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Xcite Sixth Anniversary Show 3/16/2018

Xcite Heavyweight Champion Sean Carr defends against Joe Gacy, Braxton Sutter and Greg Xcellent. Slyck Wagner Brown battles LSG and Cloudy in a triple threat match. Plus much more!

Xcite Wrestling presents Sixth Anniversary Show
Date: 3/16/2018
From: Binghamton, NY

Brute Van Slyke cuts a promo before the first match offering Justice a spot into his group. However, all Justice has to do is handover the finger gun. The fans don’t want him to do it. Justice slaps Father Derek with the finger gun.

Opening Contest: Dick Justice vs. Brute Van Slyke: Slyke works over Justice with strikes and chops in the corner to start the match. Justice counters a clothesline with an arm drag and fakes out a dive to the floor. Brute is sent into Father Derek instead. Justice big splashes Brute in the corner but Father Derek grabs Dick’s leg in the corner. Brute punches Dick and chokes him over the middle rope. Brute rams Dick head first into the top turnbuckle a few times. Brute splashes Justice in the corner. Brute puts an abdominal stretch on Justice while digging his hand into Dick’s ribs. Dick comes back with jabs and runs the ropes but is nailed by a big boot. Brute attempts a chokeslam, but Dick counters and attempts one of his own. Instead, Brute hits a double arm DDT for a near fall. Dick is getting a second wind after being punched several times. They trade shoulder blocks but neither man goes down. They attempt clotheslines and both men stagger. Dick dropkicks Brute, which didn’t look very good. Dick knocks Brute off his feet with a running shoulder block for a near fall. Justice attempts a piledriver, but Brute counters with forearms. Justice comes back with forearms, as well. Dick gets his finger gun out and Brute drops to his knees. Justice slaps Brute with the finger gun and grabs Father Derek. Brute nearly collides with Derek but is jabbed by Justice several times. Brute avoids a splash in the corner and comes off the ropes with a lariat for the win. (*1/2. I thought it was rather clunky and didn’t have a good pace to it. The comedy stuff wasn’t very funny. Brute needs to be in the ring with someone smaller than him to get the most out of him. Dick’s act is just old to me, at this point.) After the match, the referee for the match joins Brute’s group. Brute gets a steel chair and is going to hit Justice with it. However, instead a promo starts to play on the TV screens and it’s revealed that Jeff Cobb will be returning to Xcite Wrestling on April 29th to battle Brute Van Slyke in a singles match. This video saved Justice from being destroyed. Van Slyke has been wanting this, I guess and his reaction is him just screaming “Yes” and looking like a possessed man.

Second Contest: Rob Cook vs. Simon Queen: Cook attacks Queen before the match starts, but Queen is able to fight back with a clothesline and a full nelson sit down bomb for a two count. They go to the floor where Cook shoves Queen into his manager. Cook continues his offense with a backstabber over the middle rope for a two count. Cook thinks he has won after a running Codebreaker, but Queen kicks out again. Cook argues with the referee and Queen steals the match with a rollup. (DUD. There’s nothing here for entertainment in-ring. It’s really baffling as to why Queen continues to get booked on shows. I know he’s a student, but it is matches like this that really hold Xcite back.)

Third Contest: Boots & Lariats (Pat Sawyer & Ray Ross) vs. Killer Instinct (Jacoby Riddick & Mike Skyros): All four men go at it in the ring with Ross and Riddick brawling to the floor. Skyros and Sawyer also go to the floor to brawl. Riddick boots Ross while Sawyer hits a back suplex onto the apron. Ross and Riddick trade blows until Ross shoves the referee down and the referee appears to signal for the bell, but nothing happens. Sawyer continues to work over Skyros. The match has been thrown out. Sawyer tosses another guy into Skyros and Riddick with a powerbomb. I’m actually disappointed that this wasn’t an actual match. They actually have an angle between the two teams with Skyros nearly having his neck broken at the last show. This has to setup some kind of stipulation like a street fight or something. I’d check that out.

Fourth Contest: Jeff Thomas vs. Mike Orlando: So, Jeff Thomas is basically an enhancement guy for Xcite but he’s getting a chance to standout on the show against a rising star in Mike Orlando. If Thomas loses, then he’s gone from Xcite. Orlando wastes no time nailing Thomas with a big boot for a near fall. Orlando misses a clothesline and is sent over the top to the floor. Thomas takes Orlando out with a suicide dive. Thomas does the suicide dive a second time. Orlando catches Thomas on a third attempt and drops Thomas back first over the apron. Orlando tosses Thomas with a release German suplex.

