WCW Thunder 3/7/2001

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Let’s get rolling and kill off WCW.

They show DDP and Steiner fighting in the back after Nitro went off the air. Steiner had the upperhand until Cat hit him with a chair….

Match 1: Three Count v. Scotty O. and Jason B.

Evan is taking it to either O or B. Sorry I gotta get my head in the game. Good match. It has been going on for nearly seven minutes and I have slacked. Evan hits a 450 but the save is made. Now Evan is doubled up but he sends on flying over the top corner! Scotty O is grabbed and finished by Moore with a big guillotine legdrop.

*** Fun opener.

Here comes the Big Bad Booty Daddy! He has a mic. He goes off on how white trash DDP is. He goes over all the people he has taken out. He pauses to get his bearings again before saying he will solidify that he is the greatest champ ever. Cat saved DDP on Monday and stuck his nose in his business. He rants for a bit. Here comes the Cat. Cat accepts and he is going to give him a drive by ass whoopin’ and Steiner replies that it will be a cold day in hell before Cat beats him. Cat tells him to not have a heart attack as the match is on. DDP is in the crowd and he will haunt DDP up until the match. Rick tries to ambush him but Morrus makes the save and fight ensues.

Match 2: Norman Smiley v. Sean Stasiak

Stasiak has a bunch of pictures of himself and Norman knocks them out of his hand and wiggles! Stasiak retreats to the floor, gets back in the ring and stomps the shit out of Norman until he is rolled up and nearly pinned. Norman and Sean go back and forth for the next couple of minutes. They slap each others chest over and over. Sean pops him, slams him and slowly heads up top where he gets all boot. They both go off the ropes, collide and now Norman goes off with some atomic drops, a slap to the head. He trips him into the ropes and it is Wiggle time! But Stasiak finishes him off.

**1/2 Pretty good. I would rather see Norman win.

Great, Stasiak has the mic. This is our brush with greatness tonight and he rambles some more.

MI Smooth is out by his limo. Kanyon is mad at him for ratting him out. Smooth takes him down, chuckles and starts to leave. The limo is upended by a forklift and Kanyon runs.

After the break Smooth is getting checked out.

Match 3: Elix Skipper v. Shane Helms

Helms takes him down, hammers him and then gives him a facebuster and neckbreaker. Skipper retreats to the floor. Helms heads after him, tosses him over the railing. He hammers him, rolls him back in and gets two. Another near fall after a gutwrench. Skipper comes back and spins him to the floor, works him over against the ropes. He gets two. Now Helms is returning the favor. Skipper comes back, and after some offense he gets two after a missile kick. Skipper hooks him but he is bridged off the suplex. Skipper kicks out and then he bridges a suplex and Helms barely kicks out. Helms lays him out and gets two. Now Skipper does the Matrix but he is caught and spun down. Skipper is hooked for the Vertabreaker and finished.

*** Not long enough. This should have been about five more minutes but it was damn good.

Kid Romeo runs down and plows into Helms beating him. Rey and Kidman run him off.

Match 4: Rick Steiner (c) v. Hugh Morrus

Rick hides behind the ref, shoves him out of the way and nuts Morrus who just collapses. Steiner drops an elbow and taunts him. Steiner takes his time in picking him apart. Morrus cannot gain any traction as Steiner keeps after him. He has been grounded most of the match. Steiner DDT’s him. Gets two and jaws with the ref. Morrus digs deep and slams Steiner getting two. He strikes with a running knee but after whipping Rick into the corner he runs into a lariat and is nearly pinned. Morrus tries to fight back but he is mowed over and finished.

**1/2 Good match.

Luger is in the ring discussing his accolades and how great he is. Palumbo got lucky etc. He calls him and Palumbo sprints out and the fight is on.

Match 5: Lex Luger v. Chuck Palumbo

Back and forth match. Luger takes charge, has him up in the Rack but is rolled up and pinned again.

*1/2 Angle advancement.

Konnan is talking about who is on whose side. He wants a piece of Awesome and Gump (Storm) too.

Match 6: Lance Storm v. Konnan

Storm brags about himself and it is Anthem time. Konnan comes out of the crowd. He lays waste to Storm, he inverts a DDT for two and then spikes him again for another near fall. The fight spills to the floor as Storm takes charge. He beats him on the floor and back in the ring. Konnan though after a couple minute beatdown mounts a comeback but is finished via the Maple Leaf.

** Konnan is kind of a jobber after a really brief push.

Morrus has to save him as Awesome comes down to help kick his ass.

Booker is talking about his knee issues and his return.

Match 7: Scott Steiner (c) v. Cat

Steiner needs to come out last. But it works here I guess as he dares Cat to get in the ring and when he does he kicks some ass. Cat tries to fight back but is booted and crushed with a belly to belly suplex. Steiner dominates the first couple of minutes. He does the usual push ups etc. Cat comes back with a flurry of kicks and elbows. But Steiener comes back with a suplex. Cat though kicks him back. Rick Steiner jogs down and Booker takes care of him. But Scotty finishes off the Cat.


Scotty had refused to break the Recliner but DDP and Booker force that but he is nutted and the troops come out and the faces are destroyed and we fade as DDP is put in the Recliner.

**** Great show. No filler, little nonsense minus the limo stuff. All wrestling. The PPV is looking good too.

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