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WWE Unreleased Never Before Seen Matches 1986-1995 Part One

Written by: Bob Colling

Big John Studd, King Kong Bundy & Bobby “The Brain” Heenan vs. Hulk Machine, Big Machine & Super Machine
September 16th, 1986
From: Baltimore. MD

All six men are going at it at the start with Hulk scoop slamming Studd within ten-seconds and the crowd going nuts for it. Sean Mooney hyped this up as is Andre the Giant was under the mask, but I think this is a match where Andre didn’t actually compete as Big Machine. Bundy works over Big with strikes in the corner before tagging in Studd who hit a back elbow to keep control of the match. Studd misses a clothesline and Big comes back with a series of clotheslines to drop Studd followed by right hands. Heenan runs away from Hulk on the floor, which get s a good pop from the crowd. Bundy knocks Super down with an elbow drop but misses an elbow drop. Super teases a stomp to the midsection and eventually stomps on Bundy. Hulk gets tagged in and wants a piece of Bundy. Bundy works over Hulk in the corner but Hulk comes back with a scoop slam and does the same to Studd! Heenan enters but quickly bails to the floor. Hulk elbow strikes Studd followed by an eye rake. Big tags in and scoop slams Studd despite Heenan trying to block it. Studd tried to pick up Big but failed. Super tagged in and knock Bundy off his feet but was cut off by Studd. Heenan tags in and hammers away on Super in the corner. That offense was short-lived as Heenan is tossed into the corned and flips over the ropes to the floor. Bundy tries his luck with Super delivering a few strikes but misses a clothesline. Studd knee lifts Super from the apron to allow Bundy to work over Super. Bundy locks in a bear hug but isn’t going to get a submission.

Studd tags in and come soft the top with an axe handle shot to the lower back. Studd works over Super with basic strikes before putting a bear hug on again. Heenan tags back in with the match in his favor. Bundy tags back in and hits a big splash in the corner. Heenan wants to come in but this distracts the referee and Hulk replaces Super. Hulk is considerably tanner, so the heels are just morons. Hulk big boots Heenan for the win. (*1/2. The crowd was hot for the action, but I was bummed that Andre wasn’t competing in this one. The action was average and the finish just made the heels look really foolish for not knowing what happened.)

Pedro Morales vs. WWF Intercontinental Champion Randy Savage
October 28th, 1986
From: Binghamton, NY

Morales goes to the floor and rams Savage chest first into the guard railing. Morales shoulder blocks Savage for a one count and Savage rolls to the floor to regroup. Morales chops Savage to the canvas after getting out of a go behind attempt. Savage twists Pedro’s arm a few times but gets taken down the canvas quickly. Savage gets to the ropes and bails to the floor. Savage yells at Elizabeth to stand where he tells her to before returning to the ring. Morales shoulder blocks Savage and delivers a shot to the midsection. Savage fights back with a few right hands. Savage has something in his hand and gouges Pedro’s forehead with it. Savage goes to the floor to grab some flowers but Pedro press them into Randy’s face. Pedro shoulder blocks Savage but gets tossed over the top to the floor. Savage comes off the top to hit a double axe handle onto Pedro on the floor. Savage rolls Pedro into the ring and chokes him for a few moments. Savage looks for another axe handle but Pedro hits him in the midsection. Pedro hammers away on Savage knocking him to the floor. Pedro rams Savage into the guard railing chest first. Savage sends Pedro into the corner but a knee lift stops him. Pedro hammers away on Savage but is tripped and Savage covers him with his feet on the ropes for the victory. (*1/2. Simialr to the first match it wasn’t overly great in-ring. Savage did a few of his normal spots, but aside from that this wasn’t very enjoyable.)

Bitter rivals become allies.

