Kayfabe! Money Inc. Bankrupt Brutus Beefcake’s Face!

After suffering a career threatening facial injury due to a parasailing accident in the summer of 1990, Brutus Beefcake made his remarkable in-ring return to the WWF on February 1st, 1993 on an edition of RAW, a new live program on the USA Network. The fans welcomed Brutus back with open arms and everyone seemed happy to have him back.

Well, not everyone. The WWF Tag Team Champions Ted DiBiase and IRS were not so thrilled to see Brutus back in the WWF. They both wanted to be the person to end the career of Brutus once and for all. However, there was one man that didn’t want to do that.

“I know I’ve done some bad things in my career, but I couldn’t be part of a mastermind plan to hurt a friend of mine.” said Jimmy Hart, former manager of Money Inc. “The WWF Tag Team Championships are great, but my friendship with Brutus meant so much more.”

Beefcake returned to the ring on February 15th battling Ted DiBiase. It was just a matter of time before DiBiase and IRS put their plan into motion. “Brutus proved he’s dumb when he went to the ring all by himself.” said IRS.

That proved to be a mistake by Brutus. IRS hit Beefcake with a steel briefcase over the back. Sure, that gave Beefcake the victory in his first match back, but it wasn’t over with. Jimmy Hart tried to stop IRS and DiBiase, but he failed. DiBiase held Beefcake and IRS charged smashing the steel briefcase into the face of Beefcake.

The crowd suddenly was silent. Officials rushed to the ring and Jimmy Hart slid into the ring to check on his friend. Nobody knew if Beefcake could survive such an attack.

“I felt so helpless for Beefcake. I tried to help him, but I failed.” said Jimmy Hart. The show ended with a blood stain on the mat. It could be the final scene for Beefcake career. Money Inc. couldn’t care less.

“Good riddance, I say.” said DiBiase. “What we proved was that you can’t just walk back into the WWF and continue on where you left off. Beefcake should have stayed retired and now we forced him to stay in retirement. I hope he had enough money in his 401k.”

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Money Inc. doesn’t care about Beefcake. After all, all they care about is being the WWF Tag Team Champions. A feat they accomplished with Jimmy Hart by their side. Now that he has left them, are they nervous about losing the titles?

“We never needed Jimmy. We used him to distract the goofs Earthquake and Typhoon.” said IRS. “Prior to Jimmy coming on board we were the best technical tag team going and that’s not going to change with Hart gone.”

If Beefcake is healthy enough to return to the WWF after this recent attack, perhaps it would be a good idea to have some backup with him the next time.

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