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IWA-MS & No Limits Wrestling 7/8/2005

Written by: Bob Colling

IWA-MS/NWA No Limits Wrestling
Date: 7/8/2005
From: Muscatine, IA

Before the first match, Chandler McClure insults Jaysin Strife saying he needs some new gear.

Opening Contest: Chandler McClure vs. Jaysin Strife: Strife responds with a few heel kicks and sends McClure to the floor where Strife comes off the top to hit a dive. McClure avoids a missile dropkick in the ring and beats on Strife. McClure connects with a running clothesline in the corner to keep Strife down. McClure gets a two count following a brainbuster. Strife fights back with a head scissors but can’t followup. Strife gets dumped over the top to the floor and at the same time McClure got dropped over the top rope. Strife delivers a few forearms and a clothesline and a running spear in the corner. Strife leaps off the top to hit a crossbody for a two count. McClure nearly wins following a side slam to counter a DDT attempt. Strife nearly wins following a hurricanrana. McClure hits a hammerlock packaged sit down DDT for the win. (***. I really enjoyed this opener and Strife was exciting with his offense. If this sets the stage for the rest of the show this should be pretty good. They worked hard and the action was constant and fun.) After the match, Eddie Kingston comes out and bumps into Chandler McClure. He enters the ring and picks up Strife, but ends up taking him out with a clothesline and big boot. Kingston spikes Strife with a tombstone and demands a microphone.

Eddie Kingston cuts a promo about the fans coming here to see Ian Rotten kick his ass. Kingston promises that he isn’t going to get his ass kicked. Eddie has beaten Ian before and he’ll beat him again tonight. Kingston will do what he has to do to win the match. Kingston promises that his issues with Ian Rotten will end tonight.

Second Contest: Bryce Benjamin vs. Darin Corbin vs. Ryan Cruz: Corbin decides to do some break dancing before any wrestling starts. This turns into Bryce and Corbin doing some dance moves. Cruz and Benjamin start the match they exchange wrist locks. Corbin enters and accidentally shoulder blocks Cruz. Benjamin arm drags both men followed by hip tosses and dropkicks. Benjamin takes them out with a slingshot crossbody to the floor. Cruz knee lifts Benjamin from the apron and Corbin spikes Benjamin with a DDT. Benjamin continues to be double teamed. Benjamin nearly pins Cruz, but Corbin stops the pin and takes Benjamin over with a snap suplex. Cruz drives Benjamin down to the mat with a vertical suplex. Corbin tried to sneak a pin but Benjamin still kicks out. Benjamin almost pins Corbin with a rollup out of the corner and Cruz tells Corbin that was too close. Cruz and Corbin begin to shove each other and trade right hands. Benjamin leaps off the top, but his foot slips and he barely makes contact on a crossbody. Benjamin hammers away on Cruz and Corbin before ramming their heads together. Benjamin splashes Cruz in the corner and drop toe holds Corbin into Cruz’s groin. Benjamin slams Corbin and hits a slingshot senton followed by a rolling thunder splash for a near fall.

Benjamin nails Corbin with a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Benjamin plants Cruz with a reverse spinning DDT but Corbin breaks up the cover. Corbin takes Benjamin down with a swinging neckbreaker. Cruz comes off the top to leg drop Corbin and pins him. (**1/4. The action was decent and it held my interest. I was surprised that Cruz won because it seemed like it was obvious that Benjamin would overcome the odds and beat the heels. Corbin had a few entertaining moments as his heel work was pretty good. It seems like NWA No Limits has some good talent there.)

Third Contest: NWA Midwest X-Champion Matt Sydal vs. Arik Cannon: The opening moments of the match sees both men get control for brief periods of time as they focus on mat wrestling. Sydal rolls to the floor to break any momentum for Cannon. Sydal takes Cannon down to the mat and gets a two count after a leg drop to Arik’s arm. Cannon nearly wins with a quick rollup. They have a standoff moments later as neither man has really gotten significant control of the action. Sydal arm drags Cannon a few times followed by a dropkick. Sydal dropkicks Cannon on the back and that sends Arik to the floor. Sydal dives off the top to hit Cannon with a crossbody on the floor. Cannon is able to stop Sydal with a neckbreaker in the ring. Cannon continues with a rolling neck snap for a two count. Cannon hooks Sydal for a delayed vertical suplex and drives Sydal to the mat for a near fall. Cannon chops Sydal several times on the mat and plays to the crowd as Sydal struggles to the corner. Sydal fights back with a few strikes and absorbs an eye rake. Cannon Regans control fo the match with a back suplex. Cannon drops Sydal neck first over his knee and keeps Sydal on the mat looking for a submission, but Sydal isn’t giving up.