Paul Orndorff & “The King” Harley Race vs. WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan & Rowdy Roddy Piper
December 9th, 1986
From: Phoenix, AZ

All four men start the match brawling with Hogan and Piper managing to clear the ring. Orndorff tries to attack them while they were chatting but fails. Piper and Orndorff start the match off legally with Piper working over Orndorff with strikes and Hogan getting a shot in. Piper rams Orndorff head first into Hogan’s boot on the apron. Orndorff crawls to his corner and tags in Race, who also goes into Hogan’s boot. Hogan gets tagged in and comes off the middle rope to hit a double axe handle. Hogan twists Race’s arm and tags in Piper to deliver a knee lift to the arm. Piper controls the left arm of Race for a few moments. Piper hits a hammerlock scoop slam before tagging Hogan back into the match. Hogan connects with a hammerlock scoop slam of his own. Hogan drops Harley’s arm over the top rope by dropping down from the apron to the floor. Hogan tags in Piper to maintain control of the contest. Piper drives Race down to the mat and stomps on him a few times. Piper gets driven into the wrong corner and Orndorff chokes Piper with a tag rope while Race delivered blows to the midsection. Race hits a belly to belly suplex and Orndorff stomps away on Piper. Piper nearly pins Orndorff with a sunset flip and tries to tag in Hogan but is stopped. Orndorff atomic drops Piper and Race drops Piper throat first across the top rope. Race sends Piper into the ropes and hits a clothesline. Race comes off the middle rope but misses a falling head butt attempt.

Hogan gets the hot tag and hammers away on Race with right hands. Orndorff comes in and gets pummeled by Hogan. Hogan senses Race into the ropes and hits a big boot but the referee isn’t there for the cover attempt. Hogan scoop slams Race and hits a leg drop but Orndorff breaks up the cover attempt which causes a disqualification. Heenan is stuck in the ring and gets tossed over the ropes by Hogan crashing to the floor. (**. A decent tag match with a disappointing finish. I’ve never really understood DQ finishes in dark matches. The crowd seemed heavily into the match and they worked together pretty well together.) After the match, Hogan and Piper shake hands.

Dingo Warrior vs. Jose Estrada
June 23rd, 1987
From: Indianapolis, IN

This would be the first WWE match that Warrior had taped. He had appeared on a couple of live events prior to this. Estrada runs the ropes trying to knock Warrior down but fails. Warrior arm drags Estrada and controls the arm. Warrior knocks Estrada down to the canvas and keeps a hammerlock on him. Estrada punches Warrior a few times backing him into a corner. Estrada keeps Warrior on the mat with a nerve hold. Warrior press slams Estrada followed by an arm drag. Estrada works over Warrior with right hands to the midsection but misses a splash. Warrior arm drags Estrada to the canvas. Warrior casually stomps on Estrada’s arm followed by a leg drop. Estrada tries to fight back with strikes and a knee lift to stagger Warrior. Warrior knocks Estrada down and plays to the crowd while Estrada begs off in the corner. Warrior backdrops Estrada out of the corner. Warrior rams Estrada into the corner before hitting an atomic drop. Warrior clotheslines Estrada to get a three count. (*. I would have rather this match been two minutes and not been so evenly contested. Warrior looked relatively capable in the ring, even if it was because he used basic wrestling holds throughout.)

WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage vs. WWF Intercontinental Champion The Honkytonk Man & The Hart Foundation
January 5th, 1988
From: Huntsville, AL

Hogan and Neidhart start the match with Neidhart knee lifting Hogan but misses a splash in the corner. Hogan clotheslines Neidhart in the corner and pulls him by his goatee. Savage gets tagged in and clotheslines Neidhart, as well. Savage tags in Hogan and Hogan hit a middle rope axe handle. Hogan keeps Jim on the mat with a wrist lock to keep control of the match. Neidhart continues to worked over by the Mega Powers until Neidhart scoop slams Savage and tags in Honky. Honky works over Savage with strikes and a clothesline. Savage nails Honky with a elbow shot. Bret gets tagged in and Savage keeps control of him. Hogan tags in and they hit a double boot on Bret followed by elbow drops from Hogan. Hogan lifts Hart up by his arm before dropping him down to the canvas. Savage tags back in and Hart nails Savage with a clothesline. Hart tags out to Neidhart who works over Savage with more strikes to the midsection. Honky punches Savage while on the apron until Hogan came over to stop that. Hart hits a back breaker on Savage for a two count. Honky rams Savage into the corner a few times but Savage blocks a right hand to punch Honky several times. Savage misses a running splash hitting the corner shoulder first. Honky misses a fist drop and Hogan gets tagged in cleaning house with right hands. Hogan scoop slams all three opponents. Savage gets into the ring as Hogan hit a back breaker on Honky followed by a leg drop for the win. After the match, Jimmy Hart gets sent to the floor following a double atomic drop. (**1/4. I think it’s interesting that Bret Hart didn’t get one bit of offense on Hogan in a rare match where they crossed paths physically. I thought the action was pretty decent and they held a good pace throughout.)

