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Girlfriend Watches: WCW UnCensored ’95

So, I have managed to get my girlfriend (Carly) interested in professional wrestling. She enjoys the action and characters and the whole deal. At least she does for now. I suggested that we go back and watch some old stuff and I figured why not document her reaction/thoughts. Lets see how this experiment goes.

There were several shows to choose from and I decided to go with an all-time classic… WCW UnCensored ’95. The full card/results for the show are as follows,

1.) Blacktop Bully defeated Dustin Rhodes in a King Of The Road Match
2.) Meng defeated Jim Duggan in a Marital Arts Match
3.) Johnny B. Badd defeated WCW Television Champion Arn Anderson in a non-title boxing match
4.) Randy Savage defeated Avalanche by disqualification
5.) Big Bubba Rogers defeated Sting
6.) The Nasty Boys defeated WCW Tag Team Champions Harlem Heat in a non-title Falls Count Anywhere Match
7.) WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan fought Vader to a no contest in a strap match to retain the title

Carly’s Thoughts/Reaction:
– Just at the opening video, “I already like this better. It seems more violent, less talking.”
– Hulk Hogan in ’95, “look how young he is.” During a video of the Renegade, she wondered if he was fake. “He looks like a wax figure.”
– Immediate laughter when she realized that Dustin and Bully would be wrestling in the back of a truck. “The guy in red (Blacktop Bully) looks like Charles Bronson.” – She does like that the moving of the truck would create some difficulty. “Could you see John Cena doing this?” She notes, just like Bobby Heenan that they completely run a stop sign during the match. When I tell her that this show is in Tulepo, MS, she says “Oh, that explains it.” She’d laugh if one of them got sick if they got car sick. “It just looks like to drunk guys trying to fight.”
– When Dustin crotches Bully over the top of the truck she yells out “NUT CRUNCHER! You can’t tell me that wouldn’t hurt!”
– At first she thought it was fun, but it got repetitive. The match could have been shortened in half.

Charles Bronson… looks like Blacktop Bully? 

– During the Arn Anderson’s promo, Carly wonders how Meng can see, but doesn’t realize that Meng has his back to the camera. “He looks like he should be guarding the Great Wall Of China” – statement on Meng. She is baffled as to how Parker, Meng and Anderson are a group, citing they are the most random group of men to paired together.
– Carly is offended that Duggan would mock bow Meng saying that he doesn’t represent America in the right way.
– Sonny Ono, the referee, is too strict for her taste for a show that has no rules. “I thought this show had NO RULES? It’s Uncensored.”
– Duggan’s beer belly prompts a “Now, that’s American.”
– She found the match was little boring. Mainly, because it was mostly brawling. “You probably started me on the flips and crap too early.”

Arn Anderson, a man in denial about his baldness, according to Carly.

– Upon seeing Johnny B. Badd “UGH, look at that mullet! Yuck! My eyes are bleeding.”
– She thought it was hilarious that Arn Anderson talked to his reflection in his car window during his video package.
– Since Anderson is balding she wonders why he just doesn’t shave his hair off. “Poor little guy is trying to hang on to what he has left.”
– Anderson is getting dominated and Carly’s quite annoyed that it’s not competitive. “I hope Arn doesn’t win since Johnny has been doing all the work.”
– She likes that Anderson broke the rules and hit a DDT on Johnny during the break period. “Now that’s wrestling, I like that.”
– When the bucket was put over Arn’s head and knocked out by Badd with a left hand, she though that was funny.
– She’s not a huge boxing fan, but enjoyed the wrestling aspects that the match had. She was impressed with what Anderson showed her in the match.