Cannon jabs Sydal several times but Sydal fights back with a standing dropkick in the corner. Sydal baseball slides Cannon on the floor sending Arik into a few chairs. Arik fakes a chop and pokes Sydal’s in the eyes before returning to the ring. Sydal plants Cannon with a tornado DDT after being dropped over the top rope. Sydal hammers away on Cannon with strikes and a heel kick for a two count. Cannon takes Sydal over with an overhead suplex for a near fall. Sydal kicks Cannon but is met with a spinning forearm almost giving Cannon a victory. Cannon drops Sydal with a side suplex but misses a shining wizard. Sydal hits a standing shooting star press and wins the match. (**1/4. The crowd was left standing for Sydal’s finisher there and there’s no denying that Sydal was the more impressive talent here. Cannon’s offense wasn’t awful, but Sydal came across like the guy that you’d want to see more of. Cannon is a fine worker and did a decent job maintaining my interest when he was in control.) After the match, Cannon embraces Sydal and puts the belt around Sydal’s waist. Sydal proceeds to take the belt off and carry it over his shoulder.

Fourth Contest: IWA-MS Light Heavyweight Champion Josh Abercrombie vs. Jerry Lynn: Early on, they focus on some basic wrist control with neither man getting a clear advantage. Lynn arm drags Abercrombie sending the champ into the ropes but doesn’t followup with the momentum. Lynn yanks Abercrombie down by the arm to send Josh face first to the mat and continues with a few arm drags until Josh rolls to the floor to regroup. Lynn slides to the floor and chases after Abercrombie but gets attacked upon returning to the ring. Abercrombie tries for a head scissors but Lynn drops Josh chest first to the mat for a near fall. Lynn tries for a springboard sunset flip powerbomb, but Abercrombie counters and sends Lynn chest first into the corner. Abercrombie hits a spear to Lynn to the lower back. Abercrombie gets a two count following several elbow drops. Abercrombie knocks Lynn through the ropes to the floor and drives Lynn back first into the ring post. Lynn nearly wins with a sunset flip, but Abercrombie fights back with a swinging neckbreaker. Lynn gets out of a submission hold but is met with a knee lift. Abercrombie dropkicks Lynn on the knee and hits a springboard moonsault for a two count.

Abercrombie continues to work over Lynn with overhand strikes to the back. Abercrombie knee strikes Lynn in the back. Lynn plants Abercrombie with a running powerbomb out of the corner. Lynn backdrops Abercrombie followed by a swinging neckbreaker. Lynn tries for the cradle piledriover, but can’t hit the move. Abercrombie comes off the middle rope but is caught and Lynn nearly wins following a TKO. Abercrombie sends Lynn through the middle rope to the floor. Lynn catches Abercrombie coming off the apron and spins Josh into the ring post! Lynn goes for a cover, but Abercrombie reaches the ropes. Lynn fails at hitting a a tornado DDT. Abercrombie comes off the middle rope and there’s a weird looking Codebreaker spot as Lynn was falling backwards before Josh could deliver the move. Abercrombie heads to the top rope but misses a spinning 450 splash. Lynn spikes Abercrombie with a cradle piledriver, but Abercrombie gets his boot on the bottom rope. Abercrombie counters a suplex and drives Lynn face first down with a headlock for a two count as Lynn gets his boot on the bottom rope. Lynn counters a piledriver attempt and Abercrombie counters a tombstone attempt with a rollup for the win. (**1/2. The rollup finish continues to be used on the independents to protect any “big” name guys coming into the area. I thought it was a solid match with some good action throughout. Lynn is a lot of fun to watch and still quite underrated.)

