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Girlfriend Watches: NXT Takeover: Chicago

This time around for Girlfriend Watches, Carly sits down and watches some current day wrestling, but it’s the NXT brand! She has watched RAW and Smackdown, but not NXT!

It came as a surprise that she wanted to watch NXT. I’ve mentioned it a few times in the last week or so and she commented that I should show her some NXT stuff late on Saturday night. So, I went to the last Takeover show that NXT had, and it was one that I hadn’t viewed yet. Lets see what her reaction is to the NXT brand, shall we?

As Carly would say.. “EW!”

– Pete Dunne got an “Ew” reaction when he was angry in the opening showing his mouth guard. She thinks he has crazy in his eyes.
– She can already tell that the NXT guys seem to have more character than the WWE guys.

– Sanity coming out got an “Oh My”. She thinks they are similar to the Wyatt Family.
– She thinks that these guys would be holding a gun at the door if you were to knock and ask “What do you want, boy?”
– Roderick Strong looks very familiar to Ryan Reynolds. She also likes Nigel McGuiness on commentary.
– “There wasn’t any talking. I like it.”
– She knows that Eric Young’s guys on the floor are going to get involved in some way.
– Strong hitting a knee lift on Young while Young was on the apron was cool.
– When Strong gets ran over with a cross body, “I knew it!”
– Alexander Wolfe looks like Sloth from the Goonies.
– Strong hitting a dropkick as Young came off the middle rope was nice. She really likes dropkicks.
– She’s appearing to be really into Roderick Strong.
– “How has there not been a nut slip?”
– She feels like this has been a good match with a lot of action.
– “Eric Young looks old.”
– She really thinks that Young is a white trash character.
– The finish was impressive with Strong hitting vertical suplex turned into a back breaker.
– Strong looks like a college kid that was in a Jewish fraternity. Who also had a booty call named Britney.
– She enjoyed the first match and was surprised it would be the start of the show.

– Tyler Bate looks a lot like Jack Gallagher.
– “Wouldn’t it be funny if his name was Master Bater?” I feel like she’d get along with Vince Russo, bro.
– “Oh boy, here comes an Alabama fan.” Carly upon seeing Jim Ross, who had an Oklahoma logo on the screen for his entrance.

Carly’s new favorite wrestler, Tyler Bate.

– She thinks it’s weird that you can see Dunne’s breasts, but not his nipples. She is getting creeped out by his appearance.
– For the third time now, she has stated that Tyler Bate is cute or attractive. I might not show her another Bate match.
– The match feels very scripted to her as they exchange mat holds in the opening minute of the match. She likes the American style better than British wrestling, which she says after it’s noted that it’s a different style by Ross.
– “Why didn’t he do a body splash off the top?” When Bate just rolled to the floor instead of diving like she’s grown accustomed to seeing.
– “He’s wearing school girl socks!” Carly judging the attire that Dunne chose.
– She liked the suplex onto the apron by Dunne.
– Dunne pulling down on Bate’s fingers concerns her.
– She’s heavily behind Bate wanting him to take out Dunne.
– She’s yelling for a dropkick.
– On a kick out after a German suplex, she notes that Dunne was looking at the referee waiting to kick out at the right time.
Dunne looks orange to her as he had a triangle choke on Bate. “He looks like a Cheeto!”
– She was impressed by the airplane spin by Bate and was surprised when Dunne kicked out. “They both have to be dizzy after that.”
– “Gentleman Jack better win.” I tell her it’s Tyler Bate… “You know what I meant!”
– She insists that Dunne didn’t use self tanner correctly resulting in his orange skin.
– “I like Tyler’s body. He’s got a nice bod.”
– They are doing an excellent job of making her believe the match is over, but when they kick out she’s shocked.
– Bate countering a pump handle with a DDT was really cool. Whenever they slow down she demands they keep going and quit stalling.
– She hates when they roll out of the ring. Dunne rolled out after a Spiral Tap by Bate.
– “If he loses I’m going to be ticked. I won’t watch anymore.”
– Three-seconds later, Dunne wins. “I knew it. Bullshit! Bullshit!”
– She thought the match was bullshit as Dunne shouldn’t have won. Aside from that, it was fine. The knuckle twisting was lame.
– Dunne shouldn’t have the championship in his mouth because it’s not sanitary. (She’s aware of what Paige did to the Women’s Championship.)
– She thinks that Neville would demolish both guys like little bugs. Carly thinks that Dunne is trying to be like Neville with his creepy demeanor.