Orlando takes Thomas over with another German suplex. Orlando is sent face first into the middle turnbuckle and Thomas hits a cannonball dive. Thomas proceeds to take Orlando out with a suicide dive, the first time to knock Orlando off his feet. Thomas goes to the middle rope managing to hit a blockbuster but Orlando kicks out at two. Thomas is speared coming off the middle rope but Thomas is able to kick out on the cover. Orlando catches Thomas on a crossbody attempt and hits a Samoan Drop. Orlando has the cover but Thomas again kicks out at two. Thomas grabs the steel chair that is tossed to Orlando, but Orlando kicks the chair into Jeff’s face. It appears that Jeff’s fake eye popped out. So, the referee gives Thomas the match by disqualification. Thomas points to his head to show he had outsmarted Orlando. (**. Well, I enjoyed that far more than I should have. Thomas played the underdog role very well and Orlando played the monster just as well. The whole fake eye thing was weird and I’m not sure the point of it. Regardless, it was an entertaining segment for what it was supposed to be.)

TJ Marconi appears on the screen but you can’t hear what he’s saying as the audio isn’t connected to the broadcast. He seems to be saying that he’s changing professional wrestling. He’s hear to make a statement and he’s going to create a buzz. Looks like Xcite is going to be bringing in a guy who has been getting a lot of heat for stuff he had on Twitter where he seemingly dangerously dropped another worker with a dominator. Realistically, it wasn’t as bad as people made it sound to be. But, considering the negative reaction to that, I’m surprised to see Marconi getting booked.

Fifth Contest: Axel Lennox vs. Stockade in a tables match: Alex Payne was originally supposed to wrestle Lennox, but wasn’t able to make it to the show. Stockade misses a clothesline and is met with a clothesline from Lennox. They quickly go to the floor and brawl for a few moments. Lennox sends Stockade into the ring steps shoulder first. Lennox drops his leg on Stockade over the apron. Lennox goes under the ring and grabs a table but Stockade baseball slides the table into Lennox. Stockade is using a gardening tool on Lennox. Stockade leaps off the apron to elbow drop Lennox. Stockade scoop slams Lennox onto the steps. Lennox returns to the ring and uses a gardening tool on Stockade. Stockade uses the gardening tool on Lennox’s groin. Stockade elbow drops Lennox’s face on a steel chair. Stockade uses the tool on Axel’s face and forehead. Stockade plants Lennox with a DDT onto the chair. Lennox gets a second wind and avoids a slam. Lennox plants Stockade with a spinebuster. Stockade low blows Lennox and chokes him with his wrist tape. Lennox is able to powerbomb Stockade off the middle rope and Stockade goes through the table. (**. I was surprised they did some death match wrestling here with the use of a gardening tool. These kind of matches seem to be the best way to use Stockade and Lennox. It was a fine match for what it was. Though, I’m confused as to why Stockade is back following the War Games deal from September.) After the match, the screen changes to sirens and it’s announced that Scott Steiner will be appearing on the April 29th show taking on Axel Lennox.

Xcite owner, Jonny Moose makes his way out to the ringside area. Moose says they are about to go to intermission. Moose says that Scott Steiner is going to be uncensored. On June 2nd, they will be returning to the Binghamton baseball stadium. Ethan Page, Braxton Sutter, Joey Ryan, Mikey Whipwreck, Tessa Blanchard, and former WWE superstar Jack Swagger will be competing in action.

Sixth Contest: Battle Royal: This is just a students battle royal. Killer Instinct comes out and attacks Ray Ross and Pat Sawyer. Stockade and Rob Cook run into the ring to attack Simon Queen. That’s kind of weird considering Cook and Stockade have been feuding for a few years, as noted on commentary. Grizzly Rodriguez wins the match by last eliminating Brooklyn Joe. After the match, Rob Cook and Stockade come back out still attacking Simon Queen. Stockade is using the gardening tool from earlier onto Queen. Here comes Dick Justice to make the save. That sets up a tag match for April 29th.

Seventh Contest: Slyck Wagner Brown vs. Cloudy vs. LSG: Slyck was originally supposed to wrestle NWA World Champion Nick Aldis and then was supposed to fight just Cloudy. Now, it is a triple threat match. Slyck and LSG work together to shoulder block Cloudy followed by strikes. Slyck tries to pin LSG for a near fall. LSG gets a rollup on Slyck for a near fall. They have a standoff after a few pin attempts. Cloudy grabs Slyck and sends him into the post. Cloudy drops LSG throat first over the top rope. Cloudy continues with a tornado DDT for a two count on LSG. Cloudy drops LSG with a neckbreaker for a two count. Cloudy eye rakes Slyck off the apron to keep it just him and LSG. LSG leg sweeps Cloudy followed by a rolling neckbreaker. LSG forearms Cloudy followed by a bicycle kick. Slyck nails both men with a slingshot somersault clothesline to get back into the match. Slyck clotheslines LSG a few times followed by a backbreaker and a leg lariat for a near fall. Slyck gets kicked by Cloudy who then hits an ace crusher for a near fall. Cloudy misses a splash in the corner and LSG drops him with a clothesline. LSG continues with a springboard forearm strike for a two count. Slyck dumps LSG to the floor and grabs Cloudy attempting a pop-up powerbomb. Slyck switches to a dominator and LSG comes off the top to hit a 450 splash onto Slyck for the win. (***. It was a quick three-way, but effective and I enjoyed the action. The finish is often done in these kind of matches, so it wasn’t a real shock for how LSG won the match. I’ve been liking LSG and think he can be a good asset to Xcite long term.) After the match, LSG wants to shake hands with Slyck. Slyck decides t decline the handshake and goes to the apron and then leaves. Slyck gets a microphone and reminds LSG he beat his ass. Slyck tells LSG that next time they meet, LSG will get a big fat L.

