Kayfabe! Sting Gets Bitten By The Snake

Former WCW World Champion Sting has had numerous top challengers competing against the likes of Cactus Jack, WCW United States Champion Rick Rude and Big Van Vader in recent months. The challengers don’t stop coming after Sting. The most recent foe surprised the wrestling world with his appearance.

August 2nd 1992 saw Jake “The Snake” Roberts slither his way into a WCW ring in Baltimore, Maryland and viciously attack Sting with a steel chair before delivering two DDTs. Sting was out in the ring attempting to help Nikita Koloff fight off Cactus and Rude, but fell victim to the dangerous Jake Roberts. Apparently, the debut of Roberts wasn’t known by many WCW wrestlers.

Roberts just moments away from delivering a DDT on Sting.

“I only care about myself and what I’m up to not what my former rivals are doing. I couldn’t have cared less who came into the ring. My focus was destroying Koloff and Sting.” said WCW United States Champion Rick Rude. Rude and Roberts had their issues years ago in the World Wrestling Federation where Rude got under Jake’s skin by flirting with his wife, or attempting to flirt with her.

Sting hasn’t done anything to personally attack Roberts to warrant such an attack. In recent months, Roberts had turned his back on fans in the WWF. Roberts tormented the likes of Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage before losing to the Undertaker WrestleMania VIII. It seemed like the loss has brought an even more evil side of Roberts, as if that was even possible.

Roberts was caught up with at a local hotel close to the Baltimore Arena late at night drinking at the bar. His dislike for Sting was immediate known. “I’m a snake. I attack when you least expect it. Sting never would have thought that I’d be in WCW and that was the perfect opportunity to drill his head into the canvas repeatedly with my DDT.” said Roberts.

“Have you ever heard a man’s skull crack on a canvas? Have you ever stood in the ring with a lifeless body as children in the front row cry out for their hero, but nothing can be done?” asked Roberts. “No, you haven’t. It’s the ultimate feeling and doing that to Sting just hours ago, I’m already craving to do it again. So, you might be inclined to get out of my sight.”

Jake Roberts executing a DDT on Rick Rude while competing in the WWF.

It didn’t require a second thought to leave Roberts alone. The following day, Sting was discharged from a local Baltimore hospital and agreed to speak about what happened at his home in Baltimore. His neck was in a brace for precautionary reasons.

“You never know what’s going to happen in pro wrestling, man. I never had any thought that Jake Roberts would appear in WCW and make me his first target.” said Sting. “I’d be a fool to say that I’m not aware of what Roberts has done. He’s a demented, evil man who has had a successful career. I don’t know what his problem is with me, but when my neck heals I’ll gladly take him on.”

Some sources believe that Jake Roberts has aligned himself with the Dangerous Alliance, but nothing has been confirmed. “I’m not one to comment on rumors, mister so called journalist. Anything pertaining to the Dangerous Alliance is dealt with privately and the public is last to know.” said Paul E. Dangerously.

Roberts should quickly be seen as top challenger for the WCW World Championship currently held by Ron Simmons. Roberts hasn’t won a nationally recognized World Championship and maybe that is what drives his recent heinous actions. It should be interested to see if anyone decides to align themselves with Roberts.

After all, he is a snake. Nobody should trust a snake.

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