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The Match #14: Steve Corino Vs. Abyss In 1PW ’06

1PW was a wrestling company that held shows in the UK from 2005 to 2011 and featured many top wrestlers both from the US and UK. Their shows were often stacked with interesting matches with past, present and future stars of professional wrestling. I’ve watched a few full shows and recall being entertained by what they provided.

There was one match that I actively sought out but never was able to get my hands on for whatever reason. It was a no rope barbed wire match between former ECW World Champion Steve Corino and TNA superstar Abyss. They had the battle on October 14th, 2006.

Lets go back to 2006, shall we? I just want to put this in perspective. Abyss was arguably the most interesting and enjoyable hardcore talent that TNA had until they eventually butchered his character and momentum. Meanwhile, Steve Corino was one of the first guys I followed thanks to the Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazines. For some reason, I was always fascinated by his bloody matches and his style of wrestling. I got into Ring of Honor when I saw that Corino was competing for them.

Thus, I was curious to see how brutal of a match these two could have especially with a no rope barbed wire stipulation to it. I’ve seen Corino battle the likes of Terry Funk and Homicide in such a match and was entertained. Abyss had a no rope barbed wire match against Sabu in TNA prior to this match occurring and I thought it was nicely done, too. I still haven’t watched it as I write this lead in for the review of the match. I’m hopeful for some blood, crazy violence, and pain. Wow, that sounded awfully demented, didn’t it? Anyway, here we go.

October 14th, 2006 – Doncaster Dome in Doncaster, England – 1PW First Anniversary Show

Abyss vs. Steve Corino in a Non-Sanctioned No Rope Barbed Wire Match

Corino avoids Abyss at the start and hammers away on him with right hands. Abyss shoves Corino away and avoids a clothesline nearly causing Corino to run into the barbed wire. Abyss works over Corino with right hands keeping him on the canvas. Corino blocks being sent into the barbed wire face first and Abyss does the same. Corino continues to duck right hands and delivers a few strikes. Corino gets out of a choke slam attempt but runs into a big boot. Abyss sets Corino up for a power bomb but Corino lands on top. Abyss kicks out and Corino gets sent face first into the barbed wire.

Abyss rubs Corino’s face into the barbed wire to open up his cut a little more on his forehead. Corino can’t block the barbed wire at this point. Corino stops Abyss with a mule kick low blow. Corino punches the right arm of Abyss with a fist full of barbed wire. Abyss is now bleeding from his right arm. Corino squeezes the arm to get more blood out of his opponent. Corino gets lifted into the air on a running attempt and is dropped chest first onto the barbed wire! Abyss hammers away on Corino with right hands and rubs Corino’s left arm over the barbed wire. Abyss keeps control of Corino with right hands and pushes Corino face first into the barbed wire again. Corino drop toe holds Abyss forehead first into the barbed wire. They go to the floor where Corino hammers away on Abyss with right hands and grabs a barbed wire board. Corino slides the board into the ring. Corino gets a second board and also slides that into the ring. Abyss drops Corino gut first over the barbed wire from the floor!

Abyss has grabbed a bottle of flammable liquid. It is apparently rust cleaner and whacks Corino over the back with a barbed wire steel chair. Abyss dumps the rust cleaner on his own open wound before dumping it onto Corino! Corino is screaming in pain.

Corino gets up and hammers away on Abyss with right hands. Corino sends Abyss through the barbed wire board in the corner!

Corino goes for the cover but Abyss kicks out at two. Corino has the barbed wire chair but that gets kicked back into his face by Abyss. Abyss puts a chair on top of Corino and goes for a sit down splash but Corino blocks a chair shot to Abyss groin. Corino signals for a lariat but gets lifted up and dropped onto another barbed wire board. Abyss smashes Corino over the head with a barbed wire chair but Corino is no selling it. Abyss eventually knocks Corino down with a third chair shot for a near fall. Abyss hammers away on Corino, but Corino just gets to his feet getting another second wind. Corino wants Abyss to hit him with all he has and Corino comes back with a flurry of right hands. Corino puts a barbed wire chair in front of Abyss and stomps the chair into his face. Corino goes to the floor and brings a table into the ring. Corino decides to put the barbed wire board onto the table as well. Abyss has gotten a lighttube and smashes it over Corino’s head!

Abyss grabs Corino by the throat and choke slams Corino onto the barbed wire board/table but the table doesn’t break. Abyss ends up delivering a big splash through the table for the win. After the match, Ulf Herman comes out to save Corino from being attacked by Abyss lays him out with a choke slam. Sterling James Keenan comes out as well but he turns on the other two guys and saves Corino. Keenan and Abyss are kept apart. ***

It’s a fun barbed wire match. The usage of a light tube honestly surprised me. It was also weird seeing Corino play a role that I’m accustomed to seeing a guy like Masato Tanaka play. By that I mean it was weird to see Corino no sell some offense and try to come across like a super human person. I guess I’m just use to Corino’s persona in ECW and ROH where he wasn’t immune to feeling pain and on some level was a chicken shit heel. Regardless, it felt like a quick twenty minute barbed wire match and the fans were invested in the action.

What are your thoughts on the barbed wire match? What’s your favorite barbed wire match ever?

Leave your thoughts below.

Thanks for reading.


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