with a neck breaker, who also hit Delay with a DDT, which Boy setup. Boy puts a double sharpshooter on Delay and Sal! Boy doesn’t get a submission on either man, though.

Sal nails Bandido with a springboard moonsault. Joker hit a cannonball on Sal and Boy connects with a dropkick in the corner but Sal still kicks out! Joker and Boy decide to trade forearm shots and they drop down to their knees. They both go down following a headbutt. Cross counters a head scissors by Delay driving him down face first to the canvas instead for a two count. Bandido plants Cross with a swinging neck breaker and knocks Delay on the top rope. Delay fights back but Bandido connects with a top rope hurricanrana for a two count. Sal hit a springboard spinning kick and pins Delay for the first elimination.

Bandido goes right after Sal with forearm shots and goes to the top rope. Cross slaps Bandido and also climbs to the top rope. Here comes a Tower of Doom spot out of the corner involving everyone. Boy and Joker clothesline each other after just working with each other as everyone is laid out. Sal and Cross trade shots on the top but Cross hits a shooting star press to eliminate Sal.

Joker gets kicked by Cross but still this a power bomb and pins Cross for the third elimination. Bandido almost pins Joker with a rollup and they trade a few pin attempts. Joker nearly pins Bandido with a German suplex. Boy and Joker trade more strikes. Joker takes Boy over with a t-bone suplex. Joker again takes Boy over with a side suplex. Boy hits a t-bone suplex as well. Joker elbow strikes Boy before hitting another suplex. Boy nails Joker with a shining wizard and Bandido pins Joker for the elimination.

Bandido nearly pins Boy following a backstabber across the middle rope. Boy spikes Bandido with a Death Valley Driver for another near fall. Bandido attempts a slingshot DDT from the ring to the apron, but didn’t get all of the move. Boy counters a wheelbarrow hitting the Final Episode for the win. (***1/4. A perfectly fine opener to kick off the anniversary show. Everyone got moments to shine and I was surprised to see Sal Rinuaro do what he did here, honestly. I was expecting a B-Boy/Joker in the final two since they have a feud going on here, but the switch to have it Bandido made it unpredictable and that’s cool with me.)

Prior to the next match, the Christopher Street Connection manage to plant a kiss on Kevin Matthews. Havok and Monsta Mack come out and brawl with the Christopher Street Connection around ringside, which is the next match on the show.

Second Contest: Havok & Monsta Mack vs. Christopher Street Connection (Buff-E & Mace): Havok tosses Mace into the corner chest first and continues to work over his opponent. Buff E runs into a big clothesline from Havok, too. Havok hits a Samoan Drop off the middle rope on Mace and Mack hit a frog splash off the top for the win. (NR. Literally just a squash match, but it’s amazing that for ten years the Christopher Street Connection were still over with the crowd when you’d think the act would have gotten stale at some point. Anyway, Havok and Mack seem like a fun big man team.)

Third Contest: Devon Storm vs. Danny Demanto: Demanto gets a two count early on following a shoulder block showing off his size advantage. Demanto takes Storm over with a fireman’s carry and they shake hands only for Storm to cheap shot Danny and delivers several strikes. Storm hit a spinning elbow shot. Danny gets out of an arm bar and works over Devon’s arm briefly until a low blow ends that momentum. Storm takes Danny over with a northern lights suplex. Storm jabs Danny followed by a few chops. Danny comes off the ropes to hit a heel kick and nearly pins Storm. Storm stops Danny with a jaw breaker and they both go over the top to the floor after a cross body by Storm, which was slowly done. Danny drops Storm across the railing groin first. Danny overhand chops Storm to keep control on the floor. Demanto gets yanked off the apron and hits face first. Storm uses a chair to whack Danny over the back. Storm gets back into the ring and takes Danny out in the chair with a slingshot cross body to the floor! Storm has a piece of guard railing and places it across the apron where Storm puts Demanto through the railing with a suplex! Storm grabs another piece of railing and the ring steps.

