WrestlePro Brace For Impact 2/9/2018

Impact Wrestling & WrestlePro team up to present Brace For Impact. The show features Teddy Hart in action against Bobby Wayward, Eli Drake in a triple threat match against Anthony Bowens and Matt Macintosh. Alberto El Patron battles Fallah Bah in a singles match. In the main event, Dan Maff defends his yard against Johnny Impact.

Impact Wrestling & Wrestle Pro presents Brace For Impact
Date: 2/9/2018
From: Rahway, NJ

It would appear that this isn’t the full show but rather just matches involving Impact Wrestling wrestlers. After looking up the card, it would appear that the following matches weren’t included due to Impact not having them under contract, I’d assume.

Opening Contest: Reality Check (KM, Chris Steeler & Talon) vs. CAQ, Delroy, & Habib From The Car Wash: CAQ starts the match with KM and is apparently from a mental ward. CAQ hip tosses and arm drags KM followed by a dropkick. Steeler and Delroy enter the match with Delroy driving Steeler down to the mat with a vertical suplex. Habib delivers a spinning heel kick on Steeler for a two count. Habib head scissors Steeler to the floor and KM is put over the middle rope as Habib delivers a 619. Talon accidentally hits his buddies with a suicide dive. Habib is press slammed over the top to take everyone out on the floor. Habib goes to the top rope but is shoved off by Talon. Steeler nails Habib with a superkick and tags out to KM. KM continues to work over Habib tossing him out of the corner. KM tosses Habib dangerously into the corner and Habib could have broken his leg on that. Steeler and Talon double team Habib by hitting a backbreaker/middle rope leg drop combo for a two count. Habib is able to break away and tags in Delroy. Delroy cleans house with a couple of spinebusters and a sit out spinebuster on KM. CAQ enters but KM hits a pump handle spinning slam. Habib comes off the top with a double knee strike to KM. Steeler plants Habib with a Michinoku Driver. They all hit their signature spots until CAQ pins Talon with a lariat. After the match, KM attacks CAQ. Steeler low blows Delroy, too. KM plants CAQ with a DDT. KM gets a microphone and notes that CAQ is undefeated for two years. He’s going to beat CAQ for the Gold Championship that CAQ holds in WrestlePro. KM challenges CAQ to one more match and in any kind of match. As KM leaves the ring, CAQ says they will meet inside a steel cage. (**. This was exactly what you’d expect with everyone hitting their spots leading into the finish. Some of the characters that WrestlePro use are unique but also kind of ridiculous. I think the way this is presented makes Impact look minor league.)

Second Contest: Colby Covington vs. Tyquil Woodley: This is basically a comedy match because Woodley isn’t the actual person that Colby wanted and is instead an out of shape man. They are making this a mockery of a UFC fight. Covington wins the “fight” in record time with a kick to the head. I guess they had to fill time. I’m not going to waste anymore time reviewing this segment.

The next match was originally supposed to be a singles match between Sydal and Payne. However, the Bodies attacked Sydal during his entrance and we get a tag match instead. Payne is in an alliance with the Bodies in WrestlePro but decided against attacking Sydal and turns face. Payne doesn’t understand why he aligned himself with a dumb group like the Heavenly Bodies.

Third Contest: Impact Grand Champion Matt Sydal & Chris Payne vs. The Heavenly Bodies (Justin & Dustin): All four men start the match trading strikes in the corner with the Bodies getting the advantage on Payne with stomps. Sydal helps his new partner knocking Dustin and Justin off their feet with kicks. Sydal holds the Bodies on the floor to allow Payne to hit a somersault dive over the top to the floor. Payne works over Dustin with stomps but Justin knocks Sydal off the top rope and pummels Payne with right hands. Dustin nails Payne with a heel kick for a two count. Dustin drops Payne face first onto the mat and assists Justin with a standing moonsault for a two count. Justin nails Payne with a short arm clothesline for a near fall. Payne fights out of the corner with right hands but a knee lift stops Payne. Justin sends Payne into the corner and tags in Dustin. Dustin tosses Payne hard back first into the corner and Justin tags back in to keep control of the match. Payne splashes the Bodies in the corner and works over the Bodies with right hands. Dustin drops Payne with a superkick and they hit a wheelbarrow ace crusher but Payne kicks out at two. Dustin gets tossed to the floor while Payne has Justin over his shoulders hitting a spinning Torture Rack slam. Sydal goes to the top and hits the Shooting Star Press on Justin for the win. (*1/2. Well, Sydal did very little in the match as the focus was on Payne and the Bodies. There wasn’t much going on here and it was a rather quick match. Considering Sydal did very little here, I would have been annoyed to have been there live and have one of the main attractions do very little in-ring.)

