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ROH TV 3/11/2018


This week on ROH TV, a new number one contender for the ROH Television Championship. Tenille Dashwood competes in a tournament match.

Date: 3/11/2018
From: Atlanta, GA

Opening Contest: ROH Television Title Number One Contender Battle Royal: Shane Taylor tosses Trent and Chuck Taylor over the top to the floor at the start after they hugged. Those two were probably the two guys I was most interested in seeing challenge. Flip Gordon is left in the ring with Caprice Coleman, Shane Taylor and QT Marshall. Marshall accidentally forearms Taylor and begs off but that doesn’t work very well. Taylor throat thrusts Marshall over the top. Gordon is left with Taylor and Coleman. The final two will meet in a singles match. Gordon is nearly tossed out by Taylor but hits a springboard clothesline on Coleman only to be met with a clothesline from Taylor. Coleman drives Gordon face first down to the mat. Coleman and Taylor decide to work together until Taylor just tosses Caprice over the top to the floor to win the match. This was just a battle royal and wasn’t everything great. I don’t have much interest in these guys wrestling later on, either.

Backstage, Matt Taven and the Kingdom says that the Bullet Club is almost dead. They claim that everything is a conspiracy. Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels enter the scene and say that they have been dealing with conspiracy for a longer time. Daniels tells Taven that now is the time to take out the Bullet Club. Daniels wants the Kingdom to join SoCal Uncensored so they can control the pecking order. Taven and his friends seem to be intrigued.

After a commercial, we already hear from the Kingdom and Taven says that they need their pawns or front line. Vinny says that it’s going to be raining blood next week.

Second Contest: Tenille Dashwood vs. Stacy Shadows: Deonna Purrazzo is on commentary for the match. Shadows has a similar body to Nia Jax making Dashwood visually look like an underdog. This is airing after the ROH pay per view where Dashwood wrestled Brandi Rhodes in a tournament match, so obviously Dashwood prevails here. At one point, Dashwood hit a tilt a whirl side Russian leg sweep that was nicely done. Dashwood hits a running crossbody to a seated Shadows in the corner. Shadows plants Dashwood with a spinebuster to get control as we go to commercial. Dashwood avoids a middle rope splash and gets a tarantula locked in for a moment. Dashwood drops Shadows over the top rope and leaps off the top to hit a crossbody for a near fall. Shadows blocks a kick but is sent shoulder first into the post. Dashwood comes off the ropes to deliver a kick for the win. (*1/2. Shadows got a few moments to shine in there but it was mostly uninteresting for me.) After the match, they shake hands to show respect.

Backstage, the Bullet Club is hanging out with Scurll doing some beat boxing. Cody enters the room and notes that the Kingdom and the SoCal Uncensored groups are joining forces. Cody thinks it is crazy and tries to tell the Bullet Club they are fine. Cody says he’s not the bad guy in this situation with Kenny Omega. Cody tells them that Bullet Club is for life and they have to work together. Adam Page leaves with Cody.

Third Contest: Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas vs. Eli Isom & Ryan Nova: As you might expect, Milonas and Bruiser have next to no trouble in this match. They splash a kneeling Nova a couple of times. Isom tries his luck in there but that’s rather short lived. Isom gets powerbombed in the corner and Bruiser hits a splash. Milonas hits a superplex and Bruiser connects with a top rope splash for the win. These two could be a good challenge for the Briscoe Brothers at some point. Although, this was filmed and edited prior to the tag title change.

Main Event: Shane Taylor vs. Flip Gordon in a number one contenders match for the ROH Television Championship: Taylor shoves Gordon down but is met with a slap. Gordon chops Taylor several times followed by a kick. Taylor misses a splash in the corner and Gordon hammers away on Taylor. Gordon superkicks Taylor and looks for a crossbody but Taylor catches him. Gordon dropkicks Taylor into the ropes and hits a 619. Gordon goes for a springboard but Taylor plants Gordon with a spinebuster.

Gordon elbows Taylor in the corner but gets caught off the ropes and Taylor connects with a slam. Taylor chops Gordon on the chest to keep the advantage. Gordon chops away on Taylor but is decked into the corner. Taylor works over Gordon against the ropes with right hands. Taylor scoop slams Gordon and connects with a legdrop for a two count. We go to commercial.

Taylor kicks Gordon and delivers a running knee strike for a two count. Taylor misses a splash in the corner and Gordon delivers a kick followed by a springboard kick. Gordon attempts a springboard but Taylor catches him with a knee strike. Gordon knee strikes Taylor and attempts a spinning stunner but Taylor catches Gordon with the Bully Bomb for a two count. Taylor splashes Gordon for a near fall. Gordon nails Taylor with a spin kick to stagger Shane. Taylor decks Gordon with a clothesline for a near fall. Taylor goes to the middle rope but misses a splash. Gordon hits the springboard spinning stunner. Gordon goes to the top and hits a 450 splash for the win. (**1/2. The main event was better than I was expecting, that’s for sure. I could get behind Gordon as a future TV Champion. That would be better than Kenny King, I’d say.) After the match, Scorpio Sky enters the ring and attacks Gordon. The Young Bucks rundown to the ring and chase Sky away. Matt Jackson wants to shake hands with Gordon. Flip doesn’t trust Matt and bails to the floor.

Cody is going to cut a promo and is disappointed about the Bullet Club not being with him. He does their parts in a comical way.

Final Thoughts:
Talk about a weak show. There isn’t much of anything going on here and the action was rather bland. Next weeks show as a ten man tag match involving the Bullet Club and the united groups of SoCal Uncensored and The Kingdom.

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