Storm leg drops Danny back in the ring but only manages a near fall on the cover attempt. Storm keeps control of Danny with a headlock but Danny fights out of it only to run into a knee lift. Storm puts Danny on the top turnbuckle but Danny counters by dropping Storm face first across the top turnbuckle! Danny battles back with a flurry of strikes and a backdrop. Storm rams Danny face first into the middle turnbuckle. Danny catches Storm in the corner and power slams Storm over the top through another piece of guard railing that was setup on the floor! Danny puts Storm on a chair and goes to the ring where Danny proceeds to leap over the top and takes Storm out with a dive! Danny signals for the end as they get back into the ring. Storm gets dropped across the top rope throat first. Danny goes to the top rope but misses a frog splash. Storm nearly wins with a rollup. Storm leg drops the groin area of Danny and goes to the floor again for a chair. Storm tosses two chairs into the ring and power bombs Danny onto the two chairs but Danny kicks out on the cover! Storm whacks Danny over the back with a steel chair. Storm whacks Danny over the head with a chair. Danny gets a second wind and tosses the chair off his head to deck Storm with a clothesline. Danny heads to the top and hits the frog splash but Storm powers out at two. Storm hits a Death Valley Driver onto the chair and manages to get the win. (**1/2. The dives to the floor involving the chair were pretty cool and entertaining, but aside from that there was a lull in the action it felt like. It’s a decent match, but probably went on a little too long.) After the match, Danny puts over the crowd for coming out and Hernandez comes out taking out Demanto with a Border Toss. I’m not sure what the point of that was, but okay.

Fourth Contest: Cryme Tyme (JTG & Shad Gaspard) vs. Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz (EC Negro & KC Blade): JTG and Negro start the match with JTG hitting a dropkick and a hip toss in the opening moment. JTG hit a leapfrog leg drop but only manages a two count. Shad takes Negro down with a running power slam. Blade tags in and tries his luck but can’t knock Shad down. Shad slingshots JTG onto Blade for a two count. Blade tosses JTG off the top rope thanks to Negro providing a distraction. JTG gets double teamed with a double STF but refuses to give in. JTG gets the tag to Shad who cleans house with clotheslines. Shad plants Negro with a spine buster and a big boot on Blade. Cryme Tyme hit the G9 to get the win. (*. This was basically a WWE squash match for the Cryme Tyme team. Shad had some good power moves, but that was about it.)

Fifth Contest: Drake Younger vs. Eddie Kingston: Younger starts off with forearm shots causing Kingston to go to the floor where Younger sends Kingston into Slyck Wagner Brown at ringside. They trade shots on the floor until returning to the ring where Younger delivered an elbow drop. Younger slams Kingston and hit a springboard moonsault for a near fall. Younger goes to the top but gets crotched by Slyck. Kingston puts a camel clutch on Younger and delivers a few more forearm shots but can’t get a submission. Kingston takes Drake over with a snap suplex for another two count. Kingston takes Younger over with an overhead suplex. Kingston sends Younger to the floor where Slyck drops Younger across the guard railing chest first. Kingston gets put on the apron but is knocked off with headbutts. Younger takes both Kingston and Slyck out with a somersault dive off the apron to the floor. Younger hits a snap suplex off the apron to the floor! Younger follows up with a frog splash in the ring but Kingston kicks out at two. Younger delivers a flurry of chops in the corner but Kingston hit a big boot and a double hook overhead suplex for a near fall. Younger ducks a back fist and takes Eddie over with another suplex. Slyck gets on the apron and Younger scares him off. Younger takes Slyck out with a cross body off the top to the floor! Kingston drops Younger with a suplex from behind and wins the match. (**. I’m regularly disappointed with Eddie Kingston matches. Younger was a lot of fun here and the suplex spot off the apron to the floor was just nuts.)

Sixth Contest: BLKOUT (Ruckus & Sabian) vs. Azrieal & Jay Lethal in a number one contenders match: Lethal and Sabian kick off the match. Lethal takes Sabian down with a snap mare and they trade some holds. Sabian kisses the boot of Lethal and wants a handshake. Sabian decides to spit in Lethal’s face instead and arm drags Lethal. Sabian head scissors Lethal but Lethal fights back with arm drags as well and they have a standoff until Lethal hits another arm drag. Lethal heel kicks Sabian causing Sabian to go to his corner to regroup. Azrieal and Ruckus tag in with Ruckus hitting a head scissors but Azireal does the same. Azrieal hits a somersault dive over the top and goes flying into the crowd after taking out Ruckus! Lethal tags in and keeps control of Ruckus with an elbow shot. Lethal slams Ruckus and goes to the top rope hitting a double axe handle for a two count. Azireal hit a slingshot senton with Lethal yanking on Ruckus. Ruckus hits a handspring twisting kick to get control of the match. Sabian tags in and works over Azireal with chops. Sabian continues his offense with a dropkick for a two count. Sabian tosses Azireal to the floor where the rest of the BLKOUT crew attacks while the referee is distracted. Azireal is trapped in a camel clutch and Ruckus hits a dropkick to the face. Azireal is trapped again but Sabian and Ruckus delivers another dropkick. Ruckus hits a double knee in the corner and connects with a rolling fisherman suplex for a two count.

