Xcite Wrestling World War X 9/15/2017

Written by: Bob Colling

Xcite Wrestling presents World War X
From: Binghamton, New York

As I normally do, I figured I point out that I attended this show live and figured to take the time and review the show after the fact and provide my thoughts from a live perspective, too. This event was streamed on Twitch.

Pre-Show Matches:
Jeff Cobb destroys the Ring Crew Warriors:
The Ring Crew Warriors are essentially the local jobbers for the company who aren’t necessarily talented. However, they do a decent enough job of being tossed around the ring which is exactly what happened here for the pre-show. This match is happening before the main show. That was $50 so you could see Jeff Cobb showcase his skills before his scheduled triple threat match later on in the night.

DJ Hyde cuts a promo before the title match saying he’s been pinned twice in five years and this is his first title match. The sound is kind of difficult to hear for the live microphone but the quality of the stream is really top notch, I’d say. Hyde says he’s going to beat Carr down and win the Xcite Heavyweight Championship, that’s what it sounds like, at least. Carr is going to respond but the Crusade For Change music hits. They don’t come out.

Xcite Heavyweight Champion Sean Carr vs. DJ Hyde: Carr doesn’t have the championship since that was taken by the Crusade For Change and is in possession of Stockade. Hyde gets the advantage chopping Carr in the corner a few times. Hyde misses a chop attempt after taunting the fans and Carr delivers a fury for chops. A shoulder block from Hyde and a running senton splash gets a near fall for Hyde. Hyde pulls Carr up but is met with elbows. Hyde drives Carr down to the canvas with a spinning back suplex to cause Carr to land on his stomach for a near fall. Hyde casually chokes Carr over the middle rope and kicks the middle rope to keep the champion on the canvas. Carr misses a clothesline and Hyde nearly wins after a spear. Hyde removes his elbow bad and signals for the lariat. Hyde misses the lariat and Carr delivers a series of kicks to stagger Hyde. Hyde plants Carr with a side walk slam for a two count. Hyde chops Carr in the corner and misses a running attack. Carr nails Hyde with a kick in the corner but Hyde comes back with strikes and a German suplex. Hyde waits for Carr to get up but Carr elbows out and super kicks Hyde! Carr goes to the top and hits the swanton bomb. Carr can’t followup as we see Stockade coming down with the Xcite Heavyweight Championship. Actually, all of the Crusade For Change have come down. Hyde whacks Carr with a steel chair and choke slams Carr onto the chair. That has caused a disqualification. Crusade attack Carr until Team Xcite run into the ring and make the eventual save. (*. For a match, this didn’t do much for me. I didn’t do the VIP deal and it didn’t seem like I missed all that much, really. This was more of an angle for the main event War Games match to give the face team more of a disadvantage, which is the typical thing to do.) After the match, it takes awhile before any officials or doctor comes to the ring to help Carr. Carr is selling it as if he can’t feel his legs and it might be a back injury. They leave the pre show on that note to add some drama for the main show.

Jonathan Ashe gets on the microphone, who is the life coach for Anthony Gaines. Again, it’s rather difficult to hear what they are saying. All you need to know is that they are heels and they don’t like Ando. Gaines mentions 2CW and reminds people that it’s dead or something. Ando gets the microphone and I don’t know what he said.

