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SMW TV 6/17/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

: 6/17/1995
From: Sevierville, TN

1.) The Headbangers defeated Larry Santo & Mike Mason
2.) SMW Tag Team Champions Al Snow & Unabomb defeated Lee Thomas & The Wolfman
3.) Boo Bradley defeated D’Lo Brown
4.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Buddy Landell defeated Steve Armstrong to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) This is the debut of the Headbangers, Mosh and Thrasher. Apparently, Thrasher is the good looking one and that’s how you get to tell the different, according to the announcers. Speaking of the announcers, Jim Ross is no longer on commentary so that run was rather brief before his return to WWF. The Headbangers put Mason away following a power bomb/top rope leg drop combo. I’d say it was a successful debut for the new team.

2.) The Headbangers cut a promo with Les Thatcher. They have come to SMW for one reason and that is to bang some heads. They are going to kick peoples teeth in. They demand the fans to keep their mouths shut when they are in the ring. Thrasher says they are a team of the 90s, not the 80s or 70s.

3.) Dirty White Boy and Tracy Smothers are interviewed by Les Thatcher. They were impressed by the Headbangers and put over the finisher they have. They are also going to be battling PG-13 soon. They want a shot at the titles against Al Snow and Unabomb. Dirty White Boy says they just want Snow and Unabomb to be men and meet them in the ring. They are going to have some gold around their waist. They will go through anyone to get the gold.

4.) Al Snow says that they beat the Rock N’ Roll Express on May 20th in Charlotte and thus they don’t have to defend the titles for thirty days. This is the same promo from last week. Will we find out what was taken from their room?

5.) Snow and Unabomb win the match after Unabomb hit a slingshot splash from the apron onto Wolfman after Snow hit a suplex to retain the titles.

6.) SMW Tag Team Champions Al Snow and Unabomb are interviewed about a Thunder Dom cage match, but Snow doesn’t want to talk about that. Instead, Snow wants to talk about what he mentioned last week. He wants to know who stole their property. Les Thatcher has a video from the Rock N’ Roll Express. It’s a video of Rock N’ Roll Express that belongs to Snow and Unabomb. It’s a tape recorder. If they want it back then they have to give them a title shot next week. Snow knew it and calls them thieves. Snow thinks they are too stupid to use the recorder. Snow says that they will not get a title shot but they will get their butts kicked at Thunder Dome cage match. Snow says that SMW is dumb to allow them to beat on the Express 2 on 1. Snow is going to get his payback and he promises that.

7.) The Super Bowl of wrestling will be taking place on August 4th, 1995 in Knoxville, TN which will feature stars from the WWF, SMW, USWA, NWA and more! It’s the biggest event in wrestling and may never happen again.

8.) Les Thatcher has Jim Cornette, SMW Heavyweight Champion Buddy Landell and the Punisher in the ring for an interview for Confrontation segment. Cornette is dressed in military clothing. Cornette has named Buddy his number one guy in the group. He’s going to be adding people to his group. Cornette says that Landell is going to be wrestling Armstrong’s Avenger. They don’t know who the Avenger is. Landell isn’t worried about the Avenger. Cornette has added another man to his group. The newest member of the group is… Terry Gordy! Gordy says he’s back and he’s back to stay. He warns anyone who wants a piece of him to bring it on. Cornette has a strong group and says nobody can stop his men.

9.) Boo Bradley takes care of Gangsta jobber D’Lo Brown with a top rope big splash for the easy win.

10.) Randy Hales from the USWA is interviewed by Les Thatcher. Hales puts over USWA and says he’s a very busy man. He says the people of Knoxville and the SMW wrestling is bogus. He came here to see how SMW TV is ran. The television crew is awful. He is really upset about Mark Curtis who says he told him a lie. Hales wants to tell Curtis that he is a skinny liar and thinks he has no business being in wrestling. Here comes Mark Curtis to confront Hales. Hales puts over his referee and says his referee in USWA can take care of anyone. Curtis threatens Hales that he can break his bones. Curtis says that Hales is a liar and everyone knows it. Hales decks Curtis and pummels him before getting pulled off by Thatcher. Curtis gets up and chases Hales to the backstage area!

11.) Lee Thomas, an enhancement talent, is acting as the referee since Mark Curtis is busy with Hales. Armstrong jabs Landell out of the corner several times and Buddy begs off in the corner. Landell takes Armstrong down by his hair and controls Steve by the arm. Steve sends Buddy into the corner and hit a hip toss. Steve swings at Cornette but backs away and Landell rolls to the floor to regroup. Landell gets a drink of water from Cornette and is fanned off to cool off. Landell cheap shots Armstrong with an eye rake and drops him with another right hand. Buddy works over Steve with several strikes. Buddy rams Steve head first into the corner before locking in an abdominal stretch. Cornette is assisting Buddy to get illegal advantage. However, Lee Thomas can’t see it. Buddy decks Thomas with a short arm clothesline for a near fall. Armstrong clotheslines Buddy in the corner and gets a rollup for a two count. Buddy knee lifts Armstrong, but Steve tries for a Boston Crab but can’t turn him over. Scott scoop slams Buddy and goes to the top rope hitting a big splash. Thomas gets distracted by Cornette and Punisher hits Armstrong allowing Buddy to get the victory. (*1/2. A rather bland match and the finish was just typical heel interference.)

12.) Les Thatcher has Bob Armstrong and the Armstrong Avenger in the ring for an interview to close the program. The Avenger is a scrawny looking guy. Bob says that he’s not going to allow his son to get attacked by those fools. Bob says the Avenger is going to help his son Steve. Bob says if he touches them then he’ll be gone so that’s why he’s got the Avenger. The Avenger will be wrestling Buddy Landell at Summer Blast for the SMW Heavyweight Championship. Then, they will have control. Cornette is laughing at the Avenger. Buddy chimes in and says that the Avenger should get back to changing oil and the Jiffy Lube. Cornette suggests that Buddy take on the Avenger next week on television. Armstrong agrees to the match. Armstrong says he may be dumb, but he’s not really stupid.

Final Thoughts:
It’s good to see some new talents in the company with Terry Gordy and the Headbangers arriving into SMW. Every feud got touched upon here and that’s cool with me. The Avenger guy can’t possibly be who they are going with to feud with Buddy, so I expect some kind of swerve. I enjoyed the programming this week.

Thanks for reading.

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