NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #66 10/15/2003

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action Weekly PPV #65
From: Nashville, Tennessee

Mike Tenay and Don West are at ringside talking about Hulk Hogan’s return to Japan where he wrestled at the Tokyo Dome and was attacked by Jeff Jarrett.

Backstage, Raven is dragging Father James Mitchell into the arena by a chain. Slash and Vampiro rundown to make the save. Slash ends up hitting an elbow drop with a chain wrapped around his elbow to put Raven through a table. Julio Dinero and CM Punk make the save but it is far too late.

Backstage, Vince Russo is apparently weaseling his way out of the six man tag match that is coming up next. AJ Styles tells Russo to not do anything stupid next week for the title match. Russo assures him he won’t, but Styles doesn’t have a look like he trusts him.

Opening Contest: Legend, Ekmo & Sonny Siaki vs. America’s Most Wanted & Dusty Rhodes: Harris and Siaki kick off the tag match that is until Dusty tags in and drops Siaki with an elbow strike. Rhodes hammers away on Siaki and plays to the crowd. Storm gets tagged in and along with Harris they both deliver elbow strikes off the middle rope a few times. Siaki stops Storm with a knee and tosses Storm to floor where Storm avoids Ekmo and backdrops Siaki onto Ekmo. Harris backdrops Storm over the top to take all three opponents out. Ekmo yanks down the ropes and Harris crashes to the floor where Siaki delivers a super kick. Legend works over Harris briefly before tagging in Ekmo. Ekmo power slams Harris and delivers a fist drop for a two count. Siaki enters and drops Harris with a swinging neck breaker for a near fall. Sonny rams Harris into the corner but Harris fights out with strikes and a sunset flip on Siaki but Ekmo tagged in and clubs Harris from behind. Ekmo leg drops Harris for a two count as Storm broke up the pin attempt. Legend enters and takes Harris over with an overhead suplex. Harris takes Legend out with a leaping clothesline.

Storm gets the hot tag and drops Legend with a clothesline and dropkicks Ekmo. Storm tosses Siaki with an overhead suplex. All six men are in the ring brawling at this point. Dusty is jabbing Legend in the corner and Siaki turns around to be met with an elbow. Ekmo suffers the same fate and Dusty takes Legend down but is decked by Ekmo from behind. Ekmo goes to the top but is shoved off by AMW. Ekmo gets met with a double spear by AMW. Dusty is left in the ring with Legend but Dusty fights him off. Legend is all alone as AMW hits the Death Sentence for the win. (*1/2. Not as horrible as the rating may make it appear, but it would have been better served as just a Texas tornado match or something since the rules were tossed out anyway.)

A video promoting Shane Douglas looking for someone to be the next Franchise is aired.

Backstage, NWA-TNA X-Division Champion Michael Shane says that if he beats Christopher Daniels tonight then he will prove he doesn’t have any competition in TNA.

Second Contest: NWA-TNA X-Division Champion Michael Shane vs. Christopher Daniels: Early on, Daniels hammers away on Shane in the corner but an eye poke stops him. Daniels yanks Shane down by his hair but a kick to the gut by Shane gives the champ some momentum. Shane stomps on Daniels but Daniels chops Shane. Daniels hits a leg lariat for a two count. We see Shane Douglas in the crowd scouting the match. Daniels sends Shane to the floor and slides out where Shane rams Daniels into the apron face first. Shane takes Daniels out with a somersault dive on the aisle way. Daniels takes Shane out with a moonsault on the outside! Daniels clotheslines Shane in the corner but runs into a big boot. Shane tosses Daniels shoulder first into the ring post. Shane hammers away on Daniels and controls Daniels with a short arm shoulder block. Daniels counters a suplex and hits a springboard moonsault for a near fall. Shane comes off the ropes to hit a forearm smash but Daniels kicks out at two on the cover attempt. Shane puts a sleeper on Daniels but Daniels counters with a sleeper of his own. They both go down as they attempted clotheslines at the same time. Shane goes to the top but Daniels runs the ropes to hit an overhead suplex. Daniels runs over Shane with clotheslines and a kick to the head. Daniels slams Shane with a side slam and hits the Best Moonsault Ever nearly getting a three count on the cover. Shane avoids Last Rites by hooking on the ropes and almost pins Daniels with a rollup. Shane sets up for the super kick but Daniels leg sweeps Shane and almost wins the match. Daniels gets out of a tilt a whirl and hits the Angels Wings! Daniels has the cover but Shane pops his shoulder up at two! Shane stops Daniels with a low blow and gets the championship but one of Daniels followers stops him. Daniels has Shane but Shane kicks out and Daniels goes face first into the follower with the championship! Shane super kicks Daniels and wins the match. (**1/2. It picked up towards the end and the finish is actually something I liked as it protects Daniels and gives Shane another good win. I’ll assume the followers are going away soon, though.) After the match, Shane takes out the followers as Chris Sabin enters the ring and sends Shane to the floor.