Owen Hart vs. Barry Horowitz
March 8th, 1988
From: Bristol, TN

Owen gets out of a wrist lock by doing a front roll but Barry keeps control of the wrist until Owen springboards off the top and arm drags Barry to the canvas. Horowitz knee lifts Owen and continues to deliver a few strikes. Owen flips off the top and arm drags Horowitz. Owen chops Barry in the corner and dropkicks Horowitz in the corner. Owen continues with a snap suplex and comes off the middle rope with a knee drop for a two count. Owen chops Horowitz and attempts a hip toss managing to take Barry down to the canvas. Owen knee drops the elbow of Horowitz. Horowitz nails Owen with a super kick and taunts the fans after doing so. Horowitz chokes Owen on the canvas. Barry sets Owen up and hit a double under hook overhead suplex for a two count after a leg drop, too. Owen fights back by dropkicking Horowitz to the floor and Owen takes him out with a suicide dive! Owen continues his attack with a snap suplex on the floor. Owen slingshots from the ring down to the floor stomping on Horowitz! Owen drives Barry face first into the corner and hit a twisting cross body in the ring for a two count. Owen hits a belly to belly suplex and heads to the top rope. Owen literally dives across the ring and hit a diving head butt for the win. (**1/2. Owen came across like a star and his offense was really enjoyable. I had thought he didn’t get a job from this but he did as the Blue Blazer. Thanks to the people that brought that fact to my attention!)

WWF World Champion Randy Savage vs. Andre The Giant
April 21st, 1988
From: New Haven, CT

Savage goes to the floor and Bobby Heenan rolls into the ring as he was confronting Miss Elizabeth on the outside. Andre shoves Savage down to the mat as they locked up. Andre chokes Savage in the corner before delivering an overhand chop and strikes in the corner. Andre sends Savage to the floor where Elizabeth checks on her man. Andre rams Savage face first onto the apron. Savage struggles to his feet in the corner and misses a kick allowing Andre to lean into Randy and deliver a few butt splashes. Andre controls Savage pulling his arms back and delivering a head butt to the upper back area. Andre head butts Savage but Randy comes running in with a steel chair and whacks Andre over the back a few times. (DUD. Well, I’m not sure why this was included on the set. I’m assuming because it involved two big names? There wasn’t anything here that was incredible. The fans even sounded like they knew that got cheated out of a match.)

There was too much stalling to get a quality action shot.

WWF World Tag Team Champions Demolition vs. Powers of Pain
June 21st, 1988
From: Glens Falls, NY

I’m not entirely sure why, but Tito Santana is with Powers of Pain. All four men got at it and Mr. Fuji also gets knocked down. Powers of Pain knock Demolition to the floor and play to the crowd getting a good reaction. Warlord and Ax kick off the tag match legally. They are really stalling for quite a bit before they even touch. Ax tries to shoulder block Warlord but that doesn’t work and he staggers backwards. Ax delivers a few right hands on Warlord but gets knocked down again and the crowd is really reacting positively to the Powers of Pain. Barbarian and Smash enter the ring to try their luck. Smash works over Barbarian with a few strikes. Barbarian big boots Smash followed by a falling head butt for a two count. All four men are in the ring with the Powers of Pain scoop slamming the champs. The champs are sent into each other and knocked to the floor. Mr. Fuji got on the apron and was decked by Barbarian. Demolition take Fuji and they bail on the match resulting in a count-out victory for the Powers of Pain. (*. Yet another match that didn’t have much going on aside from stalling. The crowd was really into the Powers of Pain, though.)