Azireal avoids a handspring back elbow in the corner by getting his knees up and nails Ruckus with a running big boot. Lethal comes off the top to clean house with a double axe handle on Sabian. Sabian gets sent into Ruckus in the corner and Lethal takes Ruckus out with a suicide dive to the floor! Ruckus is in the corner and Sabian is put in a tree of woe in the same corner. Azireal and Lethal hit double dropkicks! Azireal comes off the top to nearly pin Ruckus with a frog splash. Ruckus hits a handspring elbow and Sabian plants Lethal with an STO for a near fall. Lethal superkicks Sabian but Ruckus nearly pins Azireal with a swinging neck breaker. Lethal and Azireal plant Ruckus with a botched double team move for a near fall. Lethal gets sent over the top to the floor by Sabian. Azireal gets met with a double super kick and Sabian delivers a spike DDT on Azireal. Sabian comes off the top to hit a senton but Azireal kicks out at two. Ruckus gets crotched on the top rope and Azireal spikes Sabian with a brain buster. Lethal comes off the top to hit an elbow drop and manages to pin Azireal! (***.It was a solid match with a lot of fast action that made it difficult to properly cover all the action. The finish felt a little flat, but the action was good throughout.)

Seventh Contest: AJ Styles vs. Frankie Kazarian: Early on, Kazarian works over the arm of Styles with a hammerlock but is forced to let go due to a rope break. Styles tries to get a pin with an inside cradle but Kazarian gets control again. Styles goes for the Styles Clash and Kazarian tried for the Wave of the Future. Styles takes Frankie over with a hurricanrana but soon gets dropped across the top turnbuckle face first. Kazarian continues with a dropkick in the corner and plays to the crowd. Kazarian backdrops Styles almost dropping him into the ropes and hits a slingshot leg drop form the apron for a two count. Styles pokes Kazarian in the eyes to get the advantage. Styles nails Kazarian with a dropkick. Styles fakes out the fans pretending to go for a dive to the floor. AJ knee lifts Kazarian off the apron and follows up with a slingshot cross body to the outside. Styles continues his offense with a swinging neck breaker but Kazarian kicks out at two. They trade shots in the corner until Styles eye rakes Kazarian again. Kazarian nearly wins with a rollup out of the corner but Styles takes Frankie down by his arm. They trade some forearm shots until Styles goes for a delayed vertical turned into a neck breaker but Frankie countered and manages to dropkick Styles. Kazarian hits a springboard leg drop but Styles powers out at two. AJ avoids the Wave of the Future and stops Kazarian with a jaw breaker but Frankie delivers a dropkick for a two count. Kazarian has AJ on the top but gets knocked off and Styles hit a springboard forearm shot for a near fall. AJ plants Kazarian with a springboard reverse DDT only managing a two count.

Styles attempts a Styles Clash but Kazarian gets out of it and forearms Styles until a discus clothesline drops Kazarian followed by a Pele Kick but Kazarian still kicks out! AJ gets dropped across the top rope and Kazarian slingshots over the top to ram AJ face first over the apron. Kazarian leg sweeps Styles and plants Styles with the Wave of the Future to win the match! (**1/4. It’s a huge victory for Kazarian, I’d say. The action felt really average to me and they didn’t seem to have that second gear. The fans in attendance didn’t seem all that excited, either.)

Eighth Contest: Nikki Roxx vs. Sara Del Ray: After about twelve minutes of action, Del Ray won with an overhead suplex. After the match, Rhino came out and knocked Del Ray out with a clothesline. Rhino’s manager sets up a table in the corner and Rhino GORES Del Ray through the table!

