SMW House Show 4/23/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

SMW House Show
Date: 4/23/1994
From: Johnson City, TN

There are several wrestlers in the ring as there will be a fans choice main event. The fans will be able to pick the babyface they wish to see in the main event. They will have another fan vote later on to determine the other people involved. The fans choose Ricky Morton to be involved in the main event.

Opening Contest: Mike Furnas vs. The Hornet: Furnas scoop slams Hornet causing him to roll to the floor to regroup early on. Furnas takes Hornet down to the mat again and they have a standoff. Furnas counters a backdrop attempt by delivering a scoop slam. Furnas has a headlock on Hornet, but Hornet gets to the ropes and Furnas drops him face first to the mat. Hornet gets some offense with a back suplex. Hornet continues with a clothesline for a two count. There has been five minutes gone by in the match. Hornet continues to beat on Furnas with right hands. Hornet blocks a sunset flip with a right hand. Hornet comes off the middle rope to hit an elbow drop for a two count. Hornet dives off the top rope and misses a splash. Furnas has gotten a second wind and Hornet wants to shake hands. Furnas responds with a few clotheslines. Furnas comes out of the corner to hit another clothesline and wins the match. (DUD. There was literally no reason for this to go eight minutes. The match felt like a student learning how to wrestle. Which, considering Furnas is exactly that, wasn’t at all surprising.)

Second Contest: Timothy Well & Steven Dunn vs. Anthony Michaels & Bobby Blaze: Michaels and Well start off the match. Well strikes Michaels in the corner a few times before backing away and taunting him. Michaels comes back with a few arm drags and dropkick. Blaze delivers a shot from the apron. Apparently, five minuted has gone by but you’d never know that with the lack of action. Michaels comes off the ropes to hit a crossbody and they stall. The referee asks the fans if Michaels cheated or something and they insist he didn’t. Well takes Michaels down by his hair and denies cheating. Blaze gets tagged in to hit a double axe handle on Well. Well gets control on Blaze working on his arm, but Blaze counters and works over Well’s arm for a few moments. Blaze gets worked over by Dunn upon his entry into the match. Blaze is able to get control of Dunn’s left arm on the mat. Dunn knee lifts Michaels in the corner and after an awkward exchange, Dunn keeps control against the ropes. Well enters and they take Michaels over with a double snap suplex. Well clotheslines Michaels to keep the advantage in their favor. Dunn drops Michaels over the top rope while the referee was distracted. Michaels continues to be double teamed behind the referees back. Blaze tries to get into the ring but the referee stops him each time. Blaze distracts the referee when Michaels had a rollup for some reason.

Well comes off the ropes to hit a missile dropkick on Michaels for a two count. Well scoop slams Michaels and they keep working over Michaels with strikes. There has fifteen minutes of action, and I can’t believe I’ve survived this long with it. Blaze gets the tag, but the referee didn’t see it. Blaze cleans house with savant klicks. All four men are in the ring and Michaels has a sleeper hold on Dunn. Well comes off the middle rope to axe handle Michaels and Dunn gets the pin. (*. They did virtually nothing for most of the match and I found myself zoning out on the match. There were many missed spots and overall confusion. It was so bad that In thought Blaze was going to turn heel on Michaels for no reason. It was just a bad wrestling match.)

Third Contest: Tracy Smothers vs. Kendo The Samurai: They trade wrist locks until Kendo delivers a boot to Smothers midsection. Smothers hip tosses Kendo out of the corner and keeps him on the mat. Kendo misses an elbow drop and is taken back down to the mat. Once again, five minutes has gone by and they’ve really not done much of anything. Kendo gets control in the corner with several strikes. Kendo misses a splash in the corner and Smothers takes him down with an arm drag. Smothers dropkicks Kendo to the floor after avoiding a clothesline. Kendo returns to the ring quickly and begins to pose. Smothers looks to be confused as Kendo hasn’t moved since posing. Kendo delivers a backhand strike to drop Smothers. The referee checks on Smothers in the corner and Kendo goes back to posing. Smothers decides it’s a good idea to do the same pose showdown. Kendo blocks a strike and hammers away on Smothers in the corner. Smothers avoids Kendo in the corner and nearly wins with a middle rope crossbody. Smothers hits a jumping kick to send Kendo to the floor. There has been ten minutes of action thus far. Kendo continues to work over Smothers with strikes and takes Tracy down to the mat. Kendo has a nerve hold on Smothers for several minutes. Smothers fights out of the hold and comes off the ropes for a sunset flip.

Kendo works over Smothers as he’s over the middle rope. Kendo goes back to the ever dangerous nerve hold. Smothers begins to fight out of the hold. Kendo beats Tracy back down with strikes and goes right back to the hold. There is only three minutes left in the match. Smothers comes off the ropes to kick Kendo to the mat. Smothers backdrops Kendo and drives him face first into the corner. Smothers hits a jumping elbow strike and goes to the top rope. Smothers leaps off but Kendo delivers a strike in midair followed by a standing kick. Kendo grabs his stick, but the bell sounds several times. Smothers avoids a shot and grabs the stick. Kendo kicks Smothers down and uses the stick on Smothers. I’m assuming the match has been thrown out? That wasn’t a time limit draw. Kendo is choking Smothers, but Smothers is able to break free. Smothers wins by disqualification. This nearly got twenty minutes. (1/2*. Well, needless to say that the Kendo gimmick that Tim Horner was doing at this point was a complete failure. The match was incredibly dull and not worth having so much time. If any of the main event matches are short I’m not going to be happy. Smothers should be working better opponents than what he had here.)

