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ECW House Show 2/4/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling House Show
Date: 2/4/2000
From: Jacksonville, FL

Opening Contest: Kid Kash vs. Simon Diamond: Early on, Diamond has control of Kash by his wrist but that doesn’t last too long. They counter some basic standing holds. Diamond arm drags Kash a few times but Kash comes back with a few arm drags of his own. Kash tries for a dive but Diamond runs away and Kash chases after him. Diamond gets cheap control stomping on Kash as he gets back in the ring. Jazz comes down to ringside to seemingly help out Kash. Kash hammers away on Diamond in the corner and ducks a clothesline followed by an arm drag. Diamond bails to the floor to regroup and stall. Kash takes Diamond and his manager out with a cross body over the top to the floor. Kash rolls Diamond into the ring and Diamond is begging off calling for timeout. Kash works over Diamond in the corner with strikes and chops. Kash tries for a head scissors but Diamond counters with a face buster. Diamond runs over Kash with a clothesline. Diamond plants Kash with a sit out spine buster for a near fall. Diamond takes Kash over with a few snap suplexs and a front slam for a near fall. Diamond continues to work over Kash in the corner with several strikes. Kash ducks a clothesline and kicks Diamond. Kash plants Diamond with a tornado DDT! Kash goes for the cover but Diamond gets his boot on the bottom rope. Kash grabs Diamond’s manager but Jazz takes him out. Jazz gets in the ring to hit a face buster and Kash earns the win. (**. A quick little match but the finish doesn’t really help Kash and instead rather puts over Jazz who wasn’t even in the match. Luckily for Kash, he’s super talented so he’ll still shine.)

Second Contest: HC Loc & Prodigy vs. The Dupps: So, HC Loc is a referee for ECW, or at least would become one on a regular basis. Prodigy is an ECW student who didn’t accomplish anything for the company. The Dupps are basically trailer park trash gimmick guys. This feels like a filler of a match. So, this is going to get a short recap. It’s actually pretty much an extended squash match for the Dupps, anyway. Dupps win the match after a double team spine buster on Loc ends the match.

Third Contest: Mikey Whipwreck vs. Spike Dudley: Mikey gets in Spike’s face at the start of the match and is met with a boot to the gut and eye rake sending Whipwreck to the floor. Spike goes to the floor and gives his glasses to a young boy in the front row. Spike trips Whipwreck for a near fall with a rollup. Whipwreck confronts the referee after Spike went for another rollup. Whiwpreck controls Spike with a test of strength. Spike fights out of it with a headbutt. Spike takes Mikey down with a rollup but Mikey comes back with a boot to the gut and other strikes. Mikey drops Spike face first across the top turnbuckle for a near fall. Spike battles back with strikes against the ropes. Mikey chops blocks Spike’s leg as he was distracted by Sinister Minister on the floor. Mikey focuses his offense on the knee of Spike trying for a submission but Spike doesn’t give up. Whipwreck drops Spike throat first across the guard railing. Mikey sends Spike back first into the guard railing. Mikey chokes Spike with a chair and taunts the crowd. Whipwreck rolls Spike back into the ring and tells the fans to shut their mouths. Spike knocks Mikey off the apron and Mikey lands back first on the top of the railing. Spike comes off the top to hit Mikey with a chair shot. Spike punches Mikey off the ramp way and dives off to hit a cross body on the floor. Spike kicks Mikey but misses a spear hitting the ring post instead. Mikey plants Spike with a suplex turned into a stunner but Spike gets his hand on the ropes. Mikey spits at the referee out of frustration. Mikey controls Spike with a headbutt and drops Spike with a left hand. Minister trips Spike but Spike still splashes Mikey and follows up with the Acid Drop for the win! (**. An average match between these two veterans. Spike is such a big star at this point for ECW that it is something you can only support. Spike deserves it for his handwork in ECW. Mikey seems a lot more motivated here compared to his brief WCW run that is often forgotten about.)

Fourth Contest: CW Anderson & Erik Watts vs. Chris Chetti & Nova: Oh my goodness it’s Erik Watts in ECW. I must be dreaming. Anderson and Nova start the match with Nova. Nova shoulder blocks Anderson followed by a hip toss. Chetti enters the contest and puts a headlock on Anderson. Nova clotheslines CW for a near fall. Nova works over CW in the corner but is met with an elbow strike. Nova tags in Chetti and CW gets worked over in the corner. Chetti nearly pins CW with a clothesline out of the corner. CW nails Chetti with a clothesline after a forearm strike to his lower back. Anderson decks Chetti with a left hand. Chetti spin kicks Anderson to gain control of the match. Nova gets tagged in and he stomps away on CW in the corner followed by a clothesline and bulldog out of the corner for a two count. Chetti tags in before CW super kicks Nova. Chetti spin kicks CW but the referee is distracted. Lou E. Dangerously smashes a phone over Chetti’s head on the top rope. Bill Wiles plants Nova with a side slam and Erik Watts pins Nova for the win. (1/2*. That was just ridiculous. I’m glad Watts didn’t do a damn thing which is a good way to get heat on the guy, but Nova and Chetti probably shouldn’t be jobbing to these guys here. The action wasn’t very exciting, either.)