Andre The Giant vs. Big John Studd
April 4th, 1989
From: Glens Falls, NY

Andre backs Studd into the corner choking him at the start of the contest. Studd battles back with a few overhand strikes. Andre stops Studd with a bear hug. Studd breaks free and hammers away on Andre. Andre controls John with a standing chin lock before switching to a nerve hold. Studd breaks free but a strike to the chest stops him. Andre chokes Studd with his strap in the corner before delivering a chop and shoulder ram. Studd blocks a shoulder strike by getting his knee up and Andre falls down. Studd clubs away on Andre some more and Andre gets his arm stuck in the rope briefly. Studd signals for a slam after hitting Andre with more right hands to the midsection. Studd avoids a right hand and goes for a scoop slam but Bobby Heenan enters and attacks Studd causing a disqualification. (DUD. Oh boy, this is kind of getting disappointing with all the crap finishes.)

Savage is vulnerable and is begging Warrior to show mercy. He doesn’t.

Randy Savage vs. Ultimate Warrior
April 4th, 1989
From: Glens Falls, NY

Savage goes on the attack early, but Warrior is able to fight back and knocks Savage to the floor with a shoulder block. Warrior lifts Savage up and press slams Savage into the ring from the outside. Savage lures Warrior to follow him on the floor before delivering an axe handle strike in the ring. Savage comes off the top looking for a cross body but is caught. Warrior puts Savage in the tree of woe and stomps away on Savage. Warrior gets distracted by the referee and Savage tries to cheap shot him but fails. Warrior kicks Savage several times but misses a splash in the corner. Savage knee lifts Warrior from behind sending Warrior to the floor. Savage comes off the apron with an axe handle strike. Savage leaps over the top rope to drop Warrior throat first across the top for a two count. Savage controls Warrior with a sleeper hold but Warrior breaks free from the hold and puts a bear hug on Savage. Savage breaks free with an eye rake. Warrior decks Savage with a right hand but Savage connects with a clothesline. Savage heads to the top rope hitting a double axe handle but Warrior powers out at two. Warrior sends Savage into the corner and decks him with a right hand. Rick Rude has come down to ringside with the WWF Intercontinental Championship to taunt Warrior. Warrior elbow strikes Savage in the corner and delivers an atomic drop for a two count. Savage nearly pins Warrior with a rollup but gets driven face first into the mat. Savage blocks a big splash attempt by getting his knees up. Savage beats on Warrior with a few strikes. Warrior gets a second wind and decks Savage with several right hands. Warrior comes off the apron and knocks Rude down from behind. Warrior brawls with Rude to the backstage area causing him to lose by count out. (***. Yeah, it had a count-out finish but I enjoyed the action compared to everything else I’ve seen on this set so far. There was a believable near fall in this match too that had me thinking that Warrior was actually going to lose.) After the match, Warrior comes running back into the ring and runs off Savage so he can get his music played.

