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CWA TV 7/19/1986

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 7/19/1986
From: Memphis, TN

The Nightmares cut promo on JD Costello and the Mod Squad. They are going to get five minutes with Costello where they promise to paint his face and spray his hair. Costello and the Mod Squad come out and he says he will take them both on for five minutes. He calls them sissies and is confident that he can take them out.

Opening Contest: Bam-Bam Bigelow vs. Benny Trailer & Jerry Garmen: Bigelow tosses Trailer and Garmen down to the mat at the start. Bigelow grabs Garmen for a scoop slam. Bigelow slams both guys and a backbreaker. Bigelow pins both men for the three count. After the match, Bigelow comes off the top to splash both men.

Lance Russell promotes an Evansville show. Joe LeDuc takes on Paul Diamond in a Texas Death Match. Mod Squad takes on Nightmares. Jarrett and Tanaka will take on Sato and Goto for the tag titles.

Lance Russell interviews Tojo, Sato and Goto. Tojo wants Russell to mind his own business and says that Russell’s mouth is too big. Tojo claims that he prevented Jarrett from falling out of the ring. He also says that Japanese people don’t lie. He believes that Jarrett is retarded. All Jeff does is eat and sleep, and that makes him retarded. Tojo believes that his men will win the tag titles.

Second Contest: Akio Sato & Tarzan Goto vs. Tracy Smothers & David Haskins: Haskins starts the match with a dropkick on Sato, and then Smothers tags in to connect with a hip toss and another dropkick for a two count. Goto gets a few strikes on Smothers, but Smothers battles back with several blows of his own. Haskins almost wins with a backslide pin attempt. Goto is slammed again by Smothers for a one count. Smothers gets worked over by Sato and Goto with headbutts and strikes. Smothers kicks Goto out of the corner but is stomped a few times. Goto knee drops Smothers for a two count. Smothers is able to avoid Sato and tags in Haskins. Sato boots a charging Haskins in the corner. Sato delivers a jumping headbutt and wins the match. (*. Smothers and Haskins are the more entertaining team. I’m still waiting for Smothers to get a push in the company. Haskins looked better in the ring, as well.)

Lance Russell interviews Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett laughs off Tojo’s excuse and says that Tojo is wrong about him not caring about wrestling. Jarrett is determined to become a good wrestler. Jarrett believes that himself and Tanaka can walkout as the champions.

Third Contest: Paul Diamond & Jeff Jarrett vs. Memphis Vice (Jerry Bryant & Lou Winston): Before the bell, Memphis Vice attack but their offense is short lived. Jarrett backdrops Winston and almost pins Bryant moments later. Diamond and Jarrett dropkick Bryant and Winston to the floor to stand tall. Jarrett flips them both into the ring and hits standing dropkicks. Winston works over Jarrett with strikes to keep him on the mat. Bryant decks Jarrett with a clothesline and a scoop slam to prevent Jarrett from tagging out. The referee is distracted while Jarrett is choked over the top rope. Jarrett fights back with Bryant hitting a dropkick and Diamond backdrops Bryant and the same happens to Winston. Goto and Sato enter the ring and that leads to a disqualification. After the match, Jarrett is beaten down by Goto and Sato. The Nightmares enter the ring and make the save. (1/2*. I’d like to see the Memphis Vice have a bigger role in the tag division. They have been entertaining me and have some untapped charisma.)

Lance Russell promotes Evansville show and talks to JT Southern. Southern says that Bigelow isn’t going to trash him. We also hear from Pat Tanaka and Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett believes they can turn a lot of heads. He threatens Tojo, too. Tanaka chimes in and says he’s going to make sure that Jarrett regains the title. The Nightmares are interviewed as well. They have proven that the Mod Squad can be beaten and they are going to give JD Costello a makeover.

Fourth Contest: The Nightmares (Ken Wayne & Danny Davis) vs. Fire & Flame: Davis and Flame start the match with Davis avoiding the big man in the corner. JD Costello is on commentary and calls the Nightmares sissies. Flame knee lifts Fire off the apron on accident. Davis hits a middle rope crossbody for a two count on Flame. Fire enters the ring and is met with a dropkick from Wayne. Davis returns to the match and Fire delivers a right hand. Davis comes off the ropes with a crossbody for a two count. Flame gets tagged into the match. Davis gets a rollup on Fire for a two count. All four men are in the ring brawling. Nightmares hit stereo dropkicks and suicide dives to the floor. Wayne is backdropped by Fire and Flame crashing down to the mat after getting some decent air on the move. Wayne rolls to the floor after a swinging neckbreaker. Wayne is slammed down to the mat but kicks out at two. Davis gets the tagged but is sent to the floor and Wayne is worked over some more. The match has been thrown out because a few spectators apparently got involved in the action. They quickly cut away from the match and went to commercial.

A music video promoting Jerry Lawler is shown. I’d assume he won the loser leaves town match with Dundee.

Lance Russell says that they aren’t going to have Fire and Flame out again after the incident. Costello comes out and says they will not be told who they will wrestle. Costello says that the woman touched them first. Russell says they will not be wrestling on television anymore. Costello threatens they have lawyers who will put the company out of business.

Main Event: The Nightmares (Ken Wayne & Danny Davis) vs. The Mod Squad (Spike & Basher): The Mod Squad enter the ring and start brawling with the Nightmares around ringside. they are in street clothes so it’s not a planned match. Basher clotheslines Davis with a clothesline in the ring while Spike slammed Wayne on the floor. Davis begins to fight back on Basher with right hands. Wayne was being choked by Spike with a shirt. The match is thrown out since it was nothing but brawling for the most part. Nightmares get control on the Mod Squad in the ring with strikes. The Nightmares are standing in the ring while the Mod Squad stay on the floor to end the segment.

JD Costello says that everything needs to be settled at the arena and says the Nightmares will not be around a week from now.

Final Thoughts:
Nothing all that special going on this week, which has been a trend for a little while now. It would appear that the Tojo/Jarrett feud is going to be personal. Nightmares seem to work well as a face duo, too.

Thanks for reading.

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