Ninth Contest: Rhino vs. Necro Butcher: They start the match trading right hands until Butcher sends Rhino to the floor. Rhino sends Butcher into the crowd and they brawl into their crowd. They trade shots in the bleachers until Rhino gets knocked down the steps. Rhino power bombs Butcher on the merchandise table, which doesn’t break but I’m sure some DVDs did. They are brawling outside the arena. Rhino power slams Butcher onto the grass. They are back in the arena trading shots in the crowd. Rhino slams Butcher onto the railing. They have made it to the ring where Rhino stops Butcher on the top with a chair shot. Rhino brings Butcher to the canvas with a suplex. Rhino decks Butcher onto several chairs that have been brought into the ring. Rhino misses a diving head butt and hits the chairs instead. They begin to trade shots on their knees. Butcher nails Rhino with a headbutt to knock Rhino backwards for a two count. Rhino plants Butcher with a spine buster to regain control of the match. A piece of plywood is brought into the ring and setup in the corner. Butcher avoids a GORE and Rhino goes crashing through the plywood which almost gives Butcher a three count. Butcher as a piece of broken plywood and whacks Rhino over the back followed by a senton for a two count. Rhino stops Butcher in the corner and spikes Butcher with a middle rope piledriver for the win. (**. It’s just a brawl and the middle rope piledriver is one the best finishing spots I’ve ever seen. It seems to fit the Rhino character perfectly, too. This was fun just because it’s different than everything else on the show.) After the match, Butcher shoves the special referee Louie Ramos away a few times. They end up brawling.

Tenth Contest: JAPW New Jersey State Champion Grim Reefer vs. Archadia in a ladder match: Reefer baseball slides Archadia into the guard railing and sets up four chairs on the floor before hitting a snap suplex sending Archadia back first across the chairs. Reefer lays the laser across the apron and railing before striking Archadia but gets sent face first into the ladder he setup. Archadia places Reefer onto the ladder and springboards off Reefer’s back to hit a leg drop across the ladder. Archadia goes for a tornado DDT but Reefer manages to avoid it. Archadia settles for a back breaker off the middle rope. Archadia hits a couple of leg drops to maintain control of the match. Reefer stops Archadia with a clothesline. Reefer goes under the ring and slides a ladder into the ring. Archadia dropkicks Reefer face first into the ladder from behind! Archadia begins to climb the ladder but jumps off and pummels Reefer some more on the canvas. Archadia sends Reefer chest first into the ladder. Archadia goes to the floor and gets a piece of plywood. Archadia puts the wood over the railing and apron. Archadia attempts a suplex off the apron but Reefer counters. Reefer dropkicks Archadia to the floor and delivers a few chops. Reefer has Archadia on the middle rope but Archadia fights off only for Reefer to hit a bulldog off the top onto the ladder! Reefer rams Archadia face first into the ladder on the floor before putting Archadia on the plywood.

Reefer sets the ladder up on the floor and leaps off the top of the ladder to put Archadia through the plywood with a frog splash! Reefer goes to the top of the ladder, springboards off the top rope from the floor but misses a senton splash! Archadia runs the ropes to stop Reefer with a superplex off the top. Archadia sets a ladder up in the corner and backdrops Reefer onto the ladder. Archadia follows up with a wheelbarrow neck breaker. Archadia starts to climb the ladder but gets power bombed by Reefer. Reefer spears Archadia in the corner but on the second attempts hits the ring post shoulder first. Archadia gets rammed into the corner by Reefer. Reefer proceeds to plant Archadia with a top rope DDT! Reefer starts to climb the ladder and grabs the championship, but Archadia tossed powder into the referees face. Archadia plants Reefer with a cross arm piledriver. Archadia grabs the belt and shows the referee and wins the championship. (***. That appears to be one popular finish to ladder matches for a heel to get a cheap victory. Reefer is probably one of the most underrated independent wrestlers in the Northeast. It’s a good match with some crazy spots, but that finish didn’t work for me. It gives Archadia some more heat, but I think a clear cut winner in a ladder match is the better direction.)