Opening Contest: Nick Ando vs. Anthony Gaines: Ando clotheslines Gaines a few times followed by a backdrop, a chop and strikes. Ashe trips Ando but gets pushed down. Ando blocks a kick from the apron and Gaines hits the apron face first. Ando hits a senton off the top rope for a near fall. Ando continues to work over Gaines with a chop in the corner. Gaines gets out of a suplex attempt and soon drops Ando across the top rope. Ando plants Ando with a neck breaker but Ando kicks out at two on the cover. Gaines chokes Ando over the bottom rope to keep control and distracts the referee to allow Ashe to get a cheap shot in. Gaines scoop slams Ando followed by a falling headbutt for a two count. Ando chops Gaines but is met with an axe handle shot. Gaines chokes Ando some more in the corner. Gaines chokes Ando over the middle rope. Gaines gets a near fall following a standing senton. Gaines controls Ando with a sleeper but Ando quickly gets to his feet and hammers away on Gaines with forearms. Gaines fights back with strikes and a big boot. Ando delivers a flurry of chops followed by a dropkick. Ando dropkicks Gaines in the corner. Ando has Gaines on the top taking Gaines down with a hurricanrana but Gaines kicks out at two. Ando traps Gaines in the corner but Gaines nails Ando in the opposite corner and delivers a seated clothesline. Gaines nearly wins with a springboard moonsault. Gaines puts Ando on the top rope delivering a chop. Gaines has Ando hooked for a superplex but Ando shoves Gaines off. Ando hits a tornado ace crusher but Gaines kicks out on the cover! Ando waits in the corner but Gaines sidesteps him. Ando elbows Gaines and gets grabbed by Ashe on the floor. Gaines clubs Ando from behind and attempts a neck breaker but Ando counters with a piledriver to win the match! (**. There was a few good spots in the match and it’s the right call to put Ando over here to start the first ever live stream. I think Gaines has some potential as a heel wrestler in Xcite. Gaines offense was heavy on basic choking, but he showed he could hit some good high flying moves, too. The finish was nicely done since the piledriver doesn’t seem to be used all that much and it was a really good counter to lead into it.)

Second Contest: Simon Queen vs. Ray Ross: Queen is a student for Xcite and the “personal and professional assistant” for promoter Jonny Moose. Ross is also a student for Xcite. I went to the July show and Queen was not very good. Queen misses a slap in the corner so he had to backhand Ross, which no matter what doesn’t feel great. Ross tries to shoulder block Queen but Queen doesn’t budge. On the second attempt, Queen stumbles into the corner and I don’t think that was supposed to happen. Ross shoulder blocks again and Queen doesn’t budge, which is kind of confusing. Ross takes Queen over with a snap suplex and a clothesline in the corner. Ross misses a spear in the corner hitting the ring post. Queen pulls on Ray’s arm under the top rope. “He likes to spit in his hand before he beats another man.” – Jonny Moose. That got a chuckle out of me. You see, Simon Queen plays a homosexual character. Queen runs the ropes and has to run them again since Ross was not position correctly for a slap. Ross nearly wins with a clothesline. Ross puts a Crossface on Queen. LDC enters the ring and whacks Simon Queen and Ross with a steel chair. That ends the match in a no contest. I’m not really sure the direction for this guy since he randomly turned heel or something in July. Queen and Ross end up shaking hands. This wasn’t needed on the show.

Third Contest: Mike Skyros & Jacoby Riddick vs. Isys Ephex & Cloudy: This is a rematch from July where they had a pretty solid match. Cloudy and Ephex fake them out on a handshake. Ephex and Riddick kick off the tag contest. Ephex controls Riddick with a wrist lock but Riddick counters with one of his own. Riddick arm drags Ephex to keep control of the left arm. Skyros tags in but Ephex gets away and tags in Cloudy. Cloudy controls Skyros with a headlock. Skyros shoulder blocks Cloudy a few times followed by a delayed vertical suplex. Riddick tags in and they deliver a few running elbow strikes to Cloudy. Riddick dropkicks a seated Cloudy for a two count. Skyros tbs back in and Cloudy gets sent into the corner. Cloudy fights out of the corner but is met with backstabber and a denton from the apron onto Cloudy who was laying across Mike’s knees. Skyros comes off the top to nail Cloudy with a strike. Cloudy runs into an elbow from Skyros in the corner. Ephex trips Mike and rams him groin first into the ring post. Cloudy dropkicks Skyros for a near fall. Skyros is getting double teamed as Cloudy hit an assisted senton and Ephex hit a senton, too. Ephex stomps on Skyros in the corner and chokes Skyros with his knee. Cloudy chokes Mike while the referee was distracted. Cloudy tags back in and stomps away on Skyros. Cloudy controls Skyros with a front face lock and gets met with strikes in the corner as Ephex hits a sit out power bomb for a near fall. Riddick tries to get in the ring but the referee stops him. Cloudy stomps on Skyros and runs the ropes before just putting a sleeper hold on him.

