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PWG Bask In His Glory 5/25/2018

Keith Lee takes on Adam Brooks in his final PWG appearance. Matt Riddle battles David Starr. In the main event, PWG World Champion WALTER defends against Sammy Guevara.

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla presents Bask In His Glory
Date: 5/25/2018
From: Reseda, CA

Opening Contest: Tyler Bateman vs. Andy Brown: The fans are heavily behind Andy Brown. Eventually, it becomes a duel chant to make this seem like a bigger matchup. Bateman smacks Brown on the butt to get out of a lockup. Bateman twirls around and forearms Brown before taunting the fans. Brown sends Bateman to the floor following a forearm strike of his own. Brown goes to the apron and then superkicks Bateman on the floor. Brown takes a swig of a fans beer. Brown strikes Bateman a few times in the corner followed by a suplex for a two count. Bateman kicks Brown over the middle rope and Bateman hits a back suplex. Bateman continues to work over Brown with chops in the corner. Brown tries to fight back but is dropped with a forearm strike. Brown chops Bateman a few times but Tyler drops Brown with another strike. Bateman drives down onto Brown with an elbow strike, but can’t get a three count on the cover. Bateman kicks Brown followed by an elbow strike for a two count. Brown bites Bateman’s hand and gets slapped for doing so. Bateman works over Brown with strikes in the corner. Bateman strikes Brown into the corner and delivers a few more blows.

Bateman delivers a running knee strike to Brown in the corner for a two count. Brooks kicks Bateman from the apron and comes back in with a clothesline. Brown forearms Bateman and connects with a spine buster. Brown superkicks a seated Bateman for a two count. Brown kicks Bateman from the middle rope, but Bateman counters a rollup with one of his own for a near fall. Brown kicks Bateman a few times and comes off the ropes with a diving forearm for two count. Bateman avoids a knee strike and drops Brown with a brainbuster for a near fall. Bateman forearms Brown, but is met with a knee strike. Bateman counters a cutter attempt with a knee strike and an elbow strike to the back of Brown’s head. Bateman tries for a headbutt to the groin, but Brown delivers a double boot to the face. Brown blocks a kick to deliver a knee and hits a rolling cutter. Brown delivers a running knee strike only managing a two count. Brown looks for a piledriver, but Bateman is able to counter delivering a clothesline instead. Bateman hits a tombstone piledriver for the win. (**1/2. A decent match to start off the show as they relied on repetitive strike and kick spots. Brown seems like he could be an enjoyable underdog face character for PWG. He certainly had the crowd behind him for the match. Bateman earns his first win in PWG, which was noted on commentary that he hadn’t won yet.)

Second Contest: Jake Atlas vs. Rey Horus: Early on, they run the ropes and avoid each other until Atlas hits a nice back handspring head scissors. Horus comes back with a step-up hurricanrana and dropkicks Atlas to the floor. Horus kicks Atlas on the apron to knock him to the floor and tries for a dive, but Atlas smashes Horus with a steel chair. Atlas tells the fans to move out of the way. Horus avoids being sent into several chairs and instead tosses Atlas with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Horus takes Atlas out with a somersault dive to the floor. Atlas fights back with a suicide dive. Atlas continues to a double springboard twisting splash to the outside onto Horus! Atlas goes for the cover but Horus kicks out at two. Atlas slaps a seated Horus for a near fall. Atlas big splashes Horus, who was sitting upward, for a two count. Atlas puts Horus in the tree of woe trying to remove his mask. Atlas superkicks Horus in the midsection for another near fall. Horus is sent hard back first into the corner.

They begin to trade chops in the corner until Atlas delivers several shoulder rams. Atlas hits the post shoulder first and Horus delivers a kick from the floor. Atlas kicks Horus but Horus hits a standing Spanish Fly. Horus hits a slingshot hurricanrana to the floor. Horus smashes Atlas with a steel chair. Horus clotheslines Atlas followed by a forearm strike and a jumping heel kick for a two count. Horus backdrops Atlas to the apron but Atlas comes back in with a spear. Atlas hits a cartwheel death valley driver followed by a kick for a two count. Atlas delivers a running kick in the corner but Horus comes back with a forearm shot. Atlas drop toe holds Horus into the corner and hits the 818. Atlas plants Horus with a back handspring cutter for a two count. Atlas hooks Horus for a vertical suplex, but Horus counters. Horus plants Atlas with a tornado DDT. Atlas spikes Horus with a brainbuster. They begin to trade forearm strikes and chops. They both deliver pump kicks but Horus hits a tornado DDT for the win. (***1/2. This would have probably been the more ideal way to open the show. They did a great job to get the crowd invested and enjoy what they were doing. Atlas delivered a great performance and even in defeat comes across as someone I’d like to see more of in PWG.)