Fourth Contest: Moose vs. Shawn Donovan: Donovan attacks Moose before the bell delivering several right hands in the corner and taunts Moose. Donovan shoulder blocks Moose coming off the ropes but Moose fights back with a dropkick. Moose follows Donovan to the floor and uppercuts Donovan against the railing followed by chops. Moose connects with a running bicycle kick knocking Donovan onto the ring steps. Donovan rams Moose face first onto the steps and returns to the ring with the advantage. Donovan continues his control with a rolling neck snap for a near fall. Donovan continues to taunt Moose following each stomp. Donovan hammers away on Moose on the floor to keep control of the match. Donovan brings the action back into the ring and continues to hammer away on Moose. Moose stops Donovan with a headbutt to the chest. Moose continues with a couple of splashes in the corner followed by a dangerous looking buckle bomb. Moose delivers a dropkick in the corner and Donovan staggers to his feet. Moose runs into a knee lift but is able to finish Donovan off with a spear. (*. Donovan did very little when he was on offense in the match. The match just felt like an extended squash match for Moose.)

Fifth Contest: Nikki Adams & Nikos Rikos vs. Allie & Braxton Sutter: Sutter and Rikos kick off the contest with Sutter working over the left arm until Rikos elbows himself free. Sutter kicks Rikos and backs him against the ropes. Sutter plants Rikos with a snap powerslam. Adams gets tagged in and Allie gets tagged in as well. Adams works over Allie with several forearm strikes backing Allie into a corner. Allie avoids a charging Adams to deliver a clothesline and another clothesline to a kneeling Adams. Sutter tags in and gets slapped by Adams. Sutter clotheslines Rikos but Adams holds the boot of Sutter allowing Rikos to deliver a double stomp for a two count. Rikos works over Sutter with chops in the corner. Adams stomps away on Sutter for a few moments before Rikos gets a two count on a cover attempt. Rikos stops Sutter with a double knee gut buster for a near fall. Rikos works over Sutter with forearm strikes but fails on a backstabber attempt. Sutter comes out of the corner with a clothesline and they both tag out. Allie and Adams enter with Allie delivering a series of clotheslines. Allie rams Adams into the corner head first and dropkicks Adams shoulders into the middle turnbuckle. Rikos gets tagged in and stops Allie by grabbing her hair. Allie forearms Rikos several times and Sutter tags in. Sutter runs into a big boot from Rikos and Rikos nearly wins the match but the referee sees Rikos foot on the ropes. Rikos misses a splash and Sutter boots Rikos. Adams gets in Sutter’s way, and he stops suddenly. Allie spears Adams to the floor but Rikos hits a backstabber and pins Sutter. (*1/2. I’m confused as to why Sutter stopped his offense because Adams got in his way when the entire match had male on female violence teased. This has to be considered a major upset and I was not expecting an Impact Wrestling superstar to actually lose a match to a WrestlePro talent. There weren’t any slow parts of the match, but I wasn’t all that intrigued by what was presented.)

Eddie Edwards makes his way out to cut an in-ring promo. Edwards was originally supposed to wrestle, but he got hurt due to a baseball bat shot from Sami Callihan. That was taped for TV and it has not been aired yet. Edwards promises to be back for WrestlePro and wants everyone to support WrestlePro. Bobby Wayward makes his way out to confront Edwards. Wayward thinks that Edwards is afraid of him just like all the fans are. Edwards tells Wayward that he has found someone to replace him. The man replacing him is… Teddy Hart!

