A Journey Through Memphis: June 1986

What’s going in the CWA throughout June of 1986? Read and find out!

CWA TV 6/7/1986:
AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Bill Dundee shares his thoughts on Buddy Landel and he competes in a singles match against Tracy Smothers. The Beach Boys make their television debut. Joe LeDuc is determined to make Paul Diamond into a man, even if Diamond doesn’t agree the process. LeDuc is going to make sure it happens no matter what. It leads to an intense segment on the show. The Fabulous Ones return to the CWA, as well!

CWA TV 6/14/1986:
The Beach Boys compete in tag team action against the Memphis Vice. Joe LeDuc insists he isn’t crazy and he’s continuing his quest to make Paul Diamond into a man. AWA Southern Tag Team Champions Mod Squad teams with Fire and Flame to battle Jeff Jarrett, Tojo Yamamoto, Pat Tanaka and Tracy Smothers in an eight man tag team match. The Nightmares make their return to the tag team division in the CWA.

CWA TV 6/21/1986:
The Nightmares battle the Beach Boys in tag team action. Bill Dundee is sick and tired of everyone plotting against him and he makes it known. JD Costello continues his feud with Jerry Lawler, Austin Idol and the Giant Hillbilly. Larry Sharpe and Bam-Bam Bigelow make their debut on CWA television and they make it clear who they are targeting. Paul Diamond shows that he’s becoming a man as his feud with Joe LeDuc continues.

CWA TV 6/28/1986:
Akio Sato and Tarzan Goto are in the CWA and they are looking to take on the toughest challengers. Bam-Bam Bigelow makes his in-ring debut on television. Jerry Lawler speaks regarding the recent influx in challengers. Buddy Landell is the new AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion, but he left the arena still burned thanks to Flame. Pat Tanaka and Tracy Smothers team up to take on the Nightmares.

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