Main Event: Xcite Heavyweight Champion Sean Carr vs. Braxton Sutter vs. Joe Gacy vs. Greg Xcellent: Sutter is backed into a corner and backs off from the other three. Gacy, Xcellent and Carr seem to argue a bit and Sutter bails to the floor. Sutter goes after Carr and misses leading to all four men brawling in the ring. Xcellent and Gacy go to the floor while Carr and Sutter run the ropes until Sutter hits a snap powerslam. Carr rolls to the floor and Xcellent enters the ring to jab Sutter a few times. Gacy and Sutter nail Xcellent with kicks in the corner. Gacy dropkicks Carr to the floor and drops Sutter with a neckbreaker. Carr gets knocked off the apron while Xcellent drops Gacy with a Samoan Drop. Carr comes off the top to hit a missile dropkick on both Xcellent and Gacy. Carr head scissors Gacy to the floor. Carr takes all three men out with a suicide dive to the floor. Carr also hits a somersault dive over the top to the floor.

Carr scoop slams Sutter and heads to the top rope. Gacy kicks Carr on the top looking for a superplex. Sutter gets on the top rope and this leads to the Tower of Doom spot. All four men stumble to their feet and begin to trade strikes. Sutter comes off the ropes to be met with a superkick from Gacy and Carr. Gacy and Carr nail each other with big boots. Xcellent hits a cannonball in the corner on Sutter for a two count. Carr boots Xcellent in the corner and comes off the middle rope with a Codebreaker for a near fall. Gacy knee strikes Carr a couple of times but Sutter prevents the cover. Gacy nails Sutter with a handspring cutter for a two count but here comes the Buffalo Brothers to attack Gacy. Gacy is laid out in the middle of the ring. Gacy is able to power out on the cover attempt.

Gacy boots Sutter in the corner but is splashed by the enforcer. Xcellent and Gacy help Carr by sending the Buffalo Brothers out of the ring. Xcellent and Carr back into each other and they have a confrontation. They trade right hands in the middle of the ring. Carr accidentally superkicks the referee and Xcellent hits a Tiger Driver. Xcellent has the cover but the referee is knocked out. A second referee comes out but only counts two. Sutter gets on the apron and is decked by Xcellent. Xcellent tries for another Tiger Driver but Carr superkicks Xcellent. Carr heads to the top rope hitting a frog splash. Gacy dumps Carr out of the ring and pins Xcellent to win the title. (**3/4. It felt like this match had plenty of steam to go before the finish occurred. Gacy’s biggest moment for the match was getting laid out and still stealing the win. Carr wasn’t pinned so that should lead to a rematch with Gacy. They worked an energetic match and it flew by. The finish was just a little too abrupt.) After the match, Carr enters the ring and has a stare down with Gacy, which seems to be a trend for Xcite shows. Gacy holds up his newly won title.

Joe Gacy grabs a microphone and cuts a promo saying that Sean Carr never saw him coming since he was too focused on Greg Xcellent. Gacy was the first Xcite Heavyweight Champion and he’s going to be the last. Sean Carr grabs the microphone and gives props to Gacy for his win. Carr reminds Gacy that he didn’t pin him. Instead, Gacy had to pick up his scraps. Carr mentions that he has a rematch clause in the contract. Carr suggests they meet on April 29th. Carr says they should unless Gacy wants to be known as “Jonny Moose personal bitch.” Gacy gets a microphone and mentions that Carr came from another promotion (2CW), which Gacy worked for as well. Gacy tells Carr that he’s not going to walk into the building he built and ruin it. Gacy is going to knock Carr’s lights out. Carr proceeds to insult Xcite Wrestling by saying he’d rather lose in an A company than win in a B company. I really don’t know why you’d discredit the company you’re working for considering that A company doesn’t operate anymore.

Final Thoughts:
Well, Xcite had to shuffle the card around a bit and deal with a snow storm that caused the show to be pushed back two weeks. The final two matches are the kind of wrestling I enjoy and wish that Xcite would focus on that kind of stuff moving forward. I’d consider this show a little bit better than the December show, which was a major disappointment to me. Here’s the announced card for April 29th…

Xcite Heavyweight Title Match
Champion Joe Gacy vs Challenger Sean Carr


Brute Vanslyke vs Jeff Cobb

Two Out Of Three Falls
Leon St Giovanni vs Slyck Wagner Brown

Dick Justice & Simon Queen vs Rob Cook & Stockade

No DQ/No Countouts
Killer Instinct vs Boots & Lariats

I’ll be reviewing the show, so be on the lookout for that review, too.

Thanks for reading.

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