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CWA TV 3/1/1986

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 3/1/1986
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown promote the show and what we’ll see.

Buddy Landell is supposed to compete in a match to start the action, but Buddy comes out in a suit instead and appears to have a picture in a frame. Landell says he’s not going to wrestle against Jim Jaimson. The picture is Buddy having a bloodied NWA World Champion Ric Flair in the figure four. There’s another picture of Landell holding the NWA World Championship. Buddy explains that’s the reason he doesn’t wrestle a guy like Jamison. Buddy had to give the championship back because of political reasons and is a nice guy. He also plugs his date segment.

Eddie Marlin comes into the scene and has a piece of film for everyone to watch. Jerry Jarrett is sitting at home and notes that last year he said he was looking forward to return to wrestling. However, Jerry reveals that he will no longer compete as an active wrestler. It was a tough decision and he’s enjoyed his time in the ring. He is not able to compete at a main event level. He lost vision in his left eye and his right eye was damaged, too. Jarrett didn’t consider it to be a handicap. He realized it wasn’t fair to his family or himself to get injured worse. He will continue to serve as promoter and matchmaker. Jerry announces that his son, Jeff, will venture into professional wrestling after the upcoming basketball season. Jeff will begin his wrestling training next week and has been active as a referee. Jerry believes his son will achieve more than he did. Jerry thanks the fans for their support.

We go back to Eddie Marlin and he says he is happy. Marlin says he tried to work the best he could and thinks they’ll be able to improve everything in the company.

Localized promos with Lance Russell are next. Bill Dundee and Buddy Landell are interviewed regarding Dundee competing against Mantell. It would appear that they have split from Dutch, but that hasn’t been noted on television prior to this. Dundee says they don’t want anything more with Dutch, aside from beating his butt. Dundee is going to knock Dutch out. Landell chimes in and says that Russell had to rile things up and if he hadn’t, then Dutch would still have his teeth. Buddy says they had been carrying Dutch all along and he’ll watch Dundee knock his teeth out.

We hear another pre-tape promo by The Mod Squad and JD Costello. They are coming to the CWA to take the Southern Tag Team Championships from the Fantastics. They have been scouting the Fantastics by watching all the videos and reading every article. JD notes that Spike and Basher fight back unlike a barbell. JD says Spike and Basher will leave some for him to get a few shots on the Fantastic. Costello mentions that they can’t disappoint mother.

Opening Contest: AWA Southern Tag Team Champions The Fantastics vs. Benny Traylor & Jerry Garmen: These squash matches for the Fantastics feel like they are just the same match shown over and over again with just new opponents. That probably sounds like I don’t enjoy them, but I still kinda do. Rogers and Fulton are an enjoyable duo. I think I’m just at the point of wanting to see them against real competition on television at some point. Fulton wins the match with a sunset flip after three minutes of action.

We get an ad to promote the video release of Jerry Lawler. Remember, it is volume one and only costs 29.95 plus 5.25 postage. It’s an hour video tape.

Lance Russell and Dave Brown promote the Thunder Dome matches and how the final two men will square off. They will wrestle for a trophy, which will be filled with money. We hear from Tony Falk because he doesn’t want to get killed. What if he won and won his first match? Bill Dundee introduces himself after saying he didn’t need an introduction. He’ll have a coal miners glove with brass knuckles on it. Buddy Landell chimes in and says he’s going to put the figure four on everyone. Dutch Mantel talks about how things happen when he’s involved in them. He’s always done whatever he wanted to do. Tom Branch promotes his return saying he’ll be in it. Abdul Gaddafi says he doesn’t need weapons but rather his body. He does a really bad accent. Russell reminds us that they are going to be having matches all over the country.

A video promoting Joe LeDuc is shown where he showcased his strength as ten guys had a tug of war. LeDuc was able to hold his arms together for several seconds. It looked like it was taped a few years ago. We see a few other things on LeDuc saying he’s not crazy. He literally cut himself with an ax on TV. He’s back and he’s not as crazy as everyone thinks.

Lance Russell has localized segment promoting a few cards in the area. Bill Dundee will battle Dutch Mantel.