I don’t think this will help. Carly is always gonna hate Kevin Owens.

– “I hate Kevin Owens, did you know that?” Every time he appears on TV she says that.
– Carly is reminded of Randy Orton upon seeing Bobby Roode.
– Ruby Riot looks like Paige and Nikki Cross looks mentally unable. Asuka looks like a Manga character, without the gigantic tits.
– When she notices that Cross is with Sanity, it explains why she looks mentally unstable.
– She thinks that Nikki could have killed a former boyfriend by ripping out his jugular.
– Asuka looks like a fucked up Japanese ghost. “They have weird horror stories over there. I like that coat, though.”
– Ruby Riot looks like she should be doing roller derby.
– She was not impressed by a weak rollup attempt by Riot on Asuka.
– Carly’s not a fan of one leg in pants and another leg not in pants look that Riot has going on.
– “Nikki Cross isn’t really skinny, I like that. She’s got a full figure.”
– She’s not impressed by Riot or Cross and thinks that Asuka is the only good one of the three.
– “So far, I’m not impressed by NXT’s women.”
– “When does the Shane McMahon surprise come?” She liked him after seeing his match with AJ Styles. Totally off-topic, I know.
– “Marry, Fuck, Kill?” Is what she asks. She wants everyone to put their answers!
– Asuka’s hair is the exact shades of cotton candy color you’d find at a baseball game.
– “When I make it to NXT I’m not gonna stall. I’m gonna be on these bitches like white on rice!” She has thought of a character for her future career.
– She thought it was cool when Nikki trapped Asuka in the ring apron and pummeled her with right hands. “I haven’t seen that before!”
– Nikki not going for the pin again after Riot broke up the pin and remained over Asuka was quite annoying to Carly.
– “Turn on that Japanese rage, bitch!” As Asuka starts to get a second wind.
– She thought the finish was too easy and really lame. Nikki should have won since she kicked ass towards the end.
– She just doesn’t really care for women’s wrestling and appreciates that these girls have more character. Meanwhile on the main roster there isn’t much character. She likes that these girls had some personality attached to them.

– She assumes that Itami and Roode should be good since it has been heavily hyped on the show.
– “Well, Nakamura is already on the show so they don’t need another Japanese guy. That sounds racist, but it’s true.” She doesn’t think Itami will make the main roster if Nakamura is on the main roster.
– “Why is he in his bathrobe? I think he has a robe like that at home because he thinks he’s hot shit.” Carly thinks that Roode believes he is God’s gift to mankind and doesn’t call his mother often enough. Either that, or he calls his mother three times a day and she tells him how great he is.
– Carly finds it dumb that he spells Roode differently than how Rick Rude does.
– “Oh my God why is his entrance like million years long? Wrap it up man!”
– “He better be good.” Carly has high expectations for Roode now.
– Just from his entrance, she doesn’t like Roode at all. She’d punch Roode in the face.
– She doesn’t find Roode to be attractive and is annoyed that Roode thinks he is hot shit.
– “I doubt he’s married.” Carly doesn’t think a woman has fallen for Roode.
– After looking up that Roode has three sons and a wife, she is confused that all his sons don’t have a first name starting with R. “What happened to Nicholas?!” That’s the only son not with an R first letter. (Robert III and Riley)
– She’s supporting Itami to win this match. Roode’s only redeeming quality is that he is Canadian because “all Canadians are nice.”
– She’s not impressed by these guys after thirty-seconds. “I like when it starts off with a bang.”
– Roode seems like the type of guy who would say, “’Nobody makes me bleed my own blood’ if he were to start bleeding from his lip.”
– Itami has “a little Japanese tootsie roll for a penis. Look, it’s not even there!” – She mentions the stereotype for Asian men.
– Itami delivers a nice bitch slap to Roode. “Make him your bitch, man!”
– Carly’s not buying Roode hurting his shoulder after hitting the ring post. “What a fake injury!”
– She’s surprised by how slow of a pace the match has been. It is also what bugs her about Roman Reigns’ matches.
– She notes that Roode was delayed in selling after his shoulder was sent into the ring steps. “He was probably like… is this the shoulder?”
– “Look he has a big booger in his nose! It’s still on his face!” Roode wiped his face and a huge booger came out. It was gross.

