WCW Saturday Night 6/25/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
: 6/25/1994
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Guardian Angel defeated Butch Long
2.) Pretty Wonderful defeated Todd Morton & Barry Houston
3.) Ricky Steamboat defeated Buddy Wayne
4.) Dustin Rhodes & Arn Anderson defeated Harlem Heat

Angle Developments:
1.) Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan hype up what happened at the Clash, which saw WCW World Champion Ric Flair defeat Sting to become the unified champion. Tonight, Flair will sign a contract with Hulk Hogan to square off at Bash at the Beach next month.

2.) Mean Gene interviews Guardian Angel following his squash victory. Angel talks about always following the law and then his badge and nightstick were taken away. Angel thanks the Guardian Angels for having his back. He’s still focused on Vader and he’s going to beat up Vader at the next pay per view, Bash at the Beach.

3.) We go to the contract signing between WCW World Champion Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan. They will be meeting on July 17th in Orlando, FL at the first ever Bash at the Beach pay per view. Flair arrives and ignores both Gene and Bill Shaw on their handshake attempts. Ted Turner is there for the contract signing and he’s excited about signing the match. Hogan signs the contract and Flair stalls for a moment. Flair says he should be the man who is grateful for sitting next to a man who’s made him a millionaire several times over. Hogan says that Flair has no choice but to sign the contract because Flair won’t be able to leave the building. Hogan wants to take on Flair right now, but Flair tells Hogan he never said he wasn’t going to sign the contract. Flair tells Hogan that Hulk won’t beat him. Hogan is going to prove that Hulkamania is the strongest force in the world. Flair tells Hogan that he is greatness and they are both getting riled up. As they both got riled up, it was funny to see Ted Turner and Bill Shaw smiling as if they are just fans watching their heroes bicker.

4.) Footage from the Clash, where Flair pinned Sting, aligned with Sherri Martel, attacked Sting with Sherri until Hulk Hogan ran down and made the save.

5.) Dustin Rhodes and Arn Anderson cut a pre-tape promo prior to their match. They are ready for battle against Bunkhouse Buck and Terry Funk.

6.) Stevie Ray works over Anderson to start the main event with right hands in the corner. Arn avoids Ray in the corner and pummels Ray with left hands followed by a scoop slam. Booker gets dropped by Arn, as well. Rhodes gets tagged in but is stopped by an eye rake. Booker enters and works over Rhodes with strikes in the corner. Dustin ducks a clothesline to hit a cross body for a two count. Arn tags back in and wrenches on the arm of Booker. Booker drops Anderson with a leaping forearm strike. Stevie clotheslines Arn and tags out to Booker. Arn kicked Booker but is stopped by another eye rake and Booker delivers a knee drop. Dustin gets tagged in and clotheslines Booker. Dustin hits the running bulldog but Ray breaks up the cover. Booker misses a leg drop and Anderson gets tagged in. Arn cleans house with left hands but that’s short lived. Arn ducks a double clothesline and plants Booker with a DDT while Dustin held Ray’s leg. That allows Anderson to pin Booker. (*. Quick and obviously just a way to put over the team of Anderson and Rhodes before their pay per view showdown.)

Final Thoughts:
Aside from the Flair/Hogan contract signing, this is a subpar episode.

Thanks for reading.

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