Sixth Contest: Bobby Wayward vs. Teddy Hart: Wayward works over Teddy from behind and chokes Teddy over the middle rope. Wayward continues to beat on Hart sending him into the turnbuckles. Wayward pulls Teddy to the floor and slams Teddy face first onto the apron and guard railing. Wayward brings the action back into the ring and keeps control with strikes followed by a snap suplex for a two count. Wayward drives his shoulder into the midsection go Hart in the corner. Hart gets an inside cradle nearly pinning Wayward. Wayward stops Hart with a quick clothesline for a two count. Hart gets an arm bar locked in on Bobby but can’t get a submission. Hart kicks Wayward over the middle rope but runs into a boot from Wayward. Wayward knocks Teddy down with a standing heel kick for a near fall. Wayward puts a Stretch Muffler on Teddy but isn’t able to get a submission. Wayward tosses Hart with an overhead back suplex dropping Hart on his midsection. Hart is able to counter a choke by putting an ankle lock on Wayward! Bobby thinks about tapping but instead reaches the ropes. Wayward sends Teddy face first into the middle turnbuckle. Hart stands on Wayward’s back before getting a near fall with a rollup. Hart goes for a powerbomb and switches to a double knee backbreaker. Hart works over Wayward with kicks to the chest. Hart has Wayward on his shoulders and delivers another double knee backbreaker. Teddy forearms Wayward and delivers a piledriver while Bobby was leaning in from the apron for a two count. Hart heads to the top rope hitting a sunset flip that looked like a modified Canadian Destroyer for a near fall. Hart locks in a bear hug and switches to a DDT to drive Wayward head first into the canvas for a near fall. Hart tries for a rollup out of the corner but Wayward counters with a rollup and uses the ropes for leverage to steal the match. (**1/2. They worked a fine match and Teddy Hart was looking very good in the ring. I doubt Hart will ever appear in Impact, but this was a surprise appearance and I enjoyed his offense. The finish was rather flat as I was hoping for a bigger finish to the match.)

Seventh Contest: Matt Macintosh vs. Anthony Bowens vs. Eli Drake: Macintosh attacks Bowens from behind before the bell sounds and Drake seems to be content with that. Drake shoulder blocks Macintosh a few times before catching Macintosh with a powerslam. Drake tries for the Gravy Train on Bowens, but Bowens hits a Fame-Asser instead. Bowens forearms Drake in the corner several times. Bowens works over Drake with several right hands in the corner and plays to the crowd. Drake plays it off like it didn’t hurt but then takes the bump. Macintosh chops Bowens but Bowens hits a spinning slam for a near fall. Bowens forearms Macintosh but gets tripped by Drake. Macintosh delivers a superkick moments later for a two count. Drake returns to the match pummeling Bowens in the corner with shoulder blocks. Drake and Macintosh both want to beat on Bowens in the corner. Drake catapults Bowens throat first into the bottom rope. Macintosh keeps control by stomping away on Bowens. Bowens misses a splash in the corner and Drake hits a reverse neckbreaker for a two count on Anthony. Bowens fights back with strikes but Macintosh delivers a few kicks. Drake and Macintosh can’t agree on who gets to pin Bowens. Drake misses a strike on Macintosh. They trade knee lifts and back scratches. Macintosh eye rakes Drake and they both attempt low blows hitting each other at the same time. Bowens superkicks Macintosh and drops Drake over his knee for a two count. Bowens kicks Macintosh in the midsection followed by a knee strike. Macintosh drives Bowens down with Apple Sauce (which was a move Scott D’Amore used as a wrestler and he flips out about it not being the finish in hilarious fashion). Macintosh dropkicks Drake but is stopped by a jawbreaker. Drake slams Bowens and tosses Macintosh down to the canvas. Drake goes for the Gravy Train on Bowens but Macintosh kicks him. Macintosh misses a handspring ace crusher and Bowens wins with the match with a running knee strike to Macintosh. (**1/2. It was pretty obvious that Drake wasn’t going to eat the pin in this match. It was a decent enough match, but I will say that all the promise I saw in Macintosh a few years ago is gone. He wasn’t very good in the match and was overshadowed by Bowens and Drake.)

