ECW Hardcore TV 2/22/1997

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Revere, MA & Webster, MA

1.) The Sandman defeated D-Von Dudley
2.) Taz defeated Scott Taylor

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) ECW World Champion Raven cuts a promo about Tommy Dreamer having never pinned him (which isn’t true). He says that Dreamer will never pin him. Raven is confident that it will never be Dreamer’s time. Raven also talks about Terry Funk , who in Raven’s mind is washed up and old. Funk is so old that he could be Raven’s father, and he hates his father. Raven notes that his father beat him and he’s going to beat Funk the same way. Raven wants to hurt Funk, end his career and end his life. Raven recalls molestation, abuse and neglect that his father did to him. Raven says that Tyler has had a better childhood now that he has left Sandman. Raven says that Sandman doesn’t have the balls to try and come take the belt. Raven says that the BWO has Sandman’s kid and wife now. Stevie Richards has left him when he needed him the most, which happens all the time. Raven has had enough of Tod Gordon and Paul Heyman. If you want the belt come and get it, but it’s not going to happen.

2.) D-Von drops Sandman with a chair shot over the head to start the battle. D-Von slaps Sandman a few times and taunts the fans with their hero on the canvas. D-Von tosses Sandman over the top to the floor. D-Von continues to work over Sandman on the floor with strikes. Sandman sends D-Von into a post holding the building and sends D-Von into the railing chest first. Sandman tosses D-Von chest first into the railing and grabs a ladder. Sandman scoop slams D-Von on the floor. Sandman puts a ladder in the corner and chops D-Von in the corner. D-Von sends Sandman flipping into the ladder to regain control of the bout. D-Von hits a middle rope leg drop onto the ladder that’s across Sandman for a two count. D-Von pops the ladder into Sandman’s face but doesn’t get a three count. D-Von climbs the ladder and misses a big splash hitting the canvas chest first. Sandman plants D-Von with a DDT and climbs the ladder before swinging from the ceiling to hit a leg drop for the win. After the match, Bubba Ray Dudley attacks Sandman from behind. Sandman ducks a clothesline and hammers away on Bubba. Sandman ends up getting a 3D! (*1/2. The finish was pretty cool, but the action aside from that was just a basic brawling match.)

3.) We hear from the guys from Japan, but we can’t understand what they’re talking about. Great Sasuke believes that ECW is the best promotion in America.

4.) As per usual with Taz, he controls Taylor with some mat wrestling. Yes, Taylor is Scotty 2 Hotty of WWF/E fame. Taylor does manage to knock Taz down with a standing spin kick and dropkick, which is the most offense a jobber has gotten on Taz in quite sometime. Taylor even takes Taz out with a springboard cross body to the floor! Taylor keeps stomping on Taz but that offense doesn’t last as Taz hits a suplex. Taz decks Taylor with a clothesline after a rollup attempt. Taylor avoids Taz in the corner and crotches Taz into the ring post. Taylor hits a springboard clothesline but only manages a two count. Taz takes Taylor over with an exploder suplex. Taz locks in the Taz Mission and that causes a tap out. (***. Alright, call me nuts, but that was a hell of a fun match to kick off the match. Yeah, there was never a doubt that Taz was going to win, but damn if Taylor didn’t provide some fun offense and kept it far more competitive than I was expecting. I would have taken more of Taylor in ECW with this style, for sure.)

5.) Blue World Order hangout with some guys from Japan and invite them to join their group. They are trying to expand to Japan and the guys agree to join the group, apparently.

6.) ECW TV Champion Shane Douglas says that he is the greatest wrestler in the world today. Douglas is mocking Terry Funk for doing it his way. Douglas will do it his way and he kisses Francine.

7.) Brian Lee is a bulldozer for money and he yells “show me the money” and he’ll take someones ass out.

8.) ECW TV Champion Shane Douglas broke Pitbull #1’s neck for fun imagine what he’d do to keep the gold.

9.) Chris Candido thought he was fun with Sabu, but clearly Sabu has been jealous of him and is jealous of his lady. Candido is annoyed that when he’d win a title he would be in the small print while Sabu would be the big print. All he cares about is the triple threat. Candido is confident that Sabu isn’t going to get past him at Cyberslam.

10.) Footage of Taz attacking Rob Van Dam at a house show is aired. Sabu came out as well to confront Taz. However, the locker room empties to prevent any interaction from taking place. It’s your typical pull apart brawl segment.

Final Thoughts:
Looks like the angle between Funk and Raven will transpire at Cyberslam, but the promo by Raven this week was simply fantastic. It’s a fine episode this week, with nothing too major taking place and had some decent action on it.

Thanks for reading.

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