Ted DiBiase vs. Dusty Rhodes
June 6th 1989
From: Madison, WI

DiBiase offers Dusty money to avoid wrestling him and to say Dusty the embarrassment of getting his butt kicked. Of course, Dusty isn’t going to accept that offer. Dusty decks DiBiase with a right hand and an elbow strike. Dusty picks up the money and hands it out to people in the front row. It looks like people are getting some $20 bills out of it. Dusty drops DiBiase to the canvas and DiBiase rolls to the floor. Dusty slingshots DiBiase into the ring from the apron. Dusty atomic drops DiBiase and Ted goes flying over the top to the floor. Dusty plays to the crowd while DiBiase regroups with Virgil on the floor. Dusty knocks Virgil down by ramming him into DiBiase on the floor. DiBiase has a minor temper tantrum trying to figure out a game plan. DiBiase works over Rhodes with strikes against the ropes upon reentering the ring. Dusty comes back with a strike but gets tripped by Virgil. Dusty stalks towards Virgil but is met with a dobuel axe handle from DiBiase on the apron. DiBiase rolls Dusty into the ring and stomps on Rhodes before deciding to choke him. DiBiase comes off the middle rope with an ace handle shot and delivers a falling fist drop for a two count. DiBiase elbows Dusty coming out of the corner followed by an elbow drop for a two count. Dusty avoids being rammed into the turnbuckle and rams DiBiase into the turnbuckle. DiBiase nails Dusty with several elbow strikes. DiBiase controls Dusty on the canvas with a sleeper hold, but Rhodes isn’t going to go out this way. DiBiase stops Rhodes with a knee lift and taunts the fans. DiBiase comes off the middle rope but is met with a right hand to the midsection. DiBiase begs off in the corner but Dusty doesn’t care and works over DiBiase with strikes in the corner. Rhodes scoop slams DiBiase followed by an elbow strike and chops DiBiase over the top to the floor. Virgil helps DiBiase get up and Rhodes grabs DiBiase looking for a suplex into the ring but Virgil holds Dusty’s foot to allow DiBiase to land on top and earns the victory. (**. I’m telling you, that is their favorite finish in the late 1980s. They used it a lot on house shows and now I see it on an unreleased compilation. A decent match, I thought.)

Royalty you must respect.

Jim Duggan & Hillbilly Jim vs. Haku & Andre The Giant
July 19th, 1989
From: Utica, NY

All four men start going at it in the ring, which is seemingly the go-to way to get the crowd riled up. Andre knocks Duggan down with a head butt as we don’t get the usual good guys clear the ring quickly routine. Andre uses his knee to knock Duggan down and chokes Duggan in the corner as Haku chokes Duggan with a tag rope. Jim isn’t doing his partner any favors by distracting the referee during this. Haku sends Duggan across the ring but misses a splash hitting his shoulder. Haku connects with an elbow drop but misses a dropkick as Duggan held onto the ropes. Duggan decks Haku with a right hand and rams Andre into Haku causing them to both fall down with Andre landing on top of Haku. Jim scoop slams Haku for a two count. Jim big boots Haku and nearly wins. Jim rams Haku into Duggan’s knee before tagging him. Duggan runs over Haku with a clothesline and plays to the crowd. Hillbilly gets tagged in and is met with a shot to the lower midsection allowing Andre to get tagged in. Andre punches Duggan on the apron but Hillbilly staggers Andre tagging in Duggan. Duggan tries for a running clothesline but is stopped by a clothesline from Andre. Haku tags in delivering shoulder rams in the corner. Haku pulls Duggan down by his tights and nearly wins with a sunset flip. Duggan gets a two count with a sloppy inside cradle attempt. Hillbilly nearly wins following a big splash on Haku. Andre gets into the ring and holds Hillbilly but Haku accidentally kicks Andre to the floor. Duggan gets tagged in and nails Haku with a running clothesline. Duggan runs over Haku with another one and wins the match. (*1/4. Haku was doing the best he could with a limited tag partner and working Duggan, who was the best worker on the opposing team. This was pretty much what I expected, honestly.)

Brian Adams vs. Barry Horowitz
August 9th, 1989
From: Fresno, CA

This was a tryout match for Adams, who would go on to be known as Crush. Horowitz uses his speed to avoid Adams at the start of the match. Adams lifts Barry up by his throat and tosses him into the corner a few times. Adams drops Horowitz with a clothesline out of the corner. Horowitz works over Adams with a few strikes. Adams runs the ropes and hip tosses Horowitz followed by a standing dropkick to send Barry to the floor. Adams scoop slams Horowitz but misses an elbow drop. Adams catches Horowitz coming off the ropes locking in a bear hug. Horowitz eye rakes Adams to break free from the hold. Horowitz works over Adams in the corner with a few strikes. Horowitz sends Adams into his boot in the corner before hitting a gut wrench suplex. Adams powers out at two and Horowitz is shocked by that. Adams drives Horowitz down with a delayed vertical suplex. Adams spikes Horowitz with a tombstone piledriver for the win. (**. I’d say that was a pretty solid tryout and he rightfully got a job out of it, too.)

