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ECW Hardcore TV 3/29/1997

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Waltham & Revere, MA


Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The Pitbulls have the Masked Man (Rick Rude) with them backstage. Rude says he’s going to be the only person rolling over Francine, and she won’t be playing dead.

2.) Joey Styles announces that ECW Television Champion Shane Douglas defends against Pitbull #2 at Barely Legal. If Pitbull loses, then the Masked Man will reveal his identity. Also, there will be a rematch between the Dudley Boys and the Eliminators for the tag titles.

3.) Footage from a house show is aired that saw Terry Funk defeat Axl Rotten with a DDT. However, after the match the Dudley Boys attacked Funk and Brian Lee got involved, too. Dreamer and Sandman run out and save Funk. Funk ends up accidentally punching Sandman and Dreamer tries to restore peace. Eliminators chase the Dudley Boys to the back while Tommy is busy trying to make peace. Then we see Raven in the bleachers posing.

4.) Terry Funk cut a promo saying that he is an old fool but he wants to be the ECW World Champion and wants the fans to join him. The triplet threat match is going to be the biggest of his career and will go in there with the best of his abilities. If he gets Raven in the ring, bet your money on Terry Funk.

5.) The Eliminators cut a promo with Saturn talking about how the first time is the best time. They went to school for the first time wearing clothes from the Salvation Army and everyone laughed at them. They told their parents they wanted to be wrestlers and they laughed at them. They remember losing the titles to the Dudley Boys and Joel Gertner laughed. Well, on April 13th, the laughing ends.

6.) On March 15th, Tracy Smothers turned on Chris Chetti and joined the FBI!

7.) Taz destroys Guido, Smothers, Spike and Chetti and called out Sabu and it lead to a fight until the roster comes out and pulled them off each other.

8.) Backstage, Taz cut a promo saying that he got Sabu so hot that Sabu is now calling out Taz he and loves every minute of it. Taz believes that Sabu can beat every man leading into April 13th, but he can’t beat Taz. Taz hopes that Sabu comes prepared, because if he doesn’t then Taz will probably kill him!

Final Thoughts:
Full of advancement and some extra stipulations for some of the bigger matches on the pay per view. ECW is on a complete roll and the hype for the biggest pay per view has been excellent. I’ve really enjoyed the build for Barely Legal.

Thanks for reading.

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