Third Contest: Bandido vs. Robbie Eagles: They shake hands at the start to show mutual respect. They have a standoff after neither man was able to get control of the match. Eagles controls the left leg of Bandido but that doesn’t last very long. They bridge out of a pin and they both miss kicks leading to another standoff. Bandido wants to shake hands, but this time Eagles taunts him instead. Bandido knee strikes and forearms Eagles against the ropes. Eagles arm drags Bandido off the ropes and hits a hurricanrana. Eagles hits a heel kick on Bandido and plays to the crowd. Eagles dropkicks Bandido to the floor and comes off the ropes to hit a somersault suicide dive. Eagles goes for a cover but Bandido kicks out at two. Eagles tosses Bandido with a bridging fallaway slam for a two count. Eagles continues to kick Bandido in the corner to keep control of the match. Eagles takes Bandido out with a somersault drive, but Bandido actually catches Eagles and tosses him into the ring post back first. Bandido rolls back into the ring and takes Eagles out with a springboard twisting dive to the floor. Bandido kicks Eagles from the apron and attempts a springboard but Eagles delivers a double knee strike to the midsection for a near fall.

Eagles knee strikes Bandido a couple of times in the corner. Eagles hits a standing Slice Bread for a two count. Bandido rolls through to hit a dragon suplex for a near fall. Eagles goes for a backslide but settles for a Cradle Shock for a near fall. Bandido lifts Eagles into the air to hit a cutter for a near fall. They trade overhand chops in the middle of the ring and the crowd shows their appreciation. The chops continue when they go to the floor. They return to the ring and the crowd is loving the exchange. They drop to their knees slowing down the chop exchange. Bandido hits a reverse hurricanrana but Eagles hits one of his own moments later. Bandido gets sat on the top turnbuckle and Eagles runs into a boot. Eagles kicks Bandido from the apron and goes to the top to hit a crazy super hurricanrana for a near fall. Eagles heads to the top turnbuckle but Bandido stops him with a kick to the head. Bandido holds Eagles on the middle rope but Eagles breaks free to deliver a few kicks on the middle rope. Eagles hammers away on Bandido with a few strikes. Eagles has Bandido on the top rope looking for a backpack driver, but Bandido counters with Eagles on his shoulders to hit a super spinning slam for the win. (****. I was not expecting that to be as good as it was. The crowd energy was electric and each layer of the match was executed well. I was glad that the finish was a major spot and not something weak. I’m kind of sitting dumbfounded. It was a really good match full of high spots and the heated exchange of chops. It will be difficult to upstage this, I think.)

Fourth Contest: Adam Brooks vs. Keith Lee: Brooks decides its a good idea to chop Lee and they don’t have an impact on his bigger opponent. Lee walks off laughing at Adam’s attempt. Brooks comes off the ropes and tries for a shoulder block only to bounce off of Lee. Lee wants to do a test of strength and Brooks looks to be not-so confident. Brooks cheap shots Lee with a shot to the midsection and gets caught on a leap frog. Brooks tries for a sunset flip but Lee blocks it. Brooks tries for a step-up hurricanrana but Lee sets him down to avoid it. The fans are heavily behind Lee. Brooks is intimidated by Lee and tries to get some offense but has to avoid Lee in the corner. Lee wants Brooks to bask in his glory, but Brooks instead eye pokes him and gets instant heat for doing that. Brooks hammers away on Lee followed by a quick dropkick. Brooks continues to hammer away on Lee but Lee slowly stands up and Brooks backs away. Brooks ducks a clothesline and continues to punch Lee. Lee slaps Brooks over the back causing Adam to drop to his knees. Lee attempts a powerbomb but Brooks fights out and delivers a kick. Lee takes Brooks out with a Pounce! Brooks tries to battle back with strikes but is dropped to the mat with an overhand strike. Lee forearm strikes Brooks to drop him in the corner. Brooks avoids a chop with a boot but gets tossed across the ring for doing so.