Footage of Hulk Hogan pinning Masa Chono at a NJPW show at the Tokyo Dome on October 13th. We see an interview where Hogan said he wanted to be NWA Champion and IWGP Champion. At that point, Jeff Jarrett came into the scene and attacked Hogan with a steel chair. So, just we are clear… Jarrett is for sure heel now and is chasing after heel AJ Styles for the NWA World Championship.

Jeff Jarrett comes down for an interview with Mike Tenay. Jarrett says that Vince Russo beat him for the NWA-TNA World Championship and not AJ Styles. His main focus was to get Russo out of the equation and then he’d get his rematch. Jarrett mentions he has overcome every obstacle that Russo has thrown at him. He has become an icon in wrestling since he is a self-serving son a bitch. Jarrett went to Japan and attacked the man who is the most self-serving man in the business. Jarrett brought TNA to Hogan since he heard they were in talks. Russo runs into the ring and attacks Jarrett leading a brawl. Jarrett hit Russo with a trash can several times while screaming that it is over. Ekmo and Legend made the save while AJ Styles entered the ring but didn’t do anything.

Backstage, Kevin Northcutt destroys a Roddy Piper interview. He also says he is going to teach Erik Watts a lesson in respect.

Third Contest: Erik Watts vs. Kevin Northcutt: They trade several punches until Northcutt got the advantage. Watts shows off his skills by hitting a standing hurricanrana. They go to the floor where Watts tosses Northcutt into the guard railing back first. During the match, Russo has been put into an ambulance. Watts takes Northcutt down with a Thez Press but that was short lived. Northcutt controls Watts with a neck breaker and a pump handle overhead slam for a near fall. Northcutt drops a leg across Watt’s throat over the bottom rope. Northcutt turns Watts inside out with a clothesline. Watts delivers a running elbow strike and plants Northcutt with a choke slam. Watts knocks Ryan Wilson off the apron but Northcutt has something in his hand. Northcutt decks Watts with it and wins the match. It was a pair of handcuffs, apparently. (*. Uh, who cares about this? I sure don’t. If this was a regular TV show, this is the match you’d switch channels on.) After the match, Ryan Wilson takes out security because he’s big and mean. That is until Don Harris enters the ring and cleans house with clotheslines. Goldylocks is in the ring and checks on Watts.

Oh, Bound For Glory is scheduled to take place on November 30th.

Fourth Contest: Sonjay Dutt & Eric Young vs. Jerrelle Clark & El Fuego: This is essentially tryouts for the men involved but Tenay says it’s an example of the open door policy. Clark and Dutt kick off the match with Clark hitting a hurricanrana. Dutt connects with a head scissors and a few dropkicks. Young and Fuego get tagged in to try their luck in the action. Fuego yanks on Young’s arm but Young gets out of it with a dropkick. Fuego works over Young with chops in the corner but Young goes to the apron and slides in to hit a belly to belly suplex. Clark drops Young’s arm across the top rope and Fuego delivers an arm breaker. Clark tags in and uses Fuego to hit a Slice Bread on Young. Clark hits a pump handle suplex followed by a handspring twisting splash. Young gets both Clark and Fuego on his shoulders to hit a double Death Valley Driver! Dutt can’t get the tag as Fuego decks Dutt off the apron. Young does get the tag and Dutt hits a missile dropkick. Dutt hits a slingshot hurricanrana on Clark and a tornado DDT on Fuego. Clark trips Dutt while Young hits a swinging neck breaker on Fuego on the floor. Clark takes Young out with a spring moonsault on the floor. Fuego dives over the top to take them out with a suicide dive. Dutt hits a twisting cross body to take everyone out on the floor. Clark sets Young up for the 630 in the ring and hits the move! Dutt enters and breaks up the pin attempt. Dutt drops Clark with a neck breaker but Fuego gets involved and puts Dutt on the top rope. Dutt elbows Fuego and hits the Hindu Press for the win. (***. Well, that was entertaining since it was basically just a spot fest. Clark, Dutt and Young impressed and obviously the three would be used for several years after this.)

Backstage, Kevin Northcutt tells Kid Kash that Don Callis is on the phone and wants to talk to Kash. Kash does what he wants and people need to ask him. Kash is also confident that he is going to beat a giant tonight.