Skyros gets to his feet and fights out of the headlock. Skyros lifts Cloudy up and drops him to the canvas gut first. Riddick gets tagged hitting a missile dropkick on Ephex followed by several strikes. Riddick power bombs Ephex but only manages a near fall. Riddick and Skyros take Ephex down with a flapjack. Cloudy comes off the top but gets nailed with a Gordy Bomb/ace crusher combo. Ephex breaks up the count and sends Riddick to the floor. Ephex puts Skyros on the top turnbuckle hitting a cutter off the middle rope. Cloudy hits a double stomp but Skyros kicks out at two. Riddick sends Ephex to the floor and super kicks Cloudy to the floor. Riddick gets the hot tag as does Ephex. They trade right hands until Ephex delivers an eye rake. Cloudy nails Riddick with a reverse hurricanrana after an Ephex knee strike. Skyros rams Ephex groin first into the ring post and Riddick gets a rollup on Cloudy for the win. (**1/2. A decent enough match that may have dragged on a little bit. I liked how the finish was a call back to an earlier spot in the match which cost Ephex the match in the long run. I think Skyros and Riddick have some promise to be really fun talents at some point.)

Fourth Contest: Brooke Danielle vs. Garrett Holiday: Danielle is wearing the Xcite Heavyweight Championship since Stockade stole it. Normally the female would be the face but that’s not the case here. Apparently, Brooke has been bothering Garrett for over a year, but fans wouldn’t be aware of that since Xcite doesn’t release shows on DVD or anything (one of these days I hope to see and review old Xcite shows, which might be wishful thinking). Brooke slaps Garrett and shoves him while yelling. Garrett doesn’t want to physically hurt her, and when I type that he shoves her down. Brooke low blows Garrett and wins the match with a rollup. Yeah, this probably wasn’t needed on the show, either.

Fifth Contest: Brute Van Slyke vs. Alexander James vs. Jeff Cobb for the vacant Xcite International Championship: At the last show the Xcite International Championship was introduced and a tournament was supposed to take place. That must have changed since this match was not previously announced as a title match. But, hey, that’s okay with me. James and Brute had a solid match in July and with the addition of Cobb, this could be a fun hard hitting three way.

Brute goes after James as James bails to the floor and Brute appears to have injured his right quad as he hobbles around in the ring and says he can’t walk on it. Brute has to call the referee over and instead of someone coming out to help him, he has to walk backstage on his injured leg. James returns to the ring so now it will be a singles match likely throwing anything planned for the match out the window.

James has a hammerlock on Cobb and takes him down to the mat controlling the left arm. Cobb powers out of the hold with a scoop slam causing James to roll to the floor. James comes back in and takes Cobb down to the mat and walks on his back. Cobb responds with a German suplex and James rolls to the floor again. James kicks Cobb and delivers several uppercuts. Cobb comes back with an overhead suplex. Cobb controls James by the wrists and delivers a few chops in the corner. Cobb tosses James across the ring. Cobb runs towards the corner but James sends Cobb shoulder first into the ring post. Alexander’s music starts to play and the announcer thought something was going on, but it was just a mistake. James works over Cobb with several stomps in the corner. Cobb rams James into the corner back first and delivers a few shoulder rams. Cobb runs into a spinning elbow strike giving James a near fall. James controls Cobb on the canvas with a body scissors followed by elbow strikes. Cobb stands up and rams James back first into the corner. James delivers a boot and comes off the middle rope with an uppercut for a two count. James chokes Cobb over the bottom rope and taunts the fans. James sets Cobb up for a suplex but Cobb counters with one of his own. James leg trips Cobb followed by a running kick to the head for a near fall. James keeps Cobb on the mat with an arm bar but Cobb isn’t giving in. Cobb breaks free but is met with an elbow strike. Cobb dropkicks James as he was seated on the top turnbuckle. Cobb sets James up and hits a delayed superplex! James gets up and they begin to trade strikes. They are both staggering in the ring until James eye rakes Cobb. Cobb hits his twirling back suplex. Cobb plants James with a spine buster and signals for the People’s Elbow. Well, he does a standing moonsault instead and hits a standing shooting star press for a near fall. Cobb boots James in the corner but is stopped by a kick in the corner. James connects with an elevated cutter off the top rope but Cobb kicks out at two. Cobb tried for his twirling power slam but James gets free and rolls Cobb up for the win! (***. Despite the injury of Brute Van Slyke, I though they put together a good match. The finish may have been messed up a bit since the bell never did sound, but I enjoyed this. I would still like to see scheduled triple threat match, too. I think that would be fun to see.) After the match, Brute Van Slyke appears and says that he isn’t as hurt as he thought and makes a Kevin Nash joke that the crowd didn’t seem to understand. However, Brute is coming for the title soon.