Lee splashes Brooks in the corner and delivers a few overhand chops. Lee tosses Brooks across the ring to the corner. Brooks avoids a splash and kicks Lee. Brooks battles back with right hands and dumps Lee to the floor. Lee gets to the apron and Brooks hits a springboard dropkick. Brooks delivers a kick from the apron and comes off the ropes but is grabbed by Lee. Brooks fights Lee off and slingshots the ropes into Lee’s throat. Brooks plants Lee with a slingshot DDT onto the apron! Brooks goes to the top turnbuckle and nails Lee with a double knee strike on the outside! Brooks rolls Lee into the ring and tries for a cover managing a two count. Lee catches Brooks and attempts a slam but Brooks fights free connecting with a jumping kick. Brooks nails Lee with a running dropkick in the corner for a two count. Lee drives Brooks down with a spinning spinebuster for a near fall. They begin to trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Lee has Brooks on his shoulders but misses a discus elbow. Brooks staggers Lee to the corner to deliver another knee strike. Brooks tries for a slingshot DDT into the ring from the apron, but Lee catches Brooks and hits the Spirit Bomb! Lee goes for another Spirit Bomb, but Brooks gets free. Brooks drops Lee with a knee strike and a double knee from behind. Brooks hits Lee with a running knee strike in the corner and a top rope double knee for a near fall.

Lee delivers a forearm and a spinning lariat for a two count. Brooks comes off the middle rope to hit a Destroyer, but Lee kicks out at one. Brooks sends Lee to the floor and comes off the ropes to hit a spinning dive to take Lee out. They both struggle to their feet on the floor and get back in the ring. Brooks goes to the top rope but is stopped by Lee’s strike. Lee has Brooks on the middle rope and over his shoulder hitting a powerslam. Brooks still kicks out at two. Lee gets to his feet and goes for a slam but Brooks holds onto the referee and low blows Lee. Brooks heads to the top rope and hits a Swanton Bomb for the three count. (***1/4. I thought they told a good story. I really didn’t think that Brooks had a shot in hell to win the match. Especially with how the match as being presented. However, the finish is good to give Brooks some heel heat and allows him to go over Lee since he’s departing the company and going to WWE. It was an enjoyable undercard match.) After the match, Lee is praised by the fans and gives a speech.

Fifth Contest: Jonah Rock vs. Timothy Thatcher: Early on, Thatcher delivers a few strikes but Rock hits a standing crossbody. Rock tosses Thatcher over the top to the floor. Rock continues to beat on Thatcher with blows around ringside. Thatcher sends Rock face first into the wall. Thatcher forearms Rock towards ringside but is met with a kick to the midsection. Thatcher forearms Rock several times on the chest and gets on Rock’s back, but Rock runs towards chairs and drives Thatcher into several chairs. Rock whacks Thatcher over the back with a steel chair. Rock tosses Thatcher shoulder first into the post. Rock misses a running attack and splashes the post. Thatcher rolls Rock back into the ring for a two count. Thatcher delivers several knee strikes to the lower back and locks in a choke. Thatcher connects with several strikes to back Rock into the corner. Rock chops Thatcher but Thatcher comes back with several uppercuts. Rock counters a slam attempt by landing on top. Rock pummels Thatcher with strikes on the mat to keep the advantage in his favor. Rock headbutts Thatcher and a boot to the face. Rock beats on Thatcher with overhand blows.