The heels are brought out and the fans must choose who they want to see wrestle Ricky Morton later on in the night. In the end, Chris Candido is chosen to be the guy to wrestle Ricky Morton. The crowd erupted for Candido to wrestle Morton.

Tammy Fytch is in Peggy Lee Leather’s corner for the upcoming match. Leather is there to take out Dirty White Girl for Tammy.

Fourth Contest: Dirty White Girl vs. Peggy Lee Leather: Leather attacks White Girl as soon as she enters and connects with a leg drop and clothesline. Leather misses an elbow drop and White Girl goes on the attack with strikes on the mat. White Girl misses a splash in the corner. Leather scoop slams White Girl and gets a weapon from Tammy. White Girl ends up with the purse and decks Leather for the victory. I’m not surprised by how this played out.

Fifth Contest: SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy vs. Prince Kharis: Kharis attacks White Boy from behind and chokes the champion over the ropes. Kharis continues to beat on White Boy with kicks and strikes. White Boy is tossed across the ring. White Boy fights out of the corner with right hands and a kick to drop Kharis to the mat. White Boy continues to hammer away on Kharis. Kendo The Samurai tried to hit White Boy with something from the top rope, but instead hit Kharis and that allows White Boy to win the match. (DUD. Easily the worst heavyweight championship match I’ve seen in SMW.)

Sixth Contest: SMW Tag Team Champion Ricky Morton vs. Chris Candido: Morton gets control on Candido with a head scissors but that doesn’t too long before they standup. Morton again gets a head scissors on Candido, but the referee makes him release it. Candido briefly gets a head scissors on Morton to keep control on the mat. Morton gets out of it, but Candido pulls the hair to get the unfair advantage again. Morton gets out and they have a standoff. Morton gets a rollup on Candido for a two count and a springboard crossbody for another two count. Candido decks Morton in the corner with a right hand. Morton begins to fight back with right hands. Morton sends Morton into the corner, but Candido comes out of the corner to hit a DDT. Candido controls Morton with a sleeper hold. Candido stops Morton with a swinging neckbreaker. Candido misses a splash in the corner but is able to drop Morton over the top rope. Candido isn’t able to get a three count on a cover attempt. Candido scoop slams Morton and goes to the top rope. Candido comes off the top rope and misses a leg drop. Morton hammers away on Candido and goes to the apron after a strike from Candido. Morton gets to the top rope and hits a flying crossbody on Candido. Brian Lee runs out and is decked off the apron. Robert Gibson has come out as well. Morton manages to pin Candido with an inside cradle! After the match, Candido attacks Morton from behind. Tammy gets involved and sprays something into Morton’s face. Gibson is in the ring brawling with Lee. Morton has been laid out following a piledriver by Candido in the ring. (**. One of the better matches on the show, which isn’t saying very much. They work an entertaining style and I’d like to see them in a longer match.)

Ricky Morton is checked on by officials and Tracy Smothers before being pulled out of the ring. Tammy gets on a microphone and says they signed a contract for a tag team title match to take place tonight. She says that the Rock N’ Roll Express must defend the tag titles right now. Mark Curtis says that Candido is going to be fined $1,000 for what he did to Morton. Tammy insists that the champions must defend the belts or forfeit them over.

Main Event: SMW Tag Team Champions Rock N’ Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) vs. Chris Candido & Brian Lee: Gibson slides into the ring and takes out the challengers with a clothesline and right hands. Gibson rams the challengers into each other face first and they bail to the floor. Gibson has accepted the match and it will be a handicap match. Lee accidentally decks Candido off the apron. Lee again knee strikes Candido off the apron and Gibson decks Lee to the floor. Candido legally enters the match and Lee clotheslines Gibson from behind to get the unfair advantage. Lee rams Gibson into the corner and Candido comes off the top rope to deliver a right hand. Lee comes off the top rope to deliver another strike. Candido works over Gibson with stomps on the mat and a scoop slam. Lee comes off the ropes a few times to deliver quick elbow drops. They are five minutes into the match.

Lee returns to the match and continues to beat on Gibson with right hands and stomps. Candido comes off the ropes to hit a leg drop for a two count. Gibson is rammed face first into the corner by Candido. Candido continues to beat on Gibson. We seem to cut to a different match that happened on the tour. Ricky Morton has come out with his head wrapped up and he cleans house with right hands. Morton decks Lee and Candido. Gibson cuts off Lee with a strike. Lee dumps Morton throat first over the top rope and Candido is able to pin Morton to win the titles. (NR. Since it appears that two different matches were spliced together, I can’t properly rate this.)

Final Thoughts:
After looking up the attendance numbers for this loop of shows involving these matches, it is not surprise that the numbers were rather low. There was nothing on this show that would make me to return to a SMW live event.

Thanks for reading.

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