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PWS Vendetta 2010 5/8/2010

Written by: Bob Colling

Pro Wrestling Syndicate presents Vendetta
From: White Plains, NY

D’Angelo Dinero comes out to start the show with his right arm in a sling. Dinero gets his cheap pop when he says the Pope is here. Dinero is going to be the commissioner for the show. He gets cut off by Kevin Matthews and his manager Alexa. He’s the leader of Reality Check. Matthews doesn’t have a working microphone so he is made to look like a fool at the start. Matthews gets the microphone to work and tries to get into a war of words with Dinero and it’s not very good. Matthews introduces the Iron Sheik, but it’s not Sheik. It’s instead someone comes out mocking the Iron Sheik. It’s Danny Demanto dressed as Sheik and he claims to be the commissioner. PWS Heavyweight Champion Butterbean comes out to get involved. Their title match was supposed to be the main event but we’re getting it now. Dinero knocks Sheik off the apron with a slap.

Opening Contest: PWS Heavyweight Champion Butterbean vs. Kevin Matthews: Oh lord. Butterbean is moving in seemingly slow motion trying to send Matthews into the corner. Matthews nails Butterbean with a clothesline and pins Butterbean in under fifteen-seconds. I have zero idea why this was so short. Even with it being so short, it was still awful.

Second Contest: Jim Duggan vs. Doink the Clown: Greg Valentine is at ringside in Duggan’s corner. Doink says that Valentine use to be a friend of his. Doink is shooting about his history with Duggan. Doink wants to know why Duggan has a 2×4 if he’s so tough. They lockup until Doink delivers several right hands against the ropes. Duggan clotheslines Doink a few times to get momentum. Doink says, “He’s making me fucking mad” as Duggan clotheslines him again and Doink rolls to the floor. Duggan drops Doink with several jabs upon his return to the match. Doink begs on his knees and low blows Duggan. Duggan doesn’t sell it and puts a choke on Doink. This match is breaking down as Doink knees Duggan in the head. Doink asks Duggan if he wants to work. Duggan knows something is up and is ready to fight. The announcers are confused and the crowd doesn’t know what to make of this. Doink goes to the floor and grabs a steel chair from a fan. Doink takes the chair and walks into the crowd. Doink wants Duggan to meet him in the crowd. Duggan has had enough of this and walks to the backstage area. Well, that was a disaster, folks. Doink wanted to have a shoot fight apparently fed up with Duggan for whatever reason and the match didn’t go as planned. This show has honestly started off in probably the worst possible way.

Third Contest: Dan Maff vs. Desmond Wolfe: They trade forearms at the start of the match with Wolfe getting the better of the exchange. Maff cheap shots Wolfe when the referee gets in the way. Maff works over Wolfe with strikes over the back and shoulder rams Wolfe in the corner. Wolfe avoids a charging Maff in the corner and Maff hits the ring post shoulder first. Wolfe sends Maff shoulder first into the corner a few times. Wolfe drives Maff down to the mat by his arm. Wolfe tries for an arm submission but Maff gets free and rolls to the floor. Wolfe follows to the floor and sends Maff shoulder first into the ring post. Wolfe rams Maff’s arm against the guard railing before returning to the ring. Maff begs off in the corner but Wolfe doesn’t care. Wolfe avoids a sunset flip and slams Maff’s left arm on the mat. Wolfe takes Maff down to the mat and splashes down onto Maff’s arm. Wolfe stomps on Maff’s hand but Maff comes back with a back elbow strike. Maff keeps control by stomping on Wolfe. Maff chokes Wolfe in the corner. Wolfe comes out of the corner with a forearm strike but Maff keeps delivering strikes. Wolfe starts to get a second a wind and attempts a dropkick but Maff held onto the ropes.

Maff keeps Wolfe on the mat with a sleeper hold. Wolfe gets out of the hold but Maff drops Wolfe with a kick and a senton splash for a two count. Maff keeps Wolfe on the mat with a headbutt to the back. Maff puts a chin lock on Wolfe. Maff splashes Wolfe on the lower back before going back to a chin lock. Wolfe avoids a suplex and drops Maff face first to the mat after yanking on Maff’s arm. Wolfe uppercuts Maff into a corner and hits a running uppercut. Wolfe kicks Maff on the back and strikes him on the chest for a two count. Wolfe has Maff on the top turnbuckle but Maff gets out of a stunner. Maff drives Wolfe down with a back suplex for a two count. Maff splashes Wolfe in the corner and delivers a boot scrape. Maff hits a cannonball splash in the corner. Maff goes for the Burning Hammer, but Wolfe counters with a hammerlock DDT for a near fall. Wolfe heads to the top rope but Maff chops Wolfe and slams him off the top. Maff heads to the top rope but Wolfe cuts him off. Wolfe plants Maff with the Tower of London but Maff kicks out at two. Wolfe decks Maff with a running lariat. I don’t think Maff kicked out and instead the referee is messing up the match. Maff goes for the Burning Hammer but Wolfe counters with an inside cradle for the win. (**. The referee completely messed up the finish. The action was alright, but may have been a little flat. Wolfe hitting the Tower of London should have been the finish here. This was one of the worst referees having messed up the finish twice.)