Fifth Contest: Tracy Smothers vs. Delirious: Delirious has a stuffed doll with him and then takes out a confederate flag, seemingly in an attempt to connect with Smothers. Smothers tosses it into the crowd and Delirious appears to be offended. They have a standoff after neither man was able to get a clear advantage and they shake hands. Smothers shoves Delirious after a head scissors on the mat. Smothers forearms Delirious but Delirious comes back with a forearm smash and a dropkick to send Smothers to the floor. Delirious takes Smothers out with a suicide dive. Smothers misses a clothesline and hits the ring post. They trade a few shots as Smothers sends Delirious face first into the post. Smothers punches the post. Delirious leaps off the top to hit a clothesline and attempts a splash, but Smothers counters with a rollup for a two count. Smothers nails Delirious with a few heel kicks for a two count. Delirious plants Smothers with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Delirious works over Smothers in the corner with strikes. Smothers fights back with chops and strikes in the corner. Smothers nearly wins with a DDT. Smothers kicks Delirious to the floor and does a fake out 619. That leads to JBL’s music playing and Delirious is acting like JBL all of a sudden?

Delirious enters the ring with a jacket and cowboy hat on. Delirious tries for a lariat but Smothers doesn’t go down. Smothers drops Delirious with a few clotheslines and a running spear. Smothers says “Fuck JBL” and beats on Delirious in the corner. Delirious is able to avoid Smothers in the corner and wins the match with a rollup. (**1/2. Another solid match that incorporated some comedy. Smothers was more than capable in the ring even in 2005, and that was noticeable regarding his work in IWC, too. The match didn’t drag and I enjoyed the effort.)

Sixth Contest: NWA Iowa Heavyweight Champion Abyss vs. Ryan Boz vs. Tyler Black in a tables, ladders and chairs match: Boz attacks Black from behind as Abyss is making his entrance. Black forearms Boz a few times and ducks a clothesline before hitting a dropkick. Abyss enters the ring and shoves Black to the mat. Black shoulder blocks Abyss, but that doesn’t do much of anything. Black delivers a Pele kick and a head scissors to knock Abyss down. Boz clotheslines Black while Abyss recovers in the corner. Abyss and Boz begin to trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Boz baseball slides dropkicks a ladder into Black on the floor. Abyss drops Boz gut first onto the ladder. Abyss begins to climb the ladder, but Black stops him. Black connects with a wheelbarrow face buster onto the ladder. Boz and Abyss brawl on the floor while Black grabs the ladder and tosses it onto them before taking both men out with a somersault dive to the floor! Boz tosses Black with an overhead suplex on the floor. Abyss sends Boz face first onto a chair in the crowd. Black misses a crossbody and hits the post chest first as Abyss moved out of the way. Boz whacks Black over the back with a chair. Abyss does the same to Boz moments later followed by a vicious unprotected chair shot to the head.

Abyss kicks Black out of a chair in the crowd. Boz whacks Abyss with a chair on the floor. Black and Boz are trading shots in the crowd across the arena. Black nails Boz with a boot as the camera makes Its way over there. Black tries to get into a second ring that is there, but Boz stops him. Abyss chokeslams Boz onto a merchandise table. The table doesn’t break but the second attempt does break the table. Abyss returns to the ring with a chair as Black is setting up the ladder. Abyss whacks Black over the back with the chair. Abyss hip tosses Black onto the ladder in the corner. Abyss lays a chair over Black’s body and tries for a splash, but Black uses the chair to low blow Abyss instead. Black knee strikes and then big boots Abyss in the corner. Abyss plants Black with the Black Hole Slam. Boz jabs Abyss with the ladder and knocks him to the floor. Boz sets the ladder up in the corner and grabs Black. Boz tries for a powerbomb, but Black counters with a hurricanrana to send Boz into the ladder. Black hits a standing shooting star onto the ladder, which is still over Boz body. Abyss gets in the ring and is met with a low blow by Black.