Yeah, that’s Earthquake. He would go through a little makeover.

Earthquake Evans vs. Paul Roma
September 20th, 1989
From: Louisville, KY

Earthquake is dressed up kind of like a farmer of sorts and is managed by Slick, which probably means they have big plans for him regardless. This would also be his tryout. Earthquake tosses Roma down to showcase his strength advantage. Roma gets a few shots on Quake in the corner, but they don’t have any impact on his opponent. Quake chops Roma against the ropes and connects with a shoulder block. Roma leapfrogs over Quake and takes him down with an arm drag. Roma leg drops the left arm of Quake a few times. Quake catches Roma on a cross body attempt hitting a backbreaker. Quake stomps away on Roma to keep him on the canvas. Roma is sent across the ring and comes out hard crashing to the canvas. Quake looks to get a submission with a bear hug but Roma isn’t giving in. Quake rams Roma into the corner back first. Quake sends Roma hard across the ring and Roma bounces out of the corner again. Roma tries to fight out of the corner with strikes but is stopped by Quake. Quake misses a splash in the corner hitting his shoulder. Roma comes off the middle rope to hit an axe handle. Roma hits the move a second time but Quake is only staggering. Roma comes off the top with an axe handle to stagger Quake into the corner. Roma hit a dropkick for a two count. Roma continues his offense with a standing dropkick and comes off the top missing a cross body attempt. Quake connects with a standing elbow drop for the win. (*. I wasn’t nearly as impressed here as I was with Adams tryout, which is a little weird to say. I think the Earthquake character is what made him.)

The Powers of Pain vs. The Rockers
January 22nd, 1990
From: Miami, FL

Michaels and Barbarian kick off the match with Barbarian tossing Michaels down to the canvas. Barbarian tosses Michaels into the corner and misses a strike attempt. Barbarian knocks Michaels down but catches him on a cross body. Jannetty comes off the top to get Michaels on top for a two count. The Rockers super kick Barbarian and knock Warlord to the floor. Jannetty and Warlord try their luck in the ring. Warlord misses an attack in the corner as Jannetty shows off his speed. Jannetty runs into a boot to the midsection and Warlord clubs him over the back. Warlord misses a clothesline and Michaels dropkicks Warlord over Jannetty. Warlord stops Jannetty with a power bomb and taunts the fans. Warlord backdrops Jannetty and Marty seemingly stood still in the air before crashing to the canvas. Warlord lifts Marty up into the air and Marty crashes to the canvas gut first. Barbarian chokes Jannetty over the middle rope before getting legally tagged in and delivers a running head butt to Marty’s ribs. Barbarian sends Marty into the corner and connects with a big boot sending Marty over the top to the floor. Barbarian holds Jannetty on the floor to allow Fuji to hit Marty with a cane. Barbarian drives Marty back first into the ring post. Warlord rolls Marty into the ring where Barbarian turns him inside out with a clothesline for a two count. Warlord gets tagged in and works over Marty’s back with an axe handle shot. Marty tries to fight back with right hands but gets knocked down each time. Barbarian cheap shots Jannetty from the apron to help his partner. Barbarian tags back in and controls Marty with a bear hug. Jannetty breaks free and comes off the middle rope with a strike.

Jannetty again comes off the middle rope but is power slammed by Barbarian. Jannetty avoids a middle rope elbow drop and tags in Michaels. Michaels enters and hammers away on Barbarian several times. Michaels sunset flips Warlord and nearly wins after Marty hit a clothesline. Rockers hammer away on their opponents in opposite corners. Jannetty gets knocked down and Fuji trips Michaels with his cane to cause a disqualification. After the match, Michaels is clotheslined over the top to the floor and Jannetty is double teamed. Fuji hits Jannetty with his cane over the back. Powers of Pain drop a few elbows and hit an elevated Hart Attack before Hulk Hogan runs down with a steel chair to make the save. (***1/4. This was actually a really good match, but the cheap finish kind of lowered it for me. Powers of Pain were made to look like beasts as the Rockers sold really well for them but still came across like a good challenge. It’s the best match on this compilation thus far, which surprises me, honestly.)