– “He seems like he is addicted to cocaine or something” – Carly when she sees Randy Savage during his interview segment before his match.
– She wants me to get his ring jacket for her birthday as she likes his entire wardrobe.
– During the entrance for Avalanche Carly lets out a “OH… OH MY!”
– Carly can see Avalanche being Bray Wyatt’s father. “Ya know, in the face.”
– When Avalanche and Savage go to the floor, she angrily lets me know that she wants front row seats next time we go to a show.
– After a sit down splash by Avalanche… “He just tea bagged him. He literally just had balls in his face.”
– Carly really likes the piledriver move and whispers “piledrive him” a few times during the match.
– When a female comes through the crowd to attack Savage… “Who’s that bitch?!” It takes a moment for her to say, “That’s staged.” She notes that the female has a mean slap.
– When it’s revealed the woman is Ric Flair, she notes that whomever did his hair did a bad job. “You’re wearing a skirt, nobody is taking you seriously, Flair.”
– She liked some twists and turns that she wasn’t expecting. She enjoyed Ric Flair in drag and thought it was action packed, for the most part.

Ric Flair dressed in drag.

– During a promo with Sister Sherri and Harlem Heat… “There’s no way that’s their sister. They need to get a paternity test.”
– Carly feels like Sting and other guys just got done doing a line of cocaine with their excitement in their interviews. “They’re just so loud.”
– “If I saw him walking down the street I never would think he’s a wrestler. He’s pudgy. – During the entrance of Big Bubba Rogers.
– “Doesn’t he look like Lady Gaga when she was crazy? When she wore face paint.” – In reference to Sting’s appearance. She likes Sting, though. He’s athletic.
– “Why is Big Bubba Rogers dressed like a 1940s detective?”
– She likes when you can hear people taking smack in the ring because “it feels more real.”
– When Bobby Heenan cracked a line stating “Don’t worry Bubba, Sting won’t be able to sue you. Because, he won’t have a leg to stand on.” That got a huge laugh. She likes Bobby Heenan!
– “Come on buddy, you can beat this asshole.” The supportive words towards Sting battling Big Bubba Rogers.
– “He botched that.” Big Bubba slipping off the top rope.
– “Sting looks like a Ken Doll from Toy Story.”
– “NOOOOOOOO! UGHHHHH” When Big Bubba picks up the victory. She thought that was stupid.
– She enjoyed the match.

Big Bubba Rogers, not an intimidating wrestler.

– Upon telling Carly that Hogan will be wrestling Vader, she can only picture Darth Vader as his opponent.
– She’s not liking the Nasty Boys finding them to be nasty. “They literally look like they came out of the trash can.”
– Despite the Nasty Boys being the good guys, she is totally behind Harlem Heat to win the match.
– “That crosses so many lines.” After Sherri got sent into Jerry Sags armpit face first.
– Once they get to the concession stand and begin to fight and slip, she cracks up from that scene.
– She can’t believe that Bobby Heenan doesn’t know what a funnel cake is.
– After hearing the Nasty Boys won the match, she again though that was bull crap.
– Despite being appalled by the Nasty Boys, she enjoyed it since they went out of the ring. “I don’t like the Nasty Boys. Don’t show me them again, please.”

The Nasty Boys, two guys Carly never wants to see ever again. Sadly, she will.

– She can’t take Ric Flair serious since he has red nail polish and eye liner on.
– She likes that there are video packages before each match instead of the constant talking that we get in the current day (2017).
– “I mean, I’m not really listening to what their saying, but it’s all the same thing, anyway.”
– “He doesn’t have a neck. Don’t put that.” – During Vader’s entrance.
– “Ric Flair looks like Draco Malfoy, doesn’t he?”
– “Oh he looks crazy, I love it.” The debut of the Renegade…
– “He looks like he could be a member of the band Queen.” Opinion of Renegade…
– “What is with all this male pattern baldness in this?”
– “You can hit him harder than that Hulk, come on!” After Hogan hit Vader with a few weak chair shots.
– The visual of Hogan dragging Ric Flair around the ring was comical.
– She liked the main event, but there wasn’t a conclusion. It just kind of ended. – The masked man revealing to be Randy Savage and not Arn Anderson, was cool, too.

Final Thoughts:
6/10 for the show overall as she found it to be entertaining as the show had some different twists. They weren’t afraid to take chances while in todays wrestling they are pretty much by the book.

That’s Carly’s experience with WCW UnCensored ’95, what’s your opinion on the show?

Feel free to leave suggestions for future installments!

Thanks for reading.

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