– The referee tells Roode to wipe his nose and Carly chuckled as he realized that’s exactly what he did.
– She thought it was just okay. Not her favorite match she ever watched. It did get better as the match went along. Not a fan of the fake injury angles.
– She likes the NXT Heavyweight Championship belt as it has a big X on it.

– Carly is confident that Randy Orton is going to beat Jinder Mahal next time they fight. When I tell her they fight tomorrow night, she says, “Mark my words, Randy wins.”
– Kevin Owens is shown in the crowd and she wants him thrown out of the arena.
– She has a friend named Pat Patterson. “Oh look at the ginger boy on the left! See, that’s Sami Zayn, I’m making a joke!”
– Authors of Pain are the Samoa Joe/Usos, “I’m so mean!”
– If Carly was running the show, she’d have two referees in a tag match and have them start arguing and then have a match inside a match. That would be her surprise for the show.

– Authors of Pain look like executioners. “See, body is the Usos and the face is Samoa Joe!” She likes their outfits.
– She isn’t impressed by the names of Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano. “You’d think they would have better names. Those names suck!”
– DIY look like they should be stretching for a bike ride and not a wrestling match.
– Carly mentions every time they go to the floor to get a prop they know exactly where to find what they are looking for.
– Gargano hitting a suicide dive through the opening of the ladder was nice.
– She’d laugh if the ladder crumbled when the Authors of Pain climbed it.
– She wanted a piledriver off the apron onto ladders, but the power bomb try was avoided by DIY.
– “That’s what the Hardy Boys do. That’s what Jeff did.” When DIY leap off the ladder onto the champs on other ladders. She thinks we’ll see the same spot on the MITB pay per view.
– She loves wrestling fans. That was stated when they were booing when the champs would hit but cheering when DIY delivered a punch.
– “That’s not fair!” When Paul Ellering entered the ring, but she liked when he got kicked by Johnny.
– She enjoys ladder matches.
– “That looked like it fucking hurt!” When Gargano got drilled by a ladder after saving Ciampa from the move.
– She notices the ladder is wooden after the German suplex by Ciampa through the ladder.
– “What happens if they break all the ladders? How do they get up there?”
– “That’s so dumb! That’s so annoying!” When the Authors of Pain win the match as Carly thought the “little bike riders should have won.”
– The match was good, but again she’s pissed off because Gargano and Ciampa should have won.
– “Why am I getting emotionally invested in these guys? The cheaters always win!”

– Carly thinks Paul Ellering is weak for still selling just one kick he had gotten earlier in the match.
– “Oh please don’t have a speech.” As DIY is standing in the ring as fans cheered them. “Your dreams have ended, try again next time.”
– “Oh snap!” Her jaw dropped when Ciampa turned on Gargano. She hates conflict and doesn’t know why they can’t be friends.
– “Is this going to happen to Big Cass and Enzo?”
– “Oh, he’s the worst!” Carly’s opinion on Ciampa after the heel turn.
– She doesn’t understand why the referees are there after the match.
– The referees are so useless.
– She found it weird that Gargano had his head laying on Ciampa’s body.
– “He’s stuck in an abusive relationship. He needs help getting out.”
– Ciampa diving off the announcers table through tables got a good reaction. She has a smile on her face after watching this beating.
– She chants “asshole” with the rest of the fans.

Carly’s Final Thoughts:
The show was good. There was a lot of variation and the matches were quality ones. She wasn’t expecting the Authors of Pain to win their match. She was also surprised by the DIY split since they seemed really tight. She also liked Dunne and Bate and the opener. She doesn’t mind the NXT guys but can see how some of the WWE guys are better. She could see Jinder Mahal competing in the NXT level, where he should stay. She gave it a seven because the girl match was dumb. She thinks that one on one matches with women aren’t as exciting and that three or four women matches are more entertaining. Largely, because they don’t have the bodies or physicality. She wants to like the girl wrestlers but they don’t have the ability that the men do.

Final Grade: 7/10

That’s Carly’s first exposure to NXT and it appears that she enjoyed what she saw. What did you think of NXT Takeover: Chicago?

Carly’s Watching History:
WCW UnCensored 1995: 6/10
WWF King of the Ring 1996: 8/10
WWF SNME #21: 8/10
NXT Takeover: Chicago: 7/10

Thanks for reading.

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