MSW TV 12/10/1981

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Shreveport, Louisiana

1.) Brian Blair defeated The Monk
2.) King Cobra defeated Tom Renesto Jr.
3.) Ed Wiskoski defeated Jim Garvin
4.) Junkyard Dog & Mike George defeated Aaron Holt & Jerry Novak
5.) Barbie Doll & Tony Charles defeated Diamond Lil & Rick Ferrara
6.) North American Heavyweight Champion Ted DiBiase fought Paul Orndorff to a time limit draw in a non-title match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Boyd Pierce is joined by Ernie Ladd this week for commentary. Ladd says he is the best around and he’s here because of that, even if Mid-South doesn’t want him.

2.) Brian Blair won his squash match with an abdominal stretch turned into a slam in less than three minutes.

3.) King Cobra wins his match pretty easily as well after hitting a jumping headbutt in less than four minutes.

4.) Ed Wiskoski didn’t have too much problem with Garvin this week managing to win the mathc with a gut buster after five minutes of action.

5.) Ernie Ladd was quite happy about the Junkyard Dog losing last week.

6.) Orndorff and DiBiase lockup with Orndorff backing DiBiase against the ropes before backing away at the start before hitting a shoulder block. Orndorff nearly wins with an inside cradle in the opening thirty-seconds of the match. Orndorff attempts a sunset flip but DiBiase sits down and almost pins Orndorff. DiBiase controls the left arm of Orndorff to keep him on the canvas. Orndorff takes DiBisae down with a back suplex but is taken down to the canvas and DiBiase delivers a few knee drops to the arm and lower back of Orndorff. Orndorff elbows his way out of the hammerlock but is sent into the corner where DiBiase attempted a scoop slam. Orndorff is able to ram DiBiase face first into the top turnbuckle and stomps on DiBiase. DiBiase fights back with a dropkick and a few right hands. DiBiase nails Orndorff with a knee lift and a power slam. DiBiase goes for the figure four and has the hold locked in right in the middle of the ring. Orndorff is able to turn the hold over and puts the pressure on DiBiase! DiBiase isn’t giving in when he could simply let go of the hold. DiBiase is fading while in the hold as there is one minute remaining in the time limit for the match, apparently. The bell sounds with DiBiase refusing to give in and we’ve got a time limit draw for a finish. (**. A decent match and the ending puts over DiBiase having heart and desire.)

Final Thoughts:
The program feels like we’re getting pilot episodes to give fans a sample of the action or what we can expect. I’m figuring with the 1982 tapings that there will be actual angle progression and interview segments. Anyway, this was an easy watch this week and I’m still excited to see how the company develops over time.

Thanks for reading.

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