Thatcher fights back while on the mat with a few kick attempts but Rock stops him with a jumping senton. Thatcher uppercuts Rock and hits a belly to belly suplex. Thatcher short arm clotheslines Rock a few times but Jonah doesn’t go down. Thatcher locks in a sleeper, but Rock drives him into the corner back first. Rock delivers a superman punch, and acts like Roman Reigns. Rock runs into a knee strike on a spear attempt. Thatcher gets an arm bar on Rock, but Jonah sends the referee into Thatcher. Rock hits the spear for a two count. Rock tries for a slam but settles for a back elbow. Thatcher delivers a jump kick and Rock hits a clothesline. Rock drives Thatcher down with a brainbuster for a near fall. Rock heads to the top rope as Thatcher struggles to his feet. Thatcher stares at Rock and delivers an uppercut on the top turnbuckle. Thatcher hooks Rock looking for a superplex. Rock tosses Thatcher to the mat and is met with an uppercut anyway. Thatcher gets shoved off the middle rope again, but slaps Rock to keep the advantage. Thatcher is able to hit a superplex for a near fall. Thatcher switches to the arm bar but Rock reaches the ropes to break the hold. Thatcher hooks Rock after a knee strike, but Rock counters with a backdrop driver. Rock goes to the top rope hitting a frog splash for the win. (***. This was a solid brawl style match and then worked into an enjoyable contest. It might have dragged on a little bit, but I enjoyed what they did here.)

Sixth Contest: David Starr vs. Matt Riddle: Early on, they focus on some mat wrestling but neither man is able to get a clear advantage. Riddle tosses Starr down to the mat and Starr is talking to some guys in the audience. They have a standoff after neither man gets a clear advantage on the mat. Starr uppercuts Riddle in the corner and backs off. Starr flips off the crowd after they chanted “You’re not kosher” towards him. Starr delivers a shot in the corner and Riddle isn’t overly impacted by it. Riddle delivers several strikes but Starr takes him down for a moment. Starr rolls through and comes off the ropes with a Thez Press for a two count. Starr tries to crawl through Riddle’s legs and is met with a back senton splash. Riddle splashes down onto Starr again followed by a stomp. Riddle chops Starr into the corner. Riddle works over Starr with several kicks in the corner to drop him down. Riddle comes off the ropes with a leaping forearm strike to stagger Starr. Riddle hits a leaping elbow strike and an overhead suplex. Starr chops Riddle and gets kicked into the ropes. Riddle tosses Starr with a gut wrench suplex. Riddle delivers a running knee to Starr’s ribs and an overhand chop on the mat.

Riddle stomps on Starr several times but Starr counters to deliver several stomps of his own. Starr pulls up on Riddle’s arms and taunts the crowd. Starr drops Riddle to the mat gut first and connects with a couple of senton splashes for a two count. Starr scares a little girl at ringside and the fans boo Starr. She doesn’t really backdown, though and taunts Starr. Starr clotheslines Riddle but misses a second discus attempt. Starr puts the ankle lock on Riddle but Riddle rolls through for a two count. Starr clotheslines Riddle in the middle of the ring, but Riddle hits a German suplex. Starr comes back with a lariat and both men are down. Riddle misses a splash in the corner and Starr delivers several chops. Riddle knee strikes Starr and plants him with a powerbomb. Starr connects with a knee strike for another near fall. Starr almost wins with a rollup. Riddle has Starr on his shoulders but misses the Bro 2 Sleep. Starr superkicks Riddle and hits a suicide dive. Riddle gets stopped in the ring with a DDT onto the apron by Starr. Riddle suplexs Starr onto the apron, but Starr got his legs caught on the ropes. Riddle continues to beat on Starr with kicks on the floor. Riddle has Starr over his shoulder but Starr breaks free and drops Riddle back first over the apron.

Starr goes to the top rope and hits a crossbody, but Riddle rolls through and gets control of the left arm looking for a submission. Starr tosses Riddle with a German suplex, but Riddle gets to his feet. Riddle hits the Bro 2 Sleep and a German suplex for a near fall. Riddle continues with a deadlift German for another two count. Riddle isn’t letting go and hits a release German suplex. Riddle elbow strikes Starr several times. Starr gets up and clotheslines Riddle, but Riddle comes back with a knee strike a few times. Starr drops Riddle over his knee for a two count. Starr comes off the ropes with a lariat for another two count. Starr taunts the fans as Riddle struggles to his feet. Riddle chops Starr and Starr comes back with a strike of his own. They begin to trade a series of chops. Neither man backing down in the middle of the ring. Starr elbows Riddle but counters a kick and tries for a clothesline only for Riddle to hit a tiger suplex. Riddle tries for a powerbomb but settles for a tombstone piledriver for another two count. Riddle beats on Starr with a series of elbow strikes. Starr counters a Bro-Mission attempt for a near fall. Starr kicks Riddle over the middle rope and Riddle is laid out on the mat. Starr goes to the top rope but Riddle stops him with a forearm strike. Riddle has Star on the middle rope and hits a tombstone piledriver for the win. (***1/2. Well, that was a damn enjoyable match. Starr put on a great performance and Riddle continues to be one of the most enjoyable guys on the independents. I think there was a stretch of time for me where I didn’t like Starr, but thus far in 2018 I’ve mostly enjoyed his work. I hope to see Riddle in the main event picture for PWG at some point.)

