Kayfabe! Hulkamania Is BACK!

August 9th, 1999 in Boise, Idaho saw Nick Bollea asked his father, WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan, why didn’t wear what he brought to the arena for WCW Nitro. Hogan has been wearing black and white for over three years since the formation of the New World Order. However, on this day, Hulk was presented with colors that he hasn’t seen in a long time. Colors that WCW fans had seemingly forgotten about.

Red and yellow.

A couple of hours later, Hulk Hogan came out to a thunderous applause and had his trademark red and yellow attire. The announcers were going nuts. The fans were cheering as loud as they could. Hogan’s opponents were shocked and his teammates were proud.

Hulkamania is back in World Championship Wrestling!

“Seeing the Hulkster back in the red and yellow was a pleasant sight to see.” said Sting. “Hulk turned to the dark side and tormented WCW with the NWO for three years. However, tonight proved that deep down inside of Hogan, he loves the fans.”

While the fans may love Hogan and Hogan loves the fans, could WCW wrestlers possibly trust Hogan after everything he’s done to WCW?

“I don’t buy into this whole Hulk Hogan is a good guy again routine.” said Diamond Dallas Page. “WCW fans seem to forget things so easily. Hogan beat down myself and all the WCW heroes for years and wanted WCW to die. Now, we’re all supposed to adore him because he changed the color of his gear? I’m not buying into it, bro.”

In recent months Hogan has been battling former NWO friend Kevin Nash, who has aligned himself with the dangerous Sid Vicious and Rick Steiner to make a troublesome threesome in WCW. Nash, who is line for a WCW World Championship match at Road Wild, doesn’t seem to care too much about the rebirth of Hulkamania.

“How can everyone be so blind?” said Nash. “Hogan lost myself and the rest of the New World Order the guys who protected him. Now, he’s running back to the fans to protect him and their all dumb enough to take him back with open arms. When the time is right, Hogan will turn on them again. That’s just the guy he is.”

Maybe Nash is right. After all, Hogan did some awful things to many WCW wrestlers and along with Eric Bischoff attempted to take over WCW. However, fans are currently thrilled to have their hero back and Hogan is riding the momentum into the career vs. career match against Nash at Road Wild.

If Nash has his way, Road Wild will see Hogan put the red and yellow away forever. In fact, Hogan will be gone forever.

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