Fifth Contest: ECW World Champion Mike Awesome vs. Little Guido: Guido gets on Awesome’s back at the start but is quickly slammed down to the canvas. Awesome catches Guido with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Guido tries to escape the ring but Awesome stops him and delivers a few back strikes. Awesome rams Guido into the corner face first. Awesome tosses Guido across the ring by his hair and follows Guido to the floor. Awesome drops Guido throat first across the guard railing. Awesome tries for a power bomb but Big Sal comes over and saves Guido by hitting a splash against the railing. Sal rolls Awesome into the ring and Guido comes off the middle rope with a leg drop for a near fall. Guido puts an arm bar on Awesome but that’s not going to do much. Guido stomps away on Awesome in the corner for a few moments. Awesome stops Guido’s offense with a Samoan Drop. Guido is met with a sit out spine buster but pops his shoulder up at two. Awesome signals for the table on the floor. Awesome brings the table into the ring. Awesome gets dropkicked into the ropes but Awesome fights out and clotheslines Guido. Awesome puts Guido through the table with a power bomb for the win. (*1/4. I mean, they tried to make it a little competitive for Guido but there was never any doubt as to who was going over here.)

Sixth Contest: Vic Grimes & Spanish Angel vs. Masato Tanaka & Balls Mahoney: Mahoney decides it’s a good idea to brawl with Grimes and Angel before the match actually starts. Mahoney drops them both with clotheslines and has a fork which he tries to use on Grimes is stopped by Angel. Grimes uses the fork on Mahoney. Grimes digs the fork into the forehead of Mahoney but here comes Masato Tanaka. Tanaka runs into the ring and cleans house on Angel and Grimes with right hands. Mahoney takes Angel over with a belly to belly suplex. Grimes gets double teamed with strikes before getting dropped to the mat. Grimes is sent over the top to the floor by Tanaka and Mahoney. Angel comes over and attacks Tanaka from behind but Tanaka hits a sit out power bomb. Grimes misses a splash on the floor and goes into the crowd. Tanaka plants Angel with a tornado DDT off the middle rope. Grimes and Mahoney get back in the ring where Mahoney hits Grimes with a drink. Tanaka has a steel chair and whacks Angel with it. Grimes splashes Mahoney in the corner and delivers a running butt splash on Mahoney. Grimes heads to the top rope but New Jack comes out to hit Grimes with a chair over the back. Tanaka pins Grimes after a forearm smash. (*. Who really cared about this match? It’s just a brawl and mostly a squash, really.)

Seventh Contest: ECW Tag Team Champions Justin Credible & Lance Storm vs. Danny Doring & Roadkill: Storm and Doring start off the tag title match. Storm takes Doring down to the canvas and controls his arm briefly. Doring comes back missing a clothesline and Storm delivered an uppercut. Storm misses a clothesline and Doring comes back with a dropkick to send Storm to the floor. Credible and Roadkill are tagged into the match and Credible goes to the floor to stall for time. Roadkill shoulder blocks Credible followed by a double leg slam. Roadkill hammers away on Credible into the corner and splashes Credible. Doring comes off the top to hit Credible with an axe handle. Doring is grabbed by Dawn Marie and that allows Credible to deliver a super kick. Credible rams Doring into the corner and delivers a few chops. Credible ducks a clothesline and Storm clotheslines Doring to help out Credible. Storm hammers away on Doring choking him over the middle rope. Jason chokes Doring over the middle rope along with a cheap shot. Storm decks Doring with a right hand and low blows Doring before sending him shoulder first into the ring post. Credible works over Doring with a right hand to the ribs. Credible gets a chair tossed to him and he sets it up in the ring. Credible sends Doring into the ropes and Doring plants Credible with a DDT onto the chair! Storm gets tagged in as does Roadkill. Roadkill hammers away on storm and hits a side slam! Roadkill hammers away on Credible followed by a power slam. Storm is met with a backdrop and is clotheslined over the top to the floor.

Roadkill sends Credible flipping into the corner and hits a TKO for a near fall. Doring works over Storm in the corner. Credible low blows Roadkill and drops him to the floor. Credible holds Doring and Storm goes for a super kick but misses and hits Credible on accident. Doring low blows Storm and hits a jaw breaker for a two count as Jason breaks up the cover. Roadkill has Jason and Doring comes off the ropes to hit a Hart Attack for a near fall. Dawn Marie gets in the ring and eye rakes Doring. Roadkill grabs Marie but Storm pulls Doring to the floor. Credible hits Roadkill with a kendo stick and gets a rollup for the three count. (*1/2. There wasn’t much substance to this match so it was kind of a disappointment. Doring and Roadkill are becoming a really solid tag team and actually felt like challengers to the Impact Players. The finish protects them, too.)