Sixth Contest: Brandon Silva vs. Plunkett The Ogre vs. Marc Hauss vs. Kevin Bennett vs. Mike Orlando vs. LSG: The announcer says this is a five man scramble match but there is six men, obviously. As soon as the bell rings everyone starts brawling and this will be difficult to provide my style of review. Ogre and Orlando are sent to the floor and remanding four guys shake hands. Bennett splashes LSG in the corner but gets backdropped to the apron where LSG hit a springboard clothesline. Silva knee lifts LSG followed by a top rope clothesline. Hauss DDTs Silva and hits an inside out vertical suplex. Bennett knocks Hauss down to hit a twisting elbow drop off the middle rope. Orlando pulls LSG down to smash him face first across the apron. Ogre hammers away on Bennett in the corner but misses a splash. Bennett comes back with strikes and Orlando comes back in with a kick to Bennett before tossing him to the floor. LSG hammers away on Orlando with strikes but gets tossed with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Silva chops Orlando a few times but Orlando plants Silva with a power bomb. Orlando has a standoff with Ogre and they knock Hauss out of the ring. Bennett takes Orlando out with a top rope cross body. Ogre plants Bennett with a spine buster. Silva comes back in and head scissors Ogre to the floor. Silva gets caught by Ogre, but Hauss hits a suicide dive taking them out on the floor. Bennett hits a moonsault off the apron to take everyone out. LSG goes for dive but is stopped by Rocco. Orlando takes everyone out with a somersault dive to the floor.

LSG waits a minute and knocks Rocco off the apron to lay onto everyone. LSG goes to the top rope and hits a 450 splash dive onto everyone! LSG rolls Orlando into the ring and nearly wins the match. Orlando nails LSG with a kick and a German suplex. Silva breaks up with pin with a swanton bomb for a near fall. Silva stops Ogre with a jawbreaker and a dropkick to send Ogre into the corner. Ogre avoids Silva before hitting a back suplex for a near fall. Hauss works over Ogre with a few chops and hits a second rope blockbuster. Bennett drops Hauss with an elbow before hitting a spin splash off the middle rope. LSG elbows Bennett before hitting a Tiger Bomb, according to the announcer. Orlando knocks LSG out of the ring. Orlando and Ogre trade shots in the ring. Orlando knee lifts Ogre in the corner attempting a splash but Ogre catches him. Ogre tosses Orlando with a fallaway slam for a near fall. Rocco gets into the ring and argues with the referee. Ogre has brass knuckles and accidentally hits Rocco. Orlando plants Ogre with a TKO. Orlando goes to the top hitting a frog splash. LSG comes off the top to hit a 450 splash on Orlando for the win. (***1/4. This was one of the better six man scramble matches I’ve seen. I was entertained by literally all six men and this shows some depth that Xcite Wrestling that people may not be aware of. LSG was a lot of fun and Orlando showcased his skills here, too. Nicely done match and I hope to see these guys in some singles matches.)

Seventh Contest: Slyck Wagner Brown vs. Joey Ryan: Chuck Taylor was originally supposed to wrestle SWB, which I was excited to see. However, Taylor didn’t appear because, well, he thought the show was the next day. Literally, that was the reason he posted on Twitter. I would be mad, but that was kind of a funny reason. Hopefully Taylor will appear in Xcite at some point. Anyway, the response Joey Ryan got here was loud and lasted several minutes. I’d say that made up for the no show of Chuck Taylor. Joey Ryan’s King of Dong gimmick was super over with the crowd and the lollipop deal got a pop when he gave it to an old man in the front row. Lets just get to the match already.

