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A Journey Through Memphis: May 1986

The journey through Memphis wrestling continues through May 1986.

CWA TV 5/3/1986
Bill Dundee is pissed and wants revenge against Jerry Lawler. Paul Diamond begins his singles career in CWA. Jeff Jarrett reveals a tough timeline of when he’ll ask for a match against Dundee. JD Costello gets good news and has his sights on obtaining the services of one wrestler. However, the interaction doesn’t go according to plan.

CWA TV 5/10/1986
The AWA International and AWA Southern Tag Team Championships are defended on the program. Speaking of which, there’s a new AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion. JD Costello tries to gain the services of another top star… and it again doesn’t go very well. Jerry Lawler takes on Abdul Gaddafi in a singles match. AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Mod Squad defend against Paul Diamond and Pat Tanaka. AWA International Champion Billy Travis defends against Rip Rogers in the main event.

CWA TV 5/17/1986
Rip Rogers brings a mystery man to be his tag team partner to takeover the CWA. JD Costello is out to get revenge on Jerry Lawler, but for what reason? Joe LeDuc and Dutch Mantel team up to take on Abdual Gaddafi and Tony Falk. Frank Morrell starts the show as a wrestler, and by the end his career goes in a different direction. Memphis Vice take on Paul Diamond and Pat Tanaka in tag team action. In the main event, Jerry Lawler takes on Buddy Landell.

CWA TV 5/24/1986
Which duo is going to Japan to compete in the tag tournament? Issues are brewing between Bill Dundee and Buddy Landell, can the relationship be saved? Judging by what happens on the show, probably not. JD Costello has found a new wrestler to be part of his Dynasty. Dutch Mantell has a confrontation with Rip Rogers. An eight man tag team match main events the program.

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