Eleventh Contest: JAPW Heavyweight Champion Low Ki vs. Homicide: They shoulder block each other with both men going down and Homicide rolls to the floor. Ki traps Homicide in the corner and put an arm bar on across the top rope but has to let go since it is illegal. They trade holds on the canvas with Ki seemingly getting the better of the exchange. Ki kicks Homicide away and they have a standoff. Homicide controls Ki with a test of strength and Ki has his legs around Homicide’s neck before a rope break stands them up. Ki works over Homicide with kicks and chops in the corner followed by a running forearm shot for a near fall. Ki controls Homicide on the canvas with a head scissors. Ki misses a springboard kick and Homicide drops Ki with a forearm shot. Ki kicks Homicide to avoid being dragged to the floor. Ki uses his leg strength to send Homicide face first into the ring post. Ki works over Homicide on the floor with chops and kicks. Back in the ring, Ki gets a two count following an elbow drop. Ki misses a splash in the corner and Homicide attempted a suplex but is knocked off the middle rope. Ki nails Homicide with a missile dropkick for a two count. Homicide backdrops Ki to the apron but it looks like Ki slipped and buckled his knee. Homicide takes Ki out with a somersault suicide dive hitting the railing and Ki! Homicide controls Ki in the ring with a snap suplex but Ki stops Homicide with a knee strike. Homicide quickly regains control with a dragon screw leg whip. Homicide focuses his offense on the left knee. Homicide wraps the injured leg around the ring post. Homicide keeps Ki on the canvas with a leg lock. Homicide tries for an STF but Ki reaches the ropes to break the hold.

Homicide goes to the top rope but misses a diving headbutt after taking too much time. Ki struggles to his feet and chops Homicide on his comeback. Ki delivers a flurry of chops against the ropes but Homicide stops Ki with a knee lift. Ki drops Homicide with a few forearm shots and kicks. Homicide stops Ki with an eye rake but Ki connects with a springboard kick. Ki slams Homicide down to the canvas chest first. Ki works over Homicide with a few more kicks but Homicide chop blocks the leg of Ki to regain control. Ki catapults Homicide into the corner and nails Homicide with a handspring kick in the corner for a near fall. Ki puts a dragon sleeper on Homicide but Homicide breaks free and takes Ki off the top rope with a dragon screw leg whip. Homicide goes back to the STF looking for a submission but isn’t able to get a tap out from Ki. Ki counters a sunset flip attempt with a double stomp. Homicide counters a clothesline with an ace crusher. Ki comes back with an ace crusher and plants Homicide with the Ki Krusher but only manages a near fall! Ki dropkicks Homicide into the corner and signals for the end. Ki goes to the top but misses the double stomp! Homicide connects with the Cop Killa but Ki somehow kicks out at two. Homicide locks in the STF and drags Ki to the middle of the ring. Homicide manages to get a submission out of Ki to win the championship! (***. Honestly, when is the last time someone tapped out to an STF? I can’t remember. It made sense considering the constant leg work by Homicide, but it just felt like a flat finish, again. It’s a lengthy main event and it’s a solid match but with all the hype that the fans demanded this match and it’s a highly anticipated match, it just felt a little underwhelming to me.) After the match, BLKOUT comes out and attacks Homicide. Hernandez and B-Boy come out to make the save brawling with the BLKOUT crew. Hernandez tosses Slyck across the ring. Hernandez power bombs Kingston. Hernandez tosses Ruckus overhead and over the top rope onto other BLKOUT members. Hernandez takes everyone out with a dive over the top to the floor. Homicide plants Sabian with a Cop Killa.

The show isn’t over as BLKOUT gets a shot at Homicide where if any of them win they win the JAPW Heavyweight Championship or JAPW Tag Team Championship. But, if they lose then they are out of JAPW.

Main Event: JAPW Tag Team Champions LAX (Hernandez & Homicde), JAPW Heavyweight Champion Low Ki & B-Boy vs. BLKOUT (Eddie Kingston, Joker, Ruckus, Sabian & Slyck Wagner Brown) in a handicap match with both titles on the line: Hernandez works over Kingston on the floor with chops. The lights go out and Teddy Hart appears in the ring behind Homicide! Hart plants Homicide with a DDT! Hart goes to the top and hits the Hart Attack! Hart puts Ki on top of Homicide and Ki wins the JAPW Heavyweight Championship.

Backstage, Teddy Hart says that he owes Homicide big time for trying to end his career. Hart tells the fans to bring their diapers because he wouldn’t be surprised if someone shits themselves.

Final Thoughts:
There is some quality wrestling on here. It’s a star studded show for sure and I enjoyed the show for the most part. The ending with the return of Teddy Hart is interesting but the two quick title changes going back to Low Ki is kind of bizarre. I’ll give it a mild thumbs up since there isn’t anything must-see, but there is good wrestling throughout and it was a fine viewing experience.

Thanks for reading.

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