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WCW Saturday Night 6/11/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Johnny B. Badd defeated The Terrorist
2.) Diamond Dallas Page defeated Todd Morton
3.) Dustin Rhodes defeated Tony Vincent
4.) Frank Anderson defeated The Gambler
5.) Jungle Jim Steele defeated Big Bad John
6.) WCW Tag Team Champions Cactus Jack & Kevin Sullivan defeated Pretty Wonderful
7.) Vader defeated Mike McReynolds
8.) Brian Pillman defeated Buddy Wayne
9.) Terry Taylor defeated Tex Slazenger

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan hype up the arrival of Hulk Hogan, which will occur on the episode tonight. Heenan is not thrilled at all, while Schiavone is excited.

2.) WCW United States Champion Steve Austin, Col. Robert Parker and Meng are interviewed after witnessing Johnny B. Badd’s victory. Parker says that Austin doesn’t need him to win his matches and vows that Austin will go to the ring all by himself moving forward. Austin calls Badd over to the interview area after Parker and Meng leave. Austin suggests that Badd is gay saying that Badd would lean over and kiss him. Badd believes he isn’t the champion because of Parker. Austin thinks that Badd’s parents are horrified by Badd, who is a “freak of nature” and says that Badd can’t wrestle his way out of a trash bag. Austin is waving his finger in Johnny’s face and says “Johnny would make a good looking woman, huh?” That leads to Johnny knocking Austin out with a left hand. Johnny tells Tony Schiavone to make sure Austin knows to bring the WCW US Championship to the Clash.

3.) Eric Bischoff is in Orlando, FL where a parade is taking place for Hulk Hogan arriving in WCW. The fans all want to see Hogan in WCW, or they were at least told to scream his name.

4.) Another video promoting Ray Traylor joining forces with the Guardian Angels. They are all about turning the streets around and helping people. They want to clean up America.

5.) Dustin Rhodes is interviewed by Tony Schiavone following his victory. Dustin says that Col. Robert Parker started this and he’s going to end it. He did that with Bunkhouse Buck but now it’s Terry Funk. Dustin says that Terry Funk can’t hurt him enough to prevent Dustin from doing what he’s going to do to Funk. Dustin is going to play dirty and he’s going to ask for a partner. He’s talking about someone who is tough enough, mean and can fight. Dustin asks Arn Anderson to be his partner against Buck and Funk. Dustin has wrestled Arn and knows what he is capable of, it’s exactly what he needs to combat Buck and Funk.

6.) WCW Television Champion Larry Zbyszko is interviewed regarding Lord Steven Regal. Zbyszko says in America we have a thing called freedom of speech, which several people have died to maintain. He’s never been called a coward and he extends a rematch for Regal to get the gold back and prove he is a great mat wrestling. The match would take place at the Clash if it were to happen. Zbyszko references baseball saying that it’s “three strikes and you’re out.”

7.) Frank Anderson is an accomplished Olympian from Sweden. This is apparently his debut. Anderson wins the match with a northern lights suplex.

8.) Cactus and Orndorff kick off the title match with Orndorff hammering away on Cactus to get out of the corner and stomps Cactus down to the mat in the corner. Orndorff drives Cactus face first into the canvas, as well. Orndorff is sent into the corner where Jack gets a few more rights in. Sullivan works over Roma in the opposite corner until Orndorff breaks free and double teams Sullivan. Kevin counters a piledriver from Orndorff to hit a backdrop. Kevin almost uses a crutch given by his brother Dave, but they brawl on the floor briefly instead as the referee prevented usage of it. Cactus tags in and puts Orndorff’s arm over the top rope. Orndorff gets out of the arm lock with an eye rake. Roma yanks Cactus down by his hair while on the apron. Cactus chokes Roma until Orndorff hits Cactus from behind. Cactus gets stomped on the canvas. Cactus is dropped across the top rope and falls to the mat. Roma power slams Cactus and heads to the top rope hitting a fist drop. Roma delivers a back breaker and Orndorff comes off the top with a forearm drop to keep control of Cactus.

Orndorff knocks Sullivan off the apron and along with Roma knocks Cactus down with a clothesline. Sullivan has a crutch on the outside to distract Roma. Orndorff tosses Cactus to the floor where Cactus hurt his leg, it appears, but the camera missed it. Orndorff sends Cactus face first into the ring steps. Jack tries to fight off Roma but is stopped by Orndorff from behind. Sullivan tries to get involved but that doesn’t help Cactus. Cactus bites Orndorff in the corner but Orndorff drops Cactus with a clothesline. Roma comes off the top to nail Cactus with a forearm shot. Roma power slams Cactus but misses a middle rope elbow drop. Sullivan gets the tag and drops Orndorff after several strikes. Roma tries his luck but he gets knocked down too. Cactus sends Orndorff into Sullivan, which knocks Roma to the floor. Cactus plants Orndorff with a double arm DDT. Roma leaps off the top and misses a splash hitting Orndorff since Dave pulled Sullivan out of the way. Sullivan regroups for the cover and pins Orndroff. (**. It’s just a matter of time before Pretty Wonderful gets a run as the champs. I thought it was an average match that was slow and rather predictable how they set things up. The ending sequence kind of teases issues with Cactus and Sullivan moving forward, which is quick since they just became a team and won gold, but whatever.)

9.) Everyone is wearing Hulk Hogan gear in Orlando, FL. Bischoff has Mean Gene with him and they are excited to have Hogan with them in about twenty-five minutes. There is roughly forty-minutes left in the program.

10.) Tony Schiavone brings out WCW World Champion Ric Flair, who continues to get cheers piped in for him. Flair thinks he might have overreacted last week. However, he doesn’t think he did! Flair says they’ve never had two world champions wrestle to become one champion. He just so happens to be one of the champions and the other one is Sting. Flair is going crazy about Hulk Hogan coming to WCW. Flair reminds us that Hogan isn’t the champion and he isn’t even here. Flair begs for Hogan to be at the Clash.

11.) Oh boy, here we go the parade for Hulk Hogan arrival in WCW. Bischoff and Gene really hype up the moment as the moment that WCW dominates professional wrestling worldwide. Gene wouldn’t be surprised if Bobby Heenan quit. Bischoff notes that there are other unhappy people that Hogan is in WCW. They eventually get to the podium for the press conference. Hogan signs the contract with Jimmy Hart witnessing it. Hogan holds the contract up and is met with a lukewarm cheer. Hogan recalls his career highlights and calls this the greatest night of his career. Hogan wants to go down as being immortal and says in order to do that, he has to beat the man. So, his goal is to go all the way to the top and beat Ric Flair. A fan asks what Hogan wants to accomplish in wrestling aside from being a five time champion. Hogan hypes up the unification match and again sets his goal on being… champion. So, the answer is to continue to be champion and accomplish nothing new. Another reporter asks what Hogan has missed and what he most looks forward to. He has missed the fans and he most look forward to competing against Ric Flair. They are really driving home this Hogan/Flair match.

Final Thoughts:
It’s the beginning of a two and a half year “Hogan Era” as the top face and just tossing down anything and everything down our throats. The press conference felt flat and horribly staged. When you over hype something in a fifteen minute span, it waters down the match, in my opinion. So, unless you’re a huge Hogan fan, this isn’t much of anything. Though, that segment between Austin and Badd felt edgy and different considering the era.

Thanks for reading.

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