Fifth Contest: NWA-TNA World Tag Team Champions Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger vs. Danny Doring & Roadkill in a non-title match: Doring and Swinger kick off the match. Diamond knees Doring from the apron but Doring fights out of the corner but that causes all four men to brawl in the ring. Roadkill splashes the champs in the corner to get the early control. Doring takes out Swinger and Diamond with a top rope cross body to the floor. Roadkill goes for the same but misses and hits the railing instead. Doring fights off the champs again by hammering away on Swinger. Diamond drops Doring throat first across the top rope. The champs hit a side slam/reverse DDT combo on Doring for a two count. Diamond controls Doring with the Simon Series for a near fall on Doring. Diamond catches Doring in the corner attempting a double leg slam but Doring counters with a double arm DDT. Roadkill gets the tag and drops the champs with clotheslines a few times. Roadkill plants Swinger with a side slam. Roadkill drives Diamond down with a side slam, as well. Doring gets involved ducking a clothesline and Roadkill comes off the top to hit a double clothesline for a near fall. Roadkill power slams Diamond and Doring comes off the top to hit a leg drop. Roadkill loses his footing on the top and drops down thanks to Swinger. AMW prevents Glenn Gilbertti from getting involved. Swinger has a full nelson on Doring, but Doring gets out and rolls Swinger up to get the upset win. (**. Doring and Roadkill looked good, but the ending seemed to be a little lost and confusing for the people involved.)

Backstage, Raven tells Julio Dinero and CM Punk that he needs to do this on his own.

Sixth Contest: Abyss vs. Kid Kash: Abyss yanks Kash down by the arm but misses a splash in the corner. Abyss shoves Kash away in the corner a few times but misses a clothesline. Kash bails to the floor and runs before returning to the ring and slaps Abyss. Back on the floor, Abyss no sells a chair shot. Back in the ring, Abyss press slams Kash down to the mat gut first. Abyss connects with an overhead suplex. Abyss drops Kash gut first to the canvas out of the corner. Kash pokes Abyss in the eyes and chops the big man a few times. Abyss power slams Kash and goes to the middle rope but misses a splash. Abyss stops Kash on the top hitting a power bomb. The referee gets poked in the eye allowing Kash to go under the ring and gets a chair. Kash whacks Abyss with a chair over the head a few times. Kash hits the Smash Mouth but Abyss tosses Kash off at two. Abyss big boots the chair into Kash’s face. Kash gets out of the Shock Treatment but Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam for the win. (*1/2. That’t not a surprise at all that Abyss would go over.) After the match, Kash avoids a chair shot and throws powder into Abyss’s face. Kash uses the chair on Abyss and delivers a low blow. Abyss ducks a kick and plants Kash with the Shock Treatment.

Backstage, Glenn Gilbertti, Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger are pissed that they got robbed tonight. Gilbertti says that if AMW wants to play games then they need to bring it on. He has a new team for AMW to wrestle next week.

Main Event: CM Punk & Julio Dinero vs. Slash & Vampiro: Dinero goes after Slash on the floor while Punk deals with Vampiro in the ring. Vampiro slams Punk while Dinero DDTs Slash on the floor. Punk hits a hurricanrana on Vampiro and they go to the floor to brawl. In the ring, Dinero runs into a big boot but plants Slash with an ace crusher in midair as Slash came off the middle rope. Vampiro pushes Punk off the top rope and Slash sends Dinero over the top to the floor. Punk has been busted wide open is met with head butts by Vampiro several times. Slash works over Punk in the corner with strikes. Vampiro and Dinero get the tags with Dinero knocking them down with right hands and a spin kick on Vampiro. Dinero hits a full nelson slam on Slash but the referee was distracted. Vampiro slams Dinero but misses a twisting senton. Dinero kicks Vampiro to the floor and puts Slash on his shoulders. Punk hits a springboard blockbuster! The referee is distracted as they attempted a pin. Vampiro spits something into Dinero’s face and hits the Nail in the Coffin for the win. (*1/2. This lacked any sense of rules, and I don’t know why they don’t just make these matches street fights.) After the match, Raven runs in and makes the save for his men. Raven takes Vampiro down and hammers away on him. Raven hits a bulldog/clothesline combo and sends Slash over the top to the floor. Raven chases after Father James Mitchell and gets his hands on Mitchell but they go to the back with Vampiro on top of Raven.

Jimmy Hart called in and warned Jeff Jarrett that Hulk Hogan is on the way to battle Jeff Jarrett making sure that Jarrett doesn’t get away with what he did in Japan.

To close the show, Jeff Jarrett enters the ring to talk about his focus on getting the title back and taking people out who are in his way. AJ Styles runs down and has a brawl with Jarrett to close the program.

Final Thoughts:
Action wise this felt like a filler week considering next weeks show is a loaded one. There isn’t anything on here that really kept my interest, though the “open door” tag match was exciting just because it was a spot fest. I’m looking forward to the big show next week, though.

Thanks for reading.

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