Black forearms Abyss in the corner and is almost sent into the referee. Boz clotheslines the referee on accident and Abyss splashes the referee in the corner. Abyss is speared through the table in the corner by Boz and Black. Boz sets up the ladder and begins to climb to try and retrieve the belt, but Black stops him. Black kicks Boz off the top of the ladder and Black is hanging from the ceiling. Black gets the belt off the ceiling, but misses a leg drop and gets possession of the belt. Boz spikes Black with a sit down slam and grabs the belt to win the match. (***1/4. The finish isn’t something I’m a huge fan of, but the action was enjoyable since it was just an all out brawl. Compared to other TLC matches, it was probably tame, but regardless I enjoyed watching it. Black is the top face in the area and I’m interested to see a singles match between Black and Boz at some point. This was the first time I’ve ever seen Boz wrestle after many years of reading about him in PWI.)

Main Event: Eddie Kingston vs. Ian Rotten in an I Quit steel cage match: Rotten starts off hammering away on Kingston, but Kingston is able to get some shots in to stop his momentum. Rotten has his left forearm wrapped up. Kingston blocks being sent into the cage face first. Kingston sends Rotten into the cage head first. Rotten slaps Kingston as they are mostly just trading strikes to start the match. Rotten bites Kingston’s forehead, but Kingston refuses to quit. Kingston sends Rotten face first into the steel cage and locks in an arm bar looking for a submission, but Rotten refuses to give in. Rotten counters into an ankle lock. Kingston kicks Rotten head into the cage. Rotten has been busted wide open as Kingston presses Rotten’s face into the cage. Rotten slams Kingston’s left arm against the cage. Rotten sends Kingston into the cage face first. Rotten dropkicks a chair into Kingston’s face in the corner. Rotten bites Kingston’s forehead. Rotten headbutts Kingston several times and gets a chokehold. Kingston is busted open at this point, but still refuses to give up. Kingston sends Rotten face first into the cage and collapses to the mat. Rotten appears to have done a second blade job.

Kingston knees Rotten’s face into the steel cage, but Rotten doesn’t give up. Rotten drop toe holds Kingston onto a chair. Rotten twists Kingston’s left arm but still can’t get a submission. Kingston tries to get the cast off of Rotten’s left arm and pulls back his fingers. Rotten smashes Kingston with a chair in the corner. They are both on their knees trading headbutts. Rotten puts Kingston’s arm on a chair and stomps the chair. Kingston doesn’t give up. Rotten is bleeding a lot but neither man will give up. Of course, they are just doing basic submission holds inside a steel cage at this point. Rotten hits Kingston with a chair a few times. Kingston puts Rotten’s arm between a chair and stomps on it. It’s the same arm with a cast. Eddie continues to pummel Rotten in a chin lock and Rotten is dripping blood. Kingston switches to many different holds, but Rotten refuses to give up. They are both on their knees once again trading headbutts. Rotten smashes Kingston with a chair and Kingston is saying that he broke his arm. Rotten chokes Kingston with a chair but doesn’t give up. Rotten jabs the broken arm and smashes the arm again with another chair. Rotten gets the cage door, but Kingston is able to use the cage door on Rotten instead. Rotten refuses to give in to anything that Kingston does to him.

A wrestler comes out and says to stay out of his business and gives Kingston a bag, which had thumbtacks in it. Kingston dumps the bag and rubs Rotten’s face onto the tacks,. Kingston digs a tack into Rotten’s forehead but Ian still doesn’t quit. Rotten plants Kingston with a DDT onto the tacks. Rotten tries to dig the tack into Kingston’s eye, but Kingston decides to quit and Rotten wins the match. (*. Honestly, this felt like it took an hour to get through. I’m not sure what the cage stipulation really accomplished aside from a few spots. For the most part, they were just doing a bunch of submission moves. Kingston quitting out of fear for his eye was reasonable. It was just a boring match, though.) After the match, Ian Rotten cuts a promo saying that this isn’t NWA-TNA and rather its IWA-MS so you’ll have to do better than tacks. Rotten is going to give Kingston one opportunity on August 27th. Rotten wants Kingston to bring any partner of his. Ian will bring Axl Rotten and they’ll fight again. Rotten says that whomever loses must leave Iowa.

Final Thoughts:
Aside from the lackluster main event, I thought this was an entertaining overall by IWA-MS. It exceeded my expectations.

Thanks for reading.

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