Rebooking The WWF: Week 10, 1994

What’s going on this week in the Rebooking of the WWF?

WWF RAW 3/7/1994 (Poughkeepsie, NY)
1. Randy Savage, Tatanka, and Marty Jannetty defeated Joe Kruz, Josh Dunn & Adam Johnson in 3:14 when Tatanka pinned Kruz. During the match, Jim Cornette cut a promo saying that Savage better enjoy this victory because at Mania Savage will be gone from the WWF forever!
2. Ric Flair Interview: Vince McMahon is standing in the ring when he introduces Ric Flair for an interview. Flair takes his time getting to the ring as he spins around a few times and insults a few fans in the front row. Flair stands next to McMahon with his trademark grin on his face. McMahon asks Flair about his match with Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania X and how important it is. Flair tells McMahon that for the past three years Hogan has been ducking him. He has refused to wrestle him on a national television because Hogan is afraid of giving up to the figure four in the middle of the ring. WrestleMania X the world will witness just who the true icon of wrestling is and it will be made very clear that Ric Flair is the man. McMahon puts over Hulkamania and how Hogan has defeated the very best in wrestling. Flair looks at McMahon and tells him “he hasn’t beaten the best until he somehow beats me and big man, that’s never going to happen.” Flair leaves the ring to close the segment.
3. Scott Norton defeated Jason Thomas in an arm wrestling contest in under three seconds.
4. WrestleMania X Report: Todd Pettengill runs down what will be seen at WrestleMania, which is less than two weeks away!
5. The British Bulldog defeated Frank Dee in 2:07 following a running power slam. After the match, Scott Norton made his way down to the ring and had a staredown with Bulldog. Norton signaled that he is going to break Bulldog’s arm at Mania in their arm wrestling match.
6. Jack Tunney Announcements: Jim Ross conducted an interview with WWF President Jack Tunney. Tunney has a major announcement for the fans of the World Wrestling Federation. He announces that starting next month the WWF will start airing pay per views each month. The series will be named In Your House and they will be two hours long instead of 3 hours for the other major shows such as Rumble, Mania, KOTR, SummerSlam and Survivor Series. They will also have a discounted price at $14.95 per In Your House event. Tunney tells Ross and the fans that there will no longer be a wait to see your favorite athletes settle their issues in the ring! Speaking of settling their issues in the ring, Jack Tunney announces that Roddy Piper and Jerry Lawler have signed a contract to wrestle each other at WrestleMania X! The fans go nuts for that as Tunney leaves the ring.
7. Ron Simmons, and WWF World Tag Team Champions Steiner Brothers defeated Shawn Michaels, Diesel and WWF Intercontinental Champion Rick Martel in 10:29 when Simmons pinned Martel. After the match, Diesel whacked the Steiner Brothers over the back with a chair and tried to hit Simmons but failed at doing so. Simmons sent Diesel to the floor and backdropped Michaels over the top while Martel grabbed his championship and jogged to the backstage area to get away from his Mania challenger.

Next week on RAW: The British Bulldog will be in action against Crush. Also, Hulk Hogan will appear on RAW as we will be only six days away from WrestleMania X!

WWF Superstars 3/12/1994
1. Owen Hart defeated IRS in 6:11 following a missile dropkick. During the match, Chris Benoit cut a promo taunting Owen by telling him that his shoulder better be healed because at Mania Benoit is going to cripple Owen once and for all.
2. The Quebecers defeated Vance Somers & Gary Jackson in 2:55. During the match, Johnny Polo cut a promo talking about how the Quebecers have been seemingly forgotten and they are going to figure out a way to get noticed!
3. Bret Hart Interview: Vince McMahon introduced Bret Hart for an interview. McMahon knows that it’s been an emotional last few months for Bret Hart and asks if he is going to be in the right state of mind come WrestleMania X. Hart acknowledges that what DiBiase has been doing has gotten to him but on March 20th it all ends. Hart believes that he is going to take his frustrations out on DiBiase and will stop at nothing to regain control of his house and allow his family to live in peace. Hart finishes off by saying that DiBiase will be going broke because after Mania he will need to spend all his money on his health bills!
4. The Kamikaze Kid defeated Mike Hernandez in 2:17 following a moonsault.
5. Razor Ramon Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Razor Ramon regarding WrestleMania X. Ramon says he was more than willing to accept the street fight challenge made by Bigelow and said that at Mania Bigelow will find out why people call him the Bad Guy!
6. Yokozuna, Ludvig Borga & Crush defeated PJ Walker, Scott Taylor & Glen Ruth in 2:05 when Yokozuna pinned Taylor.
7. Shawn Michaels & Diesel defeated the Smoking Gunns in 9:32 when Diesel pinned Bart after a powerbomb. As a result, Diesel and Michaels have earned themselves a title match at Mania against the Steiner Brothers officially.

Next week on Superstars: Ted DiBiase squares off against Marty Jannetty in singles action. The Undertaker will also be in action when he takes on Ludvig Borga.

WWF Wrestling Challenge 3/13/1994
1. Jerry Lawler defeated Thomas York in 2:50. During the bout, pre-tape comments from Lawler were aired. He said that at Mania he is going to not only show Piper and the world that the Kings Court is the best talk show in WWF history but he is also going to show Piper that he is the better wrestler!
2. Jeff Jarrett Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett says that Mania is his moment to make a name for himself at the expense of Mr. Perfect. He feels that a victory over Perfect would mean his name would be put on the marquee and he would be promoted as a top star in the WWF, just as he should. Jarrett plans on doing just that when he beats the washed up has-been Mr. Perfect on the biggest stage of them all!
3. Mr. Perfect defeated Fred Fitzpatrick in 2:44. Before the match, security had to prevent Perfect from getting his hands on Jarrett as he remained on the podium from the previous segment.
4. British Bulldog Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with the British Bulldog regarding his arm wrestling contest with Scott Norton at WrestleMania. Bulldog says he would prefer to have a traditonal wrestling match with Norton, but if Norton wants to try and prove his worth with an arm wrestling contest, then he will just beat him in that too. Bulldog shows off his muscles and tells Norton that he better be in the gym getting ready because Bulldog has his own powe… and that’s the power of the fans behind him!
5. The Headshrinkers defeated Carl Watson & Anthony Duncan in 2:16 when Fatu pinned Watson
6.Razor Ramon fought Chris Benoit to a double disqualification in 6:44 when both Bam-Bam Bigelow and Owen Hart came down to the ring to cause a brawl.

Next week on Wrestling Challenge:
Randy Savage competes against Jimmy Del Ray!

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