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Kayfabe! A New War In WCW Has Arrived! Rap Vs. Country – Which Is Better?

From the summer of 1996 to the spring of 1999, World Championship Wrestling was at war with the New World Order. Now that the war is seemingly over with, there is a new war brewing in WCW. This time it’s between people who prefer two different types of music. Rap and Country.

The West Texas Rednecks consisting of Curt Hennig, Barry Windham, Kendall Windham and Bobby Duncum Jr. have been obnoxiously praising country music on recent WCW telecasts. They’ve even gone about producing a song known as “Rap Is Crap” targeted seemingly at the No Limit Soldiers consisting of Konnan, Rey Mysterio Jr., Brad Armstrong (renamed BA) and Swoll, the cousin of Master P.

“These wannabe rappers aren’t pro wrestlers” said Hennig. “They are thugs who try to convince people that rap music is good music. Do they not know what rappers are talking about? Drugs, crimes and other illegal things? Yet, the fans are cheering for them?”

It’s true that rap music has gotten more and more popular in the late 1990s while country music appears to be taking a step back. However, Hennig and company think country is number one and it’ll always be that way. That has led to the major conflict between the two groups.

“Konnan and Rey Mysterio are inferior to the West Texas Rednecks in every possible way. We are world class athletes who listen to world class music.” said Barry Windham. “We’ll prove it every time that country is better than rap.”

Rap Is Crap has actually caught on amongst WCW fans and often times the audience will sing along with the tune. “People like it because it’s funny, not because it’s good.” said Konnan. “I’m sure these people will be cheering us on when we take out the cowboys at the Great American Bash.”

Recently on an episode of Nitro leading into Bash at the Beach, Hennig attempted to give Master P’s brother Silkk the Shocker a birthday present as a sign of peace following his loss at the Great American Bash to Rey Mysterio Jr. and Konnan. Hennig’s present was a cowboy hat and was promptly destroyed by the No Limit Soldiers. Hennig also got his face rubbed into the cake to add insult to the whole situation.

“If I had wanted any kind of conflict with the No Limit Soldiers, I wouldn’t have came to the ring on my own. I would have had backup.” said Hennig. “It showed the true character of those thugs and what they stand for.”

“Rey and Konnan got a little taste of what’s to come at Bash at the Beach where it will be all four of the West Texas Rednecks defending the honor of country music.” said Windham. “We as a unit can’t wait to knock some sense into Rey, Konnan, Swoll and Brad Armstrong.”

Some WCW fans prefer country music, but they don’t like how the West Texas Rednecks have gone about expressing their opinion. “I’m a country fan, but I like Rey and Konnan, too. The way Hennig and his buddies have been talking and insulting the No Limit Soldiers, I can’t help but root for them.” said WCW fan Roger Brown

At the Bash at the Beach pay per view one thing is fore certain. Either the No Limit Soldiers or the West Texas Rednecks will be singing the blues.

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