WWF World Tag Team Champions Colossal Connection vs. Demolition
January 23rd, 1990
From: Ft. Myers, FL

Haku and Smash kick off the tag title match with Haku working over Smash with strikes in the corner. Smash fights back with strikes until an eye rake stops him. Smash trips Haku and delivers a few overhand strikes. Ax tags in and hammers away on Haku to get him down to the canvas. Ax wrenches on Haku’s neck to control the match. Smash tags in to keep the same hold on. Ax comes back in and hammers away on Haku a few more times. Smash tags in and prevents Andre from getting involved. Haku super kicks Smash a few time before tagging in Andre. Andre casually stands on the midsection of Smash but misses a slow sit down splash. Ax tags in and hammers away on Andre. Smash tags back in and continues to hammer away on Andre until a shot to the midsection stops him. Ax chokes Andre across the bottom rope as Smash decks Haku coming into the ring. Andre kicks out of a cover attempt by Ax. Andre rolls to his corner with Ax and tags in Haku to keep momentum in their favor. Andre chokes Ax in the corner and Haku gets a two count. Andre tags in to choke Ax for a few moments in the corner as Smash tried to get involved. Andre delivers a few very weak shoulder rams in the corner. Haku misses a splash in the corner as Ax moved out of the way. Andre kicks Ax followed by a head butt to send him into a corner. Haku prevents Ax from tagging out but runs into a back elbow in the corner. Smash gets tagged in and cleans house backdropping Haku and punching Andre on the apron. Smash elbow drops Haku and punches Andre into the corner. Demolition double team Haku sending him to the floor, as well. Demolition hit a double clothesline to knock Andre down. Demolition get the tag titles and hit Andre with the titles and do the same to Haku. (*1/4. Andre had no business wrestling by this point. It wasn’t completely awful, but there were moments where I really felt bad for Andre being in there.)

WWF Intercontinental Champion Ultimate Warrior vs. Randy Savage
January 23rd, 1990
From: Ft. Myers, FL

Warrior shows off his strength knocking Savage down. Warrior gets distracted by Sherri Martel and Savage knocks Warrior to the floor. Savage attempts a cross body off the top but is caught in midair. Warrior puts Savage in the tree of woe stomping away on him for a few moments. Warrior sits the referee on the top turnbuckle but turns around to chop Savage. Warrior works over Savage with strikes a few times. Warrior hammers away on Savage in the corner a few times. Savage avoids Warrior in the corner and nearly wins with a rollup. Warrior backslides Savage for a two count and punches Savage to the canvas. Warrior gets distracted by Sherri but backdrops Savage over the top to the floor. Savage tries to ram Warrior into the corner but fails to do so. Savage blocks a big splash by getting his knee sup. Savage sends Warrior to the floor where he hits a double axe handle. Savage goes for a cover but Warrior kicks out at two. Warrior shoulder blocks Savage to the floor but struggles to get to his feet. Savage climbs to the top turnbuckle and leaps off hitting an elbow drop but Warrior kicks out at two. Savage goes to the top hitting Warrior with the IC Championship as Sherri distracted the referee. Savage has the cover but Warrior kicks out again. Warrior is starting to get a second wind as Savage knee lifts him. Warrior isn’t getting hurt at this point in the match and decks Savage with right hands. Warrior clotheslines Savage several times. Savage stagger and gets his arms stuck in the ropes. Warrior misses a running attack as Savage got loose in time and Warrior crashes to the floor. Savage comes off the top rope but misses his axe handle attempt on the floor. Warrior rams Savage face first onto the apron a few times. Warrior gets distracted by Sherri and goes after her into the ring. Warrior gets into the ring as Savage has been counted out. Warrior has his hands on Sherri but Savage comes back in and is sent into Sherri. Warrior punches Savage and press slams Savage to the canvas. Warrior gets on the middle rope playing to the crowd. (**1/2. They had some decent action throughout despite the lackluster finish they went with. It felt quite similar to the previous match between these two on this disc.)


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