Slyck is not all that interested in touching Joey’s penis and tells the fans several times that he won’t fall victim to the dong. Early on, Joey tries to get Slyck to touch it, but fails. Slyck wrist locks Ryan but Ryan counters with one of his until Slyck breaks free. Slyck soon takes Ryan out with a suicide dive to the floor. Slyck gets a near fall in the ring. Ryan stops Slyck with a right hand but is met with an atomic drop. Slyck sells it as hurting his knee! Ryan keeps control by choking Slyck in the corner. Ryan rams Slyck into the corner choking him again with his boot. Slyck cuts Joey off with a few clotheslines and kicks Ryan into the corner. Slyck hits a full nelson sit out slam for a near fall. The fans keep telling Slyck that he’ll be touching Joey’s dong. Slyck puts Joey on the top rope but gets shoved off. Ryan misses a double stomp and Slyck hits a leg lariat off the middle rope for a near fall. They collide and Slyck falls forward onto Joey’s dong, but Joey pops right up. Joey gets Slyck to touch the dong and proceeds to hit his dong flip. Joey goes for the cover but Slyck kicks out at two. Joey has a second lollipop. That gets shoved into the referees mouth. Slyck hits a power bomb out of the corner but the referee isn’t paying attention since he is disgusted with the lollipop having been in his mouth. Ryan takes advantage with an inside cradle for the win. (**. It was actually a quality match and it didn’t go very long. Fans liked the act of Joey Ryan which was the selling point and not necessarily the in-ring aspect. If you get pass the dong work, that was weird to type, there was some quality wrestling thrown in.)

They are really trying to make it seem like Xcite could possibly lose the War Games match. Considering this is their first Twitch show and all the effort they have put into it, along with pushing for people to buy tickets to the next couple of shows, it was not believable that Xcite would lose the main event. While I appreciated the effort to make the match more important, it certainly gave away the finish to the match. Instead, I would have put the Xcite Heavyweight Championship on the line. Keep the team format and whomever wins the match becomes champion. This is a 5 on 5 match, but there eliminations to the match. So, it’s not a traditional War Games match. I’d assume because they wouldn’t to crowd one ring with ten guys.

Main Event: WAR GAMES – If Team Xcite loses then Xcite Wrestling will cease operations
Team Xcite (IB Green, Axel Lennox, Joe Gacy, Greg Excellent, Xcite Heavyweight Champion Sean Carr)
Crusade For Change (Stockade, Pat Sawyer, Alex Payne, Anthony Gangone, & TJ Marconi)

Green and Stockade start the match with Green going right after him with right hands in the corner. Stockade shoves Green away and delivers a boot. Stockade rams Green face first into the steel cage. Green comes back by sending Stockade into the cage. Green rams Stockade head into the cage a few times and misses a running attack hitting the cage himself. Stockade has a steel chair and jabs it into Green’s throat. Stockade whacks Green across the back. Stockade smashes Green’s face into a steel chair. Stockade chops Green in the corner and delivers a big splash. Green fights back jumping off the middle rope to hit a Codebreaker.

Pat Sawyer comes out next. Sawyer whacks Green over the head with a trash can lid. Sawyer chokes Green in the corner to maintain the advantage. Sawyer rakes Green’s face across the steel cage. Stockade waits with a steel chair and smashes Green over the head with it. Sawyer drives Green down onto a steel chair with a side slam.

Axel Lennox runs down into the ring to help Green. Lennox cleans house with strikes as Gree gets on the top of the cage. Green has to wait for a few moments as Lennox plants Stockade with a spine buster. Green leaps off the top of the cage to connect with a cross body. Lennox rakes Stockade’s face against the cage and he’s busted wide open. Green is nailing Sawyer with a trash can lid several times. Lennox DDTs Stockade onto the chair as Green wedges a chair in the corner.

Alex Payne makes his way down to the ring. Lennox cuts him off with right hands until Payne hit a German suplex. Stockade pins Green with a neck breaker on a chair. So, the match as the Crusade with a 3 on 1 advantage. Stockade clotheslines Lennox. Payne works over Lennox with a chair shot to the midsection. All the members of the Crusade are hitting Lennox with chairs. Payne is choking Lennox with a chair around his neck.

Joe Gacy runs into the ring and makes the save for Lennox sending Payne into the cage and hammers away on Sawyer. Gacy kicks Payne and nails Sawyer with a handspring ace crusher. Lennox pins Sawyer with a neck breaker. Stockade hits Gacy and Lennox with a trash can lid. Stockade dropkicks a chair into Gacy’s groin. Lennox sends Payne into the cage. Payne sends Lennox into the cage. Gacy is stomping away on Stockade until Payne attacks.