We see footage of a match between Rick Casey and Dutch Mantel over the AWA International Championship. Mantel controlled Casey following a clothesline and a snap suplex. Mantel tried to use something out of his tights but Casey came back with several head rams in the corner and right hands. Dutch stole the match with a rollup having his feet on the ropes for the three count. Wait, the referee asks the fans and the match continues. Casey fights back with a dropkick but misses a second one. The referee gets knocked down on a crossbody attempt Casey. Landell comes out and accidentally clotheslines Dutch. Casey dropkicks Buddy and then pins Dutch to win the title after fourteen minutes. A slow motion shot of Landell clotheslining Dutch is shown before a commercial break.

Lance Russell says that something really interesting happened after the match. Buddy is in the ring with Dutch can’t believe they lost the match. Buddy is telling the crowd to be quiet and Dutch is pissed at Buddy. Bill Dundee slides into the ring and wants to calm them down. Dutch shoves Dundee down, but Dundee is still trying to calm them both down. Buddy wants to hug Dutch, but that doesn’t happen. Landell and Dundee hug and think that everything is good. Buddy acts like he wants to fight when Dutch turns his back and Dutch senses it. Dundee is trying to talk sense into Buddy. Dutch shakes hands with Dundee before leaving.

We go to the arena will Bill Dundee believes that everything is fine. Buddy Landell is there too and says that Dutch is probably drunk somewhere. He thinks that Dutch cramps their style and calls Dutch a redneck. Dutch Mantel comes out and Buddy acts friendly to his face. Dutch says that Dundee didn’t call him to come to the arena. Dutch is going to get his gear and he’ll be back. Dundee calls Dutch back and says he loves Dutch. Lance Russell says that Buddy is talking out of both sides of his mouth. Russell wants Dutch to see the footage they had just shown. Dutch looks like he is a little confused. Russell insists Dutch see it. Dutch doesn’t like that and is fired up at Buddy. Dundee stands in the middle of them trying to calm Dutch down. Dundee that Russell showed that footage again. Dutch wants Dundee to be on his side since he’s been on Bill’s side longer. Dutch attacks Buddy with right hands and stomps away on him. Dutch decks Dundee too! Dutch gets stopped by Dundee with a shot to the face with his boot. Dundee and Landell work over Dutch with strikes and stomps. Dutch is busted wide open and has his shirt ripped off. Russell is trying to get order, but he caused all of this. Dundee beats on Dutch driving him face first onto the desk. Eddie Marlin comes out and stops Dundee and Landell from continuing the attack. Mantel is helped to the backstage area.

Lance Russell has some localized promos and it’s with AWA Southern Tag Team Champions the Fantastics. Fulton says they are going to pave their way though the challengers and take on the Mod Squad. Dirty Rhodes will be wrestling AWA Mid-American Champion Buddy Landell. Rhodes promises that Buddy will remember his name. Dutch Mantel is interviewed and says that he’s going to finish his problems with Buddy and Dundee. Dutch says that Dundee picked the wrong side.

Buddy Landell says he’s going to wrestle against Travis and claims he’ll beat Rick Casey for the AWA International Championship, which is something Mantel couldn’t do.

Main Event: Buddy Landell vs. Billy Travis: Early on, Travis hammers away on Landell with strikes and a backdrop. Landell drops Travis with a chop and stomps. Buddy drives Travis down with a scoop slam. Buddy puts Travis in a tree of woe in the corner and delivers more right hands. Here comes Dutch Mantel to attack Landell! Bill Dundee comes in and tries to help but Dutch takes Dundee down. Dutch gets taken down to the mat, but Travis helps out Dutch! Dutch grabs a steel chair to scares both Dundee and Landell from the ring.

Dutch Mantel and Billy Travis are interviewed. Dutch says he doesn’t need anyone else and then asks Travis for his help to be his partner. Dutch wants Travis to be there to make sure it can happen. Lance Russell thinks that Dutch deserves the match. Dutch and Travis leave the segment.

Final Thoughts:
I thought this was an explosive episode with the face turn of Dutch Mantel. I really got a vibe that things are going to be brutal and intense between Dutch, Buddy and Dundee. I really enjoyed the segments involving the trio. Sure, it was comical that they spoiled the face turn before it aired, but regardless of that it was a productive episode.

Thanks for reading.

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