Main Event: PWG World Champion Walter vs. Sammy Guevara: Rick Knox is making his return to action as the referee for the main event. Early on, Sammy does the smart thing and bails to the floor to stall for a moment. Sammy goes to the apron upside down to stay away from the champion. Walter misses a chop and Sammy rolls to the floor to stall for a few moments again. Walter pulls Sammy into the ring. Sammy flips out of a wrist lock and again goes to the floor to avoid a chop. Sammy runs around ringside to stay away from Walter. Sammy gets a stomp in on Walter and hammers away on the champ. Sammy decides to taunt the crowd and gets chopped to the apron. Sammy decides he’s had enough after one chop and goes backstage. Walter follows through the apron and tosses Sammy through the apron back towards ringside. Sammy is rolled back into the ring and Walter is met with a kick to the legs. Walter boots Sammy and they go to the floor again. Walter continues to work over Sammy with a vicious chop to the chest. Walter continues to chop Sammy on the floor and breaks the count to stay on the floor. Walter chops Sammy yet again. Sammy is able to wrap Walter’s leg around the post and takes the champion out with a twisting dive to the floor.

Sammy focuses his attack on the left leg of Walter. Walter blocks a takedown and chops Guevara. Sammy strikes Walter on the knee and drives his knee down to the mat. Walter drops Sammy with another chop. It looked like Sammy was working on the left knee and then switched to the right knee. Sammy dropkicks the right knee of Walter while he is sitting on the mat. Sammy hammers away on the right knee with several strikes. Walter gets up and begins to trade chops with Sammy. Sammy uppercuts Walter and then flips out of the corner. Walter catches a dropkick and locks in a Boston Crab, but Sammy reaches the ropes. Sammy chop blocks Walter’s knee and delivers a boot. Sammy goes to the top rope but Walter cuts him off. Walter hooks Sammy for a superplex, but Sammy breaks free and kicks Walter down to the mat following a kick to the knee. Sammy delivers a kick but Walter comes back with another chop. Sammy drops Walter to the mat with a kick to the right knee. Sammy nails Walter with a knee strike, but Walter charges back with a running dropkick. Sammy ducks a chop and delivers a few kicks. Sammy lands on his feet to avoid a German suplex. Sammy drops Walter with a kick to the head. Sammy keeps Walter on the mat with a knee strike.

Walter kicks Sammy to avoid a moonsault in midair. Walter gets kicked on the right leg again. Sammy drives Walter down to the mat with a running stomp. Sammy heads to the top rope and Walter catches him on a shooting star press to hit a powerslam. Walter goes to the top but Sammy gets up and stops Walter. Sammy takes Walter over with a hurricanrana but Walter gets a choke only for Sammy to roll through to hit a shooting star press. Sammy heads to the top and hits the shooting star press for a two count. Sammy kicks Walter to keep him on the mat. Walter decks Sammy with a lariat. Walter powerbombs Sammy for a two count. Walter has wrist control and chops Sammy to the mat. Sammy’s chest is beat read at this point. Walter wins the match following a standing lariat. (***. I don’t think anyone really gave Sammy a shot to win the title here. They tried to tell the underdog story, but for me it wasn’t connecting. Sammy’s going to be a great heel and he’ll get his shot eventually. I thought it was a disappointing main event compared to the other matches on the show.)

Final Thoughts:
Really, aside from the opening match the overall show was really good. The main event was a disappointing, but it didn’t hurt the show since the undercard was very strong and carried the show to a high level.

Thanks for reading.

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