Anthony Gangone runs into the match for the Crusade. Payne hits Lennox and Gacy with a moonsault for a near fall. Stockade big boots Gacy but that only gets a two count. Lennox continues to kick out of pin attempts. Payne works over Lennox with chair shots. Lennox is suplexed onto the chair. Gangone blocks a handspring by Gacy with a clothesline. Payne whacks Lennox with a chair shot over the head. They set up three chairs and Lennox is power bombed through the chairs. Stockade pins Lennox. Gacy hammers away on the Crusade and cleans house for his team. Payne cuts him off with several kicks.

Greg Excellent makes his way out for Team Xcite hitting a cannonball in the corner on Stockade. Excellent plants Payne with a Samoan Drop. Excellent tosses Gangone with an overhead suplex onto Stockade in the corner. Excellent spikes Payne with a Tiger Driver to eliminate Payne from the match. Gangone attacks Excellent from behind delivering several strikes.

TJ Marconi makes his way out as the final entrant. Marconi rips the cage door off the hinges and trades right hands with Excellent. Marconi wins that battle nailing Excellent with a big boot in the corner. Marconi drives Gacy into the cage and hits a Death Valley Driver for a near fall on Gacy. Marconi goes to the floor and introduces a table into the match. Excellent avoids being sent into the table. Marconi also avoids the table and they trade a few strikes. They collide on a double clothesline.

Sean Carr is the last entrant but he doesn’t appear. Stockade puts Gacy on the top turnbuckle and it’s announced that Sean Carr won’t be able to compete in the match. Stockade gets power bombed onto the steel chairs and Gacy gets the pin fall. Brooke Danielle enters the cage and she gets nailed with a superkick. Gacy picks Danielle up and slams her through the table setup in the cofner. Gangone comes up from behind and rolls Gacy up to eliminate him.

Greg Excellent is the only Xcite wrestler and he’s battling Gangone and Marconi. Excellent hits them with a trash can lid. Excellent delivers a few elbow strikes but Marconi stops Excellent with a kick to the midsection. They hit a Total Elimination on Excellent for a two count. Gangone plants Excellent with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Marconi grabs Excellent hitting a choke slam for a two count. Wait a minute… here comes Sean Carr!

Carr has his ribs taped up and fights his way into the cage. Carr has his championship and he hits both Gangone and Marconi with it. Carr hits a Death Valley Driver on Gangone but that’s only good enough for a two count. Carr heads to the top rope but Marconi cuts him off. Marconi and Gangone have Carr on the top but Excellent comes over to hit a Tower of Doom! All four men are on their knees and they begin to trade strikes. Carr nails Marconi with a kick to the head and Gangone dropkicks Carr. Excellent backslides Gangone but settles for the Tiger Driver for a three count. That leaves just TJ Marconi. Sean Carr accidentally super kicks Excellent and Marconi pins Excellent!

Marconi puts a bear hug on Carr right in the middle of the ring. Carr fights out of the hold and comes off the ropes but is met with a spine buster. Marconi has the cover but Carr kicks out at two! Marconi has a steel chair but is met with a super kick. Carr kicks the chair into Marconi’s face followed by a couple of super kicks. Carr comes off the top rope to hit a Swanton bomb! Carr has the cover and pins Marconi! (***. This was a decent War Games match and they did everything they could to make the faces the under dog, which added to the bout, I’d say. There was enough high spots to hold interest and there was a good mixture of hardcore action to justify the stipulation. I enjoyed it.) After the match, Greg Excellent returns to the ring and has to be held back from Sean Carr as they get in each others face. They don’t come to blows as officials keep them apart. Also, Sean Carr ended up super kicking the promoter, Jonny Moose. So, that could be the next major angle to take place in the company. That wasn’t part of the stream, though.

Final Thoughts:
It’s a solid show and the stream was nicely done. They constantly made it clear that it was their first attempt and that there may be some flaws to it. Sure, there was some shaky camera work, but it didn’t hurt the overall viewing. I think for a first time attempt, it has to be seen as a huge success. I’m glad Xcite is doing this since I personally can’t attend every show, but want to check them out as often as I can. There was some quality wrestling on the show and the bad stuff was kept pretty short. Xcite has some great talent and they are all very young. Looks like they are closing 2017 out with some major shows and 2018 could be the biggest one to come. I’d give this show a recommendation. It was fun live and it felt like a quick watch on Twitch too. If you’re interested in watching it, you can do so at the link at the end of this review.

Thanks for reading.


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