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CWA TV 7/12/1986

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 7/12/1986
From: Memphis, TN

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome us to the program, but Bill Dundee comes out and says he’s going to be on commentary because Russell and Brown don’t know anything about wrestling.

Opening Contest: Jeff Jarrett & Pat Tanaka vs. Keith Eric & Keith Roberson: Tanaka starts the match with Roberson and delivers a chop to send him to the floor. Tanaka delivers a few more chops and Jarrett comes off the middle rope with a strike. Eric tags in but is controlled on the mat by Jarrett. Eric wants a timeout after a standing dropkick by Jarrett. Jarrett nails Eric with a good looking dropkick and Tanaka wins the match after a bridging German suplex. (*. For a brief sample size, I like the team of Tanaka and Jarrett.)

Lance Russell interviews Pat Tanaka and Jeff Jarrett. Russell says that this should be Jarrett’s best day of his life. Jarrett won the AWA International Tag Team Championships with Tojo. However, Tojo walked out on him. Jarrett was able to get a rollup and secure the pin after Tojo tagged him back in when he hadn’t caught his breath. Jarrett has been trying to get in touch with Tojo and hasn’t gotten ahold of him. He may be a champion, but doesn’t have a partner on his side. Tanaka chimes in and says that Jarrett needs to go after Tojo and not be a nice guy. Tanaka appears to be in Jarrett’s corner for his battles now.

Lance Russell promotes the Evansville show, which is called Wrestlefest. There’s a loser leaves town match and a battle between giants. Bam-Bam Bigelow will be wrestling the Giant Hillbilly. Bigelow and Larry Sharpe enter the scene and Sharpe doesn’t think it’s even a worthy battle. Sharpe says that he’d kiss Jerry Lawler goodbye if he wasn’t so ugly. Sharpe doesn’t let Bigelow win if he doesn’t win his matches. Sharpe says that Uncle Elmer is going to be ashamed to be a wrestler. He legally can’t use that name. JD Costello will be involved in a boxing/wrestling match with JT Southern and Thomas Marlin. Costello thinks it is a conspiracy because Thomas is related to Eddie Marlin. They are going to knock him out in Evansville.

Back at the arena, Tojo is with Goto and Sato. Tojo is dressed in a suit and looks like a manager for Goto and Sato. Lance Russell asks Tojo why he walked out on Jarrett. Tojo tells Russell to not speak into his face like that. Tojo never thought he’d beat Sato and Goto with Jarrett because they are honorable people. He says you can’t wrestle your countrymen. Tojo is cousins to Goto and Sato. He doesn’t need to fight Jarrett’s battles. Tojo explains what a cousin means. He’s going to be the advisor to Goto and Sato. They want to wrestle men.

Second Contest: Akio Sato & Tarzan Goto vs. Jerry Garmen & Benny Trailer: As you’d probably expect, Sato and Goto dominate the tag bout. They win the match quickly after a slam.

Lance Russell promotes a few live shows in a couple of weeks. He mentions that on Wednesday there is a dollar increase, but there are nine matches. Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee will battle in a loser leaves town match again.

Second Contest: Bam-Bam Bigelow vs. Jim Jamison & Mike Murphy in a handicap match: Bigelow does a handstand and knocks both opponents down with dropkicks. Bigelow wastes very little time before going to the top rope and hits a big splash onto Jamison. Well, the referee disqualifies Bigelow for coming off the top rope. After the match, Bigelow does a top rope big splash onto Murphy.

Third Contest: The Nightmares (Ken Wayne & Danny Davis) vs. Rough & Ready: The Nightmares seemed to be getting a positive crowd reaction as they wrestling a usual heel enhancement team. Needless to say, the apparent face turn for the Nightmares has come out of nowhere. They win following a top rope leg drop, and yet the referee didn’t end the match.

JD Costello and the Mod Squad talk about the Nightmares being mad at him because he wouldn’t be their manager. Apparently, the Nightmares attacked the Mod Squad from behind for costing them the tag titles. Costello insults their appearance and that leads to the Nightmares coming out and attacking the Mod Squad. They chase Costello but aren’t able to get him. We hear from the Nightmares and they believe they are the uncrowned tag team champions. They aren’t going to take it.

Main Event: Mod Squad (Spike & Basher), Fire & Flame vs. Bruise Brothers (Porkchop Cash & Mad Dog Boyd), Mr. Liberty & David Haskins: Cash and Spike start the match with Cash getting the advantage until Fire gets tagged in. Cash takes Fire down with a slam. Basher and Liberty enter the match. They run the ropes with Liberty hitting a hip toss. Flame enters and tries his luck against Liberty. Liberty dropkicks Flame but doesn’t followup. Everyone is in the ring and Haskins gets a fireball to the face. They win the first fall.

Lance Russell promotes the Wrestlefest show, which has a dollar increase. The Giant Hillbilly is interviewed about his match with Bam-Bam Bigelow. Hillbilly says he’s here to take care of business. JT Southern says he’s been on the Northeast area and notes that there’s been problems with Fire and Flame. He’ll be wrestling and Thomas will be boxing against them.

Lance Russell has another segment right after that with Bill Dundee to interview him about the loser leaves town match with Jerry Lawler. Dundee is still pissed about Lawler coming back from the last loser leaves town match. Dundee says that whomever loses can’t comeback no matter what. Dundee says that he’s never had help from any friends to beat Lawler. Dundee is going to prove to Lawler and himself. Dundee doesn’t like what they did to him when Lawler came back. Dundee believes it is time for a new king and it is him.

There’s a music video promoting Bill Dundee.

After the video, Dundee continues to cut a promo saying that they have both beaten top guys. Dundee beat up a guy with one eye and a punk kid that caused Lawler to return. Dundee wants the match to be one on one. Dundee wants to prove that he’s the best and he’s going to prevail again.

They show a second music video promoting Bill Dundee.

Lance Russell had a sit down interview with Jerry Lawler to promote the loser leaves town match. Lawler feels like he knows Dundee the best out of everyone he’s wrestled. He knows how tough Dundee is and feels like he knows what Dundee is thinking. He says that even when they were partners, there was some tension. Lawler coming back is the main thing that has annoyed Dundee. Dundee is determined to get Lawler out of Memphis once and for all. Lawler says that the contract is iron clad contract where whomever loses is at least gone for six months. There’s no way to find a loophole in the contract.

Of course, Lawler now gets a music video.

The interview continues with Russell saying that Dundee is proud of having beaten Lawler more times than Lawler has beaten Dundee. Lawler has won everyone loser leaves town match against Dundee except for one. Lawler knows there are a few fans who are still supportive of Dundee. Lawler is going to have everything he has and wants Dundee to come prepared.

Once again, there’s another music video promoting Jerry Lawler. That closes the shows.

Final Thoughts:
There wasn’t much going on this week. Tojo has turned on Jarrett, which isn’t something I’m overly interested in or anything. But, it gives Jarrett his first true program. I’m kind of baffled by the loser leaves town match for Dundee and Lawler. They’ve noted that they’ve wrestled in the stipulation many times. I think they might be killing the stipulation at this point.

Thanks for reading.

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