MSW TV 12/17/1981

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Shreveport, Louisiana

1.) Brian Blair defeated Tom Renesto Jr.
2.) Paul Ellering defeated Don Serrano
3.) Louisiana Heavyweight Champion Junkyard Dog defeated Mike Boyer in a non-title match
4.) Bob Orton Jr. & Paul Orndorff defeated Carlos Zapata & The Monk
5.) Bob Roop defeated Mike George
6.) Ed Wiskoski defeated Mike Bond
7.) Iron Sheik defeated Frank Monte

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Boyd Pierce is on commentary with special guest North American Heavyweight Champion Ted DiBiase. DiBiase says that Paul Orndorff and Bob Roop have seem to find a counter to his figure four. He would never submit to a guy like Orndorff and would rather have his legs break.

2.) Blair won his squash match with a figure four leg lock, which is interesting with DiBiase on commentary. However, DiBiase just says that this proves that the hold works well.

3.) Paul Ellering is in the ring to cut a promo. He’s back from an injury that had him out for six months. He’s back to stay and not just play. Ellering is talking about $1,000 which is a reference to Iron Sheik’s iron club challenge. Ellering is challenging Sheik to a match. Paul’s promo style is just really goofy. Ellering won his squash match with a neck breaker.

4.) Roop backs George into the corner but simply backs away. George takes Roop down to the canvas wit a go behind takedown. Roop gets out of a headlock to put George in a full nelson but George quickly breaks free from that hold. Roop has the full nelson on George and rams him into the corner head first. George gets out and nearly pins Roop with a rollup. George blocks a few right hands and clubs away on Roop in the corner. George ducks a wild right to atomic drop Roop. Roop regains control choking George over the middle rope and rubs his eyes against the bottom rope. Roop nails George with a knee lift to the midsection for a near fall. George tried for a suplex but Roop stops him with an eye rake. George fights back with right hands to stagger Roop. George rakes Bob’s eyes across the top rope and stomps away on him. George backdrops Roop followed by a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Roop blocks another side Russian leg sweep by holding onto the ropes. George avoids a shoulder breaker and dropkicks Roop a few times. Roop kicks out on a cover and George is tossed to the floor. They battle on the apron but George is sent shoulder first into the ring post! George fights back in the ring with right hands but isn’t using his right arm. Roop sends George right arm into the corner followed by a running knee strike for the win. (**. Not a bad match, really. They told a story on the right arm and the ring post spot wasn’t something I was expecting.)

5.) Paul Ellering comes out during Iron Sheik’s introduction. Ellering is answering the iron club challenge. Sheik is offering $1,000 if he can’t double the reps that anyone does. Ellering does fifty reps which means that Sheik would have to do 100. However, Sheik’s manager said that they wouldn’t do it before his match but instead afterward. Sheik won his match with a German suplex. After the match, Sheik is going to do the challenge but Akbar is saying that Sheik just had a grueling match. Akbar assures us he isn’t worried and knows that Sheik can do more than fifty. Akbar says he can’t have his man do it now after such a grueling match. Sheik will do the challenge next week, apparently.

Final Thoughts:
Another enjoyable episode this week as they keep a basic formula and maintain entertainment. I’m still looking forward to the first taping in 1982 to really see what their direction is.

Thanks for reading.

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