Before the next match, there is a bikini contest and I honestly just couldn’t care less about it. All I know is that Velvet Sky was involved in it and I’ll assume she won the thing.

Fourth Contest: Daivari vs. Danny Demanto vs. Fala vs. Grim Reefer vs. Ken Doane vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. The Dynamic Sensation in an elimination match for the vacant PWS New York Championship: Normally I’d sit here and do my best for play by play but that is just mentally exhausting. Since this is an elimination match it will be easier to just focus on the eliminations.

First Elimination: Fala is pinned by Grim Reefer
Second Elimination: Ken Doane submits to Grim Reefer
Third Elimination: Grim Reefer pinned by Daviari with extra leverage
Fourth Elimination: Davari pinned by Sonjay Dutt with extra leverage shortly after the last elimination
Fifth Elimination: Sonjat Dutt pinned by Danny Demanto after a top rope frog splash

Late in the match it’s down to Demanto and Dynamic Sensation. Demanto hit several of his big moves including a big piledriver and top rope moonsault, but Sensation refused to stay down. Demanto smashed Sensation with a chair and Kevin Matthews came out to attack Sensation on the floor. This can’t be good. Matthews puts Sensation on a table while Demanto has gone to the balcony. Demanto leaps off and puts Sensation through the table with a splash! The match ends on that note as Sensation is attended to by officials. (**3/4. The final few minutes were quite enjoyable and the eliminations got out of the way rather quickly. Sensation played his underdog role very well.)

Fifth Contest: Alexxis Nevaeh vs. Portia Perez: They got less than six minutes of time to work so they must not have been high priority. Perex won the match following a super kick.

Sixth Contest: Paul Burchill vs. AJ Styles: Early on, Styles arm drags Burchill and taunts him in the corner. Burchill gets control of Styles working over his left arm causing Styles to bail to the floor to regroup. Styles comes back in and hip tosses Burchill to regain control of the match. Styles works over Burchill in the corner with chops. Burchill avoids a splash and arm drags Styles. Burchill continues with a scoop slam and a knee drop for a two count. Burchill continues with a snap suplex. Styles sends Burchill to the floor and goes for a baseball slide. Burchill traps Styles in the ring apron and hammers away on AJ. Burchill rams Styles face first onto the apron but gets stopped on the apron. Styles rams Burchill face first into the ring post from the apron. Styles rolls Burchill back into the ring and stomps on Burchill. Styles scoop slams Burchill followed by a knee drop. Styles keeps Burchill on the mat with a chin lock but Burchill fights his way out. Styles nails Burchll with a dropkick for a two count. Burchill fights out of the corner but misses a spear hitting the ring post shoulder first. Styles drives Burchill down with a back suplex for a near fall. Burchill gets yanked off the middle rope and Styles slams Paul to the canvas. Styles works over Burchill’s knee with elbow drops. AJ focuses his offense on Burchill’s left knee for a few moments. They go to the floor where Styles continues his offense and sends Paul back into the ring. Styles attempts a figure four but Burchill kicks Styles away and AJ hits the ring post shoulder first. Burchill ducks a clothesline and punches Styles several times. Burchill hits a running cross body after sending Styles chest first into the corner. Burchill takes Styles out with a slingshot twisting dive to the floor. Burchill gets a two count back in the ring. Styles drives Burchill back first into the corner. Styles connects with a springboard forearm from the apron for a near fall. Styles gets stopped on the top rope and Burchill goes for a superplex. Styles punches Burchill off, but Burchill comes back with right hands. Burchill manages to hit a superplex on his second attempt. Styles nearly wins the match with an inside cradle. Burchill plants Styles with a full nelson slam for a two count. Styles nails Burchill with the Pele Kick. Styles goes for the Styles Clash but Burchill counters with a pin attempt managing a two count. Styles gets a figure four leg lock on Burchill near the middle of the ring. Styles drags Burchill to the middle of the ring and Burchill actually taps out. (**. It felt like it went a little long and it admittedly didn’t hold my interest all that much. The announcers hyped it up as a possible match for Burchill to get some momentum since his WWE release, but judging hy how Burchill didn’t do much following this, that never happened. Styles didn’t seem overly motivated to bring his best effort here, either.) After the match, AJ Styles attacks Burchill and tells D’Angelo Dinero that he’s going to break his other shoulder if he gets in the ring. Dinero slaps Styles and Burchill delivers a side slam.