Eighth Contest: Tajiri vs. Super Crazy in a Japanese Death Match: Crazy runs to the ring and tales Tajiri out with a springboard missile dropkick. Crazy is met with a quick dropkick from Tajiri to stop his momentum. Crazy goes to the floor and is kick some more by Tajiri. Crazy sends Tajiri into the guard railing but Tajiri backdrops Crazy into the crowd. Tajiri kicks Crazy in the face to keep control of the match. Tajiri has brought two chairs into the ring and kicks Crazy’s face while it was on the chair. Tajiri puts Crazy in the tree of woe and puts a chair in front of Crazy’s face actually it three chairs. Tajiri delivers a running dropkick sending three chairs into his face. Tajiri tosses a few more chairs into the ring and Crazy is busted wide open trying to get a table into the match. Tajiri locks in the tarantula on the apron but Crazy doesn’t give up. Tajiri chokes Crazy over the top rope and bites his forehead. Tajiri delivers a kick to Crazy’s chest against the ropes. Tajiri kicks Crazy but Crazy comes back with a clothesline and springboard moonsault. Crazy plants Tajiri with a quick power bomb and goes to the floor to push back the guard railing and sets up a table on the floor. Crazy lays Tajiri across the table and heads to the top rope. Crazy leaps off the top to put Tajiri through the table on the floor! Crazy brings another table to ringside but doesn’t use it. Crazy kicks Tajiri several times not eh floor and Tajiri has been busted open as well. Crazy grabs a few chairs from fans at ringside. By a few I mean probably eight or so. Crazy hammers away on Tajiri in the corner. Tajiri hits a handspring back elbow and mists Crazy in the face. Tajiri spikes Crazy with a brain buster and goes for the floor to bring a table into the ring. Tajiri sets the table up in the ring and punches Crazy on the apron. Tajiri kicks Crazy on the apron and stands on the top rope but is shoved off by Crazy. Crazy hits a missile dropkick followed by a clothesline. Crazy lays Tajiri on the table and heads to the top rope. Crazy puts Tajiri through the table with a moonsault but can’t get a three count on the cover! Crazy sets up another table in the ring but the table collapses. Crazy attempts a power bomb but Tajiri counters with a DDT onto a pile of chairs. Tajiri slams Crazy and puts a few chairs on top of him. Tajiri places the table over Crazy’s body that is covered with chairs. Tajiri goes to the top rope and leaps off hitting a double stomp through the table onto the chairs and essentially crushing Crazy underneath for the win. (***1/4. As expected these two delivered a fun, violent match that the show really lacked prior to this. Like often with ECW these are two guys that deliver each time out. Tajiri comes across like a big time force and Crazy gets sympathy.)

Main Event: Steve Corino & Jack Victory vs. Tommy Dreamer & Dusty Rhodes in a street fight: Corino goes right after Dusty while Victory brawls with Dreamer. Dusty hammers away on Corino knocking him to the floor where Dreamer sends Corino over the railing into the crowd. Dreamer brings Corino through the crowd ramming him face first into chairs. Dreamer whacks Corino over the back with a steel chair. Dreamer brings Corino towards the back of the venue and sends him into the concession area. Dreamer hits Corino over the back with a trash can. Dreamer again sends Corino face first into the concession barricade before heading back towards the ring. Dusty hammers away on Corino at ringside. Dreamer has gotten ladder in the ring while Dusty low blows Corino. Dreamer has Victory in the ring who has been busted open thanks to Dusty. Victory gets sent back first into the ladder in the corner. Dusty drops Corino with an elbow smash. Corino sends Dreamer back first into the ladder and super kicks Dreamer. Corino grabs the ladder and instead of hitting Dreamer sends it to the floor because he’s anti-hardcore. Corino taunts Dusty by having Victory come in and hammer away on Dreamer while the referee is distracted. Corino sends Dreamer into the ropes and along with Victory deliver a double back elbow strike. Victory hammers away on Dreamer as Dreamer hangs over the middle rope before dropping to the mat. Corino mocks Dreamer but Dreamer grabs Corino’s groin. Corino battles back with a dropkick and Victory enters to choke Dreamer for a few moments.

Victory continues to work over Dreamer with strikes and sets a ladder up on the top turnbuckle. Dreamer stops Corino on the top rope and drops Corino face first over the ladder. Dusty gets the hot tag and hammers away on Victory with strikes. Corino and Victory collide in the ring and are both met with DDTs. Dusty and Dreamer end up delivering elbow drops and pin both Corino and Victory to win the match. After the match, Rhino storms the ring and attacks both Dreamer and Dusty. Rhino stomps on Dusty’s right knee. Corino puts the figure four on Dusty but here comes the Sandman for the save. Sandman cleans house with his kendo stick. Sandman celebrates in the ring by dumping beer on Francine. (*1/4. The crowd reacted big time to Dusty competing in an ECW ring and rightfully so. However, the match isn’t anything great. If you get rid of the smoke and mirrors of Dusty being in the promotion, it’s like a cheap main event that you’d see at a local independent show.)

Final Thoughts:
There are a couple of average matches and a really good Tajiri/Crazy match on this show but that’s about it. There are so many good Tajiri/Crazy matches that this isn’t a must-see match. It ran for less than two hours, so it flew by, but the action wasn’t all that good. i’ll give it a mild thumbs down, though. I think some people may enjoy Dusty’s match more than I did.

Thanks for reading.

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