Eighth Contest: Alberto El Patron vs. Fallah Bah: Patron works over Bah with several strikes after a knee strike to the midsection. Patron hammers away on Bah with right hands in the corner. Patron dropkicks a kneeling Bah for a two count. Bah shoulder blocks Patron sending him to the floor. Bah follows Patron to the floor and they brawl for a little outside the ring. Patron sends Bah shoulder first into the ring post and face first. Bah spits into Patron’s face and drives Patron face first onto a table at ringside. Bah attempts a Bonsai Drop but Patron moves out of the way. Patron kicks Bah in the corner for a near fall. Patron keeps control choking Bah over the middle rope. Patron kicks Bah right in the groin because he doesn’t care about rules. Patron drives Bah down with a back suplex. Patron gets an arm bar over the top rope but has to let go. Patron comes off the top to strike Bah down to the mat. Patron continues with an arm breaker for a two count. Bah avoids a kick and attempts a Samoan Drop but Patron gets free. Bah sits down onto Patron’s chest. Bah chops Patron several times followed by a splash in the corner and a Samoan Drop for a two count. Patron delivers a codebreaker to the arm of Bah followed by a backstabber for a two count. Bah connects with a crossbody for a two count. Bah misses a splash but Patron hits the post shoulder first. Bah splashes Patron in the corner and goes to the middle rope looking for the Bonsai and he hits it! Patron grabs the bottom rope to stop the count at two. Patron runs up the aisle to get away from Bah. Bah goes to the floor and grabs Patron to bring him back to ringside. Patron is slammed face first onto the apron. Patron rolls to a corner to regroup. Patron stops Bah with a double stomp in the corner and wins the match. (**. Bah was entertaining in his role but there was never any doubt. The commentary team is not doing an effective job in putting over the WrestlePro guys. It completely takes me out of the match when Bah is being presented as a huge underdog and unlikely to win the match. Bah has really grown as a performer over the years and could be a good asset for Impact in 2018 if used correctly.)

Main Event: Johnny Impact vs. Dan Maff: Early on, Maff yells at Impact saying this is his home and shoves Impact into the ropes. Impact controls Maff with a headlock but Maff breaks free and clotheslines Johnny. Impact bails to the floor but returns after regrouping. Impact decides to pose for the crowd showing off his body. Maff does the same but is kicked in the ribs by Impact. Johnny works over Maff with strikes against the ropes. Impact uppercuts Maff backing him into a corner but Maff battles back driving Impact into a corner back first followed by a chop. Maff goes for a cannonball but Impact bails to the floor. Impact dropkicks Maff for a two count. Impact knee strikes Maff several times followed by a few elbow strikes. Maff works over Impact with a chop and catches Impact in the corner hitting a powerslam for a two count. Maff chops Impact in the corner a few times. Impact avoids a chop nailing Maff with a kick to the chest. Impact springboards off the middle rope to deliver a kick for a two count. Impact drags Maff to the corner but Maff shoves Impact into a corner. Impact charges out with a forearm strike but Maff hits a pop-up powerbomb for a two count. Maff hip tosses Impact and attempts a senton but Impact gets his knees up followed by a running knee strike. Impact goes to the top rope but has to roll through since Maff moved away. Impact hits a standing Spanish Fly, double stomp and standing shooting star for a near fall. They are having a blatant conversation in the ring due to poor camera work.

They slowly get to their feet and begin to trade strikes. They trade jabs with Impact cutting Maff off with a knee but Maff comes back with a senton splash. Impact rolls to the floor and Maff proceeds to take Impact out with a suicide dive. Maff brings Impact back into the ring to deliver a clothesline for a near fall. Maff comes off the middle rope but Impact hits a dropkick in midair. Impact knee strikes Maff in the corner. Impact goes to the corner and hits the Starship Pain but Maff kicks out at two. Impact questions where the referee went to school following the near fall. Maff gets to his feet and nearly splashes the referee in the corner. Impact superkicks the referee on accident as Maff plants Impact with the Burning Hammer! Maff has the cover but the referee isn’t there to make the count. Maff tries to wakeup the referee. Impact superkicks Maff twice but a third one is blocked. Impact breaks free to hit a third superkick. Impact hits the Starship Pain and pins Maff. (**1/4. That was another rather average match and the booking is so played out with the referee getting knocked out preventing the local guy from pinning a more established name. As soon as that happened I lost complete interest in the match. I like Maff and I hope he gets a run with Impact either singles or with Monsta Mack.) After the match, Impact challenges Maff to another match. He puts over Maff to end the program with a handshake.

Final Thoughts:
Brace For Impact is just your usual independent show with a live stream. The Impact Wrestling guys aren’t going to lose here, aside from Sutter. There isn’t anything on here that stands out as amazing, but I like the idea of showing these kind of matches. It was cool to see Teddy Hart and it was announced he’ll be back for their WrestleCon show. I can’t recommend this show, but if you’re a big Impact Wrestling fan you’d probably enjoy it.

Thanks for reading.

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