Seventh Contest: Generation Me (Jeremy & Max) vs. Bandido Jr. & Amazing Red: Generation Me would better be known as the Young Bucks. Bandido and Max kick off the match with Max delivering a shoulder block. Bandido comes back with a couple of arm drags. Bandido takes Max out with a suicide dive on the floor. Jeremy and Red go at it with Red arm dragging Jeremy. Red gets backdropped to the floor. Jeremy takes Red out with a moonsault off the apron. Max accidentally dropkicks Jeremy and Bandido takes them out with a somersault dive off the top to the floor! Bandido and Red double team Max with several kicks. Bandido plants Jeremy with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Jeremy trips Bandido and kicks him on the apron. Bandido gets sent chest first into the guard railing. Max hits a senton splash from the apron into the ring. Bandido is met with a double dropkick for a near fall. Jeremy comes off the top to double stomp Bandido’s left arm from the top. Jeremy controls Bandido on the mat with sitting abdominal stretch. Bandido is hip tossed and dropkicked by Generation Me. Bandido plants Max with a wheelbarrow bulldog. Bandido tries to tag in Red but is cut off. Bandido hits a neck breaker on Jeremy who was setup to DDT Max, too. Bandido finally tags in Red. Red comes off the top with a double missile dropkick and heel kicks. Red kicks Max and spin kicks Jeremy. Red head scissors Max to the floor and takes both Generation Me members out with a twisting dive over the top to the floor. Red nearly pins Max with a missile dropkick off the top. Generation Me hit a wheelbarrow diamond cutter on Red. Bandido dropkicks Jeremy and Red hit a standing shooting star press for a near fall. Bandido and Red are super kicked. Jeremy accidentally kicks Max and Red head scissors Jeremy face first onto the mat for a near fall. Max hits a rolling fireman’s carry, but Bandido sense Jeremy to the floor. Red finishes Max off with the Infrared for the win. (***. Easily the best match on the card. Generation Me didn’t do anything that they are known for in 2017 and still got an entertaining match done here. Bandido was solid in there and Red hit his classics moves.)

Eighth Contest: Vampiro vs. Jerry Lynn: I forgot about Vampiro’s association with the Guardian Angels. Vampiro backs Lynn into a corner but cleanly breaks away. They trade wrist locks causing Vampiro to get a break in the corner. Vampiro controls Lynn with a side headlock. Lynn gets out of it with a rollup for a near fall. They trade a couple of hammerlocks until Vampiro leg sweeps Lynn to the canvas for a two count. Vampiro backs Lynn into a corner but Lynn jumps onto Vampiro’s back with a sleeper hold. Vampiro drives Lynn back first into the corner but Lynn goes back to the sleeper hold. Vampiro runs into a big boot and Lynn attempts a tornado DDT but gets tossed away. Vampiro nearly wins with a spinning heel kick. Vampiro runs into a big boot and Lynn comes off the middle rope with a bulldog. Vampiro rolls to the floor and is met with a baseball slide sending him into the guard railing. Vampiro rams Lynn face first onto the apron. Vampiro misses a clothesline from the apron and Lynn dropkicks Vampiro off the apron to the floor. Lynn comes off the apron with a rolling senton dive. They brawl into the crowd. Lynn sends Vampiro into the wall and tosses him down the bleachers. Lynn hits a cross body off the bleachers. Vampiro whacks Lynn with a trash can. Vampiro smashes Lynn face first onto a table. Lynn sends Vampiro into a chair and guard railing. Vampiro chokes Lynn in the corner and shoves the referee away. Lynn bites Vampiro and also shoves the referee down. The referee gets splashed in the corner and Vampiro delivers a big boot. Vampiro has the cover but the referee is knocked down. Kevin Matthews comes out to deck Vampiro and Lynn has the cover to win the match. Lynn was bleeding pretty bad from the mouth by the end of the match. (DUD. Yeah, that sucked. Vampiro probably shouldn’t be wrestling at this time. The brawling was lackluster and the action wasn’t very good. The involvement of Reality Check was weird, too.) After the match, Jerry Lynn declines an invite into Reality Check. Lynn and Vampiro work together to fight off the hell stable.

Main Event: PWS Tag Team Champions The Urban Legends vs. The BQE vs. The Buckout Road Ballers vs. The Cowboys From Hell: I’d be lying if I told you I knew who any of these guys were. It looks like all the teams have weapons so that might explain why this is going on last. There appears to be a lot less people in the crowd as they must have bailed before the main event started. Urban Legends retain the tiles after a 450 splash onto one of the BQU members. This match got less than six minutes and was just local talents doing hardcore stuff.

Final Thoughts:
One of the weakest PWS shows I’ve reviewed and the card wasn’t all that bad on paper. The first two matches are just awful and didn’t leave optimistic for the rest of the show. There’s nothing on here that is must-see. It’s a subpar independent wrestling show.

Thanks for reading.


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